Second Life Ranker

25. Mission (5)

Ralph climbs into the portal, joyfully snorting.

Many managers looked at you, but turned their eyes to what they should be doing soon.

The people they knew were always in high tension, so it was not just once or twice difficult for them to work with their direct reports.

When the tension went up like now, it was much quicker not to accidentally make eye contact.

Ralph walks past the managers and opens the door to his private office.

But at that moment, Laplace's nose stopped singing like a lie. Instead, I narrowed my eyes and stared at the person who was playing in his seat.

“Duvet. What are you doing here? ”

If anyone is the hardest man in the world, it's him.

Ifuke changed his glasses and burst his smile lightly.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. I was just passing by.

We had a room with the Raflats. So I came by, and I heard a funny rumor.

Ralph kicks his tongue in.

You old cretin. There was never an easy way out.

Except for the tutorial and beginner's area, rumors have spread that they never interfere.

As expected, Ifuke's eyes were everywhere.

And on the other hand, I thought about it.

He was not interested in other things at all. He didn't care if there was a big commotion. I wonder why they're interested in this.

So Ralph had to calm his face down in order not to reveal himself as much as possible.

Don't get anything on those crazy one-eyed glasses.


Ifuke slowly opens his mouth, his fangs fluttering.

“Word on the street is that a demon was interested in the lower section, and that the Laplaces were involved. May I ask what you think of this? ”

It smelled familiar to Yeon-woo.

Many of the rebel bases in Africa were opium dens.

Troops sometimes get caught trying to sneak drugs

There was.

At that moment, I heard the door open, and the young man raised his head, looking up at his torso.

“Huh? Who's that guy? I've never seen you before. Heheh heh. Well, I don't know what to do. Did you bring her? They're out of control now. Switch rats.”

The room was a mess.

A man and several women tangled up naked, whether it was an orgy or not. Particularly, the women's pupils were completely dilated and their consciousness seemed to be clouded.

The air in the room was gushing because of how many drugs he smoked.

Slim build. Deep sunken eyes. Pupils open.

The necessities were overall thick. It looked familiar to Yeon-woo. He had the same face as Dorothy.

The only son that God has hidden.

“Huh? Geez. Mister, can't you hear me? Why can't you see her? What, you didn't bring him? ”

Hanbin frowned and looked up and down at Yeon-woo with an expression that he didn't like.

Or not.

Yeon-woo slowly entered the room.

Then I leaned down and looked at the woman lying by the door.

The woman who was supposed to be a beauty was completely loosened, and her saliva fell from her mouth. There were traces of scourge all over naked.

“You tied him up and made him do it. I think he was forcibly fed. Was he kidnapped? ”

I turned to the side of the door with the cold eyes of Yeongwoo.

There were high Septons and priests who jumped up and down. Their faces were reflected.

“I, I, and we will explain it to you in a moment.

“Don't let anyone in. ”

“Please give me a chance! ”

The mercenaries somehow kick the priests about to enter the room.

Some of them growl like they're about to cut, pulling out their swords.

Before I came here, I was reluctant to raid the temple, but I controlled my strength so that I wouldn't get hurt while I was oppressing the priests.

I didn't do that anymore.

I didn't feel the need.

I couldn't figure out what was going on here unless I was stupid.

Torture tools placed throughout the room were able to predict the signs of intercourse and the marks left on the women's bodies.

No matter how many mercenaries have lived their lives. They also had a line.

“Hey! Who are you?! Why are you touching my stuff like that? Do you want to die? ”

But despite everything that's happened, Hanbin asked Yeouido if he could still decide the situation.

I screamed crabs.

“Bring him in. ”

Two trillion senior mercenaries, Delan and Jun Eun, went inside and forced Hanbin out.

His face is distorted.

“Aah! Let go of me! Let go of this! You people faint unconsciously on the day you hit the back, screaming whales.

Yeongwoo shakes lightly in the air.

The blazing rock. As the blazing blaze rises, it burns up all the smoke in the room, and soon it hits the women and drives out the medicinal energy.

I was blinded by my son's love. '

I had a pretty good idea why this happened.

Hanbin always had to live with the pain of his natural bowel.

The only easy way out of that pain is drugs.

And of course, over time, the tolerance will lead to increased doses.

Later on, he would find something more stimulating and focus on sexual pleasure. Kidnapping, human trafficking.

That vicious cycle would have turned into a twist eventually.

Probably couldn't do anything about it in the temple of the school.

The opponent is the son of Dorothy. I'm too busy hiding because I don't know what kind of trajectory I'll get if I look like a jerk.

But where do these women come from? Rumors will spread if you get it from the outside, so it must have been targeted at the believers.

Temples that enslave the faithful. These guys are crazy.

And in the end, these three sit-down goddesses, who are probably accomplices to Han Bin, abuse what they can't do physically other than capture their destiny.

“0 0"

“Woman • • • • • • • where the delayed women are tempted to sober up and leave the room with the mercenaries. Hanbin is groveled on Delan's back.

Outside, the synagogues and priests stood trembling.

It was already rumored that the work in the parlor had been done, and I saw the congregation yelling at them.

A high priest with a thinned face was staring at Yeongwoo.

I fell from a respected position to hell one day.

It was clear that what had happened today would spread throughout the tower in less than a day.

The statue of the three sitting-down goddesses, who have always been highly respected in the tower, will fall just as much.

However, Yeongwoo smiled more quietly because she knew that the fame of the fallen goddesses would soon plummet as well as the fame of the purification.

The High Septon, who mistakenly thought he had been ridiculed, opened his eyes.

Yeong-woo pulled out a ticket, ignoring his gaze.

Soon after crossing the room on the red portal beneath him and his mercenaries, a familiar group of Red Dragon soldiers appeared on the 11th floor.


“Brother, are you here? You look like you've come here looking like you're in a tight spot. ”

Dora and Pants get up while they're waiting in the clearing.

I sat still in one corner and stood up slowly.

He became an interested face and approached Yeon-woo. Instead, the gaze was fixed on the senior mercenary's back.

“Is this him?"

Yeon-woo nods.

“That's right.”

“I'm sure. You look just like him. You'd believe me if I had more wrinkles. Haha!”

Bahar bursts into laughter.

Anyone who knows God can think of him from Hanbin.

I can't believe you just sat there and got your hands on an important hand. I felt refreshed.

'Cain, it's the greatest blessing of the year to meet this fellow. I was just wondering, who would have thought that such a big fish would really be caught?'

While the Summer Queen was searching for a replacement for the broken Dragon Heart. Operations to persuade the client to reveal the Stone to the world, or rather, to the world, have to be very careful.

So there was actually an operation that Bajal had planned separately.

I was allowed to report to the Summer Queen separately and to do it first.

For all I know, it was clearly unfinished when the client tried to make it in the Rhetorical Zone. But if there's a way to get it done, If you have the ingredients.No matter how suspicious he is, you'll have to seduce him. '

The rest of the materials to complete the stone were taken from this side and stored in secret.

So I was originally trying to seduce the client, pretending that the information about this was a mistake. His obsession with rocks was enormous.

But there is also one weakness in this operation.

The client already suspects Bajal and the Red Dragon, and his personality suggests he's most likely moving with extreme caution until he checks the materials himself.

So I was about to need the power to move him, and suddenly it came into his hands.

Enough power to provoke the Client and force him to remove the stone.

As long as he has a son, he will be the puppet of Bajal.

Of course, he may abandon his son and choose cleanliness.

But Bajal knew there would be no painting.

A son who wants to protect himself by sharing his magical powers. It was clear that his obsession with his son was much greater than his obsession with martial arts and organization.

“I'll wake you up. ”

The standby mercenary punches Hanbin in the face as instructed.

Yikes. Yikes. There were red handprint marks on the cheek socket.

Han opened her eyes to see if she was awake.

He frowned, screaming, unable to make a decision for a moment in a place full of strangers.

“You're gonna kill all these bastards because of my dad. ”

However, Hanbin did not have much to say.

Instead of shouting, the moment I met Bajal's eyes.

Due to the energy of the drugs, my mind suddenly became clear as a fog.

And the first emotion I felt was fear.

It was instinctive.

That the opponent in front of him is a high being who can kill the hatch 1 lightly like killing an ant.

Even my father, who was regarded as a member of the tower, could not easily guarantee the battle in front of him.

And then I noticed.

A flag that flies over them in advance. It was the mark of the Red Dragon.

He is now being dragged into the midst of the enemy.

“But I see someone who looks a little bit like my father. I don't think he's a complete dog.

Bahal reads Hanbin's frightened eyes and bursts out a smile. But he is the son of a tiger.

It was long.

“You seem quick, so now you know if I'm going to do it. Right?"

Bajal smiles fiercely.

“Let's start with the left pinky. What do you think? ”

Yeonwoo only looked at Bajal with quiet eyes.

With this the oil was poured.


It was my turn to pull the fire.

“Yikes! Ha, Han Bin! ”

When he heard of the sudden visit to the Red Dragon that the temple of the school had been broken, I thought the sky was falling.

A lover who suddenly came like a spring breeze to himself who thought he would build a wall with a woman for a lifetime. The only trace she left of closing her eyes was her son.

He said he lost a son like that. To the Red Dragon, the enemy.

He wanted to find his son somehow, but he had to roll his feet because he didn't know where he went.

But with iron, I was thinking of going everywhere. You're ready to fall into a trap and risk your own life.

By the way.

The moment I came to get my iron. A small box sits on the table in the barracks where he lives.

With an anonymous letter.

If you want to find your son. Bring the Stone.

A single line of text written in the letter.

I didn't know what it meant, but it made my head pale.


He opens the lid of the crate with a trembling hand. In it lies what I could not have imagined.

A pinky that looks like it belongs to my son.

He screamed for the first time in his life.