Second Life Ranker

1. Prepare for War (1)

My head hurts.

The Sword God had to somehow suppress the rising annoyance.

After he had been eaten in the lonely tribe, he came out with a shyness and became independent.

The world has always been a great barrier to him.

Everywhere I went, there were harsh obstacles, hardships and adversities.


Every time, the swordsman won the final victory.

You defeated the enemies and took them.

I stepped on it and stood up.

Suddenly, there were a lot of similar people around him, and it could be early morning to find cleanliness.

I did.

For Kim Mu-Sin, the world has always been a barrier, but it was something to overcome and pillage.

Lately, so did Artiya.

Now it was the Red Dragon.

But unlike Arthya, who was able to be beaten in any way, she came to the Iron Wall, which was no more than a red dragon.

I'm afraid I have no choice.

The Red Dragon was formidable and sturdy enough to dominate the tower. And it was the only thing strong enough to stand up to Allfowon, who never looked down.

There were many disadvantages to the fight against the place.

Of course, he had many masters compared to a small number of people with low cleanliness.

On the outside, there were some who said that the only place to encounter the dominant red dragon in numbers would be cleanliness.


The master of Purity, the Swordsman, knew it well.

They're all nonsense.

Even if I gathered all the power and underlings of cleanliness, it was actually nothing more than the blood of a new foot compared to the Red Dragon.

The famous 81 eyes were just the beginning.

There were thousands of rankers who were only affiliated and did not perform well outside, and many more were cultivated separately.

Above all.

The Red Dragon has its own weapon that no other clan has.

History and tradition.

The birth of the Red Dragon leads to a very long time ago.

Even back then, there were 77 rankers gathered and formed an organization to capture Allfowon, which reigned as a great barrier to many rankers. We then expanded the organization and developed a legacy left behind by the vanguard.

It turned out that the Red Dragon was a strong organization that was several times more powerful than what was revealed on the outside.

Even if the force was dispatched to the 11th floor immediately, it was only the tip of an iceberg called the Red Dragon.

But it was enough to make it clean.

No, I was ahead of you.

Although the shameless man broke the horn and dragged the one-foot tribe, he was destined to be trampled together if the Red Dragon was willing to do so.

But even the Red Dragon is hesitating for a while because he doesn't want to take that kind of damage.

But it was clear the Red Dragon did not intend to retreat so easily.


The Swordsman was deeply troubled.

He had no intention of going to war with the Red Dragon in the first place.

They attacked the client and started the war, but they were willing to end it now if they could.

Of course, not only will the Nine Kings' modifier disappear, but Purity will not wash the name of the Red Dragon's tail.

And by then, the cleanliness will be a blast.

Fortitude and self-esteem. These two were the absolute propositions that today's shaman could erect purity.

I couldn't make it go away.


The swordsman pondered.

Is there no other way but your feet?

Although the purity is smaller than the Red Dragon, the Giant Clan is still a giant clan.

There was a hidden weapon.

However, it took considerable magical force to trigger it. Even the swordsman couldn't resist.

The swordsman calls it a sword.

It could be a window, a bow, or an axe, depending on its use.

God's name, also called God Himself ( ).

That's why I never thought to use it, but now I feel like I need to think differently.

Though it may be incomplete. We need to get the client out of here now.

And to use the word "knife," I knew that the client was superior all along.

Guys, if that's even the universal invisibility. It will be helpful enough to handle the 'funnel'.

In the end, the swordsman cleared his mind. And even if it's incomplete, we'll take the knife a little early.

Who is out there?

If the decision is made, the order must be made immediately.

As soon as he unloaded his righteousness on the outside, Suja came inside and bowed her head.

“You wanted to see me?”

Tell him to come to me separately, for I have something to say to the goddess of power.

Suga melts into the shadow and disappears quietly. Waiting for the client to arrive, the underling returns instead. With a bad look on his face.

“This is bad.”

What's the matter?

“Mr. Doomsin harms

I'm trying to. ”


Kim Mu-Sin's face was stiff.


“Son of a bitch! I don't have to say that a few times! ”

“I didn't ask you where the goods were. I told you to bring it.If you want to live, you better bring it. ”

Lient swallows with a tremendous amount of tension.

The fiercely lowered eyes of the butcher are ablaze like flames.

The fierce speculation already whirls and knocks down the building where the client lived. The nine blades across the archer floor seem to be swiftly flying to slaughter him.

It's like a fighting dog that once kept Artiya out of trouble. The life that Lord Mugsin emits condemns Lient to his dying breath.

It's simple enough that he came to the client who was resting in the room and brought it out.

- Stone, give me that.

When she hears that, her head whitens.

He knew why he had kept it a secret all these years.

But on the other hand, I heard a heavy feeling.

It was because he had overdone it. It was absurd to ask me to hand over something that had disappeared suddenly.

That's why he told himself he wasn't there. No, he said he had no idea what he was talking about.

Then the answer that came back was right.


The fiercely radiant light of Doomsday's eyes seems to be tearing him apart right now.

“Bring it.”

A growling voice.

Lient's tears tremble, but she finally gives you the strength of her eyes and screams. He is also a ranker and an atheist. It was my pride to be threatened like this.

Seconds} Agh!

Lient suddenly twists to the side as he attempts to join the conversation.

The blade flashes across the room and quickly reaches Lient's throat.

Lient slowly reads the flashlight and pulls back, but 'I thought I was late first.

When your complexion turns pale.

Suddenly, the cost price drops rapidly from the sky like lightning in front of a client.

In the end, the flash should bounce back without breaking the Client's breast for a reason.

He straightens himself by pulling back the momentum to his side.

He looks at the spear in the ground with a beast-like crooked face, and looks for a silent landing statue behind him.

“What are you doing? Out of my way, Chang. I have nothing to do with you."

“D. What the hell are you doing? A Red Dragon cutting each other's throats right in front of you? Have you really gone mad after everything you've been through with Maseong? ”

The spear shrugs its head as it hides the client from the butcher.

There wasn't one or two things about him that I disliked about him. However, the basic discipline that I had to have as a member of the same organization was that I wanted to keep it.

But the act of God is clearly hostile. It was an epidemic rebellion. It was unacceptable.


However, as if he didn't know such a thing, he drew another sword beside him and approached one step forward. The shroud is back in position.

However, he stopped walking while walking. I felt something bitter in the sinful square.

Upon raising his head, the palace guard smiled coldly at the top of the far tree and aimed the demonstration this way.

The archery skill of the palace is said to be almost unparalleled in the tower.

He was compared to some of his acquaintances and occasional snake hunter Galeed, but it was still just as remarkable as he seemed to be superstitious.

Even the gods are reluctant to face him.

Shameless in front. Shameless in back.

If you want to catch a client with a blocked front and back, you have to deal with the threat from the field at the same time.

It was a difficult battle, even if it was a swordsman, not a god.

However, he stepped forward as if he was not full this time.

Instead, I pulled up all the spiritually connected knives while pulling up a few remaining magical powers.

Consequently, the impression of the shroud was even solidified.

I knew he really wanted to fight. Using all nine swords was just as threatening.


The energy of the three godless together collided with each other and repeatedly broke.

The ground shifts up and down, and space bends everywhere.

People in the camp start to retreat to the outskirts. If you get caught in a fistfight, you won't be able to leave any bodies behind. And just like they thought, the place they left soon collapsed.

Later, he grabbed the sword and rushed to the Shamsin.

What the hell are you doing!

Suddenly, I went along the sky. And the overwhelming overwhelming pressure landed throughout the camp, crushing the three supernatural forces in one fell swoop.

I was stunned by the dizziness of embarrassment. The paladin lowers his bow and chooses to breathe with a pale face.

I tried to hold my balance by putting a knife to the ground while vomiting blood from the biggest hit. But one knee was already taking pictures of the ground.


Above that, Kim Mu-Sin calmly came down to the ground.

He was wearing a wooden lion's clothing on his face, the costume that the one-horned tribe usually wears.

And around him was the sword of your sack, collectively, the philanthropic sword used by the Old Catholic Church of Geumido. '

On the day of the sword, the words' state '(35461;) • meat (25134;) • ham' • 'verse (32118;)' were prominent.

What the hell is going on? Tell me, Fig.

Kim Mu-Sin looked around the situation and immediately raised his head to where he was.

The two glances under the lion's pavement were burning fiercely. For him who regarded the island's strength the most important, this attitude of Lord Domongshin could not be utterly silent.

He stood up forcefully, gripping his teeth.

Martha raised her head slightly, which she had suppressed while drying up at a rapid speed, but she opened her mouth while holding on to the interior of the four recent Elders absorbed.

“There's only one thing I want. I only asked him to give me that. ”

What did he ask for? The gumshoe couldn't figure out what the goddess without a hot water bath was doing to the flock.

Kim Mu-Sin kept silent for only a short time.

“As expected, you know the cost. ”

I twisted one of his lips and continued.

“I don't know what that stone is. I don't care, and even if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it. But I have to take it somehow. ”


“Because he's my son.”

Mu-Sin's eyes slightly widened while being held captive by them.

I was confused because I couldn't understand what was said around me, but I realized what had happened to the Magistrate who knew what was going on.

Hanbini Le, the Evil Son of Doomsin

- I was kidnapped and threatened.

= = High

I'm doing it. And demand.

“So give it to me. I'll be sweetened by whatever punishment I get later. I have to save my son now. ”

The fierce eyes of the goddess said she would swing a sword if the sword stopped her.

However, the swordsman did not respond quickly.

I heard he needed it. However, he was also a 'necessary' person.

The shaman realizes that he has fallen into a terrible trap.

I don't know who the Red Dragon is, but I think it's very well spread, even though I don't know who it is. At this rate, the collision was as obvious as a fire.

In the end, Kim Mu-Sin had to quickly organize his thoughts.

We can't understand the situation, so let's settle down first and finish talking.

“I'm in a hurry.

I told him to wait. Fig.

Despite the screaming, Dorothy had to keep her mouth shut with the cold voice of the gumiho returning soon.

Kim Mu-Sin's preliminary sword was raising its blade and filling the area.

Differences in overwhelming forces.

He bit his lower lip tightly. No matter how angry I was, I had to cover up the situation. If he died before he even saved the stone, his son's life was over.

Moreover, other players had gathered at some point and were always ready to go after him.

Eventually, he had to release his anger by putting the knife he was holding on to the ground nervously.

Kim Mu-Sin also straightens his blade, turning back his preliminary sword and releasing his posture.

For now, go into the room and cool your head. I'll call you as soon as this is cleared up.

The horse seemed to be full of consideration, but it was clearly a spirit.

He had to return to his room with his hands on his hands, gripping it.

Wajang Chang!

He smashed and smashed all the tools in the office.

But still, my anger did not subside. Instead, I kept getting nervous.

Even at this moment, his son is still being held captive by the enemy. I didn't know what kind of torture I was being tortured and what kind of threats I was being threatened by.

I couldn't sit still because I thought that weak son was always suffering from pain.

But he had no power.

You ignore the Dagger and are powerless to take the stone from the client.

I couldn't help but remember that I was too ugly as a father. And I was so sorry for my son. If my father had been a little stronger, I wouldn't have to suffer like that.


Someone else knocked on the door of the office.

His head is pulled towards you. Obviously, no one would have access without permission to retire. Who?

Moreover, the posture suddenly disappeared like a lie. It meant never to be under him.

At that moment, Dorothy felt a chill along her spine. Something unsettling came over my mind. It felt the same as when I opened the box with my son's little finger.

He hurriedly opened the door wide.

It's different. A wooden box, shaped like before, sits in front of the door.

He knelt on his knees and placed the box. The lid did not open easily because of the tremor in my hands.

And when I saw what was in there, He couldn't stay rational any longer.

One eye was clearly watching him.

With a note.

If you want to find your son. Bring the Stone.

The same text as before, the same exact phrase.


He couldn't stand it, so he shouted. Maestro, who had already been frozen, raised his head and began to fill his head with reason.

A dull glare formed between the shivering eyes. Margaery follows him out.

“Dear Lord, ”

At that time, I heard the commotion and came in urgently. The director who respected him and followed him for a long time saw that Maggi was insensitive along with him.


The tribe of loneliness and the swordsman had a sign from the goddess called the coin mouth.

“You swallowed a dry needle. As soon as I looked into the eyes of the bloodshot god, I could intuitively tell if he wanted to.

Also, the choices you make here will change your fate.

And the answer had already been given. Even if you know what's wrong.

The commander knelt on one knee.

“Since the Lord saved me from being left alone on the battlefield to die, • • • • - I was already his sword. Carl, what do you think? ”

The glare of his eyes flashed coldly.

“Then gather the children now. As the night deepens, there will be revolt. ”