Second Life Ranker

2. Prepare for War (2)

“He says he's starting to move. Haha! Thanks to you, Cain, things are going smoothly. ”

When Bajal smiled, Yeon-woo's eyes lit up slightly.

“Do you have any leeches planted over there? ”

Bajal smiles in relief. It looked a little cold for some reason.

“Can I teach you one thing? ”

“There's nowhere near the Red Dragon's eyes and ears. ”

“Everywhere. Wherever I really wanted to go, I swirled the wine glass I was drinking, smiling lightly.

I was so happy that I went in for a drink or two and suddenly my nostrils were slightly red.

It was a hangover that would disappear in a single turn, but Bajal knew he wanted to enjoy this moment.

Yeon-woo refilled the cup of Bajal like that. And then he got drunk.

“It's all thanks to you, anyway. Everyone in the conference room was a mess. The next operation is already underway. And...”

Bahal raises his glass firmly to the table. The liquor spills out partly.

“That'll be the end of it. Not the war now, not the cleanliness. ”

Bajal's eyes lit up.

Though he was known to have a lot of laughs that didn't fit the nickname Hwaseong. At this moment, the nickname was hot and solid.

“And from then on, I'll be perfectly steady. You deflect those who kick their tongues with a traitor all the time. And you will tread on the path ahead. We just have to stay on the path that's in each other's best interest. It's a good road.”

“Let's grow up together from now on. I'm ahead, you're behind. I pull, you push. How's that? Isn't that a nice painting? ”

Bahal smiled once again.

I feel like I'm going to die because this moment is so much fun. I feel like this is the only moment I have left.


Yeongwoo remembered something I saw in the diary.

The day the first team was created.

Members of Bajal, Client, Henova, etc., smiling and chattering over drinks.

He lived with his memories buried in his heart until the end.


It seemed that Bajal had abandoned all of his memories. Guilty as ever, I felt like I'd forgotten.

He only wanted to rise and reign, and he wanted to stand above others and keep them under his feet.

And in the process, I didn't feel any redness, like eating with an old colleague.

He was telling me to come with him, saying he was a brother-in-law, but I knew he would be thrown away as soon as he ran out of use.

That's why.

Yeon-woo couldn't smile in front of Baja while enjoying a drink.

I didn't know how grateful I was that I was wearing a mask.

I told you, it's everywhere. '

So Yeon-woo muttered to herself as she saw Bajal reaping his cup.

'In Artiya, that means you. From the beginning.

Yeon finished her drink and returned to her room. Inside, Pandawadora sits waiting.

“Hello? How about a drink?

But I'm having drinks with the Commandant, and I'm having fun with a woman.

“Your brother?”

“Heave-ho! Whatever you got, buy 2."

Pant grunts and clears his throat lightly, taking Edora's gun. Then I narrowed my eyes and asked.

“Just as I thought. The streets will run wild, and there will be great conflict in the cleanliness world. Re- - Re = I will start a sneak attack without missing the niche. ”

Haha.Now I can really blow this thing. ”

Fant flinches as he snorts.

It made me feel better now that I thought it was going to blow up very big even when I couldn't go up to the 16th floor with him.

The operation grew by two trillions of foreign troops, so even the forefront was allowed to take over.

However, unlike my favorite pant, Edora was a little angry.

It seemed to know Yeouido's intent to catch him, but I was worried that the plate was getting bigger and bigger, so I could no longer handle it.

Well, I don't care if the plates are big or small. But when you don't manage it properly and get out of Yeon's hands, He was worried about what disaster would befall him.

On the other hand, I was a little worried because I knew how thorough Yeon-woo was, so I couldn't tell how much more I was preparing behind me.

Even Edora had no clue that she could actually help.

The only thing that mattered to her was that she was safe.

But even if you express your concern here, all you have to do is repeat that Yeon-ju is fine. I've never felt like this before.

In the end, it's the same again.

Pandit and Edora are on their way to the place where the two tribes stay just in case.

The entire camp was already on emergency alert.


Yeon-woo stayed alone in the room and took a light breath.

In a room assigned to people above the Promotion class, nothing was easily exposed outside the waterway.

However, in case you haven't noticed, you unleashed your magical power to create a protective shield that sealed off the outside.

'Before you leave. We'll have to start preparing.

The board is surrounded by the capture of Hanbin, and Bajal starts rolling snowballs on top of it. The snowball rolls and rolls and grows, and now he tries to break the board.

To get drunk on a broken plate, to throw away what you want to throw away.

I had to be prepared enough.

And as part of that preparation, 'power up.'

It was to maximize the power he had.

Yeongwoo pulls out the subspace pocket.

From the 12th floor to the 15th floor, it was for now that the mercenaries brought the Hidden Piece.

“Come out.”

⁰ ⁰

I put magic in the black bracelet wrapped around my right wrist, and as it trembles, I start spraying a little gray mist.

And the gray fog began to form as it settled in the air.

A floating ghost of wealth falls flat on the floor.

Sir, is it because he was the soul of the original player?

Unlike other societies whose thinking abilities have been enhanced to the limit, wealth has now become somewhat conversational.

Of course, he still had poor thinking skills, so he only connected rare words.

But that alone was the reason why Yeon-woo chose wealth over many friends.

'What I'm going to do now, however, is to have a certain kind of thinking system in place to function.

I had only seen Yeongwoo in the diary, and I had never actually tried it for the first time.

“From now on, I'll give you the goods in order. Then absorb it one at a time. We can't let any magical force leak out. ”

Egg • • • • -

“Keep in mind. If it leaks any further, all the experiments will be ruined.

Egg • • • • -

Wealth gives you a big nod, as if it's going to be somewhat unexpected no matter what.

Yeon-woo was a little worried, but she believed in the power of the Black Bracelet.

Absolute loyalty, full of frenzy.

As long as they had this, they always showed abilities beyond their limits.

Especially when she destroyed the clan alliances, she showed a lot of unexpected power.

'The order was to take the hidden pieces out to the inside according to what was written in the diary of Fire Treasure Distribution 2, Ice Crystal Distribution 5, and Golden Flower 9.

Rich took it without a doubt and began to absorb it. Like when you swallowed a ghost's tongue.


[The Voodoo Man's soul has successfully absorbed the Fire Treasure.]

[The flower attribute has increased by 1.]

[The flower attribute has increased by 3.]

Yeongwoo values compounding when handing over the Hidden Piece. If there was even a slight mistake, I had to do it again from the beginning.

There are a lot of Hidden Pieces that mercenaries brought me, but I can't use them because I need a lot of them.

Moreover, once the strengthening of wealth had succeeded, it had to be used on other people.

'If this is successful, wealth will evolve to more than one level.'

Yeon-woo did not take her eyes off the augmented wealth for a moment.

Opening the dragon's eye wide to see if there was any magical force that could accidentally leak out.

What Yeon-woo now seeks is the evolution of wealth.

BE0/⁄ 54562; is the name of the thin fur that was studied/created by the pseudonym 'Heavy Heavy Heavy Circle'.

It was an Ö/Ram Nail that enhanced magic like its name.

But we looked at it and shook our heads. I was thinking that the augmented currency 0/simple thin 0/No, the blood of various kinds of monsters, preliminaries, expensive tables/sizes 5//47041; If I coagulated it into 5/47041; I had more/special to change the quality than not increasing it.

Roda purity is flow. Better efficiency.

A slight magical relay rose as we climbed the Jang Yu staircase, although the grades were adjusted to the seasonal level.

The urgent rating of BE0/54338; said that waiting for such a period would improve and gave me a way to upgrade my rank to Ahn Oil.

- Someone told me it was pine nuts.

There are too many issues and Jamon0/been raised, but I actively participate in the idea that we or someone else will do something.

I thought if I made something, I'd file a complaint.

It will be made by a ram nail. He was a madman.

But to him.

We gave them suits that were fast enough to keep up with the mainland.

There were two main reasons why Tim Artiya was able to do great things.

The first was the encounter with Calatus, the dinosaur that took place when he was on the 11th floor.

The second was an augmentation made by Bakuk at the end of all kinds of experiments.

There is no way to contact his legacy, since the dragon calatus has not yet completed its solution. However, I did not make a big rating because I knew the succession work would be over soon.

But augmented vision is different.

He didn't know exactly how augmented circles were made. It was because I had no knowledge of alchemy and was not interested.

All I did was think it was' great 'because it was baked by Bakuk.

However, I was worried that I might lose it later, so I wrote down the base material and blend ratio separately.

That's what's left of the diary.

'But even if you know the blend ratio, if you can make it easy. I hope it didn't become a relic of Bakok.'

When blending, some materials had to be frozen tightly, and some materials had to be diluted in water.

However, Yeon-woo did not have time to check such things every day. In order to do so, she had to obtain Alchemy knowledge first.

I was going to touch Alchemy someday, too. But not now.

But fortunately, it didn't have to be that way.

Dating is made up of zeroes. Spirits are attracted to unusual forms of magical aggregation.

It was therefore able to take what it gave and absorb it efficiently.

Without thinking about how to manage it separately, you can digest it by giving it to me by giving it to the right mixture “• ❯ 1.

Hopefully, they can take it to the next level on their own. I don't think it's because of the Black Bracelet's limits right now. We have to find a way around this.

All the options built into the Black Bracelet right now are courtship. It meant I couldn't make it more than a relationship right away.

But Yeon-woo wanted a higher grade than that, so the alternative was the augmented currency.

[Voodoo Master's soul has successfully absorbed the Blue Crystal.]

[Margie has increased by 3.]

[Number attribute has increased by 2.]

[The voodoo master's soul has hit its limit. Further enhancement is likely to burden the zeroes.]

[Voodoo Man's Soul] is suffering from continuous energy absorption. The bowl hits its limit and the elixir begins to crumble.]

[Voodoo Man's soul] absorbed a black rose. No change to stats.]

Wear was greatly aggravated by continued ingestion.

No matter how good an overdose is, it can be overwhelming to the body. However, the Hidden Piece is encased as soon as it hits the ground, so it is not unusual for the magical power to rush through the zenith.

In fact, his body was badly twisted. As the shape shifted, the emperor tried to burst, and the honeycomb was forced to sew with a black mass. Even in such situations, wealth never went out of consciousness. I wanted to control the power somehow.

Orders issued by Yeon-woo, the owner. Hold your ground. And absorb.

I only remember these two things and I struggled with them.

Following the owner's orders was a natural thing to do as a couple.


Wealth suppressed the magical power that was rushing like wildfire. In the process, the blurred spirit became clearer and the sensation of dominating the spirit became clear. And in the meantime, ingestion continued.

'Succeed, whatever it takes. That's why I chose you to be conscious.'

Yeongwoo constantly breathed black energy into him. I hope you succeed. And if his evolution succeeds, the next batsman has already thought about what to do next.

'I'll be a knight after the Wizard.'

Luckily, Yeon-woo had a soul as good as wealth.


If only I could have his power as a semi tank. Power augmentation no longer needs to be rated.

I've been thinking about it a lot.


The addition took the last hidden piece.

The clumps of magical power that could not expand outward were swirling around in the zebra, and they were all jumbling.

And then I got to the end.

The Wealth Master is greatly enlightened. It swells up like a balloon, but sinks again without bursting. And a new change began.

[The Voodoo Man's soul has overcome its limit.] 'I've acquired a completely sinister story.]

[Begin Evolution]]

Quadruck, quadruck, quadruck, quadruck, quadruck, quadruck, quadruck. The wealth also heard the rebuilding of costs.

The blurred zeal became clear and gradually became a physical entity. The bones revealed one by one, each with a little human figure.

Fraud and black energy spread out and became a dull cloth like a rag, shrunk inward. He wrapped himself in a robe and slowly knelt in front of the kite.

Hello, Master.

A voice so clear that you can't even compare it to when you're together. It meant that he had a clear mind.

[Voodoo master's soul] has successfully evolved. The Wizard of Death, Rich, was born.]

[Congratulations! We have found a way to serve death. Find more ways in the future. The forces of darkness will be with you.]

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[This public value is earned based on an individual's achievement and is not added to the 11th Floor Trial public value.]

[Titled Death Acquired.]