Second Life Ranker

3. Prepare for War (3)

[Title: Death Driver]

The world is divided into two sides: life and death. The two hate each other without mixing. But with this title, you will receive much love and respect from the dead, except as a living person.

Effect: Attribute advantage for all undead lineages. +20 Character and Domination of Darkness.

Yeongwoo tightly clenched his fist, looking at the new title.

Getting the title meant mastering an area that others couldn't easily do, or accomplishing something far beyond their limits.

Originally, the limit given to Yeon-woo was all courtship. We've created more wealth than this, and the system has acknowledged that.

[New knowledge about death has been obtained. Incident knowledge has expanded. Yong-MAAN's skill level has increased. 35.1%]

Indeed, Yeonwoo could feel the dragon's knowledge from the solvent grow one step further.

It felt like the world around him was expanding.

However, I also felt a little worried.

What if the wealth that evolved into Rich gets out of control of the Black Bracelet?

I could have taken it with my bare hands, but I wanted to avoid that as a kite, it would have cost me Hidden Pieces mannali.

Fortunately, the rich evolution remained intact.

Master. I sank deep. Thank you for getting me out. Anything. Give the order. Sweet. I'll do it.

The voice that breaks. Though the accident system seemed to be completely out of place, there was no problem in having a conversation.

“So what kind of magic system are you currently capable of? ”

Rich is one of the most needed resources for Yeouido to start a war. We needed to know exactly what he was up to.

Life. No. Most magical abilities in your past life can unfold.

“Approximately what? ”

"First, let me show you. Do you have it? Some ghosts. Can I have it?

Yeongwoo harvested ghosts through each stairwell. The size of the collection has grown significantly to 1,500 due to the owner's increased capabilities.

First, I pulled out only three of them and slowly lifted his head.

A skull wound appeared at the area of the head covered by a lobe. A blue potpourri flame blazes through the puddled eyes.

Wealth reaches out to the three spirits. Then a light flashed from my fingertips.

The first ghost explodes like a firecracker. Then, to the place where the dust had fallen, the ground cracked open, and a mottled field dog pulled out its head like a rag. Both eyes were dead.

"Such as Nihan. It will use the soul as a medium. Living in the afterlife. Summoned. I can pull it out. If there's a body. Skeletons and zombies.". "

The swollen hand waves again to recall the summoner, and this time it bursts into a second ghost.

Then the gray fog spread and filled the room.

I've seen Yeon-woo before. Terrified when fighting Clan Alliances, and a broad range skill that used to beef up allies.

It's called Fog of Deception. As you can see, fear of the enemy. Going forward, there are group realities or hallucinations. to be awarded. Depends. Taken from the enemy. Health and magical power. Infusing allies with them. "."

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkle. The fog of blood was much better than before.

Not just a state of panic, but also a state of health.

There can be nothing better on a massive battlefield.

"And. This is. It's" corpse-absorbing. "

The last ghost has exploded. Then the flame rises for a moment and disappears.

"A corpse or a ghost. Depends how long you have. Basic magic, of fire and ice. available.

The puffy head bows.

I. Previous life. He was a voodoo master, a voodoo master. A necromancer or a wizard. Unlike a shaman. A corpse and a curse. Specialized in dealing with them, his voice is dull, but he feels firm out of nowhere.

So. What you can do right now. That's all, but I'll be stronger. Out of the muscle. Be Rich. Be Rich. I will not let you down.

The voodoo master dealt with corpses and curses, so much weakness in basic magic.

So wealth regretted this.

Because I thought if I was just a normal, human-magic man, I could help her with more magic.

As voodoo artists, he thought there were limits.

However, Yeon-woo shrugged her head boldly.

Magic. You can get a skill book and learn it in the future, but the voodoo used to handle ghosts and corpses is completely different.

Yeon dreams of the Soldiers. However, he met someone who could support him and support him on his own side, in a yard where he had to have limitations.

'It was hard for me to fight with my girlfriends even if I didn't. From now on, I can rely on my command with confidence.

Since he handles corpses, dating will be different soon. In addition, if you used skills such as blood ritual, summoning a command, and adsorption of corpses alternately, you could change the battlefield to taste of honey.

So Yeon-woo said it was okay and asked for him.

Rich bowed his head louder, thankful for such a pittance.

Master. Expectations. I will not abandon you. "

Wealth fades into a silent fog, leaving behind the words.

“Now all that's left. ”

Now that we've got a wizard to back us up, we'll have to get a knight to fight with us from the front.

Yeon took out the ghost of Sanon from the collection list and summoned her.

Like the soul of a semi tanker, it was qualitatively different from the others. The color and vibrancy were strong.

He replaced the rest of the ghosts with black stars and breathed them into Sanon's ghost.

Parallax. With the sound of the cost breaking, the ghost grows slightly larger and closer together as the vortex strikes.

"Here • • • • - Where?

Shah raises his head slowly. Obviously, he was conscious, even though he was together.

“The Red Dragon army. four

The bitch turned her head to the voice calling her. And I opened my eyes wide.

I must have died from you.

Sanon is confused for a moment and nods at the thought of something.

"I see. Did I die and come back to life? I've heard that there are voodoo voodoo masters or wizards who deal with souls. I still can't hear you say it regenerates the soul like this.

The Black Bracelet is an artifact that has swallowed Astrafe.

Of course, it was not comparable to other occupational groups.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not have to mention the black bracelet.

Instead, I looked at the calm e-nons and thought about how I could capture him. I was greedy because I was so good at being together.

'The level of consciousness is much clearer than being Rich. If only I could make this man Death Knight.'

Given that when ghosts just woke up, their natural habits remained to prevail.

Life must have been an outstanding person, even mentally.

Oh, by the way. What I asked for. What happened? "

A request to let the underlings go safely even if they die.

Yeon-woo nods.

“I've sent them all. However, those who previously suffered • •

"Ah, it's okay. You're greedy if you want to get there.

Shannon slashed his hand and cut off Yeon's horse waist. And as I narrowed my eyes, I looked at Yeongwoo.

"By the way, if you summoned me like this, you mean you have something to do?" It's weird that you're in the Red Dragon, not the Purgatory.

Yeon-woo nodded and briefly explained what she had experienced.

The reason I decided to go to the Red Dragon. He told me he was going to fight him and summoned him to his cause.

Shannon opens his eyes wide and opens his big smile.

"Haha! I like that because I have a relationship with him. But not just greedy, as it turns out.

He seemed to like the purpose of Yeon-woo, as he had saved his henchmen like his life.


But you want me to become Death Knight? Does that mean I have to come under you?

“That's right.”

"I refuse."

Nothing to ask. I was a Red Dragon. I grew up a Red Dragon. I don't want to leave that place even when I'm dead.

Life has been a child of the Red Dragon since he was first born. Loyalty to the organization was not expressed in words.

The mind of the baggage, in fact, could not be heard from the loyalty of such an organization.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue with her insides.

I knew it wouldn't be easy. I never thought you'd be so stubborn.

'But we still have to get our hands on it.'

Living together is not an easy thing to save. And I wanted to learn the "herbs" that he taught me.

I wanted to persuade him, but I was going to force him to surrender.

However, in the process, there was damage to the soul, which could lead to memory loss or quality of life.

But there was nothing I could do.

“I can't help it. Then we'll have to force him to. ”

"Hmm? Is there any way?

“I could harvest your soul, but can't I be subordinate?" ”

"Hmm. So is that. I shouldn't have done that.

Shannon mutters something suspicious. Yeon-woo paused to make a gesture. Something seemed to change his mind.

You can't just send me to the afterlife, right?

“No. ”

You're greedy. You can't rest even when you're dead. Hmm. Well, isn't this bad, too? I've been tied up with dragons my whole life, and now I'm looking around outside.

Sanon thought for a moment, and looked back at Yeon-woo.

"Then I will make a condition.

Yeon-woo reaches out.

“Tell me.”

I will obey you. But leave my free will alone. And make me strong. Much more than before. Not semi-rankers or tankers. Just like a High Ranker. "

Living blurred eyes glowed sharply.

In fact, he was ahead of his allegiance to the Red Dragon.

The desire to be strong.

He was stuck in a wall on the 49th floor and had to stay as a semitank. If there is any lingering sense, it is to become a tanker, to become a high ranker, and to climb up 77 floors.

I wanted to see the end of the criteria for being strong.


It was the prayer that Yeon-woo wanted.

“I'll be strong, too. Much more than others.”

Then that's enough. Actually, I've known you since I first saw you. He's the same kind of man I am. Hoho! "

“But I have something to do first. Maybe we should fight the Red Dragon. We may have to confront an old colleague. ”

Last remaining exam.

You said you might have to break the sire bond.

You should be prepared for that. I'm starting a new life. Don't you have to be stupid about the old stuff?

Earlier, my personality seemed to have changed significantly.

“Why did you suddenly change your mind? ”

I don't want to use evil for nothing.

And I don't want to ruin it. If you're going to get over it. Yeah, I want to get my consciousness back on track. and. "

I felt like Yeon-woo was smiling.

I wonder what path you will take. Can you see it if you're right next to it?

Yeon shakes her head.

It seemed that Sanon was harder to understand than he thought. It's bent in some ways because it's strong, but in some ways it's not too soft.

But I thought I knew one thing.

With interest, the journey ahead will be much easier.

Yeongwoo pulls out the subspace pocket.

“Then absorb the energy completely in the order I give you. ”

[The relationship has evolved successfully. Death Knight was born.]

[Anyone can easily • • • • • •.]

[Death Knight pledges allegiance to you. You will be a strong sword and shield from now on, attributable to the 'Despair of the King of the Seulks'.]

[Do you want to give a name?

[The name Death Knight has been designated "Life."]

[Fifteen more loyalties.]

[Domination has increased by 5.]

"To the new owner, greet.

A dark armor and helmet. Zanon, the Death Knight, knelt on one knee, placing his old sword breaker on the ground.

“I look forward to it.

Start now. I am your servant and knight. The owner raised his head as he raised his voice to the servant with a faint voice of disrespect. I see nothing in the helmet, but a smile seems to flow for some reason.

"Of course, I sometimes try to mix half-words.

Yeongwoo smiles with a cheerful Death Knight.

It seemed to be an arm in a way that was completely different from the future of puffiness.

That's it.

Yeon-woo's forces are being formed one by one.