Second Life Ranker

4. Prepare for War (4)

“So the herbs, you have no choice but to read them sensorily? ”

As soon as Yeon-woo finished what she wanted, it was a question of the last herbs.

"Yes, embracing multiple possibilities and choosing one of them. You have no choice but to rely on your senses. Of course, the word 'blink' in this case is a separate area from the senses that the body originally went to.

That's the sixth sense.

It is a separate area from the senses, meaning that it can directly and emotionally capture the essence of an unknown object. I prayed with a more instinctive nature.

Yeon-woo has also felt this sixth feeling a few times.

When I was in Africa. Suddenly, my back is creeping up on me while I'm on the move. Or when a headache gives you a headache, there was a chance that the swamp was ambushed nearby.

Hence, Yeon-woo felt that her sixth instinct had developed very well.

But life had a clearer and clearer sixth sense than that.

An intuitive decision. Maybe it's closer to the realm of the future.

Normally, Su-jun, who is about your age, would be quick to learn this. It's gonna be a little difficult. Yeah, well, I thought you were a handful when you heard you'd recently mastered proper martial arts.

Sanon nods in understanding.

In fact, he saw that Yeon-woo was mixed up with other people with different growth rates or directions.

If other people have established their own path as they build up the ground firmly, it is a form of laying up the lacking parts of the tower.

It usually breaks down when you grow like that. The tower of Yeongwoo was also strangely sturdy.

Going up the stairs in the future. The more masters I meet. Herbs are very capable of grabbing their owner's ankles. So I suggest you acquire it as soon as possible.

“Is there any way to get to the ship quickly? ”

There has to be.

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled.

Shannon laughs as he laughs.

Fight more, suffer more

“Of course • • •

And Yeon-woo, who would memorize all the patterns, lightly burst into amazement. There was a point to what Sanaan said. If you don't know, memorize it and stop. It was also my usual behavior.

"In this case, impregnable training is also a must. If you memorize it a lot, you'll be able to make quick judgments about my situation.

Yeon-woo smiled as she lived. Because you knew what he wanted to say.

“And you can teach me that pattern? ”

"Yes, a clever master. That's what you're supposed to use it for.

Live- was slowly waking up on the spot. The sow de breaker, dark and dark, is caught in your hand.

Let's get started as soon as we have a better word. Looks like the owner is running out of time.

But my training with him did not last long. While you are familiar with the reef, you suddenly fall out of command.

Yeonwoo and Pand and Edora lead an outside force to the center. And that moment. Yeon-woo suddenly had to grip the beating heart violently. Your spine becomes rigid. You don't hear the Magic Society, but your magic is running wild. The dragon looked up at the sky by itself. Suddenly my body wants to do this when I look up at the sky. Yeon-woo was able to understand why later. An overwhelming defeat overwhelms the son-in-law. It was as if Auroth, who only existed between heaven and earth, had shown that he was the only great being. Scales that glow red. Pupils ripped with a firm jaw and a long, 30-mile radius. The Summer Queen returned to the main body and sat there.

The Red Dragon was sitting there, seducing the creature who brought the name Red Dragon to the clan, who had lived a long time in Allfoone. Dragon Fear. One of the many powers that the polyp possessed, one nation was strong enough to wield the players. Yeon-woo tried to recover her calm somehow. The reason my chest was palpitating was probably because some dragon phosphorus engraved in my body reacted to the appearance of another polyp. But you can't reveal that. Yeon-woo grabbed as much as she could. Fortunately, the Magic Circuit became silent as Dragon Eye sank.

But entering a place with dragon peers, I had to be a little nervous to cry because my back was so cold. Luckily, she's not looking this way.

Just looking at the sky, I was staring at the sky, with my pupils torn in an unbelievable vertical. I looked at the clear moon and looked at the cost price. Then she slowly raises her torso and unfolds her folded wings. Along with Li, the voice that seems to belong to the Summer Queen. Along the sky, the green portal opens wide to cover the camp. And the time of day.

“If you help me, you'll get nothing. Rather, it's all about being a traitor. Finally. I'll give you a chance to leave now. After that, I will never be challenged. ”

He was handing the horses over where he had gathered his men.

Under his command, there were nine battlefields, including the Followers, the Advance and others, centered on the Mado Clan.

They're all here.

I'm crossing the bridge now, so anyone who stops now should stop. I'm not going to make a difference. It meant that there was still some rationality left, even though the castle was blind. And that appeared to reach more heavily to his servants.

He was filled with a desire to save his son, but he felt desperate to stay rational somehow. In the end, no one left even though he insisted on continuing to urge them. They looked at God with eyes full of resolutions. He gripped his teeth. I could desperately realize that I had not lived my life in vain.

“Your lives, I thank you. ”

His eyes begin to bundle with frenzy.

“Then let's go. ”

The first place the Mado Bandit, the members, and the Jindo Bandit laid their hands on was the Hogdaggers who were admiring the breastplate according to the instructions of the godless. The Master of the Hosword looks at the blade below his chin, and his lips flutter. The way you know what you're doing.

“If you didn't know, you wouldn't have started. ”

However, Master Mado swung his sword. I rolled the floor as the head of the Houndmaster fell off. But only a few hours ago, he was my drinking companion. I didn't feel anything strangely different than I expected it to feel bitter.

I thought maybe it was because I was preparing to die. And I thought this death would never be bad. A life with a knife, a life with a knife. For a life to die by someone else's sword someday, it seemed like dying for the owner who recognized himself was never bad.

The Chief of Staff searches the area. All but a few were gathered before him. I'll see that all the arrangements are done and their clothes are covered in blood.

“What is the target's location? ”

Target. I'm talking about the client.

“The swordsman, no, the swordsman, is taking her to his office to protect her. ”

"What are the chances of falling? ”

“Not for a while. I don't know what you're talking about, but you're talking about a long story. ”

Master Mado kicked his tongue.

“So it's all about the machete after all. It must be very difficult.”

In fact, catching a client is a piece of cake. However, it didn't seem like it would be that easy if you were in the palace of the Magistrate. The burden of the sword itself was too great. The power to wield other godless beings, even the elusive wisdom of not knowing what they are thinking. Kim Mu-Sin was like a horror to the people in the same cleanliness. Of course, I didn't expect to give up.


The X.O. immediately took the gunpowder out of his arms and blew it into the air. Pufferfeng.

Along the dark night sky, a lot of red fireworks spread.

This side is all set, so let's get started.

As promised, the rest of the troops spread out and waited all around the camp. Boom, boom!


“Explosion! Supply depot on fire!" ”

“The Red Dragon has invaded! ”

The operation was very simple. When the Mado-dans had finished cleaning up around the residence of Doumsin, other troops that had been scattered to the main points in the military set the fire and caused commotion.

Then the leader, who was mistaken for the Red Dragon's ambush through the breach, was about to advance quickly to the location of the Lient. Fortunately, the first operation seemed successful.

As the flames begin to blaze high above the camp, you suddenly hear players rushing around busy. Bring water from everywhere, Red-lay. "1 Where are you, screaming = 0.

In the future, the troops were busy running around, hoping to raise the chaos even more.

It was also meant to be a windbreaker, so it would take some time to eradicate the fire and fully understand the situation. In the meantime, I slowly walked out of the retirement home.

His gaze on his back shines brightly. And the speculation and Margie were beating the whirlwind. The interior of the four great goddesses, who had already swallowed long ago, but were still unable to fully digest with their foreign characteristics, was whirling inside.

He had already regained his power during his childhood. No, but he had more magical power and Magi than ever before. It was the power of the 'reverse bloodline' that I had been keeping for a long time, just in case.

The plague I received when I killed the sixth bishop of the horse army, the other eight clans.

Instead of harnessing magic and enhancing masculinity for a period of time, Poxica maximized her physical potential for a period of time.

It was originally used for self-destruct or for the above. He was not a dog at all. He was suffering from a magic horse because his body was broken by the continuous magical enemies, and he was able to do whatever it took to break the saboteur once he was ready to die. And the effects of the reverse hemorrhage were very good. As I have experienced famine due to lack of magical power, my body is full of magical power. The energy of the four great gods, who had to suffer for a while because they were not easily absorbed, was mixed together and energized in the flesh. His instincts got the better of him.

I felt confident that I could do anything with the destructive impulse.

With this power, the swordsmith and the other godless who follow him would be able to break his neck completely. But they know that if you're too overwhelmed by your instincts, you're a road amitabul. While keeping this castle close, he was small when it was slowly dried.

Sense of nervousness tells me where the client is hiding in the army.

So he walked to you without hesitation. Mar Dodan hurriedly followed, followed behind him. The pace is swift, but unlike the leisure pace, the pace is so fast that you can't easily catch up with the naked eye.

Some people saw the shifting god, but they had to quickly run away and collapse. Then you reach the place where the Client's magic is.

“Dear Lord! ”

“You shouldn't be here."

Unlike usual, the paladin's residence was loosened due to the sudden commotion that caused players to rush out.

I was embarrassed when the goddess and the Mado Dan came to me. However, Dorothy swings her sword roughly before they make up their defensive measures.

The reverse bloodlines and the inner strength of the four gods blend together and explode, pushing them away.

Quaquaquaqua - Dozens of players have disappeared in blood. Fibonacci spreads, and a cloud of dust rises.

Only the Lient and the Dagger remain intact in it.

The Client barely prevents an attack from crossing his arms. The clothes were covered in dirt, and the eyes lit up with a mould of dust.

“Still! You're the end of it! ”

“Just give me the stone. I'll save your life. ”

“Tell me how many times you don't have it! Unless you want me to give it to you in real life. You lose it completely, and the client screams loudly and impatiently. But the words didn't last long.

Kim Mu-Sin reaches out and cuts off his horse waist. And I looked at the lion's mask as it was. There is a slight crack in the bristles visible above the talons.

Do I really have to do this to the end?

The Mage was able to see exactly what was happening to him.

Digestion of the inside of the four main Legendary Beasts using inverted blood clots. And the fortification of Mars. Even the godless were not the gods he already knew.

A gust of energy was as powerful as a swordsman, if he were to judge the greatness.

“I'm the one asking. Give it to me now. If that's the case, I'll give you my neck right now.

As I always say. The superstitious relationship is equal. There is no basis for coercing other atheists, unless volunteered.

The gumshoe speaks of its principle, but the gumshoe scoffs.

“I don't think so. Don't wrap it up like that. In fact, that stone, the sword, isn't that what you need? I've been talking to that jerk for years now. Am I wrong? ”

Lient's eyes falter slightly.

He was stabbing the truth.

Obviously, he and the Swordsman were just having a long conversation about the stone.

• • • • • • You're going to stick to the rebellion until the end.

“As long as you're here anyway, it won't make a difference. I can't help it if I want to be stubborn.

The Eye of the Swordsman shining down the lion's paw slightly distorted.

Then, as I raised one hand high, the surrounding area was torn and a preemptive sword came out and wrapped him in a circle. And...

Huaaaa! The atmosphere in the surrounding area fades like watercolors, and soon the seal collapses and a new sighting is revealed.

Along the side of the state where Kim Mu-Sin and Do-Mousin stand.

Over a thousand players have swiftly surrounded themselves and are aiming their swords this way.

Are you going to continue?

Kim Mu-Sin asked with cold eyes.