Second Life Ranker

5. Prepare for War (5)

My eyes were shaken as I watched the scene. Hallucinations.

They realized that everything they had seen was a hallucination.

Everything that's been going on has been a trap they dug up there to deceive them. All the explosions and fires were forged by the hallucinations of cow 0 0 1.

They don't even know it yet, they think it worked. They cross the camp into the tiger's jaws.

I walked in on my own.

The heads of the dead congregation and the marching band were all over the place.

Just in case. But I wanted to give him a chance. You were my first mutual friend to the spear. But I can't believe you told me to wait. I did this. Did I have to do this?

The gumshoe stares at you with a fierce glance.

I feel like this is all your fault. Even though you say all those children will be sacrificed because you betrayed them, he looks at the dead by the dry snow road. Then I slowly opened my mouth.

“You don't understand, one to ten, you calculate and judge everything. Maybe they all laughed and hung up. Even if I do 0 0, I can only be insulted."

He cut it just like that, and when he kicked it with his foot, he opened the lid of the iron box that he had brought.

“And I want you to know one thing. ”

The glare of his eyes flashed coldly.

“Be it one, be it ten, be it a bag. After all, there's only one man I want to catch. ”

Ahn Kwang reaches Lien behind Kim Mu-Sin.

And that was the beginning.

Screw you!

Nine swords, which were hidden in a metal chest, protruded into the air as one. He runs to Lient with two large and small sacks in each hand.

“Protect the Lord! Make sure no one interferes! ”

Madodan was cautious so that he could run. You charge towards the players rushing towards the castle screaming.

Guakozhou 44034;!

Gu Gu Gu - Like Mado Dan, who is known to be included in the Purification and in the Three Fingers, they did not hesitate at all to cut down the same colleagues. It was so much stronger that I even pushed it overwhelmingly.


As he approached Kim Mu-Sin, he was swinging his sword roughly.

The concentrated magical force explodes, creating a vortex that unleashes a strong wind, and the other blades turning in the opposite direction generate another vortex that engages together like cogs to form a giant hurricane.

Excruciating - the sound of the air tearing off the erections echoes.

Every time I swing the dagger on the floor, the explosion repeats, and the vortex forms in succession.

The hurricane continued to expand and was pushed along with the bayonet.

[Blade Whirlwind]

[Nine Swords Grave]

The combination of two signature skills by Doumycin was already so well-known that no one in the tower knew about it.

The swirl formed by pulling out the sword that was inserted into the ground in sequence makes everything on the sides of the main field a shrub.

The wind is powerful enough to tear the orb apart, leaving no trace of it.

Moreover, I used to take out the 'Ah-rae', who used to refrain. The power imposed on the inner hemisphere and the reverse hemorrhage of the four generations of Legendary Lords was literally endangered like a sunburst (- 38499; even though the swordsman was no less than a sailboat drifting in a rich sea.

Overeating_but not drifting with the Swordsman. Rather, he rushed in a straight line like a shark rushing fearlessly through countless storms and guts.

And every time I drew it, the preliminary sword moved in sequence, and the storm broke through the work.

The main blade pierces through the vortex. The hex blade is broken into pieces and crushes the vortex. You crush the Black Storm and smash it, cutting through everything.

'Four swords with the ugly name of killing fresh opened their paths according to the instructions of the shaman, and the shaman could soon reach the body.

He was flawed that he didn't think he would be able to make a gap so quickly. Soon, however, his fangs appeared to smile.

The fool who walked in on my feet couldn't miss a chance like this, so he pulled out a knife that was on the ground nearby and swept the gumiho's waist diagonally.


The blade popped out of the ground just before it swept over Kim Mu-Sin's waist.

The blade is firmly caught between the index finger and the thumb and the two fingers.

The situation cannot be.

He was stunned when he didn't know how easily to block it, and in the meantime, the swordsman empowered his two fingers.

The blade breaks and the pieces splash into the air. The blade containing the demon's name breaks into pieces.

And Kim Mu-Sin plunged his hand blade deeply into the debris. Just in time, the main blade arrived and was seized by the Swordsman.

I cut his shoulders, chest, and waist deeply, drawing a trail.

Doumycin steps back to get caught in the trajectory, pulling out the other sword that was on the floor.

It was like I was going to bounce off Kim Mu-Sin somehow.

Grab it!

Rather, I dug deeper, smashing the Blade as if it were a welcome sight.

The next knife and the next one were broken in turn.

The blade containing the name of God, the old hero's handiwork, and the blow carried by the swordsman left a loose handle in pieces.

And then the last nine knives were completely destroyed. The main blade sticks deep into the right thigh of Dorothy.


Then, as if waiting, the other three swords stabbed the body of the god. His body shakes loudly, and he vomits blood as he boils his knees.

With an unbelievable look on his face, he looks up at the sword with trembling eyes.

Obviously, I pulled up a lot of magic.

His skills were much higher than in his prime.

He was proud to be as good as Kim Mu-Sin.


There were those who were too overwhelming.

I couldn't give the swordsman a single blow, and I had to suffer the humiliation of breaking all nine swords. The signature skill was completely destroyed before it was triggered.

The swordsman said with a quiet look.

Gyeonggi. That's it.

He opened his eyes wide. Then I smiled.

Later, I remembered why I joined Purification.

I used to wander around looking for strong men. When I wandered aimlessly, longing for more power.

I met the Swordsman and lost. Then, I shocked him and followed behind him.

And as time went on, the gap was much larger. Not enough magic or artifacts to fill it. Much, much deeper.

I didn't even know it was natural.

Unlike the gumshoe who did not hesitate to train afterwards, she met her lover and gave birth to a son. While he was losing his mind there, he regressed instead of being delayed. It was also natural for my senses to die.

That's it.

That's what he thought.

I tried to save my son somehow, but I put my last hope in him.

It became empty.

I feel like I missed the last strap. The poison fell from my eyes. Sad feeling lifts my head.

"However, I am grateful to you.

Suddenly, the swordsman's words confuse the mind of the godless.

• • Sound? ”

The swordsman still answered only irresponsibly. But this voice was only heard by the goddess.

Thanks to your ingestion of the reverse bloodline. The inner parts of the priests, who didn't know when it would end, were finally mixed into one. Isn't that all you have to do?

Thank you. Very. I didn't expect it to be handed over so soon. I wasn't really alive. Should I say thank you to Le Rae = for this?

At that moment, he realized what had happened. Maybe the sword goddess was after Woman's Month.

Why did I tell you to kill the fourth god for nothing? It's simple. When God swallowed it all up first and fused it all together, he tried to take it away.

Why did he want to beat the client to the end? This is simple, too. I don't know if it's stone or not, but it's for the magic machine.

It's been like this for a long time.

The gumshoe proceeded to look at a few things no matter what, and got half the results.

This was also one of them.

“Ha! Haha! Hahaha!”

He laughed without even knowing it.

After all, he was being exploited. To the Red Dragon. To cleanliness.

He was merely a puppet used by necessity.

Though others say they are superstitious, even though they say they are high rankers, they are merely words that are thrown away when they are determined to throw them away.

But there was no longer a path to unfair heart. He was beaten, and his son was dying.

Come to me.

The gumshoe extends its right hand wide and reaches out to the left chest of Dorothy. It was clear that they were going to harvest the heart and inner lining together.

That brief moment.

As he looked at it, he remembered what he could do, and he felt cylindrical about what he was going through. And if he died, the son who had lost his utility would be the same.

A son who has lived only in pain all his life. In the end, flowers must fall without blooming properly.

I hated it. I just wanted to save my son. If so, I had to give him value.

What can create value? Le - Rae 1 Go 0 Joe What is there to do?

Then I suddenly remembered the note.

It was enclosed with the eyes of my son. One more line was written after he asked me to find the stone.

The coordinates were the coordinates above which the Red Dragon's main body was located. I wanted to know why I wrote it down at first, but now I think I know.

The moment I thought about it, the eyes of God lit up a bright light again.

I reminded him of two old peaks that burned like hellfire.

“The sword. You made a mistake. ”

What to say • •

“It is said that the internal unit is mixed. I shouldn't have done it. ”

He rubs one end of his lip. Laugh. The moment the Swordsman rushed through his left chest with something unsettling.


Before that, Dorothy reverses her magic and breaks her heart. And the cohesive interior was crushed like this.

Then the horsepower contained within was released out. No, it was a bust.

The sudden expansion of magical power exploded like a balloon.

The remaining energy rises to the sky, drawing a whirlstone that has lost its place to go.


I started to paint a pattern of light in the air with nothing.

The power of the lost gods, along with the last vestige of superstition, was tangled up like a web of spiders and formed a giant enchantment.

Kim Mu-Sin's eyes widen, noticing what it was. A new scream came out calling out the true name of the god.


But before he could do anything about it, the sorcerers dispersed and formed a massive portal.

Swordsman and Purifier follow the skies of the army. Opening a massive green portal above their heads.

Down there.

A large, red scale-flashing head slowly emerges.

A fierce speculation that overwhelms longitudinally torn pupils, ugly teeth, and son-in-law. Dragon Pier.


1-Ear = Dragon is now extinct in the tower, leaving only a few subjects. It was the moment when Queen Summer landed in the middle of Purity.

Following the Summer Queen, the players of the Red Dragon plummet like cattle.


There was also a mixture of honeycomb.

Yeongwoo opens her mouth wide and raises her dog. It appears that the four lost lords, along the green portal, are trying to scatter their magical powers.

However, they were already mixed together and did not fall easily.

The history of the reverse bloodlines and Dorothy is also complicated.

However, Yeon-woo reaches out to you with the thought of doing well.

The Vampire Sword of Battery is wide open.

The overwhelming energy of the sky begins to draw a whirlpool of stone and is sucked into your left hand.

[Begin absorbing 4 Legendary Beasts' Magical Power. Attribution of the title 'successor of the Legendary Beast' is applied, allowing rapid acceptance.]

[Magic Power +5

[Magic Power +10

[Increased skill proficiency of 'Magic Circuit' significantly. 55, 56 • • • • 61, 62 • • • •

[The bowl has expanded. The growth of the soul has been confirmed. Recycle the succession that was interrupted, filling in the shortages.]

[Current Workload: 100%]

[All succession works have been completed.]

[Solvent Awakening begins.]