Second Life Ranker

6. Awakening (1)

Finishing Succession.

It was something Yeon-woo had to do at some point.

It was left by my brother, just like the clock. And it was a witness of the traces of his brother's life in the tower. It was a must for Yeon-woo to live for her brother.


It was not easy to inherit their power because the existence of the dragon was too hard.

Graduated from the tutorial with the highest grades of all time, and passed through the beginner's area.

You may take possession of an artifact bearing the name of God and become an heir to the contract with the new recruits.

Even if you train the shaman and pioneer all the magic circuits.

It was not easy to get.

You stand still as if you always had it in you. You arrogantly claim that the limits of a dragon are not something only humans can hope for.

But now.

I got the magic wand held by the four great gods that had been mixed into one.

It's like going back to its rightful place. The magical powers that were floating around in the air on behalf of the dead god were naturally possessed by Yeongwoo, the so-called successor of the Legendary Beast.

The Vampire Sword of the Battery aids in efficient absorption. Enter the Magic Circuit at full power 0 =. I accepted whatever was shut up.

The amount was so great that it surpassed what Yeon-woo had previously assumed to be vague.

It was full of magical circuits that were big enough to fill up the room.

No, I couldn't sleep, so I overflowed.

And the remaining amount has infiltrated beyond the magical circuitry.

I watered the bone marrow as I entered the bone. The denser the density, the harder the artifact becomes, the harder it will bounce off.

A bunch of dragon gates spread over the break of the dragon's factor into the cell, and the magical circuit was reborn as a rapid pulse as it expanded further.


All body tissue was disassembled and reassembled.

And at the same time.

After all the sexual favors that Sanon had mentioned as' the tower that had been built indefinitely 'were destroyed, he rebuilt his tune based on the solid foundation of the solution.


When it's all piled up, when it passes through all the portals and lands on the ground,

Yeongwoo was able to enjoy the exhilarating cost price of penetrating the soul from the body.

It felt like I had broken an egg and been better in the world.

Seconds} Rock. Chop chop!

From the heart of Yeongwoo to the neck. A sparkling blue scale covers your torso, making a cheerful sound. It was elune.

You have successfully awakened all the Dragon Factors. Awakening is complete.]

[Character conversion has been successful. The property 'metallic body' was changed to 'solvent'.]

[You have achieved a great achievement. Extra XP is available.]

[You have gained 10,000 Public Values.]

[You have scored an additional public value of 15,000.]

[Status changed from Incomplete Solvent to Complete Solvent. You have been given permission to view the report of the requested polyp.]

[Some of the 'Dragon Report' that has been locked up has been released.]

[Some of the Dragon Knowledge that has been locked up has been released.]

[Some of the power of the Dragon has been unlocked.]

[The characteristic 'steel body' has been changed to 'material']

[Characteristics: Solution]

Description: The great dragon calatus had always regretted the once great race of gods and demons annihilating like the old giants.

So I wanted to leave all the legacies I had just before I closed my eyes, and let them know the greatness of the tribe one day.

And the business was now passed back to the new millennium, and the flowers were again splendid.

The body and soul, blessed by the blessing and blessing of the great dragon, will reimagine the greatness of the dragon.

* Subject to dragon territory eligibility, you will be able to declare your own realm, 'Bina,' to exert your maximum power over a certain range.

* Depending on the dragon's knowledge qualifications, the system of knowledge that polyps have explored and understood can be opened, "Hawkma."

* Depending on whether you are qualified to power the dragon, you can open the power of the truth, 'Ketter', which the polyps have acquired.

I realized that not only did the body of the Whistleblower change, but the world around him changed too much.

Previously, as knowledge gradually expanded, more could be seen, but now it was nothing compared to that.

If I could just 'observe' at that time. If I practiced just a little bit more now, 'I felt like I could.

It was the polyp that explored and understood the truth of all things and possessed it.

despite a very short time difference. There was a significant difference between just a few minutes ago and now.

The situation was completely different.

I had infinite pride and confidence that everything was possible.

This is the foot of arrogance that all the polyps have. I thought it was worth it.

And most of all, there was something else that reached out to Yeon-woo.

'The solution blessed by the Mighty Dragon can unlock eight levels of power that the original polyp possesses in proportion to its ability.

The power granted to Yeon-woo was only phase one. I had to be as powerful as the power of the dragon.

I felt like I wanted to use Yeon-woo right away.

That's why I'm going straight to the destination.

• • • Are you the new successor?

What Your Child Said.

She raised her head high in a voice that resounded in her head.

It's a big, fat voice. It was the voice I heard several times in the pilot.


Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

The dragon Calatus meets Jungwoo through the Huanglongs and closes his eyes, leaving him all his legacy. With a will to spread the greatness of the polyp.

But it wasn't?

• • • • • • here. I look forward to it. Until you do.

However, before Yeon-woo could find a way to speak, Calatus' voice fades and snaps.

It seemed like I was taking a deep sleep.

Yeon-woo quickly rolls its mind to see if there's a way to reconnect with the calatus. However, when I was reborn as a solvent and thought of my ability to think faster, I did not think of a way to say this.


I couldn't care less about it anymore. I thought I'd have to find a way later.

The poem that made the battle concentration indefinitely slow down for solvent Awakening returned to its original state.

The chaos, screaming, speculation, and living in the middle of the battlefield suddenly caught my attention.

With a new message emerging from one side of the retina.

[You have completed the Hidden Quest (Hermit Crane's Second Trial).]

[I won the 'Abyssal Rescue and Void Dragon' and 'Void Dragon' list as a reward.]

It seems that the spiritual magic was mixed in with the energy drawn in, and the quest was accepted as a success.

No, even if it wasn't, it was you who made this plate. I thought the Helter-Skelter would be quite satisfied to sleep in the void.


I didn't intend to end it here.

So I found the spirit of the godless who was about to disappear to the ninth heaven and pushed it into the collection of black bracelets. The soul of a High Ranker. It was a very useful material.

• • • Thank you, Owner. Really.

I could hear his voice, which was asleep in the stone, for a moment.

Yeon-woo says she'll show you something more fun after she's finished with a little more rest, then turns her head to the main side.

'I caught the first target. Now it's time to go after the next one.

Sensory zones quickly reveal chaotic surroundings. Upon realizing the dragon's senses through the solution, the range and precision of the senses were already beyond compare to others.

'There are a lot of people here who are not as bad as him, or even worse.

Yeon-woo smiled as her fangs became apparent.

Among rankers, high rankers, and fleiers, there are numerous top rankers.

It was an ideal place for Yeongwoo to collect an unrivaled good soul.

The battlefield used to be a place where lotus used to run. It was also the best stage for the most dramatic.


It was time to take out the code four that had started from Earth.

The magical circuit radiates with crazy heat. Suddenly, the magical power that was mixed together turned fiercely and exerted a strong force on the body of Yeongwoo.

The wings of the flame, which are mixed with sacredness, are raised and curled up.

Then you slowly pull out the beagrid, spreading the senses more widely.

An entire army of vast cleanliness was captured in my senses. In addition, each structure was drawn as clearly as the picture.

In it.

Target is quickly searched.

'Found it.'

Luckily, he was right around the corner.

Without delay, I flew hard towards you.

The second prey, toward the Client, is as if a meteor had fallen.

As the Summer Queen landed on the plains of the Clean Garden, the landscape sounded rough. And the existence of the film that followed caused the space in the surrounding area to rumble.

Extreme zero pressure. From birth to transcendent, the rising tide of the polyp was just as great, and the ensuing roar stimulated the fear hidden in the instinct.

A weak player throws up blood and falls uncontrollable to Rau Peer. Even the best of us had to be hit hard enough to win my prize.

More than a semi tanker was worth it, but they weren't easy enough to overcome the raging dragon peers that summer queens set foot on.

Moreover, the Summer Queen's aggression did not stop there. As soon as I put my head slightly back and opened my jaw, I saw a new power that was as frightened as the Dragon Pier.


The sulphur fire that has been rescued from hell sweeps over the ground the sigh of boiling death.

Guako hyper- from where the Summer Queen is to the other side of the Purity camp where Bress was shot. The flower has abandoned its position in a straight line.

The same was true of rankers.

I didn't even have a chance to use my hands.

Such overwhelming sight.

With the exception of Allfowon, he is the most distinguished symbol of the tower along with the King.

-RALL, purity and affiliation were completely overwhelmed.

I was doubtful that such nonsense was possible.

Especially members of Purity had to fall into fear of climbing up the Smell from the heart.

They pursue drama and magnetism for a lifetime.

So no matter how powerful they are, they can never be discouraged.

Rather so. I turned even louder as the Summer Queen approached an incomparable wall.

Even if they trained themselves, they wouldn't be able to catch up there.

Frustration and helplessness dominated their minds. The feeling of defeat spread throughout the cleansing.

Summer Waaang! Dare, four year old Kim Mu-Sin was even more furious because he knew the change of such henchmen.

It was a boiling sensation because the power of the four-generation Legendary Beast vanished into thin air. After taking away the power of the four-generation Legendary Beast, all the plans were hard and depressing for the one who had the 'stone' and the 'funnel' entirely in his mind.

We couldn't put enough oil on this, and now we can't let the king go on like this for the summer, trying to ruin everything to make the fire bigger.

The swordsman bursts into the air beneath his feet, swiftly bobbing over the king's head for the summer.

First of all, the trajectory was quickly drawn by the preliminary blade, which caused an enormous corrosion. The space was torn open, and a thunderstorm swept over the Summer Queen.

Follow it.

The shroud bursts into a roar and raises the spear forward. The space that followed the Summer Queen compressed at once, and as it bent, it exploded and hit the Summer Queen's belly.

The burrow hole. It was the new self-establishment of the shameless one as it emerged from the one-horned tribe.

The palace goddess pointed the bow toward the sky when she became the God of Bows and the Apostle of Iye.

He pulled the protest so hard that he thought the "Sile Palace" that he used when he dropped the nine oceans would be broken.

Then nine white arrows appeared along the air, melting into a beam of light. The beam of light splits again into tens of hundreds, creating a huge net of light along the sky.

At some point, the net crashed and seared over the Summer Queen's head.

Overwhamming-- that's how the three godless and summer queens began.

Conflict is