Second Life Ranker

7. Awakening (2)

Guako} and the Summer Queen beat the three goddesses when Bress is exhaled.

The other Red Dragon rankers have led their own battlefield and scattered their purification throughout the camp.

1- 0

The effect of activating the skill has exploded splendidly like a firecracker. There is an explosion, and the smell of gunpowder and blood spread sharply behind it.

Players of Cleanliness struggled to stop it.

However, the attack was staggering, and the damage had to increase because the main troops gathered together to prevent such attacks.

Since the dragon peers of the summer queen secretly lowered her morale and grabbed her ankle.

The rankers of the Red Dragon have never missed such weaknesses. Wielding the error, you sweep away the players of Cleanliness as they come upon you.

Unlike expected to have a lot more cleanliness at the time. The rankers of the Red Dragon are not as strong as him, but rather more powerful.

Then I could see the cleanliness.

Why was the Red Dragon being evaluated for dominating the tower all this time?

And even though only a fraction of the power was spent on how to confidently declare an arrest on Allfowon, they had already overcome the purge.


Among them, two groups of outsiders led by Pant and Edora were working on an active drug.

Thanks to their practice of martyrdom, they were pushing diligently, heating up like they had never been embarrassed in practice.

Edora stood in the middle and opened her hyacinth, 'Alternating orders to the left and right, leading the way in the right direction, and Pant protruded ahead of him and began to join the regime again.

As he passed by, the yellow and black ashes scattered relentlessly.

In such a chaotic battlefield.

Edora was grateful that the one-horned tribe had not yet joined the cleanliness group, hugging the faithful.

If my father were here, the damage would be much greater on both sides.

And on the one hand,

The lotus that was not here became a little strong.

- I need a minute here.

He suddenly concealed his longevity, leaving only a short note.

Where the hell are they going to do it?

Edora still hates Yeouido for hiding so much, but she decides to focus on the fight first.

No matter when he comes back, don't let anyone know he's gone. I had to lead the fight to victory.

The nettles move quickly between the battlefields.

The inner armor of the four great lords, the horsepower of the butcher, and the physical limitations that rose as he obtained the solvent. He stepped on a cruiser with all his ascending abilities, and all he could do was blur his vision everywhere.

Players were unable to read Yeouido's recitation in advance.

They disappeared quickly, but they had to relocate to the front of the house immediately. It was all of a sudden, I was slightly surprised by the residual fire energy, and then passed on what must have been caused by the explosion.


Yeongwoo was able to free up everything she could, even moving to her destination.

'Come out.'

The black bracelet was immersed in black light, and immediately, the fraud was spreading to all sides.

I could feel the 30 moves around me with a keen sensation.

"My Lord."


The gangsters, including Knol, Car, all evolved in the same way after Yeon-woo turned Sanon and Boo into Death Knights and Rich.


A form in which ghosts evolved greatly following the rank of ghosts and companionship. The identity starts to form, making it easier to communicate.

Usually they melt in the shadows and then they can freely have physical entities when they want. Generally evil and greedy, he wanders through the Nine Heavens and peers for opportunities to devour souls weaker than the Hospitam himself.

The title, 'He who leads death, makes the evolution of dating easier and easier. He also empowered them to add more than 10 individuals, as well as more than 20 individuals.

The creature was created by many hairs and was very convenient.

It was not only possible to freely transform spiritual and physical entities as needed, but it was impossible to compare the power they had with each other.

When you look spiritual, you can cut up miracles perfectly. Each of you demonstrates a slightly lower power than a semi-ranker when shivering the physical reality of water.

Moreover, I thought I would make a voluntary decision as I thought I was going to be able to communicate a little deeper.

It means that they will know the difference in power.

In terms of power, it's already so deep that it can't compare to when it wiped out Clan Alliances.

'Spread out.

I didn't intend to stop there.

This is the battlefield. It's a place where death is immeasurable, where precious souls roam freely.

Now, there was no better banquet hall for hungry geeks to eat because of the recent evolution. As soon as Yeon Woo's command came, the geeks melted away into the shadows as if they were waiting.

If it spreads everywhere from now on, it will swallow up the souls who have been wandering around for some time.

None of them are ordinary players.

All of them were skilled enough to belong to the Giant Clan, and some of them would be dead rankers with blind swords. They would only eat them up. I assure you, the monsters will grow beyond compare.

Sometimes he'll jump into battle and take the lives of all the players who are dying.

When you grow up like that.

And while gathering ghosts, the collection was sure to be full of excellent creatures.

So Yeon-woo smiled joyfully.

I couldn't make a sound because I had to move in secret, but I was so grateful to the Red Dragon and Purity for helping me get to the Castle Belt so quickly.

And I laughed at their stupid, fisherman.

Of course, it's still too early to celebrate.

There's a client left, and there's Bajal. You can't let go of the tension until you've killed both of them and maximized this war.

That's why as the breeding grounds of the Client get closer and closer, she begins to slow down gradually.

Instead, I killed him with all my strength. You secretly make arrangements to strike back at the client in a wooden position.

He's not the only one where the client is. There was a group to protect him and a place to take him. There was another battle going on there in its own way.

Among them were the skills of Bajal.

'As expected, he's also here to hunt down the client.'

When I first met Bajal outside the tower. He greets Yeongwoo and rushes back from the tutorial area.

At that time, I wondered why.

There will be a cost because there is no reason to declare war on Lev.

One of the reasons you might expect is that it has nothing to do with the client.


Now I know exactly why.

The stone that the client wanted to make while sacrificing millions of players in the tutorial area. I still can't confirm my name or information, but I'm sure I'm looking for a stone with many mysteries.

I could have told you I was sending you to Dorothy by Bajal's side.

Of course, I still didn't know how the Red Dragon sought information about the stone and what he was going to use it for.

However, knowing that the stone they were looking for was in their possession, they were able to easily deduce how Bajal and Client would react when the war broke out.

Quick to notice, the client knows he's in the most danger, so he'll try to escape somehow.

You can borrow the help of the Swordsman, or you can mobilize the rest of your force.

But no matter how we did it, we had to do everything we could to protect ourselves.

Bahar will go after such clients again.

Since we're so desperate, we'll think we can't stop using the stones.

And if that's the nature of the Client, that's how it works.

He was the one who values his inner self more than anyone else.

'Course, that's what they say when they have real rocks.'

At the end of the day, the client will try to be ready for what's coming after him. With no stone, you must have enough power, no more than that.

If that's the case, there's a conflict between the client and Bajal.

If you fight to the end with no stone, no matter who wins, both sides are bound to suffer heavy damage.

Then after that.

'I got your back.

Yeon-woo was going to jump right in.

Before that, a bunch of monsters led an army that roamed the battlefield, preying on what they could eat and thrive.

Fully Awakened the solvent, put on his face.


Far away.

As expected, you see a conflict between Lient and Bajal.


Lient lets out an insult without resisting the uproar from within her chest.

As the flames pour out, Bajal follows us to the end, even more terrified than the devil who came up from hell.

Seventy-two kimdaes. Drink kimdaen. Escort. The elite white swordsmen • • cleanliness, who were also escorting him under the direct mountain of the swordsman. Among them were those who were ignorant who had been keeping the blueprints a secret.

But Bahar pushed them away as if it didn't matter.

It was torn and crushed.

The Flame Beast that followed him became a beast, just like his name suggested.

The more poetry flowed, the bigger the reception.

“Are you going to make it to the end, my friend? Now, I didn't realize you were such a stubborn friend. Huh?"

At Bahal's sarcastic remarks, the client screams in disgust.

“Shit! Nothing, shit like that! The stone you're looking for, it's really not there! It's gone! I wrote it on Loser. Why wouldn't I be wearing it? I might have hid it all the way to the end if it was the way it was.

The moment he acknowledges that he made the stone, his big dream will disappear.

The stone was taken by the Mage, and I almost saw it as if it was being disciplined for damaging the island.

But the war broke out because of him, and the other gods began to mourn in their hearts, regardless of him.

And then he started threatening himself. As the swordmaster said he would protect her, he begged her to hand over the stone. In the end, he couldn't stand the idea of Soondah holding a sword to his chin as the Red Dragon attacked.

I don't know if there really is a stone. If so, it would have been a little less unfair.

At that time, whether they were taken by the goddess or paid to the godless, they could have struggled to ensure their safety.

But the rocks really swept away. And yet they keep threatening me with evaporated rocks. Even if I told the truth that there was no truth, the answer was always the same.

It was crazy to remember that I could not draw even if I wanted to reveal the truth in my mind and put out everything in my mind.

Those who were put up to protect themselves were actually close to the surveillance station.

“So that's how it's gonna go down. All right, let's do this. ”

Bahar sees the look of the client and thinks we should catch him.

I was beginning to wonder if the real stone had disappeared, but I had to make it happen even if it wasn't there now.

We were in a hurry this way.

No one knows how long the Summer Queen will be able to conquer the Three Muses.

But the truth is, it doesn't take that long.

With her broken Dragon Heart, there was no limit to how powerful she could be.

And no matter what happens, the fact that she was made, she had to be stopped. You have to find the stone and restore the Dragon Heart and make it reign as the tower's strongest again.

So Bajal's plan was to capture the client somehow.

If you don't have any stones, you can make them vomit at least a way to catch them. Les -Rael 1 will not be able to get it because there will be no high 0 materials anywhere.

Human for Human.Elixir for Elixir. I was free to get anything.

Like Bajal's vision, Flame Beast catches up with him to the end. Lient's escorts stand against this and collide more heavily as they stack.

Guaya- Under the circumstances, the client bites this. I gritted my molars and lit a fire in my eyes. Upon enlargement, anger takes precedence, and anger is a very good food for eating rationality.

“All the way to the end. Cotton • • • • • • •! All right, let's get this over with, bar six.

In the end, the Client bursts out all of his magical powers. Later, even though the sequelae was big, I thought he would be angry if he tore up the one in front of him first.

Instantly, a massive horsepower storm follows the Client. Storm Boring Gurney, the Puppet Master, is an even more intense storm than it used to be called.

It was a force unlike any other godless god in the world.

Bahar reads the sudden shifting of the Client's vigor and is stunned, but on the one hand he realizes the familiar odor mixed with his magical power and wrinkles his eyes.

“Isn't this Huanglongbing? Did you swallow it, too? How did you guys have this? ”

Hwang-ryong. Once, a repayment from a colleague they trusted and followed deeply.

Now it was also a name that reminded me of the past I wanted to erase.

But how did my Dan of Hwang-ryong, who was known to have vanished along with him in his death, end up with him?

But he doesn't even want to answer. He pours out a long wind, filled with the power of the Huanglong.

The baptism of the tempest that poured out as the shadow of the hand filled the air had the power to be compared to the storm.

Moreover, Hwang-ryong was the highest-ranking species of transferable water, with the characteristic that it ate away all the attributes that touched it.

Due to the mixture of such energies, my roots' thunderbolts' continued to crumble in the air.

It wasn't just that.

Along the client, various magical factions were created, and they were equipped with magical weapons. The Mage commanded us to protect the client from him.

As they opened in unison, non- Table Le + Float 44449; - overlapped the clients' movements.

On the contrary, Bahal followed the Devil's curse to slow down his hands and feet. Followed by blindness, panic, and addiction, he disappeared.

Kuku_As the collision continues to escalate.

Flame Beast has been swept away. Every time I shake my hand, the players pop up as their feet die, and the heat evaporates and disappears.

On the contrary, the damage on the Client's side rises like a snowball.

The battlefield was just a little distracted = 1- Number was the moment of this loss of life.

The damage was immense, regardless of the enemy.

Even in that situation, they never retreat, halfway through the crash, and eventually reach just ahead of Bathal.

Bajal had to be flabbergasted.

I've only been a hunter to the females. Now you feel strangely like a hunter. It felt like a hunted moment.

Moreover, the moment I saw Lion's two eyes, I felt the frenzy. I felt that instinctively dangerous.

But it's already too late. Lion has been twisting and hiding.

I pulled out a number of the spleen I was working on.

The bracelet that was wrapped around my wrist quickly loosened and stood up sharply.

It was a knife.

No, in a way, it looked like a warehouse, and it could be a different weapon, such as a shovel or a whip, depending on its shape.

It was given to him by the bayonet for use in times of crisis.

The most powerful weapon the clan has ever attempted to pull out, unless the clan is in real danger.


Odin, who gave him the weapon of God that he would unleash when he punished his enemies from heaven, spewed out a yellow light that could not be counted at any rank and filled his sight.


Along with the evil roar of the Client.


Fruit Fruit - Curr, Fruit Fruit! The Kuku_explosion has spread out everywhere.

No, I tore the place apart with whirlwinds. Bajal and the Flame Beast, as well as the escorts Kim Mu-Sin left behind, were all swept away.

In it, the Client roars.

I almost ran out of Hwang-ryong's innards, but I'm glad I finally got rid of the bastard.

If only I had this power. I don't need a stone. No, what would have happened if I had it with a stone? That made me very upset again.

Then I felt a sense of nervousness, and I could feel the cost rising through the explosion that was spreading.


Bahar rushes toward the ugly crooked face. He was running this way with his left arm blown off, his face and his whole body crushed.

When the oars are full, you are more than likely to kill the client.

He remembers the look of himself when he first ran to him.

That's why it looked funny.

He has a concubine. I can't believe you ran into a yard full of swordsmanship. Bajal felt like a fire or a room.

So I tried to throw the gong-nil in front again. I had to exhaust the rest of Hwang-ryong's innards, but, uh, I couldn't cut it.

And on the other hand, I thought, how great would it be to catch these players and turn them into rocks?

I have to find a way. With that thought, I reached out to the crown mold. Bring the inside of the Huanglongs to life as the edge of the blade flashes once more!

Lient suddenly shudders from behind. * Cough * Nasty blood spills out from my mouth. As the strength drains from your body, the magical power on the hills scatters.

He lowered his gaze with trembling eyes. Along the left chest, a blade I had never seen was drawn. Blood stains spread along the armor.

At the place where I turned my head back, I saw someone holding the sword tightly with a cold look under the black mask.

Somehow, Lient thinks he's smiling down.


I don't know how you feel, but you look like you're ripe during the day.

We meet at last. ”

When Yeon-woo smiled coldly, he said.