Second Life Ranker

8. Awakening (3)

The Lient's lips twitch.

It's like you know yourself.

In a way, it felt very anti-scissor. It's like I've seen a friend in a long time.

However, she felt a deep, deep stifling sensation in her voice.

Who the hell is this guy?

You wouldn't know it if you had a grudge like this. Ever since Arthya collapsed, there's no place for her to think, because she's lived as long as she can.

So I tried to think more deeply. The thought didn't last much longer.


My consciousness sank down with the thought of flashing before my eyes. That was the last thought that Client had in his life.

Lient's head splashes into the air. Fibona soars high from her throat, revealing Yeongwoo's mask.

Yeon-woo stretched out her left hand and took it to the corpse of the man who was about to fall.

To collect the life force you had as a ranker and the inside of the Hwang-ryong that still has some form.

'I didn't think he'd eaten the interior of Jungwoo's return.'

After his brother fell, Hwang-ryong heard that Arnie Rone was gone, but he couldn't imagine catching him in cleanliness.

But I was fortunate to be able to collect this coincidentally. It was so special between my brother and Hwang-ryong. In particular, Hwang-ryong was also the reason why Cola Tus became interested in his brother.

[You used the 'Vampire Sword of Battery'. Absorbs remaining seminal blood from the cadaver.]

[Strength has increased by 2.]

[HP has increased by 5.]

Yeon soon remains, dumping the dried corpse of a client on the ground like Meera.


With impact, the corpse splits apart like sand.

I no longer cared about the corpse of such a client.

He was one of those guys who put a knife through his brother's heart.

Then I felt that I had to feel refreshed or cheerful, but I had only completed one task.

It definitely felt good.

But that was nothing more than what she did for Yeon-woo.

I had a lot to open from the client, but I put my soul in the collection beforehand, so I can summon it later and interrogate it, but it's not too late.


Now, more than ever, it's time to go after other prey.

Yeon-woo turns away. Instead of running this way, I stopped and looked to the other side.

Bajal's face was distorted with a look that he could never understand.

“How did you get here? ”

He didn't tell Yeon-woo that he was definitely moving here. Rather, I was the one who commanded the two groups and other foreign troops together to carry out the pledge on the battlefield.

I thought the more visible the action, the more it would help me to focus on him in the future.

Bahal was really considering leaning toward Yeon-woo.

As his right-hand man, as his right-hand man, as the next Red Dragon, as his right-hand man.

Even though I didn't give the order, Yeon-woo suddenly appeared right here.

And that's a cool one.

- The two eyes below the Heart Mask contain no feelings. Even the stuffed animals were incredibly calm.


Bajal instinctively felt that something was wrong.

I don't care if the Summer Queen somehow defeated him and killed him.

I didn't even realize that I had to save the stone.

I just felt like I needed to avoid it here.

Self is currently too heavily injured. Even as a high ranker, the Red Dragon's 81 eyes hurt him, but the current Mole Goals were too 'dangerous'.

So I took a step back behind the blemish that I didn't even know I had. And I was terrified of myself.

After Artiya got better. After entering the Red Dragon.

He was acting strangely as if he had never retreated.

The self who did not know to back down, the self who never gave up, no matter how hard it was, did something shameful.

Then I realized the identity that created the crisis for me.

Dragon Pier.

Compared to the Summer Queen, I was too weak, but it was definitely a life in which only a polyp could have this.

Although it was unknown why such a power of the dragon would be overwhelmed, feared, and respected by any living creature, Bajal thought that he would somehow get out of here.

Other than the Summer Queen, the fact that someone else is using the power of the Dragon Warrior was an important event to announce. And I had to tell someone about the girl who must have been playing with them.

If I'm not confident, I have to send someone at Flame Beast who's barely breathing.


“Declare a Realm."

Immediately before she saw that she was about to leave, Yeon-woo immediately exercised the power given to her while Awakening the Solvent.

[Dragon Realm, 'Vida has been declared. I am able to exert my powers across a certain area]

[Tier 1 power will be revealed.]

[Power: Dragonic Blood.]

[All stats increase by a certain number over a certain period of time.]

[Increases Physical Defense Power by a certain number over a set period of time.]

[Attribute Defense Power is increased by a certain figure over a certain period of time.]

[Dragon Energy Awakened.]

[Dragonic Blood]

Description: The Arctic Dragon Calatus refined its power over eight steps to allow contractors to quickly adapt to solvents. The first step.

Since the polyp's blood is pure Mana, it has its own outstanding immunity and anti-horsepower. It also has the effect of activating the dragon factor to maximize its potential in the body.

* Continue to receive blood for haemolysis Awakening. It boasts excellent immunity to each species attribute and has excellent resistance from different types of magical power. It also has rapid healing power to heal injuries and earthquake health.

* Has more sensitive synesthesia across the dragon's sensory declaration area. The higher the skill level, the more detailed the sensation is, and the closer the judgment is to a future prediction.

Along the foothills of Yeongwoo, an unknown enchantment spread bluishly, soon expanding across a vast area.

Huaiak-Yun felt a tight force emanating from his body.

When the dragon's factor woke up, the blood flowed in the body changed to hemolysis, and the strength spread throughout the body, and the melt that had risen on the skin became darker with a bluish color.

When a new pupil opened up around the eye, it began to chase behind the world.

My senses became more detailed. The ranges declared as areas were all in my head. A tremendous amount of calibration poured into the equatorial realm of's expanding tens of times like flooding.

The dizziness is instantaneous, but the process of computation is accelerated and the pile of accident plates snap fast.

The Magic Circuit cries. As the core kicks in, the wings of fire bloom brightly behind your back, spreading their magic all around you. The magical beagrid trembles violently.

This is the first volumetric hemolysis awakening of polyps.

It was an artificial force that allowed the blood of dragons to flow through the body, pulling up to the extreme all the physical abilities of solvents.

Throughout his realm, the dragon's energy permeated even to bind the law, so that Bajal could not spread as easily as he had his ankles tied to an invisible chain.

The more I tried to force the roots, the stronger the repulsive force climbed up from the ground and bound him firmly.

It wasn't just Baja.

Even those who could barely save their lives from the Gwanghnil explosion. Players have peered at opportunities to escape from the blast range.

Red dragons, purity, and cows were all tied up.

Their complexion is getting paler.

The Dragon Pier not only tried to restrain their bodies, but their souls as well.

And that wasn't the only end.

Along the magical enclosure, a sudden black azimuth rises and begins to form a strange figure.

In a way, the monsters that were scattered on the battlefield seemed like ghosts and monsters were summoned by the command of Yeon Woo.

And with the emergence of the monsters, this time the gray mist spread along the atmosphere.

He was screaming as he held the silver orb high above him.

Dead men. Follow your master's will!

The moment his declaration fell. The corpses lying everywhere started to stand up, one by one.

You reek of sour odor, rolling eyes at the place where people have been living, including skeletons, ghouls and zombies.

At its heart, Sanon stood before the undead.

Just like when you led your men around in your lifetime. He uses the substrate of the Dead Knights to hunt down the remaining living with one swoop.

Glory to the Owner



Around you, a group of geeks begins to hunt one by one, surrounded by an army of dead.

I was already badly injured by the gong-nil, so I could barely resist.

The chunks of fire and ice that were pouring from the sky broke the mountains. You are trampled on by the corps of the dead and beheaded by the monsters.

Scream echoes and cries spread.

It was as if I had fallen into the world of the dead.

And in it.

Bajal stands dumbfounded and mutters.

The power of the dragon and the power of death.

Even just one must be powerful enough to turn the tower upside down. Who handles it all at the same time.


Yeon-woo was firmly grounded, as if there was no reason at all to say such things.

Bajal instinctively pushes his body back and throws his fist forward.

And I thought,

The crisis you feel for Yeon-woo is only inevitable by the power of the Dragon.

He had barely beaten a semi-ranker until recently.

It didn't make any sense to think that even though it was growing too fast for Novis, it might have been strong enough to stand up to God in that short amount of time.

Of course, the body was in a lot of trouble while dealing with the gong-nil.

One arm flew away, and the magical organs were severely damaged. He was severely injured, but not strangely.

No, I couldn't hear you even if you were close.

Maybe if one of the Hankers shows up at the top of the axis, it's dangerous.

However, I thought it was not enough to be beaten by Yeon-woo.

From Artiya to the gates of Lee-de Drago. The path he walked was never easy, and one by one was hardship and adversity.

Bahal was confident in the nickname of the currency he had achieved.

That's why the spark from the fist was very intense.

The firepower has risen to devastate the area.



At the same time as the firepower erupts, Beagrid protrudes across the room and bashes him hard.

The 0. ”

Bahal is pushed back with shock. I felt a lot of disbelief in his face as he was shaking and balancing closely.

That shock was never the strength a semi-ranker could have.

At least a ranker. That's what it looked like.

I really didn't expect Yeon-woo to be this powerful. Along his face, horror and disbelief spread.

Moreover, the fire didn't seem to work very well for Yeon-woo.

Bahal felt like he might have misjudged the cost.

That's why Yeon-woo gripped her teeth and slapped her hands down hard. It was as painful as a tearing limb, but I couldn't care less about it now.


Lightning poured from the sky relentlessly. The lightning that falls through the air seems to swallow Yeon Woo up in no time.



Yeon woo joins Vigrid as she came along this time and breaks out the lightning.

Each time, the furnace bloomed from the tip of the blade and withered, absorbing the remnants quickly, and the more the wings of fire called the lotus added firepower.

He had already possessed the so-called seeds of all flames.

Of course, Bajal's attack with a strong temperament was inevitably scattered.

It happened to be advantageous in nature.

That's why Yeon-woo hurled Bajal relentlessly so that he wouldn't miss a single win.

As hard as I could with my core, I squeezed the acceleration to the extreme, and every time I whipped the rain grid, I tore it apart and pushed Bajal into the bottomless pit.

Gua 'ang -


The more he did, the angrier he got.

I tried hard to get rid of the lotus somehow, but every time I drew the scar on the body grew bigger and bigger.

A spark erupts. She slams the flame to the side with a beagrid, bending inward toward the blade.

Vigrid cuts his left shin deep and passes by. Bajal jerks one leg as his ligament breaks, hitting his knee on the ground.

Bahar gripped his teeth again without groaning and slapped his remaining hand down hard.

Urgh, overly glowing,.

Lightning strikes once more.

This time, the wings of the blazing fire were wide and slightly backward. It was able to fly smoothly like real wings because the heat was heating up the atmosphere.

The thunderclap falls to the spot where he left quickly, leaving a deep black soot behind.

The lightning strikes again, missing the opportunity, and you reach your left arm up to avoid it this time.

Then Aegis, who had been hanging on his back all this time, popped up into the air.

Five of the nine layers flew away, bouncing off the lightning.

Then he wandered around the pond. Aegis deflects all lightning falling from the outside, bouncing, and reeling.

[Battle Will]

[sensory enhancement]

Now, when Yeon-woo was immersed in combat, the two following skills, like passive skills, were able to make a big difference while encountering the solvent.

Expanded thinking has deepened the willingness to fight.

In an infinitely slower time stream than before, Yeon-woo was able to move with more focus, thinking and making judgments.

Sensory enhancement brought more detailed information mixed with the dragon's senses. Numerous tours were drawn in his head, quickly predicting Bajal's next move.

Both skills are interlocking like cogs inside and out, maximizing their effectiveness.

Thanks to this, Yeongwoo's lightning stops the rooted lightning with Aegis, and she reads the thunder of her throwing fist and easily avoids it.

[Blue Spirit's Blessing (Temporary)]

And the spirit the Abyss gave me as a gift, so that the power of the Four Lords can run right through this solvent. I actively helped the Demibeast's blessing melt properly into the solvent.

From the primordial to the octopus, from the magical circuit to the beagrid. With the power of the magic, I was able to draw a picture of all the trickles of the eight poles.

Follow the grain that spreads through the field of view. Filled with blue furnaces at the edge of the blade.

I cut off Bajal's arm and leg at a rapid rate.

Vigrid cuts deep into Bajal's right flank.

- All of these were broken, organs cut off. As it penetrates into the body, it severs all of his magical coffins.

Of course, it wasn't just Bajal who was beaten.

High rankers are high-powered rangers, even if they're close to being put to death. Despite the superiority of the inner castles, the grade of horsepower was far superior to that of Yeon-woo.

Every time a spark strikes. Whenever I clenched my fist, a magical storm spread out sharply and injured Yeon-woo.

Your left shoulder is broken and your right thigh is noticeably crushed. Blood splits into the air as the flank cracks.

Overwhelmed - However, Yeon-woo was not embarrassed by such a wound.

Rather, I spread the wings of the fire wide open. Using a rapid maneuver, I repeatedly struck and fell, making Bahál's vision disoriented.

If I see an opportunity, I dig deep and bite like a bad omen.

I thought if I hurt this side, I'd hurt that side badly. In the meantime, Dragonic Blood continues to turn and help heal his wounds.

An ear-filled beagrid traverses the air. Every time the atmosphere was torn, a terrible reverberation kept spreading.


Shhhhhhhhh 49857; Beagrid was then stabbed in the abdomen, went through the right chest, and even cut off the remaining right arm.


Until the wound gets bigger and the burns burn and cover the whole body. Bajal had to let out a groan until his right leg collapsed on him.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Bahar screams in evil as if he could not be so miserable.

I grabbed the last remaining magical power.

The rough flower draws a vortex and covers the swamp.


Signature skill that symbolizes Bajal with lightning bolt. As lava rushes from the ground, a storm of fire rages.


Shots fired!

The final attack disappears, wrenched by the beagrid swinging along the grain.

And through the scattering fires, Beagrid is shot like an arrow and plunged into Bajal's chest.


The wrecked body of Bajal plunges into the ground.

All his limbs were cut off, and his mollusk was pathetic like a fish stuck in a harpoon.


Blood gushes out from his mouth.

I waited for someone to save me, but he was able to see what was happening around him later.

There was already no one around except himself and Yeouido.

A monster was exterminated by an army of dead and dead. Thanks to this, both Lient and Bajal's elite have died and are now part of the collection against the Ghosts.

It's just as much fun for Yeon-woo as it is for her to discover.

On the other hand.

Bajal was filled with horror and had to drop less.

I was just so afraid that death was right around the corner.

This situation is so unfamiliar to a man who has only been victorious for a lifetime and who has been predators of others.

I wanted to scream for help somehow, but all I could hear was the sound of my vocal cords getting burned.

No, he couldn't even spit it out.

The moment Yeon-woo took off her mask while riding on top of Bajal. The moment your hidden face was revealed.

Bae Sunga Bajal, smiling coldly, was unable to say anything about the other person's paleness in his head.

A face that will never be there. The face that was supposed to be dead. It was right in front of me.

I didn't ask him any questions about how he was resurrected, how the dead came back.

Shock, disbelief, and fear.

The moment the three emotions filled the eye, the edges of the machete's blade plunged deep into Bajal's eyes.


The head of Bajal shivers and flies back to you as it unfolds.

She slowly sat on the side of her buttocks.

A lot of sweets spread out along the mouth. The tense flesh was still hot.

Then I closed my eyes quietly. All kinds of emotions were swirling from the center of my heart.

From start to finish, that's all you can say.

And it's like a big change in the heart of that alliance.

Shoot - it starts raining from the sky. The thump seemed to cover the shoulders of the soft rain.