Second Life Ranker

9. Awakening (4)

It was a long time after Yeon-woo opened her eyes again.

All sorts of emotions swirled around in my head, and I suddenly sank with pride.

There was no major deterioration in the touch of wearing the mask again.

Yeongwoo tried to absorb the same thing with Baratheon's Vampire Sword.

Continental periods have been reduced to stats and souls have been pressed into a collection of Black Bracelets.

The black bracelet swings violently.

Not just Bajal and the clients, but the Flame Beast here, the members of the Swordless Order. It contained the souls of several masters, and even though it had been demolished, it felt like the collection was full.

They seemed to be fighting amongst themselves inside, but Yeon-woo didn't care.

I knew no matter how hard they hit the ball bearings, they couldn't break the chains on the Black Bracelet.

'These guys have a lot of questions later.'

Yeonwoo was going to interrogate Lien and Bajal about the background of this war to find out about my dragon.

In case you missed something or missed something.

'We should also find out about the useless birds of stone.'

Yeon-woo had no intention of caring about the original stone.

I was reluctant to use things made out of people's sacrifices, and I was unable to control them properly.

But if it's valuable enough for the Red Dragon to wage a war. Even if I didn't use it right away, I felt I had to know what it was for.

It was even more interesting because it was a resting place.

And then... it'll be a very good food for Sa-non or for the rich. Or we could share it with the geeks.

Yeon-woo slowly got up.

This certainly accomplished everything.

You captured Bahar and the Client, and dramatically streamlined the battle between the Red Dragon and Purity. Whether the red dragon lost a great defeat or the cleanliness was nearly destroyed, the damage both sides took was gone and there was no longer any element of Yeouido's intervention.

Rather, it's easy to misunderstand if you hesitate.

There were a lot of people in both groups who hadn't dealt with it yet. It could be more dangerous if you were too greedy.

It was not time to reveal yourself yet.

Yeongwoo took out two monsters and sent them to Pan and Edorah. With his own message.

“Before I say good-bye to you two,

Are you sure this is • • • • •?

The Summer Queen frowned, not wanting to pour Bress on Kim Mu-Sin, who swung her sword again without knowing the subject.

The appearance of the fierce dragon did not reveal much to the outside. The Summer Queen was in a moderate state of panic.

Through the Draconic Contract, she was connected to the Red Dragon's executive, one eye at a time.

It could read their location, their whereabouts, as well as the approximate superficial psychology.

By the way.

One of them suddenly snapped. That's the link to Bajal, who was also sent to chase down the client.

Because the verbal agreement was bound by the law, the free will of the contracting parties could never break it. Particularly, it was the same as the apostles of the 81 Summer Queens who performed 'positions.

But that only means that it was suddenly disconnected.

It meant Bajal was dead.

I don't know what happened. However, it was clear that Bajal was chasing after the Client and that the Red Dragon's elite Flame Beast evaporated with him while helping him.

In the end, the 'stone' seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Standing at risk like a broken Dragon Heart right now. She appears to have taken an irreversible critical hit.

So the Summer Queen was furious.

It was as if I had been forced to squeeze out a lack of magical power. I lost everything in the yard that I came to gamble with.

I was filled with tears.

And Kim Mu-Sin was as embarrassed as that summer queen.

While controlling the preliminary blade with your shirtless robe, you suddenly have a white bracelet on your right forearm wrapped around it.

Gwang-nil. The 'Carl' you lent to Lient is back. The original attributable art facts meant that the original owner could return at any time he wanted, but the Dagger never wanted her to return.

If so, there is only one cause. It meant Leann had died and returned. The field's whereabouts seem to have vanished.

You, under the lion's gaze to the very end, have bloodshot eyes of the goddess.

For the swordsman, the Red Dragon was a pathetic beast, even if it was torn to pieces.

Suddenly, he started a war. He used the god god god to blow the innards of the four great gods into the air, but now he's taken the stone.

Moreover, the raid took too much damage to cleanliness. More than half of the power is gone, and the godless have lost two.

This was done in the past during the war with Artiya.

And if you think about how hard you've worked to get it back,

No, the tears burst, considering it was a bigger hit than then.

Above all.

The moment I thought that the 'stone' had gone over there, I couldn't take it anymore.

Ultimately, the swordsman decided to use the crown molding. We had to catch the Summer Queen somehow to get the stone back.

From now on, you will open the castle. Help me.

Kim Mu-Sin spread his lips and spread his thoughts to the shameful and palace officials.

Unlike what the client used, it takes a significant amount of time to properly use the inguinal.

There was a long wait time to process magic and interfere with the law.

Meanwhile, it meant that the shaman and the palace were asked to earn a poetry liver.

The answer did not come back, but the action was immediate.

The Spear Shin twists its left waist and squeezes another chapter.

I grabbed the javelin in my right hand and the javelin in my left hand and rushed to the Summer Queen.

Fold the space and spread the attack to the 'Chain Spear'. He performed a splendid spear technique and played the role of melee warfare when he could not stop striking the Summer Queen.

The Paladin, on the other hand, was in charge of guarding the Paladin.

In the rear, the Summer Queen kept firing arrows against the Summer Queen so that she couldn't attack the Musketeers and Swordsmen properly, and occasionally she struck a powerful blow to target the pinnacle.

The fruit of the fruit - the room where the shroud swings the spear was split.

Whenever. Blah, blah. Along with the sound of something breaking, the single layer rose high and turned the Summer Queen's body into a bloodbath. Flying dragon kicks and tails dodge gracefully.

The palace continued to pull the Sile Dong Palace and vomited through the beam.

Every time an arrow was fired, dozens of light streams were made to split apart. They repeatedly flew without any direction or trajectory and were bent.

Hundreds of thousands of streams of light.

The rays continued to swirl around the Summer Queen's main side, dazzling her gaze, and as the shrubbery gathered in the midst of the air as she was aiming for the Summer Queen's breast.

He looked at the light and thought.

A god's skill that summons the power of the Sail-Dong Palace and flies with it.

That should make it easier to put a hole in the Queen of Summer's back before the palanquin is fully opened.

The clusters of light tightly compressed and emitted hot heat.

It was as if a new sun had erupted from the sky and exploded on the signal of the palace goddess who was throwing it down.

The long pillar of light split apart.

Leaving such a spectacular effect that I thought it would be so blinding.

And the beam of light stood close to the Summer Queen's head and fiercely touched Kim Mu-Sin.

The Necromancer was focusing all his clothes on you to open the palanquin, so there was no leak to stop the pillar of light.

No, I didn't expect to fly this way in the first place.

No one could have predicted that the mystery would suddenly change.

Even though it's a machete with tricks in its head.

Fortunately, the gumshoe could be as sensationally twisted as possible to avoid full exposure to the fallout.

But I couldn't avoid it all.

Your left arm splits into the air and melts away. The lion's clothing was crushed, and the face of a handsome middle-aged man filled with horror and shame was revealed.

The magical power that was concentrated in the palanquin disappears and scatters throughout the area.


Shamelessness notices the situation and turns around screaming.

Until then, all the mysterious pieces that I had were put together one by one in the head of the window.

The reason why God suddenly went crazy.

He said he had a stone and was able to sneak his son's eyes and fingers.

I didn't think it was a mystery, but the pieces were fitted together and nothing changed. Rather, the moment the gaze of the spearhead turned from the Summer Queen to the paladin, he uncovered a gap without his knowledge.

The Summer Queen wields her tail like a whip without missing an opportunity.


The figure of the spearhead bounces off. Her ribs are all crushed and her intestines are severely ruptured. A lot of blood spilled from my mouth.

The Summer Queen swiftly snaps the power of the elements as she tilts her head back.

Five Phase Dragon Power, Bress.

It aggregated a bunch of certain elements, and the power to express them with breath, the purest and most destructive form, literally swept through the statue of shyness and the sword.

The Fruit_Spear Sine was able to use its magical power to turn the direction of the Bress to the side and move away from its position.

However, even the whole body was burned with hot fever, and the esophagus and intestines were cooked thoroughly.

I thought my body would be torn like this, but I was in terrible pain.

The shroud still flies to the side of the Swordsman.

The bayonet was collapsing in place, vomiting congestion. Failure, Bress, and the repulsive effect of failing to open the palace gnil.

Internal injuries were greatly inflicted as the magical circulation caused reverse flow. No, I even saw signs of a runaway. Wear the coin. Your magic has lost control and you're in a frenzy.

The trapezoid falls to the ground, losing all its power by barely holding Bress back, and the spirit appears to be in jeopardy.

In a situation like this, if Bress tried one more time, it could really end everything.

'No. You've never seen anything like it.

The Swordsman is the center of cleanliness and is the king. He was also a savior who brought him to the wider world, who had been trapped in a narrow well.

In addition, he was an unlikely friend.

Others would appraise him as a cruel foe rather than a defeatist. As a spearhead, I couldn't help but watch my friend die in front of me.

Even if you die here.

So he gripped it.

It was amazing to see the bone marrow shattered, the spine broken, and the ability to move. No, it was weird to walk like this.

However, shyness squeezed the last remaining strength. He wanted to get away from the 1-principle while stockpiling his fallen sword to the city of .

If only Mu-Sin Kim could live.

If only we could save him somehow.

The cleanliness was able to rise again.


He made a commitment when he and the swordsman first escaped the one-horned tribe. I thought I would be able to fulfill the dream we shared at that time.

The shrew believes so, and throws the rest of his life into it.

“Stop it! Whatever it takes! ”

At the shriek of the shrewd. Players of Purity ran to the Summer Queen with nothing to do with you.

Even if you have a target you were dealing with.

Even if I feel like I'm running out of magic.

They turned their swinging swords and opened all their skills to the Summer Queen. Tens of thousands of gamers challenged the Summer Queen like a firefly.

To buy time somehow.

I have followed his final orders to ensure that the shaman and the swordsman can escape this place somehow.

How dare you! How dare you!

The Summer Queen sprinkled her breasts again, furious at the fact that the bastards were pulling a sword at her.

She couldn't let go of the sword and the shroud that knew where the stone was going. I didn't know when I'd be able to find my way back to the stone if I missed them this time.

Fruit Fruit_Hundreds of players melted as it was. Rankers were mixed up in it.

"Out of the way! Biggie!

The Summer Queen tried to chase them both away, expressing her anger.

The fireflies continue to hinder me, and I can't make any progress.


Shi Shi Shi 0 ⁄ 1_1- ⁄ ා 44430; ran again and again.

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