Second Life Ranker

10. Hatching (1)

The raging Summer Queen and her purification to stop her. A shy dragon chasing a swordmaster and a shy man trying to escape with his portal open.

In a dirty fight where everything went to shit.

The Foreign Legion was captivated by the crisis that it would become really dangerous if it continued to be mixed up.

It was because the Summer Queen's fury, which had lost her place, had just shown a pattern of wanting to spread elsewhere.

The dragon who lost his mind was more afraid than any other enemy.

Most quickly left the battlefield, with the exception of a few mercenaries who eventually remained to claim their reward.

Inside was a mixture of pant and edo.

“Brother, can I do this? ”

Pants scratch their cheeks with a slight frown as they look into the distant battlefield.

I came because Yeon-woo asked me to leave.

I felt something strange about leaving like this.

Even though he was like the Heavenly Bee Giant, he did not think about it backwards and forwards, but he knew that the contract was important.

In particular, this was often followed by the Declaration of Covenant.

A declaration of agreement. It was a magical contract that would be penalized if the contents of the contract were tied together in a contractual relationship.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo et al. were not bound by the Declaration of Covenant. The information that Yeon-woo brought was so great, and it was because of the opinion of the brains who were afraid that the Fant Sisters were the children of the King.

Nevertheless, the lightweight pact was made, and if it grows bitter and grows, there could be trouble.

However, Yeon-woo shakes her head as if to not be angry.

“No. You don't have to worry about that. Rather, in the Red Dragon, I'd appreciate you guys dropping by like this. ”

The pant opened its eyes wide.

“What are you talking about? ”

“You didn't get lonely in this raid. ”


Fant smiles as if he still doesn't know.

However, after seeing the battlefield as if it was no longer an answer, Yeon-woo went back down the hill without a word.

Edora sighs lightly and adds a description.

“In this raid. Why do you think our tribe didn't make it to the end? ”

“Then the portal suddenly opened. By the way, you must have gone to Yun Rock by now."

Pant laughed at me until he realized something was wrong.

He found out that his family preferred this position.

They were very fond of meddling in chaos and making it more chaotic.

Especially not to mention the King.

Moreover, even if there was a considerable distance from the Purification camp to Kuram, using the teleport scroll divided between them could have resulted in immediate support.

Nevertheless, the tribe of loneliness did not appear until the end. Even at this moment when the blue-hue is being cut off.

“I'm not sure. Perhaps Father thought his alliance with cleanliness was no longer meaningful and destroyed. Maybe they sent someone from the Red Dragon to their own clan. ”

Fant twists one eyebrow.

“No intervention? ”

“We don't know the exact details. You might have said it a little softer. The Red Dragon will be too burdened by our clan. 'I hope you will make the right decision according to the circumstances that will change, is that not the case? If you mess with your father's pride, everything goes back to bullying. ”

“I don't know. Maybe I can draw. ”

The Red Dragon cared about Kuram enough that he did not punish the one-horned tribe after he was conquered.

The Red Dragon is famous for his arrogance.

You cared about your loneliness that much. There were also ^ 0wakeups ~ 'roots ~' before this raid.

No, Edora was convinced it would be.

“So the Red Dragon is thankful that we got away on our own. I don't have to care anymore. No, you don't have to think about family anymore, exactly. ”

The war with Cleanliness was already over. I'm sure it'll be a long haul after that, so I'll try to avoid anything I can get mixed up with the loneliness.

Bajal, who used to take care of them, died.

Edora said that all over her mouth, but she didn't say it out loud.


Hye-in was wide open and clear in her eyes.

The Mad Summer Queen. The fact that the Dragon Heart lodged in the bottom of her left neck is flashing like it's about to snap.

“I want his politics. It's hard, it's hard. What's so complicated? You could just live a simple life.

I pressed down on my temples like I was tired of thinking about 0 chords.

Edora smiled at him.

“Don't be complicated. Politics comes down to just one thing. If you become king. All you have to do is protect it. ”

“Huh? What is it? ”

Pant looked back at his brother with a good look on his face.

Edora nods forcefully. Stronger eyes were already following the image of Yeon-woo coming down.

I was also energized by my voice.

“I can do anything with my strength. Anything."

Yeongwoo and the Fant sisters went straight back to Kuram without leaking sideways.

The one-horned tribe was already merciful enough to leave.

“Hey, son. ”

The king looks up at Panda and Edora and raises his hand in a big, dark voice. The wealthy people look this way and greet each other, then move back busy.

Yeongwoo, who was standing distantly behind the two of them, tilted her head and asked.

“Aren't you going to say hello to me? ”

The king crosses his arms and lightly snorts.

“Hmph. What do you need a greeting for, a man who lives his own life? Accident. How'd you do? ”

Yeongwoo nods softly.

“Yes, thanks to you."

The King sweeps Yeongwoo up and down in a deep glance. Then, I looked into Yeon-woo's eyes, and I burst a bloody smile.

“What? Did you eat something good? How come every year when you go out and come back, you swoop? I feel like I've changed my weight. The smell has changed.”

Pant became a face. 'Edora nodded her head when she saw Yeon-woo shining in her grace.

Yeongwoo kicked her tongue lightly.

I hid it as best I could this time. The dragon scales were hidden and the dragon's matrix was as delicate as possible, making the appearance unchanged. It seemed that Madhya could not avoid the razor-sharp gaze of the king.

“Can I explain it to you later?

“Fine. But if there's anything good, share it. Don't eat alone, kid."

She scratched her cheek with her finger.

Although I was wearing a mask, my face was not visible, but the bruises of the pouring king were still unfamiliar.

In fact, Yeon-woo was a little ashamed to be in front of the King like this.

Just before leaving the tribe. It was still so clear in his head that the King hit him on the head with a bear stand.

A little, no, a lot unfamiliar.

But it wasn't a bad feeling.

Like when you met Hanova or Phoenix. I felt like I had a place to come back to.

'It seemed like the word' catch 'matched best.

The king said he would not be bruised anymore, and he said, "I'll go out now."

Yeon-woo comes out saying hello.


You pause for a moment at the voice of the King, turning your head toward you.

“What I was going to do. How did it go?”

Yeon-woo stood silent for a moment.

The question that the King asked was odd. I felt like I was talking about other costs, not just Phoenix's grudges.


Yeongwoo bows her head.

Thanks to you.

“Really? That's fine. ”

The king no longer asked questions, but re-immersed himself in his work.

Yeon-woo stared at the King like that and left the room quietly.

The tribe was left on the 11th floor and moved to another part of the village outside the tower.

Yeon-woo was able to listen to various stories behind their backs.

The first was that he and Edora had been to Kuram several times with the Red Dragon and the Blue Martian envoy.

The contents were as expected.

Since the Red Dragon was going to purge, he asked me to reconsider joining the war if he wanted to be a big power man. In Purity, I would immediately fulfill the alliance. He asked me to help him because Kim Mu-Sin and Chang-Shin, who are deeply related to the King, are in danger.

And King Xu said he had only said one word at the location of the Purification Apostle.


When they left the village, they decided that they deserved cleanliness to be alongside the one-horned tribe, and only because Chang, the royal family, swore an oath to give up the horns.

The reason for this was that he was no longer qualified as an ally group of wealthy people, even though he had lost the fight.

In addition, the swordsman was a disciple of the King, but he had been obstructed for a long time, and the swordsman was no longer an outsider to the clan, so he had no reason to help, no loyalty, or anything else.

Hearing the King's reply, Yeon-woo shakes her head.

Even the disciples and blood felt colder than his determination.

in the form of thoroughly distinguishing between work and work. Yeon-woo could see the other side of the King.

I also wondered if that might be the face of the no king who brought a new heyday back to the one-horned tribe.

At the same time, I also thought about it.

He's taking the King's gun right now, but I don't know what happens if he's completely wrong.

And I realized how lucky I was when I almost had the chance to confront the Queen Dowager. And the fact that King didn't care much for him.


'You can't expect that kind of consideration anymore.

The King was someone who could pay without going if he wanted to interfere with Yeon Woo's ability to lead his clan.

And the second was the chase of the Red Dragon and the latent Purity.

Fortunately, the Swordsman and the Swordsman managed to get off the battlefield.

However, as they suffered severe injuries, they organized a = 1- ❯ in the Red Dragon and began to chase after them.

Where is the headquarters of the Purification Department?

'I also raided my life.

'It's the stones. You'll want to search thoroughly, but you'll want to find it. We can't find anything if we search.'

The Red Dragon must have spent a lot of time looking for a stone that didn't exist and sweated.

In the meantime, the shrew and the swordsman have completely covered their tracks. I was so desperate to be in the tower that I couldn't find anything even if I scoured it thoroughly.

Even the remnants of Purification that barely survived on the battlefield.

They scatter their horns to unknown places.

Some dreamed of resurrection as they faced the Purgatory, but the Red Dragon soon came and destroyed them many times. Mentioning the word "cleanliness" was now a taboo word.


Most were scattered to other clans. Those who were really loyal chose silver when they waited for their superstitions to return. But the Red-Ray = = let them hide and did not leave a zero. He chased them down like evil and buried them both, otherwise he killed them with a bar.

The massacre on the remains was ongoing.


There's only one thing these things mean.

The cleanliness was completely destroyed.

A sudden collapse of an axis that was forming an eighth clan began to show signs of perceptual shifts everywhere in the tower.

The remaining Giant Clans will reach out to defend their interest in cleanliness. Several small and medium-sized clans started barking at me to become a new purity.

This conflict between the Red Dragon and Purity was just the beginning of the great chaos ahead.


Looking at the world of the fast-changing tower from zero steps away, I prepared what I could do again.

'There's a lot to do. We need to readjust to the solution. We need to regroup the power of the new dragon.

The thing I realized when I fought Bajal this time was that I still have a long way to go.

There were endless possibilities of solvents. I still can't figure out how to make a difference. I had to correct it and get used to the use of power. I needed to wake up one by one.

There was much else to do.

An egg of a bounty that has not yet been awakened.

Quest left by Abyss Tur. Lean T., Interrogation of Bajal. Investigate the Stone.

Exercise the eight pole.

And the postponed staircase attack had to start again.

They were not all the same.

So Yeon-woo organized the priorities in turn, in the appetizer's annex given back by the King.

Then, the order of the frost was set.

'First, wake up the egg.'

However, in order to awaken the eggs, the one-horned tribe needs the Seed of the Moon. However, it has already disappeared by refusing to supply E to the King.

Of course, there was no way.

The Four Lords' Blessing.

Yeon stretched out her hands wide.

Volcanic_bulging on palms of hands, huh cease fading! 1-, 백토. Four different energies were freely intertwined. It's a crystal that processes the Legendary Beasts' power.

With this.

Just like I thought. Can we wake up enough eggs?