Second Life Ranker

11. Hatching (2)

Yeonwoo, along with Pant and Edora, heads to the elder located on the central side of Ma.

Al was still in charge of the Senate.

I heard that the elders and most of the elders do not fall from the egg. I also wondered what it would look like.

So the elder stepped up. 0 umm 9 "

In the yard.

“Why are you doing this, old man? ”

“I don't know. ”

Yeongwoo tilts her head, and Pant and Edorah turn their heads sideways in shame.

All the elders were lying in the courtyard, handcuffed together with their scarves on their foreheads.

“Don't take it, Al

“A new god may be born. Just give us a little more time, we need to do some more research! ”

“Yes, it is. It's too soon! You said you'd done 11 trials!" Let me do some more research! "

“No. There is no seed of the moon! How can I wake you?”

“But if you're going to wake him up! Step on us! Step on us! ”

I couldn't see her well because she was wearing a mask, but in fact, Yeon-woo was getting confused.

'Last night, because I refused to ask, I told the elder that I was going to get Miri Al back. He said he was gonna hatch soon.

Here, the elder asked me if I could give him a little more time.

Especially since I usually don't talk to the captain myself. He added that there are a few facts that we have recently uncovered, so let's just check them further and see if it's time for hatching.

In fact, I didn't have to worry much about Yeongwoo.

The 11 trials have been over for a long time.

It was convenient to leave him in the one-horned tribe without waking him up without knowing when he would wake up.

Recently, however, Yeon-woo has received more than four from her eggs through a connection.

Now, Sanum wants to wake up.

No, not exactly.

"7, 7, 7, 7, you want to tell me the cost price.

It was difficult to feel like I wanted to see him with my own eyes, not communicate through a connection.

If you think about what you've been doing in your deep sleep and only wake up sometimes when you're hungry, it's a really big change.

Suddenly, I feel like I grew up from a child to an adult. The cost seemed to have changed greatly from the inside.

Since when did I feel that way?

'When I recovered the inner parts of Hwang-ryong, I looked back at the elders.

The elders were still lying on the floor.

Obviously, studying eggs in the meantime would have been very good to soothe the curiosity of the elders.

I heard that while searching through various classics and experimenting, I also learned a number of mysterious facts about the eggs of the transfer.

And one of them is that the egg that she had was not just an egg of relief, but an egg of a Legendary Beast.

So it must have been a pity that the elders who had to improve their work and soothe their boredom were taken away for fun.

The older you get, the harder it gets. It looked just like that.

If I really let it go like this, it would be a long time until everything happened.

Yeonwoo stood still and thought about what to do with them.

Edora glances at the elders and tries to applaud them.

By the way.

Master. Should I blow them up?

He reads the spirit of Yeongwoo and climbs onto his shoulder. After Yun Woo had evolved the solvent, he was also affected by it, making it slightly larger in size.

“Oh! Isn't that the dysentery? ”

“I heard the Phoenix cub absorbed the soul of Sabel Tiger. That's what they look like when a Legendary Master grows up. However, whether it is the Lord's disposition or not, it looks very different from what is written. ”

“Black stripes. I'm gonna have to keep a record of this. It might be an indicator of what changes will be made in future growth. ”

“In this way, as soon as the elders found out, their eyes flashed brightly. My eyes sparkled with a network of eager to get a closer look.

Can't you just blow them away?

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Yeongwoo nods.

Yes! Okay!

Tsk Tsk Tsk opens his eyes to see if it went well.

Until then, "Oh! 'The elders who burst into amazement soon had to be like the fallen leaves in the autumn yard, swept away by the wind.

Hmph! You're being sarcastic!

When she heard the cute lather, she smiled and walked across the yard. Following Pandora and Edora, you shake your head. Edora still does not lift her head in shame.

After walking straight, Yeongwoo opened the door of the guest room where the eggs were stored.

Inside, the blacksmith changes his glasses and turns his head back rather than writing the cost price on the paper.

“Hello? The elders have been quite noisy. ”

The elders stood by the door and looked this way with a cylindrical expression.

However, inside, the elder was staring sharply with his eyes open, so he couldn't come in.

I heard the Elders are the best in the tribe except for the King. No, most of the tribesmen, except the King, were afraid of him. The rumors were definitely true.

“I'll speak to you later. ”

“That's okay. I didn't bother you enough. More importantly, is that him? ”

Yeongwoo shakes her head and looks at the egg next to the great elder.

The egg was larger than I had ever seen. It was about four meters tall and much wider to fit it, almost filling one wall.

The patterns on the surface were even clearer than before.

Like a crocodile leather pattern, turquoise and black seem to be mixed together, but there was a strangely constant flow.

I get angry when I say it's like watermelon. '

I asked the elder, thinking such nonsense.

“When I wake him up, how big will he be?"

“Well, if you think you're curled up in an egg, Depending on the thickness of the body, it should be roughly five meters long. ”

“Of course."

Go outside.

“I'd appreciate it. I need to wake up those wretched fellows so they can look around. Yeon-woo nodded and gently heard the cow in the air. Then, as the shadow lengthened, the egg rolled up into the air.

The smith blinks slightly at the appearance of the beast, rather than the previous command.

I wanted to check because I felt very different from the usual undead as I exuded the energy of the undead.

Yeon-woo took the egg out into the yard. You hear the elders murmuring, but you ignore them and talk to them lightly.

“While you were gone, I did some research on eggs. I'm pretty sure he's just a rookie. The individuals have great power and the cuffs are firm. I choose my potential.

The anti-horsepower part was very high, and the eyes of Yeongwoo sparkled.

If it's anti-magic, it means the foreign magic resistance is excellent.

It was a definite advantage because it would be ^ free from various magical attacks. However, on the contrary, there was also a disadvantage that the magic of the buff or the treatment system did not work well.

However, if the cuffs were outstanding and strong, physical abilities could outweigh the disadvantages.

“But I can't figure out what it looks like, and neither can its properties. I know it's heavily charged, but I can't find anything more than that. Every time I try to check something, it bounces off me because of my anti-horsepower."

The blacksmith said that this was the first time. All four are known to the world. They all had certain attributes, and even had the power to dominate or control them.

So it didn't make sense that the Legendary Beast in the egg didn't have attributes.

“In fact, that's why the elders tell us not to hatch yet. If it doesn't look like it's hatched. It would be a big deal if you woke him up strong.”

The elders behind you quietly nod, saying so.

And I wanted Yeon-woo to change her mind on the way.

“It's about time you woke up. He's just mumbling his muscles out because he wants to get out. ”

0 Ne cut their expectations into a single knife.

The elders were frustrated by the fact that they could no longer stop Yeouido.

The smith gives you a blunt nod.

“If that's what the owner is. But how do you intend to wake him up? Actually, there is no Seed of the Moon."

“I have a way of thinking about it. ”

I don't care if it is. But just in case. ”

The blacksmith searches his pockets and suddenly pulls out his cost price and tosses it. I was slightly surprised when I received it on the ice when she cried.

[Surden Quest (Veteran's War) has been successfully completed.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[Increases Amity with the Lonely Tribe by 150 as a reward. I gained enough trust from the one-horned tribe to be a common tribe.]

[You obtained the Seed of the Moon as a reward.]

[You are eligible to earn 'Crescent Crescent' as an additional reward. Ask the Captain or no king]

[Seed of the Moon]

Classification: General Goods

Rank: A + +

Description: The seed of a twilight cultivated by moonlight in a cave over a long period of time. If you swallow it after processing it in a certain way, it becomes a runaway elixir.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

He must have escaped from the one-horned tribe and joined the Red Dragon.

“The Panda and Edora clan. ”

O no, you didn't even know it.

The Elder is fun-- 1- laughed.


“I thought you two were a tribe of rhinoceros. The royals, too. Since we were with them, it's not like we failed the quest. ”

Yeon-woo recognized the meaning and smiled bitterly. This is the use of blindness in the system.

In fact, quests were often obscured when the results were ambiguous, and the person who gave them to decide whether or not to succeed.

“Let's just say Panda and Edora have been taken care of. With my authority, you can easily take one root, so don't flatter yourself. Of course, if the chieftain knew, he would ask for it, so he kept it a secret. The smith waved his hand and stared at the other elder slightly." Be prepared, "they said," for the elders soon became surprised and united. "

“Well, personally, as a scholar, I wonder how the process works. ”

“Thank you."

Thanks to Yeongwoo, I lowered my head slightly.

However, I was also curious as to what the green grass was given as an additional reward. The name seemed like a very good elixir for bribes and sinners.

The blacksmith broached again.

However, Bizi was very curious about what was going to happen behind her glasses, her eyes shining brightly.

Me! I miss my friend fast!

Yeon-woo stroked his hand underneath his jaw, rushing to look around.

It was rumored that the hatching was about to begin, and the elders were surrounded by tribesmen.

In fact, during this time, the egg of Yeongwoo was of the highest interest in the tribe. None of them have ever seen an egg like this. Some made small wagers about what would be born.

The king appeared before long, clasped his arms and began to shout- 1-de Belt.

Yeon-woo shakes her head as if she had no choice. Then I turned my eyes again and focused on the egg.

Since the day we met. His intentions were gradually becoming clear. Thoughts and emotions were conveyed in an orderly fashion.

Thanks to you.

It seemed vague to me who Yeon-woo was. And why he had not delayed hatching.

It wasn't just because I couldn't eat the dream of Yeon-woo. In the meantime, it wasn't time. It's time to resurrect.

I did.

He was preparing for resurrection, not hatching. After a very long time. Waiting for the day when the missing pieces will return.

And I firmly believed that I would come back. Yeon-woo will come for you.

And that piece.

'Inner part of Hwang-ryong.'

It was in Yeon Woo's right hand.

Yeongwoo grips the seed of the moon tightly in her hand. Inside, I unleashed the power of the Four Lords.

The blazing fire was the first, and the air of emptiness and abyss was coated on top of it. Finally, I used the white soil to freshen up the seeds.

As I spread my hands wide, the seeds of the moon turned into cloudy crystals floated in the air.

Yeon opened her left hand this time.

The golden energy on the palm of the hand was entangled like a spider web, and it took the shape of a round bead.

The interior of the Huanglongs. Luckily, the core remains, although the placenta flew away while Lient opened the palace's Granil.

We floated into the air together and bumped into the Moon's Seed. A strange crystal that glows with a rainbow color mixed with a white glow and a bright gold mine.

Pot, the crystals have seeped into the egg of the transfer. I was shaken as if the egg was waiting for me. A flash of light flashes over the surface.



Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The incontinence is interconnected and read like a spider web. Soon, it shattered into large cracks and broke down one by one.

And one of the hairs that pops rough from the top.

Rough orange projections and scales. Golden eyes.

It looked similar to the Summer Queen's body I saw on the battlefield, but in more detail, it was much different. There was a significant difference from what a scarecrow looked like.

It resembles the dragon of the east, which is often seen as a mural on Earth.

Edora mutters as if she couldn't believe it, and all the one-horned people open their eyes wide.

However, in a cluttered situation, FIG.

I glanced at the golden eyes of the zero. His eyes fluttered.

I was waiting. May you call me again.