Hatching continues. As if a piece of tile had fallen, each shell fell to the ground one by one.

I could see the dark orange scales and protuberances on the inside that were so rare.

Then he raises his huge back and breaks the egg completely. I protruded out, raising myself up big.

Khow- He was as tall as a snake.

With reptile eyes on a horn that resembles a deer, he took off for a long time and slid the air as it was, raising a large chunk along the vicinity of the cow.

He straightened the scales.

Then, the moisture that was pressing down on my body evaporated at once, and I felt like it was just hatched.

As the crowd of light went, the color of the scale that was shining brightly also calmly sank down. Somehow dark red is also rare.

Definitely different from dragons.

Although it seemed to resemble many of the Huanglongs who were the top species of transportation and were close to Zarri, there were many differences in the appearance of Huanglongs who only listened to words.

Edora and Pant thought that Yeon-woo's transfer looks familiar somehow.

“Edora, that • •

“Oh, yeah. You look like Akasa's snake. It feels a little different. ”

The snake Akasa caught the two sisters struggling in the tutorial stage reminded me why it was possible that Agatha snake borrowed the shape of Agatha snake that had remained deep in Yeouido's coil due to the nature of the remission of eating the owner's dream.

Moreover, the feeling of being heavy and sharp was stronger than the sacred and noble feeling of being born in Huanglongs.

'Tighten Qi.'

In fact, Margie was a power completely different from fraud, ears and poison.

Although the latter three energies could be produced as artificial enemies as much as possible, Margie was a more fundamental force.

Even though the demons on the 98th floor insisted that Margie made her temper corrupt and violent, she was aggressive because she was half as fierce.

So many players pursued extreme odds. A typical example was the horse army of the eight clans.

A newcomer with such a magi. It was right to call it magic.

None of the lonely tribesmen had ever seen a horse like this on the 11th floor.

I'm sure you have tremendous power.

Not long after it hatched in the egg, I felt weak. The potential was so great that I could bloom splendidly at any time.

I was surprised that it contained all the routines of the four great gods. I had four kinds of power that my tongue couldn't get along with, and they were completely controlled and circulated under Magi.

Even though something like this happened 600 years ago, it was still achieved by those who passed the test of the Divine Spirit, and now it is a combination of the sources of the Divine Spirit. I couldn't compare it to the extent of my achievements.

Ever since the tower was built, and it has been a miracle that will never happen.

The elders were only thankful that this had happened in their generations and that they had the good fortune to see it right in front of them.

And I turned on the light in my eyes to see if I wanted to put any cost.

❗ Some were busy and scared to find out if there were any species with similar properties.

“It has the opposite nature of Hwang-ryong. The word" dragon. "”

The smith revises her glasses as she talks to the dragons- Yeon Woo.

I can't figure out what I'm talking about by swinging a magical shield around, but there's a warm atmosphere.


His eyes sank silently for some reason.

As soon as the Dragon Warrior woke up, she immediately surrounded herself with magic.

Previously, rankers would have been able to eavesdrop on conversations and read the wavelengths easily, but now that each castle can handle the energy of the dragon, it is possible to build a shield close to the barrier.

The reason for this was simple.

To keep his conversations from leaking out.

No, I don't want to tell anyone exactly.

At first, I felt like "No way."

As he predicted, Hwang-ryong must have died.

Hwang-ryong has superior power as the highest level of transportation close to the Demibeast.

I was able to eat all the attributes, and I also had the deceptive ability to transform freely with the absorbent attributes and use them to conduct various air strikes.

That's why when my brother first woke up Hwang-ryong, the tower burst into flames and lost 0 degrees 0.

It was also the first time his brother was caught in the eyes of Calatus, who was searching for a contractor.

However, Hwang-ryong had many constraints, in fact, as great as that power.

It was the identity of the owner who woke him up.

Everyone is born with multiple personalities in subconscious.

Huanglongs were shaped by one of them to form a dragon.

So, I was able to change my appearance freely at any time, and I tend to follow my owner's disposition a lot. Sometimes I was trapped in the potential of my master.

And of course, when I saw the body disappear, I had no choice but to collapse together.

So Yeon-woo naturally thought that her brother's Hwang-ryong would have closed her eyes somewhere. I'm even more convinced that the client has an inner circle.

When the feeling of Huanglongs began to intensify in the egg, I thought that the same species would be a completely different object, even though it passed through a similar matrix.

But when he wakes up,

I had to fold up my thoughts all this time.

Although his current appearance was much different from what he had seen on the pilgrimage, the vibe felt the same.

What the hell is going on?

I've been waiting for a long time. Deep down. You abandon your body, plunged into the depths of darkness, and wait for your return.

The eyes of the dragon are flooded with dark slaughter. An eye filled with sorrow and resentment, and gladness.

You told me to leave. Even after disconnecting, I allowed myself to live apart from you, but I still believed. You will return. Fortunately, it seems that faith has not been abandoned. Thank God.

Yeongwoo felt a chill in the words of the dragon.

I had a hunch when I heard it was coming. He wasn't looking at himself. Now I was watching my brother through God.

"Say something. It's been a long time. Why is it so quiet now?

By the way, wouldn't it be weird if your personality changed after going through those things? • • • • • • But did anything happen in the meantime? You look like you've got a lot on your plate.

The dragon looks up and down at Yeongwoo countless times as he moves around.

Although my new body has changed a lot since then, Say something. Isn't it frustrating?

Yeon-woo was engulfed in thoughts.

I don't know how he did it, but he was in a deep sleep waiting for his brother to come back.

And she woke up with a sound of calling again. = I just couldn't figure out what to say to Seok.

“I'm sorry.”


“I'm not who you're looking for. ”

It widened the eyes of the dragon.

Yeon-woo did not answer for a moment, but took away the magic that was sprinkled around her. Then he looked at the king and said,

“Master, I need to speak with this child urgently. Would you mind if I took a moment? ”

The King nods as if to say so. The elders who were clinging to the dragon and wishing to investigate things opened their eyes wide in surprise.

However, I ignored the eager breeze of the elders of Yeon-woo and quickly stepped on the cruiser and left. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

The dragon was confused because he didn't understand the situation at all, but immediately, he shook his head and flew up to the prize ball.

It looked like he was free to roam in the sea.

It was a remote forest quite far from the village where the dragons chased after the moat.

Yeongwoo spreads her senses wide to make sure there are no people around, then stands at the edge of the tall tree around her.

What does that mean? You, not you?

Instead of answering, Yeon-woo took off her mask.

In fact, it seemed that the cognitive hindrance magic given to the horse cage confused the dragon.

The dragon tilts its head toward the face of Yeon Woo.

Same face as before. Although it used to be brighter than it used to be, it felt a lot better now, but if you think about what happened to him before, it was not this bad at all.

However, the dragon carefully examines the kite and slowly turns its tilted head back.

The questionable eyes fluttered up and down. Then I frowned.

Margie throws herself all over the place. Howling beasts roar between their vicious lips.

Who are you?

Yeon-woo replied with a bold expression.

“Woman 0"

The dragon narrows its eyes. I felt ticklish in my head as if the cost were rising.

Then I had to open my eyes greatly to what Yeon-woo said soon after.

“I am Jungwoo's older brother. ”

As if time had stopped. He was stiff and couldn't say anything.

I don't know if you heard, Jungwoo and I are twin brothers. That's why they all look alike. Come here to catch the ones who hurt Le Zero. ”

I started talking about what had happened between my sister and myself.

Since the misunderstanding of the past day.

Everything I've been through since I entered the tower.

And through the connection with Yeon-woo, the dragon received all of his memories more than Yeon-woo said.

The dragon falls into deep silence. It seems like the shocks are too big, and the fluttering eyes are very confused.

You need some time alone.

Yeongwoo takes a moment to clear her head.

• • • • • • Then, you are here. To get rid of all those people back then?

It was about an hour after the dragon opened its mouth again.

As there were many thoughts, the eyes sank deep and calmly.

Even the golden eyes that symbolized Huanglongs were young.

Standing with you, the madness of wanting to swallow those who made their master look like that.

For now. ”


The dragon bares its teeth as if it didn't like Yeon-woo's answer. It looked like they were going to attack right away.

“I'm thinking of destroying the tower if I can. That way, you'll be free. ”

What? Haha! Hahahaha!

The dragon laughs at what's so funny.

The frenzy in your eyes subsides rapidly. Instead, a photon shop spread out. Margaery raises the atmosphere simultaneously as she gets excited.

I could see how deep his power was.

"You must be crazy. I don't think so. We should be crazy enough to be together. I'm sure. With you, I can do it.

The dragon smiles bloody and asks.

New Owner. I want to follow you. Can you accept me?

“ To 1-.

Yeon-woo nods.

After working with Hwang-ryong, he became stronger faster than anyone else. Though he did not buy jealousy from many people, even from bronze. However, the power of Hwang-ryong was real.

And the creature who was resurrected as a dragon was born with the possibility of a fourth god in addition to his ability at the time.

It's only recently hatched, and since the body has not matured, it remains its only potential. That kind of constraint could be built if it grew fast.

If he's with us. And if there's a squeaky one next to it. Shannon and Boo, if there are any other monsters that will grow bigger in the future.

I could have had all the revenge one day.

Slowly, but little by little. The power was calm.

"Then, give me a new name. Being reborn, having to do new things. A new name is needed to bind you.

Yeongwoo opened her mouth after a short thought.

After talking to the dragon, Yeon returned three golds.

“What about the dragon?"

“He just woke up, so he wants to rest, and he's resting. ”

Yeongwoo could feel the heavy energy sitting next to her heart.

Likewise, you sleep side-by-side in the stone. Tsk Tsk Tsk finally woke up and was happy to play with his friend.


“Am I bad? ”

That's how Edora kept quiet for a moment.

• What have you been up to? ”

“I gave him a name, and he was furious and turned down the contract. But I'm not leaving, so think about it slowly. Then I said I would accept the contract."

Edora scratches her cheek with her sword, as if it were embarrassing. Even though I didn't see it for some reason, I could see what had happened.

“What were you going to say?” Kroor "

Edora rolls her forehead without even knowing it.