Second Life Ranker

13. Hatching (4)

“Kwaang! How about Kwaang? ”

“No. Didn't you see that cool look earlier? That's what it looks like. Big brother! Or big brother. ”

“I Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Once upon a time, the village of Loneliness was as muddled as the market floor.

From the moment the dragon that Yeongwoo was born climbed into the pond.

After it was told that the name Yeon-woo had given her was bad.

It was thanks to the play that I gave the people of the village the name of the Dragon.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. ”

“Ugh? What about you? Do you have a good sense? ”

“Of course!"

“I like this name to stand out. Don't ignore it!"

The tribesmen rarely converged.

“It's really too young to have a name. After I woke him up on the 11th floor, I didn't give him the right name. ”

“But the dragon! I'm not Huanglong, I've never seen anything like it! We need to build her something decent!"

The existence of the dragon was a form of remittance that had never been seen in the one-horned tribe for a long time.

A mystical being that shares the power of a sorcerer, corresponding to the rank of a Demibeast.

In the tutorial, some who had encountered the snake of Akasa also thought of the snake of Agatha. The sensation was much more fierce than that, but the tribe of loneliness wanted to name the first dragon that would remain on record.

So I grabbed his head and I fought.

In fact, the one-horned tribe is only interested in getting stronger together and fighting. He was completely indifferent to other matters.

“Hmph. To tell you the truth, I like Grrrrrrr."

“Huh? You think so, too? I'm sure we can't do that alone.

“They all think the same thing. ”

“Should I ask Cain to give me his name again? I can't think of a better name. ”

Edora hears a loud rumbling sound and puts her hands on her forehead. Sigh came out of that temple.

Fools with muscles all the way to their brains are the strongest 01 trillion in the tower.

The fact that he was called by his first teeth.

It was a day of shame.

Finally, the name of the dragon decided to spend a little more time thinking about it.

Every time I call out a bunch of candidates one by one, the only answer I get from the Dragon is a sigh.

• • • At first I thought it was a joke. You really like this. Think it over.

Master, how would you feel if I called you Jeanna "Son of a bitch"?

Something like that. More worries


The dragon grunts as if it has no strength to annoy you anymore, and falls into a deep sleep in the stone.

I'll draw it as soon as I finish hatching.

The dragon needed time to digest both the power of the four great gods and the energy of Hwang-ryong. So, while the work was finished, it was approximately 0 to 10 billion, meaning that Yeon-woo had to be built.

After holding onto her head for a long time, Yeon-woo gave up half her name.

If I thought about it right away, I was sure it would be a big hit again. Then I thought I'd have to worry slowly.

I thought I'd name it after Hwang-ryong. I refused.

It was a difficult assignment for a pond that had never seen a pet before. In fact, I couldn't even consider a communicative transfer as 011 pets.

So Yeon-woo moved on to the next of the things to organize.

'I remembered the Hidden Quest left by the Abysses in the list of quests to find Abyss Turr's successor.

[Hidden Quest/The Abyss' Test]

Content: The Abyss Turs are observing you with interesting eyes as they run the Phoenix and Blu-ray Dragon tests. And I want to test them.

Abyss Turr wants to find a successor after taking over the North for them rather than revenge. Evolve as a newcomer in search of a qualified transfer to succeed the Avister Frame.


1. Turtle Head Shell Fragment

2. Tail Snake's Fault

3.? 9

Abyss sters, who were homologues, mourned not to leave a descendant like Phoenix. That's why I left you a quest to create a successor to succeed you.

But in fact, according to the difficulty, it never fell apart compared to the trials of the 30s and 40s.

'If it were so easy to make a new hand. I'm sure everyone already made that apprentice.

Legendary bodies represented the world of the tower, including the tenth floor. It's almost impossible to create that single being.

Of course, I didn't ask you to bring the content of the quest closer to the Abyss. It was about finding someone qualified and putting him in his seat.

But it was also similar in difficulty.

It could have been very simple. Though I do have a dragon and a chirp.

'Fall off and they'll try to eat me first. No, I didn't want to do that in the first place, but there's only one way.

'We have to force it.'

Fortunately, there was a way. And it went smoothly.

When I told them about this, Edora and Pants said they'd be happy to help.

“What my brother means is, are we going to make our birthright fresh? ”

“Yes. If you grow up eating your dreams and giving me back, you'll have that much potential. If you give me a little bit of Legendary Beast power here, I should be qualified. ”

Yeongwoo's intention was to share the power of a Legendary Beast that has already been fused into one, just as she gave to the Dragon Dragon.


'If you hand over the Abyssal Orb and the Beginning Crest as well.'

[Abyssal Orb]

Classification: General Goods

Grade: A +

Description: A orb that was created by a fearless dragon over a long period of time. The essences from the void and the abyss were concentrated together. When Processed, this can be used as a leaping amulet for players dealing with Dark Castles.

[New Crescent Herb]

E • Female 45709;

Grade: A

Description: Herb created by the Elder of the Onehorn Tribe after a long study. The amount of money that grows after eating it is said to have the potential to evolve to more than a few stages.

The Abyssal Bead was a reward given to me after I completed a quest for the Hellfire, and the Elder handed it over with the Seed of the Moon some time ago.

They were both excellent materials.

The Abyssal Orb was great as an artifact ingredient, and the Neem Tree was able to grow even bigger.

However, Yeon-woo decided to give them both generously.

Once he had absorbed all the power of the four great lords, the Abyssal Orb did him no good. Rather, I liked making protective gear out of varnish, a different reward from scarecrow.

The same is true of Near Seaweed. If they gave more elixir to the yard where both the weeds and the dragons didn't absorb their power properly, they could have lost their edge.

Above all.

'Not just as successors to the Abyss, but as successors to the other four divines. What about the public value or the reward?'

At this time, all four guardians of the 11th floor were defeated. And other excellent transfers are almost wiped out.

It takes a considerable amount of time for the dead Demibeast to resurrect. Among the 11, the ecosystem of the 11 species had to be messed up. The Legendary Beasts were also the pillars bearing the 11 worms.

That's why Yeon-woo was going to drive all the roles of the four new gods to the newborn gods.

It is a new achievement that no one has ever achieved.

'The system of the tower that I have been watching every time I take a new achievement. Every time I showed outstanding achievement, I could clearly see the rewards I was giving him. Then it won't be much different this time.

Yeon-woo strokes her chin with her hands.

No one could have predicted what reward would be given because no one could have done this.

But one thing's for sure.

'Yeon-ju had to be excited that it would never be lower than when she opened Olympus' report.

And if this plan is successful, it's not just about achievements or rewards.

Putting a god with 11 ecosystems by his side was the same as having 11.

A world where water, water, and gods live. A world called the Ring System.

Although the strands are still uncertain, it is clear that one staircase can be controlled at will in the future.

Yeon-woo expressed only some of these thoughts.

But he was enough.

The Fant Sisters are also not finished on the 11th floor yet. I had no reason to refuse because it was a job that could have an outstanding public value.

I also showed great interest in the tribe of loneliness.

The elders, including the elders, greatly enjoyed the possibility of a new research project following the eggs of the Dragon.

I'm surprised to see the hatching of the Dragon, but I heard it's amazing that you can make Legendary Beasts this time.

It became noisy enough that the elder would go all the way to the 11th floor. Some of the tribesmen were already praying for a new Legendary Beast's name.

Looking at that noisy town.

Ye 0 smiled lightly, then immediately moved on to the next plan.

Yeonwoo left town with an excuse to do some pulmonary training for a while.

From now on, his job was to be careful and to keep it as secret as possible.


It was also the most anticipated moment.

“Now all that's left is squeezing Bahar and Client. ”

Yeongwoo wondered what Bajal's back would look like in a noisy collection of Marie's ghosts.

Clearly, the consciousness will remain somewhat. It was a high ranker or the ones that were good enough to give him, but that's why the world of the spirits will be more stuffy.

Maybe they were fighting amongst themselves. Of course, if I did, I wouldn't do anything physically.

I shook it lightly in zero air.

Two lovers emerge, clumping together in an unstoppable gray mist. It was originally high quality, so I could evolve quickly even if I breathed a little.



• Where? "

When Bahal and Lient regained consciousness, they looked up and looked around.


The shadows on the ground came out like tentacles, and they were named like vines. I tied my limbs together, tied my neck and body so that they couldn't be crushed.

The goons who had gone out with them beforehand and waited for them.

Don't let the two of them get careless.


"Dammit! What the heck!

Thanks to this, the two rainy bastards were tied up and screaming.

With a strong spirit, I resisted at all costs to get rid of the monsters.

Especially around Bajal, a red flame rose and tried to burn the monsters. Every time I resisted, the Shadow Tentacles kept rolling up and down.

"How dare you! How dare you!

The intense spirit shifted.

Yeon kicks her tongue at the struggling monsters.

'I knew it. This is hard too.

I had a hunch.

High rankers rank highest in the world of towers. Of course, I had no choice but to leave my spirit.

Yeon-woo was able to catch Bajal because he was drunk from fishing grounds, not because his skills surpassed Bajal.

Of course, I have no choice but to expect the goons to cover their bases.

It's only because the gap between dating and harassment is large that we can endure this much. If you keep this up, the monsters will be untied, too.

However, Yeon-woo was guessing, but wanted to see what the power of Bajal was.

And as a result, it was much worse than I expected.

If you keep this up, it becomes uncomfortable to talk.

After all, Yeon-woo was forced to flick her finger once more.

Then all the goons in the collection are summoned out. Much more Shadow Tentacles protruded and wrapped Bajal in a thicker wrap like a mummy.

"Khh! Dimensional Garden. Midnight, noon, noon, noon! How dare you!

Bahar eventually vomits out of anger, forced to his knees.

The eyes of the Eye of the Zero Le looked like a bud of fire was spreading. But the horror that he had just before he died was not completely gone.

"What? Midnight?"

Lien, who never saw Yeongwoo's face, looks at him in anger.

My mind was trembling. I had no idea what was going on.

When I saw the confused ones, Yeong-woo slowly took off her mask.

The moment I saw his face. Heard 0 he spit it out.

Bahar vomits more furiously to forget his fear, and Lient shakes less heavily, embracing his fear. A new scream echoes out.

With 0 people saying that they have received a lot of confusing ideas.

“You spoke in a cool voice.

“& stone 'related. Why the Red Dragon raided this cleanliness. I have to tell you, not a single thing. 전