Second Life Ranker

14. Hatching (5)

How did you get here? He must be dead. Clearly, I was the one who put a knife through your heart!

The client is busy speaking out of confusion. I knew I wanted to leave soon, but I couldn't feel the rush, tied up in the shadows.

Bajal was a little different.

For some reason, I suddenly didn't resist anymore. He knew too well that even if he resisted, he couldn't escape his restraint.

Instead, I stood still and stared at Yeon-woo. I muttered as if I guessed the original price with a dim glare.

It looks like Jungwoo, but it's me. Large Whoops!

But Bajal's words didn't last long. The Shadow Tentacle tightened tighter, choking him alive.

Yeon-woo looked at them and said in a cool tone.

“I hope you're not mistaken. I'm the one asking questions from now on. You just have to answer the questions. ”

Bahar suddenly screams, not trying to resist.

The Shadow's bond gets harder, and when the blue flame rises above it, it's circled around him.

The deeper the blue flame. The more she burns, the more she struggles with pain.

The temperament boasts a conflicting nature in the dark system.

Naturally, the more glorious the outburst became, the less Bahar tore his soul apart, and he had to experience the tremendous pain of rolling around in the fires of hell.

I became more and more intense because I had nothing to break my neck. The earringtones spread as well.

However, the client does not scream like Bajal did. I was already too busy shaking because my soul was already consumed by fear.

When Yeonwoo felt that any of Bajal's strength had weakened, she picked up the fireworks as well.

Then I asked again.

“Tell me all about the stone. Everything to do with the Red Dragon."

"Hyuk. Hyuk. Laugh!

Yeon put the sacred flower back on as soon as she saw the signs of resistance from Bajal. This time, I increased my firepower a little more. The blue turns yellow and tears Bajal's soul apart.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!

No matter how strong the mind may be, the pain that continues makes people bleed out.

Moreover, even though the body could cut off the sensation, the soul could not be painted.

As soon as you get hurt. When I was damaged, I suffered as much and tasted as I did.

Nothing to get used to, nothing to get used to.

Later, when Bajal's strength was low and his color was fading, he breathed black energy again. You tighten your strength and resume torture around the fireworks again.

"Please! Jebaal! I'll tell you, please! Enough! Enough! Bajal finally declares his surrender. I didn't want to go through the horror and love of having my soul torn and reassembled several times.

However, Yeon-woo did not give any answers.

I silently protest and repeat the harvest, continuing to drive Bajal into the dungeons of hell.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!

Yeon ignores Bajal's eagerness and turns her gaze to the Lient. She tries to turn her head away from Yeon Woo's eyes. However, I couldn't move because of the tightly bound shadow.

Yeongwoo walked towards the fearful one. No more talking. Slowly.

Lient was the one who put a knife through his brother's heart. And a friend who also considered his brother to be the closest. But the reward for friendship has returned to betrayal.

But Yeon-woo did not ask why.

Why I made that choice. Why you betrayed your brother. Why I went over to the cleanup trail.

It was obvious that he would come back anyway. I didn't know if there was a good reason or an excuse elsewhere, but I wasn't even curious.

All I wanted was a little comfort from my brother by squeezing him.

If you have any questions, just one.

“I hope you know more than Bajal. ”

It was all about the stone.

“So, you created the Wise Man's Eul? ”

Like this. So my feet!

I organized my thoughts as I sat on the old Lient that had become a pile of dirt.

There was a lot of reassuring information that I got from him.

"Wise Man's Stone. I didn't know that was gonna happen.

A permanent horsepower that anyone who climbs a tower desperately wants.

There have been many rumors since the beginning of the prophecy about the magical Stone Wise Man's ability to print an infinite amount of pure magical power without ever failing.

It was mentioned in the journal that my brother left me.

However, he cut just about the Wise Man's Stone and said:

Wise men's fields?

That shit/If it were, I would win 0./Must have flown through all the Tom's.

Makes sense.

My brother and the High Musketeers have always insisted that there will be no Wise Man's Stone.

Rumors abound only on Wise Man's Stones. No one had ever seen it. No one had lost a cow. If I had something like that, I'd have to hear about it someday.

Above all.

Towers constantly put players through trials and lead them to overcome.

If there was a real Wise Man's Stone, it would all be in vain.

Even if you were, you'd be standing on the 98th floor, where the gods and demons live -- under ^ 0 HE 77.

I couldn't find it at all. I predicted I wouldn't be able to make it.

Of course, there were those who risked their lives for the odds.

Alchemists, Warlocks, and Necromancers made Wise Man's Stone. If the Wise Man's Stone didn't work, they made it into a similar object and jumped in.


Only one of them succeeds in making the closest thing to the Wise Man's Stone.

[Additional information reveals some hidden performance.]

[??? A Wise Man's Stone]

Classification:??? Deg • 227

Description: Of the many energies that exist in the world, the purest form is the soul of man. This stone was created by processing countless souls, depending on the aroma of the room that Emerald Tablets are hiding.

is inactive (sealed)

* * This artifact is unique. There is only one tower, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Impossible to move or transfer to another person.

* * This artifact has not yet been completed. Complete the artifact. Only then will you be able to access the sealed information and the opt line.

The information about the Wise Man's Stone remained largely hidden.

However, I knew that Yeon-woo was only advancing the intestines.

It's just hard to twist. If you start opening it once, it will be handsy after that. As long as I could navigate, progress could be made.

'You can borrow the knowledge of the dragon when you need it.'

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

You can see now that the Client has created the product of this terrible experiment to gain a permanent magical institution.

But the question still didn't go away completely.

“And what exactly did you start to do with it? You don't have this much knowledge. ”

I'm curious where the client got this fancy adjustment.

Other than that, I thought it was a result of a lot of trial and error. Not at all when Yeon-woo guessed.

If it can be made through multiple trial and error, it would have been left after being created by the Re- dragon.

No, there's no need to go to the Red Dragon. It might have been completed by a group of alchemists, Glenn, or the Archaeologist.

However, the client is not as sweet as it looks.

I was incompetent, incompetent and talented.

So where on earth did they come up with this?

There's someone, obviously.

Yeon-woo thinks there's someone else who's trying to seduce her.

The one who made the client move from behind and tried to hijack him while watching his output.

'Of course, he must have been horrified because of me. He's probably in quite a tummy ache.'

And Yeon-woo expected the protagonist of the darkness to be someone who knew him well.

It's different.

Gun Emerald Taa • • Mold the tablet • • • • - Stolen bean •

“Emerald tablet? What's that?"

I heard the word in the information window and flashed my eyes.

Rain •

“Viera? Or? ”

When Lara has Viera Dune and talks

Yeongwoo kicked her tongue with a false laugh.

“You've been playing with real witches. ”

The Witch of Stars, Viera Dunne, the head of the law of Valpurgis' coven of witches, who said she didn't get into the Eight Generations Clean, but she's not nearly as powerful as she is.


'The earliest member of Tim Artiya, who was also the lover of Jungwoo.'

It was known that Viera = 0 has several faces.

Sometimes it makes a man's heart beat in an inviting manner, sometimes it is sensual, and sometimes it teases him by showing him a naive and helpless appearance. I seduce people according to my tastes by showing a colorful look to the situation.

Moreover, her unidentified organs were seduced and manipulated.

Seeing the mind manipulation so secretly that he realized later, those playing with her hands often realized that they had been beaten long after the poetry had elapsed.

After he leaves, too. It wasn't until I lost everything that I realized.

However, the new client was also a victim.

Not really. In the spirit of Client's pursuit of power and pleasure, if Viera Dunne had seduced him, he would have to move on. You have no idea.

The Client's description continues after that.

The Emerald Tablet is an ancient document with instructions on how to make Wise Man's Stone.

Purification and Valpurgis Night were secretly acquired from the Sixty-Ninth Floor Hidden Dungeon raid where they held hands, and Lient intercepted them as they tried to flow into Viera Dun.

And then, in order not to be found out by the swordsman, he sent his men all the way out to Rhutum Reale, which was completely cut off during the process, so they could experiment.

“Then where is that emerald tablet? ”

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue lightly. If you can see for yourself with Dragon Eye, you can see if the Emerald Tablet is fake or real or if Viera Dun has broken it separately.

“And then I heard what was written on the tablet."

He intuitively realizes that this is the last question.

Would you kill me if I told you? • • •

“She's already dead. Well, I'll buy you a large one."

The Client's complexion brightens for the first time. The content of the Emerald Tablet, which was revealed in this way, was to form the stone of the sage.

The process was simpler than I thought.

However, there was a lot of violent content and a lot of doubts.

Sometimes I asked myself a few times when there was something I didn't understand. Then the nonsense settles back in my head, based on what Client experimented on.

And in the process, he actively harnessed the knowledge of the dragon.

[The knowledge of the dragon, the 'Hawkma' has been opened. Search the database based on the given information to calculate the result.]

[There are a total of 8 related to Wise Man's Stone.]

[View the dual accessible two color sword results.]

The dragon's knowledge system was so vast that it could never be accepted at once.

So, the dragon calamus has been classified into different grades of dragon knowledge, making the difference in information accessible to contractors as their capabilities evolve.

so that you can learn very slowly in time for the stage. Water seeps into the sponge in turn so that it can reach the truth at the end. '

So, the condition for access to information was when they acquired "new knowledge" externally. It is similar to the way it was used to expand the dragon's eye before waking up the solvent.

However, there were more sophisticated and gurgurgurgur ^ than then.

'Based on Mado Engineering, I added alchemy. And the tombstone? That's a lot of work. It's gonna take me a day to figure it all out.'

And Yeon-woo can see whether the contents are true or not.

"It's a fake. The first half of the lie is a subtle mix. '

I didn't know who used it, but I thought it was very sloppy.

And on the other hand, I had my doubts.

Who made the Emerald Tablet? And was Viera Dunne trying to manipulate this?

Yeon-woo is also aware of the possibility that she may have lied.

Keeping the dragon's eye open, I poured out a few more fireworks to get him to say what he said from the beginning.

I repeatedly checked how many times to see if there was anything wrong with my statement.

And when we get all the information we can get from him, Lient's mind is already in ruins, threatening as if the color of her dreams were fading away.

Breathe in the black energy and you'll come back to life. I didn't want to bother him anymore.

I thought about forcing him to become like Boona Carr, but I asked him what he would do with him.


As the gray mist clumps, Rich Boo bows his head.


"Thank You.

The puffiness lowers its head and opens its mouth wide. As he approaches, he's tied up in the shadow.

"Come on, it kills • • • • day," the client screamed later knowing what wealth is trying to do. They want to absorb the whole soul and take away all the knowledge and power they had. In this way, I couldn't even dream of Yoon Kyeol.

However, Yeon-woo, who had no intention of comforting him, was just inconsistent with poetry.

Tremble. Tremble. Every time I heard the sound of my teeth and teeth colliding, the sound of Lean's voice grew louder.

And with each passing moment, the gray mist surrounding wealth grew darker and darker. Lion was a man who went from cleanliness to godlessness. It is greatly improved because it takes all of its rage.

He chewed Lin's t as if he were tasting it. I enjoyed not just the soul, but the whole point of absorbing all of his thoughts, knowledge, and skills.

Looking at the halfway eaten client with zero back, you look back at Bajal.

At the sight of Lient's soul breaking apart, Bajal shudders without a word. The constant pain caused by the sexual outburst has also caused him to cease.

I just wanted to be released quickly from this pain.

“You know what I'm gonna ask you, right? ”

So Bahal nodded his head loudly to the vagina door that Yeon-woo threw. I was wondering if Yeon-woo's thoughts would change, but before that, she quickly threw out all the facts she knew.

A little faster. To make it easier to vanish.