Second Life Ranker

15. Hatching (6)

Through Bajal, Yeon learned the truth behind the war between the Red = Dragon and Purgatory.

The more I listened to them together, the more amazing they were.

“The Summer Queen's Dragon Heart is broken, and she nods powerlessly, saying that she needed the Wise Man's Stone to restore it.

I can't hold on to my spirit anymore! His soul is raging and I can't use it properly.

It was also a result of several high doors to match the front and rear of the horse, just like in a client.

Moreover, it was already consumed several times before, so now it is hard to recover even after blowing black energy.

But I didn't care because I had already figured out everything that Yeon-woo would find out.

'The Summer Queen, the Last Dragon, has fallen into a trance.

It's the aftermath of fighting your brother.

'But you did give him a punch.

I'm glad I didn't just get beaten up like an idiot.

Yeon-woo suddenly burst into laughter. Then the laughter turned into laughter for the Summer Queen, as well as for Lee-Lae Lae Lae = = High, Purity, and the whole.

Those who didn't know where the stone was and were busy fighting amongst themselves.

It was only funny that he was playing around like a bunch of idiots. Even though he had the stone they were looking for.

Eventually, from beginning to end, they were playing on the palm of Yeon Woo's hand.

And I felt like I could play with it for a while if I used it well.

'If the Dragon Heart had participated in the war even when it was broken. You must be desperate. I would have thrown away all the magic I lacked.'

Dragonheart is not just a heart for polyps. It is a source of magical power and a source of power that makes it possible to remain a great being.

If that's a broken opponent. And if it's hard to repair right now,

'It can turn the market upside down.

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled and her lips dried with a red tongue.

'Where should I put this fact? Elohim?'

Red dragons have many enemies.

Especially when the horsemen who believe in the devil and are obsessed with dragon hunting and Elohim, who hates what the Red dragons have on their heads, heard this fact, he must have danced because he liked it.

I felt that Yeon-woo should find a way to spread the truth in secret. However, never reveal yourself.

'And for the time being, I'm going to have to take care of myself. The Summer Queen boasts a brilliant brain as she is a polyp because she doesn't know when to notice. Of course, it was obvious that there were other touches behind this war.

'For a while, let's complete the Wise Man's Stone and focus on attacking the stairs. We need to find out where Calatus is.'

Yun tortured Bajal and changed some of her existing thoughts.

One thing was that it was time to complete the incomplete Wise Man's Stone.

Originally, many people were sacrificed and felt out of control, so I didn't intend to use the Wise Man's Stone.

The Summer Queen thought that the Wise Man's Stone was a substitute for Dragon Heart, and that there were various collections of materials to complete it.

The honeycomb completed the magical circuit while Awakening the solution. And with each successive opening of power, the magical circuitry gradually turned into a rapid pulse, and the heart was about to turn into a Dragon Heart.

'But it takes too long to do that. Even if he wakes up the Son of Man, he will have to face the limits of the human liver someday, and so he intends to use convenience.

A Wise Man's Stone would serve as the Dragon Heart. The magical circuits would evolve faster, and the fluid evolution would be smooth.

And if you're good at it.

'By the time I unlocked all my powers.

Maybe you can have two Dragon Hearts. '

Originally, Calatus and his brother were able to aim higher than the shells they had for themselves.

Of course, the process of completing it will be very difficult, because it is a sage stone that no one has been able to complete. It was not impossible.

The Red Dragon has gathered all the strength of the clan together to gather all the ingredients for the Summer Queen.

And that's where the ingredients come together.

It was a gigantic sub-space magical warehouse boasting so much that even the Red Dragons didn't have a few.

But the problem was that the Intranian was now in Bajal's hands.

To seduce the client, Baghal was temporarily authorized. When Yeon-woo intervened, it evaporated into thin air.

Yeonwoo took out a ring from one of the artifacts left by Bajal while he was dying. Luckily, he kept most of what he was wearing in his subspace pocket, so it was easy to get it out.

An artifact that appears to be a simple copper ring.

[Copper Ring]

Classification: Accessories

Grade: F

Description: A simple copper ring. Inside, it is characterized by a faint unusual pattern.

* * This artifact contains a 'Seal'. When you unseal, the hidden features will be revealed.

The content seen in the description window was also very simple.

It was originally something I wouldn't give it to you, but after touching it as Bahal said, the hidden seal was broken.


[The Key of the Intranian]

Classification: Accessories

Rank: A + +

Description: Key to unlock the Intranian. An enchanted warehouse made by the Summer Queen of the Red Dragon, it boasts enormous capacity for processing giant subspace. There is a connection between the victim and the conscious mind. If you want something, you can store it freely without having to go directly to the subspace.

* It boasts almost infinite storage capacity. Based on subspace, it's easy to carry and doesn't feel heavy.

Yeongwoo opened her dragon's eye, looking at the pattern on the inside of the ring, damaged some of it.

Tracking magic. It was dangling just in case the Intranian opened, but based on what Bajal told you, it was easy to build with Dragon Eye.

With this, the giant magical warehouse fell into the hands of Yeon-woo in droves.

'It may be said that the tracking spell has been broken. If the location is out of horns, they'll have no choice but to go over there. It turns into a spoil of loneliness.

Thinking of the Summer Queen who gave me such a thankful gift, I went and smiled and put the ring in my left hand. And then I breathed my magic.

Then the subspace was wide open in front of my eyes.

Once inside, a space appeared that was unknowably wide.

The legal storehouse, which was divided into sections, surpassed the horror of the lone cohorts by their size, and the items inside were bright and shiny goods.

I won't have to worry about money in the future if I get stuck.

I felt the need for smarts, portable warehouses, inventory. This was enough. I could not get over it.

Then Yeon-woo went deep inside.

It had all the ingredients that Bajal had mentioned organized by type. They are classified as precious treasures in Alchemy. I boasted astronomical value enough to buy artifacts in large quantities even if I could gather everything here.

Yeon-woo once again smiled satisfactorily, leaving the Entrainment and closing the road space.

'As long as you know the contents of the Emerald Tablet. We have enough ingredients so we can complete as many Wise Man's Stones as possible.

Of course, even though Hale's lies are mixed up, it must be solved quickly if we study them based on the knowledge of the Dragon.

But in order to do that, I thought I had to study alchemy and mathematics before that.

Mado Engineering is not difficult because you can learn Dragon Knowledge by practicing Metallurgy.

What's left, then, is alchemy.

Fortunately, there was a place where you could learn alchemy.

'Abraham, I think we need to find him.'

There were two alchemists who were related by his brother.

One is Anti Venom Bakk.

The other one is called "Lodge Master" Abraham.

Abraham was, in fact, an odd man in many ways. Good/Speak Only Free, Bad/Speak Self Lone. However, he also had his own transition and went to Ö ′, the main porter who wanted to live with it.

And that's what Chicken 7 looks like. There were many points that he had outlined in various ways.

In fact, refinement was a different discipline from alchemy. Alchemy deals with iron and refinement deals with medicine. The starting point is different.

But they both deal with a wide variety of materials, and ultimately

In pursuit of becoming a ' ', the target points were the same.

That's why refinement and alchemy had so much to do with each other, and they also found connections. However, as the importance of artifacts increases over time, alchemy thrives, while self-disciplinary techniques that must be followed along with self-discipline gradually decline.

Abraham was the last remnant of such refinement.

Through him, I could study refinement with alchemy to complete the Wise Man's Stone.

Above all.

'I have a small relationship with Jungwoo.'

A man who had a deep connection with the snake hunter, Galeed. It was also the name Yeon Woo sold when she found Galilee.

Fortunately, Abraham was not a man who hid his work well. So I thought I'd catch up with him soon.

Of course, since you're a ranker, you'll be on the top rung, so quick attacks are essential.

Yeongwoo lightly warmed up.

After organizing it like this, it seemed to be an overall picture of what to do in front of it.

I had so much to do.

And with that much attention to staircase attacks, we had to open up various powers that were still firmly locked.

That's how you put it.

Yeon-woo turned her gaze back toward Baja.

The eyes of Bajal froze in fury. The blurred light was at the age of birth, and I was overwhelmed with fear. A long time ago, someone who was a high ranker was trembling so badly that he wanted to be hit. That must mean he was in so much pain.

Yeon-woo summoned Sanon because she had nothing more to see from Bajal.

Sanon, who was watching the situation, was very happy to know that he was going to give the soul of a high ranker to himself.

And as soon as permission fell, Sa Non enjoyed eating Bajal. Hoping that his abilities will be conveyed high and low.

In particular, at least one of his signature skills, lightning or volcano is expected to be given to him.

Overtake. Overtake

"Kuaaaa • Only the melancholy sighs of Bajal's pain spread.

[Sanon (Death Knight) has successfully absorbed the opponent's source of origin.]

[All stats have been increased by a Elixir.]

[Dark system has increased its attributes by 15. It's starting to build a more powerful evil castle.]

[Sanon (Death Knight) has acquired the skill 'Ball Canoe.]

Under "Yes. This is it.I wanted to enjoy this woman.

Life was very happy. I was enjoying my uplifted abilities because I was naturally seeking to become stronger.

Of course, absorbing the souls of high rankers didn't make Sanon that strong right away. If that were the case, the gangsters in the previous chapter would have evolved.

However, there is still a 'gap'. Sanon was able to absorb the upheaval and dramatically improve his potential. You've raised the limit to what you can have as a Death Knight.

It was very important to raise the limit. It means you can grow that much, and you can aim for higher heights. It is a necessary step to raise the bar.

The fact that he had just acquired a skill volcano greatly excites Sanon.

Bolgano felt there would be nothing to be afraid of if he could replicate the harmony of the Martian blossoming firepower that would devastate the surroundings.

Yeongwoo nodded her head to the 10,000 tribes, looking at that. The stronger he is and the richer he is, the higher his power will be.


[Sanon (The achievement of Death Nite also works positively for the master.

[The 'Vampire Sword of Battery' has melted the enemy and has succeeded in replacing the opponent's source. Skill partially degraded.]

[Skill 'Lightning (Numbering 41)' is born.]

Based on the achievements of the discussion, the effect was also conveyed to Yeon-woo connected by the spirit.

The essence of Bajal, which had been absorbed by Batori's Vampire Sword, was glittering with flowers.

[Lightning] Numbering 41

Skill: 0.0%

Description: Signature skill that symbolizes High Ranker Bajal. Releases the energy of a concentrated fire in the form of a thunderbolt. It is so fast and intense that it prevents the designated person from responding properly.

Skill and attributes are too low to use properly. A considerable amount of magical power is also required.

* Stick a powerful lightning bolt in proportion to the amount of magical power consumed. Occasionally, has a high chance of shattering the defensive barrier and destroying everything around it, throwing the target into chaos.

* Even after the fierce image skill is developed, it produces an image effect over a significant period of time.

At this time, a small chance to break the healing spell. It also maximizes the pain of burning flesh.


The cow clenches her fist as she sees a new skill added to the skill lane.

I got this skill from the muscle that made me swallow a flower flower flower. A destructive skill my brother envied.

In fact, even though she had various connector skills, she had no destructive skills to show one intense blow. A secret hand that can turn things around in times of crisis.

But with this, the story is different. The destructive power of lightning is already widely known.

Moreover, Yeon-woo boasted of high numbers in the attributes of the fire system thanks to Chongxi. It's a good match for him.

Of course, it was explained that the skill level was low, so I couldn't release it as I saw fit. I did not give it a big rating.

'Even if it consumes a lot of magic, I don't need to improve it.

And then you mix it up. It's going to be a huge boost.

The properties of solvents were enormous enough to reverse such proficiency.

Yeon-woo strongly thought she wanted to see the power of lightning once.


But the owner.

Suddenly, I raised my ponytail while looking at Yeon-woo.

Attu Yeon-woo said, "I want something."

Testimonials! I haven't said anything yet • •

“I know exactly what to say. Not him. ”

Sanon folds his arms and grumbles like him.

"Tsk! But I don't think he's going to be the owner's paw." If not, hand it over. What do you think? "

I think after tasting the souls of high rankers, you want to be stimulated even more.

However, Yeon-woo could not meet the standard of such discussion. Unlike Bajal or Lient, this one was meant to be a member of the family. He had already begun to understand the situation separately.

The cow was light = -.

1- Lately, a new relationship appeared and I looked at Yeon-woo with a quiet eye.

He didn't say anything like a mute.

Maybe he hasn't regained consciousness yet. I knew that Yeon-woo's mind was always in the right place from the beginning.

So I looked him in the eye and said,

“Come under me. Then I will spare your son's life, Your Highness. '