Second Life Ranker

16. Hatching (7)

For the first time, a ripple appeared on the quiet one's eye.

My son, he's alive?

It's hard to believe.

While he was in the collection, he looked outside whenever there was a rare ceremony. He was roughly aware of what had happened after he died and had given up hope that his children would live.

The cleanliness is broken, and I can't move because of the injuries of the Queen of Summer. He has no one to protect his Ah = 0.

However, they say that their son is alive because they made themselves look like this.

I couldn't believe it.

But unlike trust issues, The spirit from Yeon Woo was clearly telling us that he was not lying.

Yeon-woo opened her arms and said.

“If you don't believe me, come with me. ”

Without listening to the answer, I flew to the other side.

He looked at it and followed behind it quietly.

The place where Yeongwoo plagiarized was a clothing room located in the village. There, Hanbin fell into a deep sleep while undergoing medical attention. The face wrapped around the bandage was very awkward.

When he saw his son, he was saddened. Even if I didn't listen to the explanation of why my son became like that, I could understand why.

He was in so much pain that he was drugged. It could not be normal because it was forcibly disconnected and overlapped with various kinds of torture.

Moreover, even though the lonely tribe is treating them, their personality was too stubborn to accept their children. Of course, it is a situation you have to notice.

Above all, the existence of the father who has been swinging like a newspaper for all time disappeared. He had no place to turn, so it was natural for him to collapse.

However, he was so thankful that Hanbin was still alive.

I've been walking the crooked path, hurting a lot of people. Even though I knew that, I've been pretending not to know. But he was a precious son to him.

When • •

“When did you bring him in? ”

He nodded without a word.

“Just before the war broke out. I kept it a secret that I had to clean up after Bajal because it was annoying."

Exactly. You didn't mean to let her live. The Red Dragon. "

He gripped his teeth. Then I turned my head and looked at Yeon-woo. I knew exactly who made them rich.

But that look, too, for a moment.

Soon, he had to bow his head. I realized who is in the best position in the situation.

As long as he was on the other side of the muscle, he had to lower it unconditionally.

And Yeon-woo took it very lightly.

“You should be thanking him. ”


“The son of Phoenix who died to you. ”

I doubted his face.

What's wrong with Phoenix's baby?

“He told me to spare his life. ”

“You don't have to risk your life to have so many men in your position," he said. ”

He couldn't say anything.

Yeon Woo's words were still cold.

“That's why I kept him alive. If you're going to bow your head, you should meet him later. ”

• • • Yes,

He couldn't say anything more than that.

Players who are greedy with each other in the world of the tower, this vendetta was established and then vanished.

It is common to wish for greater vengeance in such courtyards.

However, he confined such grudges only to the godless.

Because I know how hard it is.

He couldn't say anything more. And I was so grateful to Phoenix for saving his life.

So, Dorothy bowed her head deeper.

Once a famous fighter and proud high ranker in the tower, he was.

I've surrendered all my grudges.

Greetings, Master.

That was enough.

Yeongwoo, along with other augmented materials, gave all the remaining black energy to Wuxin.

[The relationship has evolved successfully. Death Knight was born the second time.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[Acquired 3,000 Public Values]

[You have earned an additional public value of 5000.]

[Death Knight has sworn allegiance to you. In the future, he will be attributable to the despair of the Dark King and become your sword and shield.]

[Do you want to give a name?]

It was his real name.

[The Dead Night was named 'Ghost']

[Fifteen more loyalties.]

[Domination has increased by 5.]

[The high 'guest who is possessed by the spirit of the Ghost (Death Knight) is not able to cope with the body currently created. The stats are readjusted.]

[Overall stats have dropped significantly.]

[Total stats decreased by 17.]

[The Ghost (Death Knights stat test is over. However, the "quality" of the soul is the same, so the potential is the same. As the existence grows, the existing clamps that are lost can be found. We recommend rapid growth.]

My body, it's a little heavy.

Desert Knight in a black helmet, or Ghost, muttered as if he was uncomfortable seeing a new body.

No matter how much black energy he breathed, Des Knight's flesh was definitely significantly lower in class compared to that of the High Ramker.

So the system must have readjusted its capabilities, too.

However, Yeon-woo did not appraise much.

As you can see in the explanation window, you'll be able to regain your former status as long as the rampage doesn't disappear.

It was clear that it would achieve much faster than Sanon had to grow up.

Moreover, it was better for Yeon-woo to adjust her abilities.

If his stats are too high to handle. I was out of control when I was in need. I wanted to avoid the risk of being beheaded by my family.

He sighed lightly as he looked at the spirit. It was the easiest fact that he could not absorb the spirit, and even though his stats were higher right now, he flashed the idea that he had to run more diligently to not be caught up by the spirit.

Han moved around to adapt to the new flesh, then looked back at Yeongwoo.

Lord, I have a request for you, since Han was originally an unmanned woman in the bone, you also have a greater formality than Sanon.

“On horses."

I want you to get me nine swords.

“Is it the skill?"


Han nods loudly.

Two signature skill symbolic of Dorothy, the Grave of Nine Swords, and the Whirlwind of the Blade require difficult conditions to spread properly.

Carry a sword that is just as durable as it is strong.

Every time the blade swirls, it creates a huge whirl-bar ram. In order to withstand such enormous pressure, it was never possible with a durability of any kind, and so was the tomb of the nine swords, a fighting law that did not exist.

So at the time when he was stalking Society, he used to rob swords by picking out only the players who had excellent swords.

After climbing to a certain position, it became easier to find the sidewalk and did not need to draw.

But now I'm going back to the old days.

All the knives I had were broken by the sword itself. You need more swords to activate your skills, and the more powerful the report, the more powerful the skill.

“There should be some knives for the intrenians, so first things first. I'll get you as much footage as I can.

Thank you.

Han bowed his head and entered the sub-space opened by Yeon Woo. And I slowly dragged it out, putting it in a usable gurney.

Cluck. Cluck.

Yeongwoo opened her eyes and focused her consciousness on watching Han.

Thank you.

He nods quietly.

His already firmly caught eyes were no longer the fragile offspring of a mother.

It belonged to a young man who wanted to fly to a higher place.

From that day on.

I put a beating on 0 individual exercises.

Guang! Every time I swing the Beagrid roughly holding the quasi-zero muscle, the space is cut off.

The castle furious with enormous magical ears set the sea on fire and turned it upside down several times.

Then at the end, I hit a cliff and knocked it all down.

Guar - A pile of dust rises from the fallen rocks. There was a sight that made my body tremble just by looking at it, and it was intense power.

However, Yeon-woo's gaze widened on the dragon's eye and was busy moving there.

Following the grains that spread out along the line of sight, I looked for the cost price = and lifted my head up in a eerie feeling.

And I awakened the power of the dragon.

Sideways. Sideways.

As my skin flipped over, I followed my upper half to a large amount of black scales.

The scale that came up to the bottom of my chin slammed into me, and every time I shouted, I quickly chased after my target as the information of my senses poured out on Yeon-woo became vast.

It was a force that had to be hidden thoroughly in the original way.

The opposing Pokémon hides its power from the opposing Pokémon and is unable to respond.

The opponent was a strong man who could never win, even if he tried his best. He was a test subject who kept testing his limits every time he was hit.

Moreover, she knew very well that she had to send out everything she had to become strong herself.

All of a sudden, up to 360 cores heated up, and the magical circuit bloomed with fancy wings of fire as it pinged.

The beagrid is full of flames again. Bite down on it, do your best. Bringing together all the best skills he could unleash.

[Blue Spirit's House


[thunder rumbling]


With the Spirit's blessing, which concentrates all its magical power, the sky recently burst into a pale hazelnut color after steadily practicing skill up to 7% of the time.

With an enormous sound, I wonder if the world will collapse at this rate. The lightning leaves Beagrid's blade burning somewhere.

However, the subject was nothing like this - rather, he whistled lightning with his left hand as if it were ashes.

Unlike intense power, it was too vain a result. However, there was still a slight soot left on the subject, the royal collar.

He once again laughed at the thought that he had improved quite well, and this time he put his fist forward.

Zero strikes the same as when you destroyed Kuram. It was the rain of the eight poles.

Over-excity-0 realizes that there is no odds of hitting it head-on, and turns around in place.

The wings of the fire whip and rotate, wrapping around the body and dragging you to the tip of the beagrid. Then he slammed the blade to the side and struck the core of the wave to the side.

At the same time, you quickly move the ball by stepping on a marching cruiser, appearing directly behind the King and stabbing the beagrid deep into the blind spot.


The king twists his body senses as he bursts into amazement. You curl your right hand and slap the sides of the pond while simultaneously raising your left hand against Beagrid.

Yeongwoo's wings are fiercely stamped and quickly fall back. When Aegis, who was waiting for him, asked him where he was going, opened the door of the Tre nian and jumped out of the way of the king.

No matter how powerful the King is, he didn't destroy Aegis. Moreover, the six shields flew so tirelessly that even the King's foothold was slow.

Yeon-woo did not miss that gap, but treaded on the cruiser again and cleverly aimed at the four corners of the kingdom.

The king reads it, then breaks his bow and responds. The eight poles were released one after the other.

Cough, snore, boom. Exaggerations - the upper and lower extremities collided. The rain grid and the blade collide.

Yeongwoo throws the beagrid with all her might.

Blood flows from between the lips, and the dragon's eye is bloodshot and reddish. The Magic Circuit is a hot, overheated opponent.

Nevertheless, he never spared the king. I relaxed in response to Yeongwoo's attack, constantly pushing him into a corner. Testing his limits, he really threatened his life.

Whenever I drew, Yeon-woo squeezed the dragon's senses as she did, avoiding the crisis somehow. And focused on consciousness, looking for an opportunity to counteract.

Kuku Kuku - And.

Pant and Edorah stare at it for a long time.

Obviously, they both seemed to be practicing. Both horses and the surrounding area were being thoroughly degraded.

The cliffs were crumbling and the hills were turning flat. The waters of the Rhodan on the ground have been dry for a long time because of the heat.

If you hadn't set up camp around it beforehand, the area outside the tower would have been a mess.

• • • Became a bigger monster. ”

Especially Pants had to sigh to say, "Get lost again."

Yeongwoo squats on the bar with her face full of gin.

Fatigue and helplessness dominated the whole body. The hot magic circuit is empty as if all of its many magical powers had gone away.

It has already been a full day since King Wukong made an excuse to be his opponent.

In fact, Yeongwoo was about to attempt a staircase attack as soon as she finished simple maintenance.


_Student? Even if I go, I'll get a test for my teacher, right?

Just before you leave, the King gives you a big nod.

As the teacher who taught him, he was difficult to refuse to check his accomplishments, and he wanted to test how much an Awakening Soldier could work for him.

So I started fighting with a light heart.

'I never thought it would come to this.

The King forced Yeon-woo to reveal everything he had.

He didn't say. I just press down on him with overwhelming skill, constantly pushing him into a corner.

If you don't put out all your abilities, your life will be in danger. The King really tried to kill Yeon Woo.

That's why I picked out all the cards I was hiding.

On the contrary, he was able to realize his limitations a few times, and at each time, he was able to fully acquire what he had while breaking through.

And I was able to show off more skills.

So I thought about it for a long time.

I wonder if I can reveal myself like this.

I still did not show you the performance of the last Black Bracelet, but I was able to show you much as a honeycomb just by revealing the power of the polyp.

But Yeon-woo soon came up with that idea.

When I said I was leaving the one-horned tribe, I remembered what the king had shown me. Don't forget that it is between the teacher and the disciple. I still haven't forgotten it in my heart.

Moreover, on the other hand, I felt refreshed.

There was still some anxiety on the other side, but the King did not ask about it.

I didn't pay attention, as if I didn't have much to do with myself. I did not mention it by mistake elsewhere.

I just focused on breaking it during the duel.

That is why Yeon-woo was able to test her abilities with peace of mind.

So I developed, and I was able to grow again, even though it was only one full day.

Now, Yeon Woo's gaze at the King was mixed with respect and other emotions.


Not a teacher versus a student. As a player vs. player, I had a desire to beat him one day with my skills.


The king read that gaze and burst into laughter.

Every time I taught him one, the bright disciple realized that he was satisfied every time he saw him.

But on the one hand, it got a little bitter.

I have nothing more to teach you.

With that in mind.

The King folds his arms and rolls his spinning mouth up.


“Now, you may go. ”

A teacher told me you've taken care of yourself.

Soon, she opened her eyes wide and bowed her head.

With a little thank-you.