Second Life Ranker

17. Three Sitting Goddess (1)

“Are you going up already, Brother Nee? I wish you'd come with me. ”

“I mean, What's the rush? ”

Pathetic Edora and her pouting pant.

Pant was also a mournful sound.

Seeing my sister like that, I smiled unconsciously in my sleep.

They look like frightening compatible horses to others. To himself, I felt like a gentle sheep, like a real brother.

After the King declared that he had nothing more to teach, Yeongwoo immediately began preparing to climb the city stairs.

Of course, there's nothing for the King to teach Yeon-woo.

From now on, however, we decided that it is more important to organize, experience, and develop ourselves, rather than be taught.

I cleaned up the solid foundation, so I told you to build it yourself.

That's why Yeon-woo wanted to move immediately as the King ordered.

However, Pandora and Edora could not move because the work to make God's hand was not yet finished.

If he just wanted to complete the trial, he could have done it quickly, but he could not simply give up because it would be a huge force for both of them if he lost the Demibeast.

So the two of them stayed in the village for a while to take care of the eggs, while they were also going to accompany their training that they had been putting off.

There were numerous rankers running around, and the last war, when the Summer Queen and the Swordsman were wielding swords, was a huge stimulus.

However, it was too bad that I just wanted to break up like this, and Pandora and Edora could not easily walk away.

Yeon-woo smiled lightly, looking at those two people. Then he reached out and patted the shoulders of a tall, distracted pant.

“Come quickly, we'll be taking our time. ”

Yeonwoo left behind the tribal greetings of the tribesmen who said good-bye.

However, Yeon-woo did not head straight for the tower.

I took a moment to take a step aside and headed toward the market outside the tower.

Beyond the crowds, where he stopped was a shabby forge with a hammer and anvil painted together.

Not much different from when you left before.

However, unlike before, heat was being conveyed through the door with loud hammering sounds inside.

'I came and threw it away. Should we go back now?'

Yeon-woo stood at the door for a moment and pondered.

The place he found was actually Hannova's smith, but before he left, Yeon-woo had never intended to return here.

He was trying to walk the rough path ahead, because he didn't want to hurt Henova any more than he did his brother.

But the reason I came back like this was too simple.

'How are you doing?

I'm curious.

And when he heard about Bahal's death, Henova said that he was cut off, but he was a disciple who had once learned how to deal with iron and fire under him. He was also as open-minded as Henova had been to her.

Yeon killed Bajal like that. News of Gogo Bahal's death in the war with Purity has spread throughout the country.

Henova must have heard it too.

Even though he couldn't confess how he had killed Bahal, he had no choice but to worry about Hanova's loss.

That's why I came to you in a hurry. It was hard for me to come like this.

Yeon-woo grips the doorknob several times and repeats to let go. Finally, she sighs and turns away.

Obviously there was nothing good about meeting him.


Suddenly, the door opens, and Hanova, who was walking out with a lump of iron, looks me in the eye.

“What? What are you doing there? ”

Hanova grimaces at the statue with a bear stand door.

Beneath the mask, Yeon-woo scratches her cheeks with an awkward look. It was weird to just go back because I met him like this.

“Long time no see, Henova. ”

“Well, don't give up being a guest."

Hanova sets the kite in its proper position and puts the mug on the table. Freshly baked coffee was smoking all over the place.

Yeon-woo takes a mug and turns around.

Unlike what it still looks like, the inside was much different from before.

The gin heat, where the white dust was sitting, had sparkling tools, and the floor was dry = shiny.

There were also quite a lot of new refined armor.

“It's changed quite a bit."

Hannova, whom Yeon-woo knew, was never this organized and dreaming of cleaning.

Is someone else helping him?

Henova smiles as she sits face-to-face with her short legs.

“Remember those guys you used to work with? ”

"The Night's Location, you mean? ”

The Dark Side Clan that used to play the part of Hanova's forge every now and then.

Yeonwoo once cleaned up and told me to look after the forge in Henova.

“They come and go from time to time. Are you bothering me that much? I was so annoyed by the rumors that I had made a pact with the cancer hummingbirds. ”

After all, it was a mimic that was doing good work all the time.

“Is that why you resumed your business?

“You're on your own. You have nothing to see. I started all over again with a heartbeat. ”

However, unlike what they said about starting with the grass, the work seemed to be piled up quite a lot.

Yeon-woo was taken for granted.

In the meantime, because of their relationship with Artiya, people dodged it. In fact, Henova was a master craftsman who could become the top five in the world of the tower.

It was strange that such a person's shop had been blowing up Fariman all along.

Above all, the armor made by Henova was so expensive that it could not be sold.

So, the business resumed, and it seemed like it still had the form of being commissioned as a minority and producing it.

“But when did you get down here? ”

“It wasn't long ago. ”

“You've been making a lot of noise lately. ”

“It's nothing. ”

“Hmph! What's wrong with gymnastics like you? In a cave, like you always do."

I smiled unknowingly.

I felt a bit distant from him, unlike before, because I came with a heavy heart.

Henova doesn't stretch her frowny liver the whole time, raising a bear pole to make sure she feels that way.

Tak said, turning the bear stand upside down, removing the remaining ashes and fire dung, and narrowing his eyes slightly.

“If you're here to say hello, just go home. I don't need to waste my time. ”

Yeongwoo scratched at the embarrassment.

It's hard to ask the ball directly like it's about Bajal. It's hard to read what you're thinking because you don't express yourself well in Henova.

So while I was thinking about it for a while, I went crazy thinking about something else.

Ghost. I needed a nine-letter sword for him. I was actually very anxious to be in Trenin.

So I asked.

“I'd like to ask you to make a knife, if that's possible." ”

“What size?”

“I think that's about enough.

“Texture 9”

“I'm looking for nothing else. However, solid durability is a top priority. ”

“The harder you are, the better? ”

“Finding a Zari Club is quick if you're going to draw it. Why are you trying to make it into a knife? ”

“Still, I hope it's sharp. At least on the sidewalk."

“What? The sidewalk?"

“Is it hard? Hmm. However, I once told my teacher that he is a master of the 5th generation. • • • • - Seems like he is old and has a lot of energy.

“Son of a bitch! What makes you think I'm strong? Are you carrying your eyes around as an ornament? Don't you see these muscles? ”

“I can't see it because it's too small. ”

“This guy, though?"

The distance I felt quickly filled up.

Yeongwoo scratches the inside of the heno bar like before, and the heno bar quickly reacts and goes on a rampage screaming.

Then, when Yeon-woo asked her to make nine sacks instead of one report, Henova didn't even pray.

“What? Nine sacks? ”

“You must be having a hard time. ”

“Son of a bitch, I can't keep up! No, what do you need more than that? Do you want to take it somewhere and buy a pouch? ”

“No, I'm not.”

“Then why do you need that much? Who can't even handle a knife? ”

Hanova stares at Yeon-woo with an expression that he doesn't pray.

In Henova's eyes, which he had been dealing with many players for a long time, he had learned some martial arts, but there were still many things that were lacking in the 'master' class.

Therefore, it was not easy to understand that so many different knives, of different sizes and types, had to be used so much.

Moreover, even Beagrid and the arena swords of Yeongwoo could not be outperformed by any other artifact.

At this moment, I saw that it was well managed. It meant that he was using the fieldwork he had learned before.

Then why not?

“I just need it. But I did ask a lot of you. ”

“This bastard, • • • to the very end, trembled with his fists tightly. Then, he nervously snatches the bear guard and lights it again.

He used to have a great ability to scratch real people.

Hanova deeply sucks the bear stand for a moment and submerges itself in her head. If I got caught up in his face for no reason, I would only lose myself.

But the more I thought about it, the more I was embarrassed.

It's been a long time since I came to ask you if you've been well. You're just saying what you need to say. I wanted to be a straight shooter.

After a while, let out a long smoke and stand up. Henova slowly opened his mouth.

“Is it urgent? ”

“The sooner the better. ”

Ten days, then.

Looking at Yeon-woo with puzzled eyes, Henova frowns as if she were stuffy.

“Come back after ten days, Burning Snow's eyes slightly widened.

A quest to make Nine Swords a newspaper grade. It was hard to make a sack at dawn.

“Will it be possible until then?

I'm sure there are other clients out there.

“Hmph. Accept it first or not, that's my heart. The stuff I make, who the fuck says I'll order it? If you don't like it, just tell them to take it back and that's it. ”

Yeon-woo smiles at the notion that she is also Hanova. On the other hand, I was grateful to Henova for trying to help her.

“Thank you."

“Hmph! You really do have a grateful heart, don't you? ”

“So while you're at it, I'll also ask you for another 2 ' breaker. Adding one won't make a difference, will it? ”

“You bastard!? ”

After thinking about Sanon's weapon later, Henova couldn't help but wrap her back bone around it.

“Don't get too excited. Then he is old enough to go to the goal. ”

“Ugh. That son of a bitch is really done.

Hanova changed it.

There are a lot of teeth marks on the tip of the bear barn.

Henova then asked for details about the ten swords and provinces that she wanted to entrust, and recited the requirements of Sanon and Ahn, who were transmitted through the black bracelet.

Then Hanova takes the drawing paper from the storage and starts drawing the blueprints.

Yeon-woo was also comfortable to say while looking at it, so she could ask for even a small part in detail.

By the end of the story, the sun had already gone west.

“Aigoo, I've never seen such a stubborn man like you in my life. ”

Hanova shakes his head as he looks at the densely packed portrait filled with drawings and letters.

However, his eyes were sprinkled with a strange light.

Unlike customers who had only asked for artifacts with good options so far, everything Yeon-woo had asked for was unique.

These were not just stories.

Urethral tract.

Or a machete.

If I did what I was asked to do, I'd be able to make the results without any weirdos.

I think I can make something interesting in no time. Henova's fingertips already tickle.

These difficult requirements are usually requested by martial arts masters, weapons masters, or 'masters'.

I also wondered how Yeon-woo knew about these things.

“Can I really have ten days? ”

“Ten days and teeth! There's a lot of weight balance in this wreck. Come back then.”

“Yes, I understand. Sincerely, System

“Leave it anywhere. ”

Hanova is already starting to light a brazier and start a furnace, whether she's going into production. I only gestured to Yeon-woo about to leave.

I smiled a little because I thought it was him, but I put my main money on the table nearby.

Pouch of rare gems.

They were taken out of the Intranian, so every one was expensive. I was filled with the quest to help Joao and the Mage.

'But I'm glad you're doing well.

I sighed of relief because I could not find the shadow of Bajal in the form of such a Hanova.

And I'm trying to quietly open the door and get out of the forge.

“Oh, and by the way, ”

Hanova calls out, and you stop.

Turning back, Hanova fixes her gaze on the boiling iron for a moment and doesn't even look this way.

“You don't have to come here for nothing. At this age, the sunset is just a daily multireflection. Next time, Yeon-woo opened her eyes slightly. Then he bows his head and quietly steps out of the commander's liver.

That night.

A small sign hangs from the gates of Hanova Forge.


No guests for a while.