Second Life Ranker

18. The Three Sitting Goddesses (2)

The sound of something falling.

The swordsman slowly opens his eyes to the tickling sound of his ears. The lion's talons, which had always covered his face, were flying away.

Where am I?

Kim Mu-Sin wanted to talk, but only leaks came out. I couldn't say anything.

He was born dumb, and he didn't know how to speak. So I have always lived in distant poetry and persecution, and in the world of this cruel tower, I was overwhelmed with evil martial arts thinking that the disabled man must gain the strength to survive.

Then, when he became a pupil and gained the skill of ascending to high ground, he was more moved by tears than anyone else. It was the first and last time I cried.

Since then, I have been so comfortable and comfortable as to use contradiction like the physical sex, I did not feel any discomfort.

However, since the body is such a badly damaged opponent, the magical force to be followed cannot be revealed.

It's so uncomfortable not being able to talk. It was so long ago that the Mage was able to recall an old memory.

so that the pain only suppresses the confusing equation. still squeezing the flesh that remains of pain. I opened the castle before I could.

Who • • • phrase, none?

I tried so hard to get it out.

No one answered. His mechanisms have vanished into thin air.

Have you not heard?

The swordsman squeezes his strength back into his body and spits out a contradiction.

No one, no one?

But the answer still hasn't come back.

The gumshoe frowns.

Wherever he goes, his servants follow him like shadows. So I used to follow you all the time when I was tired.

No, I used to ask if I needed anything to appear as a ghost when I was leaving the ceremony.

That's why I thought the swordsman was strange. Obviously, there were still followers in the memory that remained like fragments. The figure of the men who followed themselves, even with great injuries, and the statue of the shameless man who was riding on him.

And then what happened to • •?

My headache struck me as if I had stabbed myself with an awl. The swordsman frowns.

Like I told you not to think about anything. The head was refusing to think anymore. I'm tired, so I close my eyes more and tell him to rest.

However, Kim Mu-Sin frowned more and more and more and stuttered.

I knew I was missing something.

I forgot something important. I had to think about it.

So I somehow regained consciousness, and the memories that were broken according to my mental strength became clearer and clearer, one by one, popped up like puzzles.

The evil queen of summer. And the Red Dragon. A fallen island with servants throwing themselves like fireflies to save him.


While somehow guarding myself against the stunned self, the shroud swordsman who was smiling with all kinds of arrows and swords all over his body flashed.

The sight that I saw when I opened my rare eyes passed by like a panorama.

I remember being chased, but I didn't know what happened after that.

With an unknown sense of anxiety, the sword god finally seized the last remaining strength.

The messy magical organs continued to move.

Every time I draw, my limbs get a little twisted and I yell, "It's painful," but I managed to hold on.

So I slowly transferred the stimulus throughout the body, starting with the fingertips of the 1 = 0. As you move your arms, move your legs, you begin to get up on your feet.

The Swordsman reaches out his arm and sets it against the wall. Then I lifted my heavy head to clear my sight.

It was only then that the Mage realized that she had been in a cave. The tip of my nose feels moist. Every time I could barely walk, the pool on the ground made a thump, crash, and sound.

You follow the distant light. It was as if he had been given a rope from heaven. I walked as if it was a milestone.

After a long time, I was able to leave the cave.

The stench of the cave clears, and a dry wind strikes the face of Kim Mu-Sin. It was open.

But the swordsman could not laugh.

A wide plain in front of the cave gives me a glimpse.

Familiar faces stood all over the place like a barrier.

I think I'll stop anyone from going over to the cave. The swordsman's henchmen were slaughtering their enemies with the crosshairs. No, I stopped it.

All who are seen as enemies lie flat on the floor, not crossing the wall. As there was a violent struggle, the surroundings were filled with traces of broken, collapsed ruins.

Because, the swordsmen who erected the Wall were smiling together.

I feel like I'm going to die enjoying the fact that none of them survived Chicago. Fortunately, they were able to keep their mission until the end.

0 0 Even though they had not breathed for a long time, they were still standing so tall. As if they would defend their master even after death, and at the heart of it was shame.

More miserable than what appeared to be a residual memory. With tons of weapons in his system to make sure he can live like that.

You close your eyes on one knee, using a spear as a cane. A great many corpses lie beneath his feet, crushing the enemy to the last.


The swordsman cried out in an unbelievable scene. I wanted to pour out all the emotions boiling inside. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't hear a voice. The swordmaster cursed his mute body for the first time.

Although he was a gumshoe who dealt with all the things in the world by computation, there was only one person in the world who confided in him.

Shame on you. You're the first friend I've ever given to myself who was despised by others. There's a fun game called shamanism, so I teased him while looking for a coordination.

He's dead. But whatever was so much fun, he was smiling. You must have been happy to have saved your friend somehow.

However, it was even more painful for Kim Mu-Sin.

I'd rather run.

You stupid bear. What good would it do to lose your life? If Lee had lived, he would have just grumbled and put it away. If we do this, we won't be able to complain.

I felt like tearing out my own heart.

If only that would save the embarrassment. If only I could turn the dead.

Then I would have given it up somehow, but the world wasn't so pleasant.

So Kim Mu-Sin cried. He clenched his fist and raised his head, gripping his teeth. There was a lot of blood on his red face.


The price was captured at the fingertips of the swordsman.

A gong-nyl in the shape of a bracelet.

He still had the sword he wanted to deal with so badly.

At that moment, the boiling emotion calmed down like a lie.

The Swordsman thought.

Already he had experience setting up cleanliness with his bare hands. Can't you do it twice? No, I was confident that I would form a force greater than that.

Though unlike back then, there was no longer any shyness beside him. The swordsmith still thinks he's standing by his side, even in his death.

No, not anymore.

Be with me. All his life, the swordsman slowly got up from his seat. His body still recovers less painfully, but he reaches the bluffer with a dull, dry face as if he can't feel anything.

And I cut the left chest of the window god with my hand blade straight. I opened it and saw an old heart that had cooled down between my breasts.

The gumiho dares to shove his face into his heart.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Tough heart splinters between the molars. I felt vomiting because it smelled like it was rotting, but the sword god forcefully chewed through the heart of the shroud.

Very slowly, so you can digest properly.

[Canibal l l requires much higher power to rebuild cleanliness than before. To do so, it was never possible in the usual way.

I had to touch the taboo.

Carnival is an energy drain system skill that consumes the dead man's heart and absorbs his abilities in life.

It was also the basic skill set out in the Emerald Tarlet obtained by the Client.

The swordsman had never held it open before.

The power gained by using one method will eventually eat the owner. Moreover, he who valued the training of nothing was an absolutely unacceptable act, so he had ignored her.

Moreover, if all sorts of ghosts and curses were mixed in their magic, they could call their own coins dry.

However, there was no place for Kim Mu-Sin to retreat. If I tried to recover slowly, I might not be able to do it for many years. So I could not even dream of reconstruction or revenge.

Above all.

As long as there is no way to save the Wise Man's Stone, this is the only way to open the castle.

That's why Kim Mu-Sin took off his last pride.

There was no more pride in being unmanned. Fortunately, there were a lot of 'ingredients' here to restore his strength and bring him back to a higher height than in his prime.

Friends and servants. To fulfill their wish of defending themselves even in death.

And the hearts of my dead enemies were meant to make me a sharp apprentice and return me to the original master.

Only the sound of a gumiho chewing the heart of Odd. You shake the silence of an unknown plain.

• • • So. You're leaving? ”

The Summer Queen frowns as she looks at the slight bowing of her head. No, it is no longer a palace, we must call it by another name.

Zhang Wei, I think it was such a strange name. Earth is from a worthless world. I remembered it because it was like the world from Haven Wing.

“I think the deal is done. Isn't that right?”

Zhang Wei was not originally a member of the Red Dragon.

I was a mercenary who handled missions as much as I did when I received the quest. A well-known Class S mercenary in your world. At one time, it was better known as the 'Secret Dusk'.

However, other than that he was from Earth, all other information was hidden in the veil. Even the face that shook out of the ordinary was different every time, so it was hard to say that no one knew the real face.

There was one quest he received from the Red Dragon a long time ago.

It was to ascend to the essence of cleanliness and become the eyes and ears of the Red Dragon. Then, it was inevitable to choose a way to penetrate the cleanliness of the quest that led to empowerment when needed. Over the years, Zhang Wei was able to stand out in purity and sit down in the imperial position.

When the Summer Queen saw it, Zhang Wei was saved - a long way to go = 0 1- important words.

No one wants to spend years in the air and be washed away.

In addition, Zhang Wei was able to end his relationship with the Red Dragon as long as he decided to become one of the five owners of Purity.

However, Zhang Wei was unconscious as if to see such a concern. And while keeping the mission clean, we have drawn the final victory of the Red Dragon.

Even if the Summer Queen only had wounds left = victory. At the time of Bahal's death, it was not an easy task to obtain.

That's why the Summer Queen asked Zhang Wei to become 81 eyes. with striking conditions that will give you a high rank if you wish.

However, Zhang Wei refused the offer underground.

If I receive a quest, I will follow it, but if I tell you that it's hard to enter under someone's umbrella with all my heart. And besides, if you've been asked by other forces like you did in Purification, you can handle threats, not threats.

So the Summer Queen was more coveted by Zhang Wei.

When he found the treasure, he had to have it handed over to the dragon and Zhang Wei shined on it with a treasure of that value.

Unfortunately, the Summer Queen had to go through with it.

I wasn't in a position to be greedy. The hair that was twisting with my fingertips turned even bluer. The Dragon Heart was proof that it was now shutting down.

The Summer Queen was feeling crisis at the moment. Perhaps the Dragon Heart will turn into a simple stone.

The Dragon Heartless polyp is just that big lizard. Loss of value as a polyp. It's no different than following the dead.

She was afraid of such a future. She was not afraid even when she was at war with Ulpowon, but she was not as afraid as the fact that her existence might disappear.

However, the Wise Man's Stone, which he thought would restore the Dragon Heart, is now completely hidden from sight.

Not only the Wise Man's Stone, but all the materials he worked hard to gather to complete the stone were evaporated.

Going this way is really dangerous.

The sewers were still searching every stairwell for the Necromancer. The Summer Queen thought that even if she could find him, she wouldn't find the Wise Man's Stone.

Someone must have taken it.

The one who made them bump into each other in the darkness and confused them.

I had to find his trail somehow. And fortunately, Zhang Wei said he was also good at tracking someone because of his tenacity.

“Good. One last question. Do you still want to come under me? You know what it means to be blessed. ”

“I already have a god to serve. ”

“Certainly. You don't have a good answer for refusal, do you? ”

“Thank you."

“Good. Then I'll ask for one more thing. Unlimited time. I'll give you as much as you want. Instead, I want you to complete the quest as soon as possible. All you have to do is find someone."

“Who are you looking for? ”

In Zhang Wei's question, the Summer Queen twisted her legs to the other side and opened her lips slightly.

“A new quest. ”

On your way up to the red portal, off the 76th floor. Zhang Wei touched his mouth with his thumb and Kim Ji.

“How far will it go this time? ”

Zhang Wei doesn't want money much. I've already made enough money, and I don't need anything else because I have the Sildong Palace I received from Iye.

Instead, he needed a price to quench his thirst. The thirst that always lingers on his mind and torments his soul.

Unless this was resolved, Zhang Wei was left with no affiliation and no choice but to wander around.

I hope it lasts a long time. ”

As fast as he moves. The necklace you left in your collar glitters out slightly.

A shell necklace I made when I was a kid with my comrades for fun after shooting.

But now, the cause of his daily thirst is tremendous.

as if waiting for a cost price.