Second Life Ranker

19. The Three Sitting Goddess (3)

“Here you go, sir. ”

The Vister's hands, which put down the coffee cup, trembled.

The Night's Watch, which had almost collapsed, was now an excellent apprentice who made it the most powerful dark force outside the tower, but did not look at Jama Pond properly.

Rather, I wanted to make no mistake in the meantime, so I even wiped my hands before I came here.

Luckily, the underlings said they wouldn't pee on their roots, rather than mess with Henova's forge.

That must mean the shock that Yeon-woo gave you before was terrible.

But if you want to catch something, you can catch it.

Bister couldn't take his eyes off her until she had a quiet cup of coffee.

Since the big guy has risen, I didn't even think about going against him in the first place.

I was shocked when I first met Yeon-woo, and I was familiar with Yeon-woo's performance statue in the child. They are never a match for what they can do.

I shrugged my surroundings while drinking coffee. Obviously, he was much different from when he lost.

“You've changed quite a bit. ”

“More, thanks to you, I was able to move my feet a little bit. ”

Thanks to you.

Peek. Yeon-woo smiles lightly as she looks at the beaster, which brings out words she doesn't even have in mind.

But that looked more terrifying to the Beaster.

I put down the cup of coffee quietly and stared at the bister with my chin bent. The Beaster straightens his back without even knowing it.

“The longer the story, the more tired it gets, the simpler the business. ”

“Don't, tell me. ”

The Beaster nods nervously.

“I want to find someone."

“Any • • • •


“Bo, if it's Braham, Are you talking?”

“Right 0}

The exile was originally the ancestor of 'Ilohut55182;' which was founded only as an archipelago or transcendent. However, he tagged the word Captain Chumchuang /Lim after being expelled from work/Logham/Yi Zhu.

The problem is that Brahmin 0/I'm going to say it very much.

The more you twist, the weirder the öh3A/Ø.

Elohim, one of the eight great clans, was famous for not taking members lightly.

There's only one thing they want.

Depending on where the bloodline is, whether the bloodline is pure or not, the rank is thoroughly determined. In addition, the Great Blood 'only had an epidemiological thought that was thought to be born naturally.

Transcendence is made up of semi-magic, Tachon, Banir, Pro-Togenois, and so on.

As everyone was able to naturally get angry over the years, they had to have a strong tendency to look down on the players who were climbing the tower with difficulty.

In other words, it is a collection of nobles in the world of towers.

Abraham was the one who was expelled from Elohim.

It was also widely known that Elohim was also a descendant of a very high rank race.

Wherever Abraham went, however, he laughed and laughed that he had no use for his origins, but rather the exile he had gained through his banishment from Elo's power.

I liked the nickname as a medal.

I feel free to do whatever it takes and hate being trapped in whatever it takes. He was easily visible wherever he went because he had a cynical personality.

“Three days. Give me three days. We'll get back to you shortly. ”

The Bister did not ask why he sought Abraham wisely.

He was a smart guy who knew how to act for a long time.

“Very well. Let me know as soon as you do."

Yeongwoo pulled out a ring-shaped artifact from the subspace and threw it at the Beaster.

In addition to the materials for the Wise Man's Stone, the Magic Warehouse Intranian contained various artifacts that could be useful for gold and silver.

It was an artifact for communication that made it easier to communicate over distance, no matter where it was located, even if it was far away.

It was fairly expensive and there was a limit to the number of uses, so it was not an easy item to get.

Yeon-woo was not her property in the first place, so she could easily give it away. Of course, all the evidence that proves the source is the Red Dragon was the worthy opponent.

“And this is the start-up payment. ”

I put a bag on the table that follows the ring. I heard a pretty heavy voice.

The Beaster opens his pockets carefully and is furious. Gold coins pile up a lot inside.

After all these communication artifacts, there are so many quests. The lotus looked like nothing.

Moreover, Abraham's information was easy to obtain with just the hydrogen gate.

I asked for three days just in case I suddenly hid my career, but in fact, that was enough.

“Yi, you need to give it like this.

“Just plow. I mean, I need you to find him that fast. I hope you will protect Heno Bar well from now on. ”

“Thank you. I'll use it wisely. ”

The Beaster gets up and bends at his waist.

At this moment, his calculator was running fast. For them, he was as scary as the afterlife, but in fact, Yeon-woo was definitely capable of becoming famous every day in the future.

Then it would be helpful for Klan to forget the last zero grudges and allow him to move on.

That's why he showed a lot of gold coins and showed that he was willing to continue trading for years to come.

Yeon-woo slowly got up from his seat, looking at the bister quickly figuring out what he was going to say.

Since he was quick to notice, it was unnecessary to tell him not to tempt information about himself elsewhere.

'Now we just need to find Abraham and focus on the stairs until we get the sword we asked for.

Yeongwoo turns her head toward the window. His gaze was fixed on a tall, blue-eyed tower far away.

[This is the 16th floor, the Wheel of Life. "]

Yeongwoo sweeps her head back to the familiar sights. And at the same time, I could feel a bunch of invisible poetry lines sticking together.

'Come to King, should I have done it before then?'

The moment he appeared, the owners of the gaze had already begun to move urgently somewhere.

Maybe they're headed for their own temple.

Yeongwoo has already placed her hand on the temple of the school. It was no wonder that the High Septon and the priests were so nervous again.

I wasn't regretting it, but it was a bit annoying.

I was in a hurry to get out because there might be a Purity trail when I brought Hanbin in.

Since it was now, I thought that I would be able to easily complete the trials since there were so many people who were so careful of themselves.

Of course, that doesn't change things.

Yeongwoo organized her thoughts and moved her steps from the fork in three places, third to the temple of the school.

There was no other reason.

Once I set a course, I couldn't go outside because of the rule that I couldn't go anywhere else.

By the way.

[You cannot go to the Temple of the Future (School). The owner of the temple is not allowed in.]

We have a problem.

The Temple of the Future, or rather, the Gods School in the Temple, was rejecting Yeouido.

Do we have to force it through? '

I can't finish the trial like this. I try to force my way through, but suddenly I hear the sound of yelling lotus in the back as I bring the 1- muscle to the beagrid hanging on my back.

“This is the sacred realm of the gods. Please be respectful as you fly. ”

Turning back, someone in a Saehaan costume bows politely.

It was hard to recognize Mr. Rob's face by deep pressure, but his voice was female.

A robe with a golden spinning wheel.

It was once the goddess of the past, symbolic of the Urds.

“Year 9"

“Greetings are late. I am Hepburn, the apostle of Urd the Goddess. ”

The eyes of Yeon Woo flashing sharply between the masks.

When I heard the name Urd, I remembered something.

Three Goddess. Middle. Firstborn. Caution.

A message from a demon who borrowed the mouth of his master, Ralph.

We still don't know the devil's name.

I wasn't interested and didn't want to know.

However, I could never ignore the fact that the Urd Apostle had come to me personally.

The apostle was an agent of God, representing their willingness to leave the 98th floor, even if they were to come face to face with Urd.

Fortunately, Hepburn did not intend to antagonize Yeon-woo, but he could not.

The power of the Apostle comes from the Lord God. He is an apostle of Urd who has no power but to look at his destiny, so he will be weak too.

Of course, you have enough power to compete with rankers.

Yeonwoo considers herself to be never outmatched by a ranker of some size.

No, there was no reason to take advantage of a high ranker or equivalent.

Hapburn was well aware of that. So her attitude was very respectful.

“So, why is the Apostle of Oord here? ”

However, even in such a polite way, I still thought it would never be a good idea for the apostle of Urd to come to us.

It was natural to be cautious. Hapburn also said in a calm voice as if it were natural.

“The goddess wants to see you. ”

“Are you trying to hack me?"

“You know better than anyone that we don't have the power to do so. And the Goddess wants to see you with all her heart. If you still can't believe it, I'm here to make a vow in the name of God. ”

Give me a name. Even though the cause-and-effect rate of tying gods and demons together was insufficient, it meant that we would bear it. The higher the existence, the more severe the constraint.

And yet you want to see him? I had no idea what she was thinking about Urd and Hepburn.

But I couldn't go to the yard like this right now.

The road to the temple of Manama Verdandi must be blocked as well. The only way to complete the trials is to get to the Shrine of Urd.

I felt irritated at the moment of making love.

Even if the opponent is a god, it is unpleasant to be forced to be dragged around by someone.

When the user can't figure out what the target is up to, the user whistles.

Doing so in the world of a tower that could easily be eaten with eyes turned, was suicide.

Of course, it was Yun Wu who provoked them first.

However, Yeon-woo was proud of what she did. What happened at the temple was never a good thing to see.

A r. So Yeon pushed her magic into the black bracelet. Then the shadow of Hepburn shifts slightly and rises to the top.

When Hepburn tried to take a step back, the crescent-shaped shadow sickle was already on her neck.

And as one side of the hood was cut off, the hidden face was revealed.

White skin. Pointed ears. It's a mess, but it's still a beautiful oyster like the painting.

And the hair that falls like a waterfall and bounces gold.

“High Elves?"

I opened my eyes slightly as if it were a surprise.

The golden hair was evidence from Freya the goddess of beauty that she inherited the blood.

High Elves are the ancestors of Elves and Dark Elves. In addition, the population was decreasing at a rapid rate due to the property that almost couldn't give birth to offspring.

It was hard to find even within the tower, and most of the remaining people were known to be over 1,000 years old. In addition, it also corresponded to the pilgrimage.

Of course, that didn't mean I had to pick up the Shadow sickle that was under Hepburn's chin.

Surprise didn't mean Hepburn wasn't an apostle of the Urds.

Rather, Yeon-woo seemed to be doing well.

Since the Apostle is part of God, death alone brings a great blow to God. How much worse could it be if a High Elf-like Zionist died? It meant the value of as a hostage was that high.

I can always feel the spirits running around the High Elves, but the monster doesn't even flinch.

Hepburn's attitude doesn't appeal to Yeon-woo - he frowns.

“What are you doing? ”


“Even if I make a promise to God, I don't have a reason to trust you completely. I'll let you go when I'm done. If you're not going to hurt him anyway, you're not going to hurt him, are you? ”

Hepburn distorts his face more widely, then turns around, looking as if nothing had happened soon.

“I'll show you where the goddess is. Follow me.”

The Hepburn disappears rapidly, leaving nothing behind. The creature in the shadow moves as well.

You want me to go after him on my own?

Thinking of revenge with great humility, Yeon-woo lightly stepped on the sidewalk in the direction of the vanishing Hepburn.