Second Life Ranker

20. Three Sitting Goddess (4)

[I have chosen the path to the Temple of the Past (Urd).]

Yeongwoo crossed the leftmost road along the Hepburn.

Unlike the forest path to the Temple of the School, the path to the Temple of the Urds is a hill with a slight slope.

I couldn't see the believers heading to the temple well.

Unlike the two temples that were easy to tell about future prophecies and reality, the Temple of Urd was not very popular with the believers because it was responsible for the past.

Moreover, since the recent incident at the Cool Temple, the number of players looking for the 16th floor has decreased significantly.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to arrive comfortably.

Unlike the Temple of the School where the marble was erected, the Temple of the Urds was arched with a round roof.

Although she was the first of the three goddesses, she was very small and modest.

“A guest invited by the goddess. Clear a path, everyone. ”

The priests, who were standing in front of the temple, found Hepburn, hurriedly leaned over the dog and opened the way.

I saw the Shadow sickle under Hepburn's chin, but no one wrote a note about it. Rather, they did not even make eye contact with Hepburn as if it was blasphemy to make eye contact with or disturb her.

I heard the Apostle is accepted as the avatar of God. Clearly, the priests treated her differently in many ways.

Along the long corridor, along Hepburn, I stood in front of a large door.

The door that looked about four meters showed the character of Urd, except for a simple pattern of water levers, there was no other decoration to say this.

However, the moment I saw the door, I could feel it clearly.

It was heavy.

No, I'd say it's deep.

However, it also seemed to be large in some ways and very high in others. I even felt cozy.

Something unknown hides behind the door.

Jo Jo, Jo Jiaying -- and like the idea of that, the black bracelet and the beagrid rang a little bit. I can also feel Aegis vomiting out of the closed subspace.

A huge power is hidden.

It was a different feeling than when I encountered the King or the Queen of Summer.

“You feel it, I'm sure. ”

Hepburn stared at Yeon Wu with strange eyes.

Yeon-woo frowned slightly.

“What does that mean? ”

“There are occasionally such people. It's closed with a door, but you can feel it out there. Most of them are very good senses, or they're very spiritual. No, Hepburn's golden eyes were still shining.

“I've had my fill of excitement. ”

Yeon could not understand Hepburn's words.

“What lies beyond?

“God. ”

God is here? Beyond the door?

God can never escape the 98 mark. The three Sitting Goddess didn't want to be involved on the 98th floor, so she always put her consciousness on the 16th floor, but that didn't mean that she could descend completely down to the ground in the flesh.

But Hepburn was saying that there is a God out there.

Yeongwoo gives you an eye light saying what it means, but Hepburn lowers his head slightly and takes a step back, knowing if you go inside.

“From here on, the sanctuary where God sits. I'm not allowed to go because I'm not allowed to go on my own. ”

Sanctuary means the realm of God.

When Yeouido came to a hemolytic Awakening, he was able to administer his power within a certain compartment of the sanctuary, just as he would have absolute power within a certain region of the realm.

Yeon-woo hesitated for a while as if she didn't like it, but soon she stood at the door.

If we get in here anyway, we won't lose contact with the monster melted in Hepburn's shadow.

No, I rather wanted to grow up well.

I wondered what God was like. You open the door wide, thinking you'll find out when you see Urd.

Queek_Darkness surrounds him. Even though it was dark enough that it wouldn't go back and forth, Yeon-woo went deep without hesitation.

The door was blocked with the outside. Then the darkness deepened and eroded to the sensual zero, which had expanded outward.

And there was another cost to the job.

In the darkness that runs so wide that you don't know the end. What Yeon-woo saw was too big to recognize the end.

A force similar to the one you felt vague outside the door.

Such power was broad, high, and deep.

I can't even begin to guess where the limits are. Yeon-woo couldn't make a sense that her existence seemed to be infinitely small and humbled like fireflies.

I thought it was so big that I couldn't even fathom it when I felt it out there.

When I actually met him, I couldn't even get a proper phosphorus.

At that moment, I unconsciously drooled into myself. The god in front of me was really clumsy.

It reminds me of Hermes I met in Olympus' report. I couldn't feel his presence at the time. It was the exact opposite.

No, this is exactly right. Hermes cared about kite woo that was still weak, and Urd just didn't feel the need to draw it.

To God, man is nothing but a mere specimen.

It seems hard to find traces of sand castles swept by the sea. As if you don't see the light of half a layer in front of the sun. His presence was too dull.

The opposing Pokémon seems to scatter and rain just by blowing the wind out of their mouths.

No, first of all, maybe it just works on my existence.

Without even realizing it was gone, I felt a crisis that might disappear like a candle.

On second thought, Yeon immediately activates the Magic Power circuit to its maximum output. Spinning 360 cores, she powers the entire body, spreading the wings of fire wide, and wrapping them around the body to form a protective film.

He tried to recognize the physical senses somehow and clearly cut off his mind so that his existence was obscured.

Then, with magical power, I cut the proximal muscles from the outside and lifted my high dog up.

[Battle Will]

Yeon-woo focused on one place while maximizing her consciousness.

We don't know exactly where God is. But I was sure that Yeon-woo wouldn't care where she looked.

This is a sanctuary, a place where the will of God sits, and where God Himself dwells. Then there was definitely a gaze everywhere.

And, as if that were the right idea, a slightly louder voice dug into Yeon Woo's head.

You have quite the temper. Well, you might have thought about hitting that plate in the inner temple.

Sounds like a mix of ridicule from the cost. No, more cynical than that.

The more I painted, the more tense she became. He then took his left hand to the black bracelet, adding the firepower of the protective shield around his body.

It was to move the shadow embedded in the Hepburn's shadow.

The intention of such a alliance has been conveyed to Urd.

I don't know why you're so wary of me. I promised you I wouldn't do you any harm, and I really don't. But you never tried to hide the knife.

“I don't know what you're thinking."

A cautious child who successors to the power of the dinosaurs. The lizard snakes are usually dead, except for their arrogance. I don't know how that power got to someone like you.

The heir to the dragon. I'm talking about the connection between Cal Latus' powers through his brother.

As a god observing the past, Urd was able to see all the paths he had been on.

So I ignored all those eyes and went straight to business.

“Why did you call me? ”

The trial on the 16th floor is very simple.

You can ask the questions of the temple's Prefect and hear the short answer from the goddess. That's it.

The difficulty may be easy, but the answers from the three goddesses could be a big indicator of what players will do in the future. Because of this, everyone thought carefully and went through this trial.

However, none of them met the goddess in person.

He also chose Verdant's temple on the 16th floor, and passed right after listening to a few trusts.

So it was doubtful that Urd would show up like this.

You look like you want to get out of here at least once.

I did not answer this 0 no 0 .

Urd's voice is still cynical, as if it didn't matter.


The answer I never thought of. The eyes of Yeon Woo under the mask were slightly distorted.

The more I painted, the more Urd laughed.

Yes, just. As you can see, I don't usually have many visitors here. There are hardly anyone who needs me. So I was interested in someone who was bored because someone had turned the temple upside down.

Even though we sit, God is God. Players dare to disturb the Temple is not easy to see. Even those who hate us don't try to pretend with us. You kicked it with your feet like you wanted to see it.

Yeon-woo kept her mouth shut.

So I just wanted to see it once. I was waiting for him to come back up one day because the 16th floor of the trial wasn't over. And this is how we met. That's it.

[All trials have ended]

[You have successfully met Goddess Oord. Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional ball deposits will be provided]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[Acquired Public Values are combined with Accumulated Public Values.]

[Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?]

I opened my eyes wide in a sudden message.

Yeonwoo still couldn't figure out what Urd was thinking.

There were so many humans I had seen while I was here. They were all so wrapped up in the past that they regretted something. Those who come to me are one and the same.

People who have regretted their past decisions, and have ignored them. And those who do not live in the present and the future because they do not get away from the past.

There was one thing they wished they could not part from in the past swamp. To get me out of the swamp. He asked me how to get to the future. He wanted to find his own life somehow.

Life is the present that is created by stacking up the past, and such present is the future that will continue.

You could see that the present and the future define life.

In short, life was hope.

"But you're different. Very different.

Yeon thought Urd was smiling.

And then I could see why she called herself.

"You have no regrets or foolishness. Still swimming into the deeper past. And over and over again, beating myself up over and over. And at the end of that, there is no country. Only my dead brother remains.

So I ask. To myself. I wonder if I can do this. My brother closed his eyes so sadly, you can't live a happy present with guilt, so he constantly turns his head against it and pushes himself into the mouth of misfortune. And keep on making yourself miserable.

Blood stains on his clenched fist.

And doubtful. He was betrayed by friends he trusted. Is it okay if I do? Can I trust these people around here right now?

These people seemed different from them, but I thought my brother would be with them forever. Betrayal is something you can find at any time. Then I keep on being alert to them. Isn't that right?

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth.

Be doubtful and doubtful.

Urd's voice continues to grow. Chuckling, I kept making noises in my head.

"Deny, and deny.

The darkness that surrounded the pond shook.

One by one, the darkness rushed, and my emotions deteriorated, and I stormed like a wave.

It was the frenzy of a madman obsessed with the past.

Those who are close to you can always turn back. If it doesn't suit your taste. If they don't get what they want. One day I'll have your head in a cell. So hit him before he gets you. Move before they move. Chew, chew, tear. That way you won't get hurt. That way, I can use more firepower to keep you from getting hurt. Don't get caught in the frenzy.

It seemed to disappear just by being exposed there.

You may want to ask. Why should I? Of course you are.

But I also thought that.

The frenzy of the Urds. I'm too used to whatever it is.

Don't say you don't know. Don't look away.

Urd knew exactly what she was thinking. And he was pulling out one of his memories.


You've been living like that all this time. Everything you've ever lived, it's been that way. Even in that hellish battlefield, where the flood and the flute spread. And it won't be any different here. But you're just holding it against your will at this moment.

One day, something passed by like a flashlight. Urd was forcibly regenerating his memory, which he had barely forgotten to become.

I wanted to get rid of it, but the picture in front of my eyes did not stop.


Yeongwoo was hurting a rugged mountain ridge.

Hunger and thirst. Long-lasting battle fatigue. A bullet through the flank. Colleagues lost to the faintest birds. He had to survive somehow, and he had to make a grotesque move in the middle of the enemy.

Anger at his peers who despised him.

I believed until the end, but eventually I forced him to make the dying grudge against those who forsook the faith.

I've been moving for a long time. And I met a lot of people in the process. I killed and killed again.

It was probably created then.

Always standing on the inside of Yeon-woo. Sometimes monsters whisper like demons.

So take it out.

Yeongwoo woke up from Juma, etc. It was like poetry had just woken up from a nightmare I didn't want to dream about.

Urd tries to keep him deeper and almost tied up in the swamp.


I felt like I could see myself going beyond the darkness.

She must be smiling brightly, with her fangs wide open.

The monster inside you.

With the same attitude as this son of a bitch still in his heart.