Second Life Ranker

The Three Sitting Goddesses (5)

“This is what Urd looks like, the self-confident Urd. That's a hard sight to see. ”

The sanctuary of the dark Urd.

Suddenly, a snake pops out of one corner and picks it up and turns into a human.

"Scram, if you're going to talk nonsense, Herr Urd yells at Harmesh with an annoying voice.

Hermes cracks a smile as he gently taps the floor with his staff, Herald Draw.

The longer I drafted • • laughed, the bigger Urd's annoyance became.

Urd originally intended to confuse Yeouido. Because when she saw him, he wasn't that messy in the past.

Although it is a world of pagan towers, many with many past and foolishness, Urd saw that it was the best of them all.

Most players live without hope.

Those who had nothing else to do want to achieve greater things here, and those who wish to turn their backs on the world they lived in want a new life.

Some people want medicine for their sick relatives.

For whatever reason, it is to climb the tower with hope. That was their life.

It was present and future.

But Yeon-woo was different.

Without any hope, I only climbed the tower. The past is not free from restraints. No, I pushed Ssro deeper.

So she provoked it. Lord Oord peeks into the past.

It was very easy to test people by pulling out the past like that.

And I thought that Yeon-woo wouldn't be able to get out of there as easily as she had.


“Isn't it time to stop seducing people? Not everyone's just playing with your hands like that poor fellow out there. ”

Hermes swoops to the door and turns his dog. There will be a poor boy at the gate, waiting for Urd's new words.

Hepburn. Though he was destined to be queen of the High Elves, he fell into a new bowl without stripping off the oysters the tribe gave him.

Then, as I cut through the darkness, a woman walked out. Whenever you move, the dry bridge appears and disappears.

Long hair that comes down to your toes.

Eyes made of white masturbation with no black pupils. It was a beauty that was partially concealed in the dark and not well seen, but was generally quite glamorous.

Urd faced Hermes with a cave filled with annoyances.

Looking at his face, I felt even more annoyed because it seemed like the image of Yeongwoo leaving the sanctuary while smiling.

Snoring. I did. Yeon-woo dared not dare to laugh in front of God himself. Like I said, don't talk nonsense. No, as if it were petty. I laughed at him and snuck out of the sanctuary.

Obviously, he forced out the past that he wanted to somehow turn away from. Yeon-woo had a similar experience as her sister had.

He was abandoned by his trusted comrades in the midst of the enemy, and he forcibly led his wounded body over a forest that was 150 kilometers long.

In the process, she emptied all her feelings. I threw away my anger, my grudge, my revenge, and I became an emotional seal. The creature, Cain, has been there ever since.

It was only later that I realized that there was a mixture of misunderstandings, not misunderstandings, but at that time it was already over.

Yeon did not see them again. Rather, the next time I saw him, I even saw the look of killing him.

And I forgot.

I reminded him of the past. It will be the same this time. You're no different. Betray me before I betray you. Trust no one, and live in disbelief and self-doubt. I whispered that you should not walk the same path as your brother.

Oord thought that Yeouido would never escape his chains.

Most of the people she met were like that. That's how Hepburn met, and so did other dolls.

However, Yeon-woo kicked him out as if to look at him. The trial was over, so I went straight from there as if I had nothing else to do. I headed straight to the 17th mark.

Urd never knew what Yeon-woo was thinking. What the hell was he thinking?

The subject of living in the past more than anyone. In a state that has no dreams or hopes, and cannot be woken by the mere transference of gifts. How did he get off the hook?

“Stand as you judge the truth of destiny. Yeah, I don't know. All of which will shine only as a simple puppet show. We don't know that those who are bound by the thread of destiny are all moving at their own will.

“Fuck you, Hermes. The truth is set. The beginning, the end. Fate cannot escape. What we saw was always right. ”

Hermes shrugs.

“Well, you and I both know what we can see. ”

= Brushed teeth. 0 to 1-

“You guys, things at Olympus are always like that. Looters Theme Ero

“We've been through this a few times. But you couldn't. That's the only difference."

“Ha! What's to overcome? Eventually, all you had to do was put a knife in my father's back. Things I was afraid of, locked away. Overcome?"

“As I always say, all you have to do is run parallel lines to tell a long story. ”

Urd chews his lips well. Harmes was right. The area that the West seeks is different, so it is different.

They were tied to the same field of gods, but they were different. Since the birth of the child.

“I thought you guys were keeping an eye on him. ”

He means Yeon-woo.

“I'm not the only one. Athena has a deep interest. Ares or Dionysus, let's not say otherwise. No, the truth is, not just us, but everyone cares. ”

Ever since Yeon-woo left the dragon's legacy and started fixing it to my taste.

ever since we launched this incredible idea of bureaucracy to deal with an institution called the horsepower circuit that would never fit into the human body.

Most of those living on the 98th floor showed interest in Yeonwoo. Some seriously thought about how to become an apostle son.

If he had been satisfied with at least the condition of becoming an apostle, a ranker who had broken through 50 insects, he would have suffered several offers immediately.

“And don't let the demons get to you.

It's empty. ”

Urd opens his eyes in surprise. Unlike the gods who care deeply downstairs, it's hard to know what the demons are thinking.

And they're after Yeouido, too?

It is said that Agarose of the East is very drooling. ”

Agares is the number two Demon King of the 72 Demons. It symbolizes destruction and madness, and boasts of the end of greed among demons.

The fact that he went out • • Urd could only think of one fact.

A fragment of a memory I had peered at from Yeonwoo. A message from the Devil, who told me to watch out for myself via the administrator Laplace just before arriving on the 16th floor.

The demon who didn't know his name was Agarose.

Urd clenches his fist. Now there are so many people who want to eat what God wanted to eat. She hated being robbed of her fortune more than anyone.


“And most of all, ”

Suddenly, Hermes hits the ground again with his Herald, keeping the smile on the day.

Jiaying paints a deep ripple in the dark where Herald is placed, spreading out into all directions and eating away at the surroundings. The sanctuary, filled with Urd's energy, trembles violently and collapses.

Instead, the fragmented world was filled with ash.

Dozens of Boa Snakes, boasting enormous sizes around the Urds, look down at this side with their heads raised above the debris.

Interest. Interest. The soles of my tongue are sharply shiny.

Urd's body stiffened with dozens of pairs of snakes' eyes. It is a magic word that snakes swallow both dragons and gods in one mouth. Such a bamboo snake symbolized his absolute power as the incarnation and family of Hermes.

“I hope you don't forget that I'm there, too. I was the one who set him up first. My yard was a little annoyed because other friends seem to be coveting mine. Couldn't you just cut in like this? ”

Urd clenches his fist. Hae Remès is the only one among the gods who wanders freely through the afterlife and the afterlife.

At times, it could be directly folded onto the lower staircase. I'd give you that much power.

If you're branded with such a headache. Then it's all over. As soon as the snakes moved and ate her, there was nothing to say.

In the end, Urd had to take a step back. Even through humiliation, Hermes had his strength.

“Good. You seem to be able to understand.

Harmesh smiles glancing and turns back into a snake and goes underground. As the snakes warned, they had to shoot the Urds once before disappearing by a single stroke.

The sanctuary was once again overlaid with black symbols of the Urds. But her once-in-a-lifetime pride did not return easily.


“Yes, my lord. ”

At that time, according to Urd's orders, a Hepburn appeared, darkening. "Quietly, I bowed my head.

Perhaps because Yeongwoo left, there were no more Shadow sickles under her chin.

“Swallow the child. Somehow.”

If this side can't have it, it will be destroyed.

It was a stubbornness that Urd had brought for a long time.

Moreover, Urd felt a strange feeling in Harmesh's words that he had said he had taken over the pond first.

Harmesh, as she knows him, was a windy god. He was liberal and unwilling to be entangled. When he sought power at the door, he had no desire for wealth.

Nevertheless, it was too costly for Hermes to set the day up like that.

The look in Hermes' eyes was clearly not greed.

'When you want to hide from the 1- non- 1- sourced • externally when you want to spend money.

It was the eye light that was seen when you hid it all in order not to get a heavy cost stolen.

'There's a cost. Cost.'

Harmes thought there was a reason for surrounding the moats like that. Especially, Athens and Dionisos did not pay the price that they were interested in Yeonwoo.

They are the only two adults who have not sinned in Olympus where the looters sit.

Because even the gods' past was a Urd to conquer. I could see that the cost price was unusual.

Hermes should never have kept his mouth shut.

The commanded Hepburn lowers his head deeper. While Urd is deep in thought, he steps out quietly, opening the door of the room again as he appeared.

At that moment, Urd suddenly turns his head to the side, feeling a jolt in his head. I tried to tell him to stop.

Spoon - Hepburn's head falls off the floor, separated from his neck, even before she speaks.

The long shadows fade away, embracing Hepburn's soul. The Goose who thought he had disappeared with Yeongwoo was actually hiding in the shadow of Hepburn.

If Urd wants to do Hepburn any harm to him, that is, for each response.

No matter how well you hid, Urd couldn't even read the creature.

No, precisely because of the lack of strength left over by the harmesh, my senses were so dull that I couldn't read them. There was something terrible about the room.

And the consequences of such carelessness. You've returned horribly.


Urd can't keep up with the missing creature. The terrible pain shook her spirit.

The Apostle is the terminal connected with God, the spirit. Since it was forcibly torn, it must be as painful as if the limbs had fallen off.

The Hepburn is a precious High Elf that Urd has only acquired after a long time of suffering. It was as big as the one he had. Of course, there was no choice but to come back.

The spirituality was failing. Urd had to defend himself somehow in a world of solitary confinement.

Farr. The darkness is trembling.

And that day, the 16th floor had to be dragged into a sudden cessation of the trust.

[This is the coffin of the Seventeen Bow Winds and Blue Waves.]]

Yeongwoo takes the blue portal to the new stairwell.

A full-fledged staircase attack has begun, but the mind is filled with annoyance for the Urds rather than for the raid.

But the moment I saw the ghosts and ghosts of Hepburn bound by black bracelets, my annoyance vanished like snow.

The soul of a high ranker was as hard to obtain as the soul of a high ranker. No, it was much harder to get. Especially an apostle with the power of God.

Perhaps, but the spirit of Hepburn in the collection will be filled with a mystical force that was forcibly ripped from Urd.

Since Yeon-woo was already worried about wiping out her power.

'Of course, from now on, I have completely pretended to be the three sitting goddesses. } c I will be a little annoyed with the addition.

Perhaps the three temples will form a pursuit force to reclaim the Urds' powers. Maybe he hired a mercenary group or a mercenary group.

It may have been a little annoying, but it might have worked out well.

kThe ghosts from the Red Dragon and Purity on the field were all opponents because they strengthened the gangs and the living back. It was a good opportunity to easily replenish.

In fact, Yeon seems to know why Urd wants to provoke himself.

He was going to take revenge on his youngest brother and play with him like a toy.

So Yeon-woo was offended and kicked out the door. I thought how he was going to get out, so I hid him in the shadows without picking up the monster.

What Urd pointed out in the sanctuary was the fact that he was aware.

Past experiences, the work of my brother. In all cases, there is no choice but to incite disbelief in people.

In fact, he did not trust anyone easily during his stay in Africa. Until I entered the tower, I doubted everyone.

But it's different now.

I had a change of heart when I met a lot of people.

In his mind, the last two lines of text he left at the tip of the diary remained deep like a stigma.

The harbor was my ally. I don't want you to look like you've finished Buda.

As long as he had this to say, nothing would ever change.

I couldn't be ashamed of my brother.