Second Life Ranker

22. Mount of Agony (1)

“What's the last thing you want to say? ”

“The curse of destiny breaks the heads of the last priests by empowering their feet, as if the curse of destiny were not worth hearing anymore.

Then I nuked the perimeter and looked around.


The whole area has already been cleared out by troops.

Over 300 players died in that strange shape.

Forced bending of the limb or piercing through a sharp shadow thorn.

The common thing was that they were all afraid of each other. The odd undead are inexplicable.

They were all chasers from the Church of the Three Sitting Gods. Shrines blessed by the Goddess to be their swords.

He declared the temple and ran me the whole way, but the result was false. None of them even swung a knife at Yeon-woo.

The creature became confused by the appearance of the troops and eventually self-destructed. The power of the dragon didn't have to be broken.

The 2 `muscle gangsters disappeared into the ground carrying the corpses. The bloodstains are all clear, like when there was a violent battle around them.

These guys are too boring, Master. Is this all you've got? "

Sanon grunts as he puts his sword to his shoulder as if it were no fun.

I didn't have a head under my helmet, but I felt like I was poking my lips out for some reason.

He nods as if he agrees, lowering his bloodied blade.

In fact, he didn't even pull out all the nine swords. Two bags were enough. Perhaps it was his pride that he faced the knife with these downstreams.

“More will come." Don't flatter yourself. ”

Well, if the owner says so. Next time, call me when there are better guys.

Sanon says so, and with him is burned back into the black bracelet.

Since then, there have been several chases.

And every time they were defeated, Yeongwoo could sit back and harvest souls and continue to strengthen the monsters. The more power they brought, the better for Yeongwoo.

In this situation, the churches of the three sitting goddesses eventually had to stop tracking.

I will only admit that the difference between the power surges is too great.

Instead of staying like this, their cult was about to be rooted.

There were also too many mercenary groups or assassin groups that had been employed, which resulted in a high demand for funds. Moreover, there was a rumor about Yeon Woo's performance award, and some even knew about the quest and refused it.

So, even if they did not give up completely, they will try to repair and chase after them from the bridge.

However, Yeon thought that she wouldn't even be around for a while.

Failure in the Temple of Schools. The Apostle of the Dead Urd. And a handful of paladins died. Although the Temple of Verdandy remains, they were a community of destiny with the other two.

Of course, the Faith of the three churches fell to the ground, and the remaining believers turned their backs.

The power of God comes from majesty.

After losing such majesty, the three churches had to suffer the lonely winter for a while.

To fix this, we won't have time to put up with Yeon-woo for a while. You won't have that kind of power.

'Then what should we do with this Divine Power now?'

Yeongwoo carefully examines the power that was forcibly extracted from Hepburn's soul. I thought for a moment about how to deal with this.

A crystal containing the power of Urd. Of course, the value of this was endless.

The first thing that came to mind were the Black Bracelet family members, but their tendencies are half-assed, so they are nothing but poison. The same is true of Heave Heave and the Dragon. Their predisposition to evil began, so their power didn't help much.

It should be used in the most efficient place.

In the end, the decision was made easily.


If this is the sword cursed by so many heroes.

Can we wash the swarms with divinity and be closer to where we are than we are?

Although the curse has recently been heavily washed away by the influence of Aegis and sexualization, the source of the curse deeply rooted in the beagrid has not disappeared.

You grip the beagrid in your right hand and spill a little power inward.

Nothing gets out.

[Purification occurs at a rapid rate. "Beagrid" absorbs mysticism at terrifying speeds. 35, 36, 3

[The power of the sword that was concealed by the curse is revealed gradually.]

The bloodshot glow and the green curse that was flowing on Beagrid's side of the foam began to fade. Instead, a white westerly light rises above it, illuminating the rune's mark on the edge of the sword.

At the same time, Kim Sin, who was boasting the middle length, began to grow very little.

Purification of the blade.

It will still take more time to remove all the curses and awaken all the hidden performance.

What will happen to Vigrid after this cleansing is over? I wonder what the true sword would look like if so many heroes coveted it so much.

I was already curious about Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo broke through the stairs again at the same speed as when she reached the 16th floor.

You already have power in rankers. You can use the contents of the diary and dragon knowledge when needed.

Of course, the bottom ten had to rest.

Of course, even so, Yeon-woo did not target the thru staircase.

I scoured the stage thoroughly, taking all the Hidden Pieces I needed, and collecting a bunch of public values, I erased all the records from each staircase.

Of course, the Hall of Fame still didn't leave a name.


There were up to 20 in one day.


[This is a coffin on the 20th floor of the mountain.]

'Here we are.

Yeongwoo stood in the Start Zone and looked at the five mountains far away.

From the nearest to the farthest, the five mountains stood in a long line. The height of each was so high that the peaks pierced the clouds and touched the sky.

Especially as he went backwards, the height of the mountain became higher. From the third mountain, it was piled from the waist to the white fountain.

Other than that, everything else was open just by looking at the green forest. I didn't have a single spectacle.

It looks like a good place to go on a cruise.

In fact, it was always a place where players expressed their colors. C-0 systems were the same, but there were many things to find if you looked well in one such place. But this place was a little different.

Where to test, not where to get it. It was a place to check the achievements that had been made.

Seventy-nine out of seven coffins. Prior to each step of 707//, pla/Ö/fish used to buy 55182 all the red k. from mid-10 to mid-9, 20 times shorter all the short ones from mid-77/79.

"The same was true of Zhongzhou Zhao in the 20th Precinct.

The inhabitants of the area called the Koh were the ones who started from the hazardous/Dasa Hau/staircase to the 0/, Jedha/because of the forfeiture of the Upper East Side Pla/Ö/until they crossed all the catch of 5/7, although it was so notorious.

In fact, unlike other players, the 20th floor was one of only a few steps awaited by Yeongwoo.

[Start the trial on the 20th floor.]

[Crucible: Those who want to return to God should know how to whip themselves and push them hard to overcome limits anytime, anywhere. The five mountains here will help you with your affliction. We'll cover our eyes to keep them away from temptation, and we'll close our ears to keep them calm. The world without smell and taste will set you free from obsession, and the lost stimulus will give Aurot a chance to look back on himself. Every time you cross a mountain, you will be given one misery. Overcome all five sufferings and be me.]

The five mountains of the twenty worms represent five senses each. Every time I climbed a mountain, the prescribed senses disappeared one by one.

Vision in the first mountain, auditory in the second mountain, olfactory in the third mountain, tasteful in the fourth mountain, and the remaining tactile in the fifth mountain disappear.

Everyone thinks and makes decisions in response to external stimuli. All that remains is the moment when we cut it off.

It was only possible to cross the last mountain with such ego and have strong trust in yourself.

In fact, many players were often redial because they were unfamiliar with such limited senses.

Despite how difficult it was to pass, there were a lot of school dropouts.

But even though it was too difficult for some, it could be a land of opportunity for others.

The monks trained themselves. The higher the hardness, the greater the pressure caused by the abuse.

You can train even more by pushing yourself out that hard.

That's why it was the place the rankers on the 20th floor were looking for the most among the lower levels.

And as such, this was also the right place for Yeon Woo to become stronger.

Especially when it comes to homework from the King.

Yeongwoo slightly opens the intrenian and pulls out the brochure from the inside.

An emergency that was thrown away by the King before he left the tribe. Whenever I had a chance, I read it, but I couldn't help but borrow the knowledge of the Dragon.

Yin Zheng > The original black was a shaman who was supposed to receive an additional reward after passing the King's test.

However, he had postponed the payment, saying that Yeon-woo was still difficult to learn, and only when he accepted Hassan.

As Yeongwoo climbed to the 20th floor, she carefully examined the secret when it opened.

This is when I began to explore the rainy prayers as my achievements became deeper and deeper. It seemed like it would be a big help if I met a new shaman.

And Yeongwoo has excellent comprehension and memorization as she has several times robbed her fears.

Of course, it was not difficult to memorize all the emergency information.

But the problem was that that was all.

I remember, but I didn't understand.

I would already have an overall knowledge of the performance-free process, and my thinking skills would have improved equally with the evolution of the solvents.

However, it was too difficult to turn over the first page.

I remembered the conversation I had with the King before I left.

- In fact, the Black Blade is a grudge my family has long dreamed of with Yang.

- What do you mean, "won"?

- Well, it's not well known in the world. To put it simply, um...

Do you know anything about the origins of our clan?

- We only know that Soho Golden Cemetery is the Migrants who followed him as he opened the tower.

We are a peasant tribe from Soho Geumcheon, and we work to inherit and advance his legacy. That's the only thing that hasn't been used in thousands of years. Goddamn it.

- No way.

- Yes, the Sword and the Transfers. Taekhye Ban Go-gu sword from Soho Kumcheon

The merger of two bureaucrats can be accomplished. That is our bitterness.

The Ultimate Anti-Goat.

The strange frenzy of the King who appeared when he said it is still not forgotten.

The king said.

Even a genius can't get his hands on a sword and a transfer.

A shaman who has never been trained by a king so good that he is judged to have opened a new era for the one-horned tribe.

Of course, Tom had to fly.

In addition, the King explained.

The transfer was fortunately able to succeed Edora, who trained Hye-in somehow, but no one has used her sword yet.

So you, the disciple, must succeed.

And on that note.

Yeon-woo could see that King Wu had been looking for talent to take on the sword.

No successor comes out of the one-horned tribe. That's why he tried to find his disciples from outside.

Perhaps the two disciples who had received it before were candidates.

He's a gifted man.

With the Swordsman.

'And they both failed.'

Maybe even Yeon-ju will fail.

Since the tribe of loneliness had entered the palace for thousands of years and had not been properly trained, there was no guarantee ^ as well as Yeongwoo.

However, being criticized means that it has the smallest qualifications, and I was coveted by the whining sword.

No, I coveted not only the black sword, but also the Yang, and the Taeghye Antigua that is beyond it.

I wanted to get my hands on the three men who opened the tower, Trinity One More's gold coin.

'Let's do it. Somehow.'

And the mountain of misery was the best place for such training.

After clearing her mind, Yeon-woo began to move her steps.

To the first ridge in front of you.