Second Life Ranker

23. Mountain of Agony (2)

“Huh? Him? ”


“Why is the exclusive here? • • •

“Is he after the bounty, too? ”

“Ana. The monopoly said he was still a player in the lower levels. So maybe he came to wake up the trials when he reached the mouth of the mountain.

Yeongwoo was able to see the crowd. It looks like hundreds of them. Their gaze was all directed at Yeon-woo.

I tilted my head to see what was going on.

On the 20th floor, most players tended to pass quietly.

Of course, it is difficult for the first time players to try it, but most people want to concentrate on personal training, so the atmosphere was created by themselves.

But the people at the mouth were quite noisy. Few of them seemed to want to climb the mountain.

Yeongwoo expands her senses and looks up at them.

Most of them probably made it through the 20th floor. I don't think he's here to train. Why is he here?

I was a little skeptical, but I was interested because it wasn't my job.

Currently, Yeon-woo was only trying to figure out how to get the Black Sword.

As the kite approaches, the waves divide themselves and make their way.

It was well known that Yeon Woo had already played a big part in the war between the Red Dragon and Purification and defeated the semi-ranker. Players were cautious and did not intend to run into each other.

Yeongwoo enters the mouth of the mountain, across the crowd.

Then a message came to my mind.

[Entered 1st Mountain]

[The first hurricane, the blindness.]

I closed my eyes by myself as if I had thrown out a candle that had been lit alone in a dark room.

I was a little surprised by the sudden clamor, but I didn't mind because I was already expecting it.

'Darkness is uncomfortable.

Yeon-woo closed her eyes and focused on the other senses. I felt a sense of synesthesia as the magic spread widely.

The appearance of objects around him, distribution, geography, etc. mixed together and drew a new map in his head.

[sensory enhancement]

From compartment A of the tutorial, Yeongwoo was more confident than anyone in her senses to read the movements of the arrows using synesthesia.

Plus, with the dragon's senses, the skill level of sensory enhancement reached 80%. He was like a passive skill.

Even though the vision was blocked, it was not too hard for other senses to move by themselves.

'It's easier than I thought.'

The diary clearly shows that most of the members of Artiya suffered on the 20th floor.

The sudden blockage of a well-utilized sensation was like carrying a bruise that big. And as this is where the players' skills are tested, overcoming discomfort 'was the most difficult.

However, Yeon-woo did not feel any more discomfort than expected.

This isn't going to be hard. Will it be okay if I keep looking over the other mountain? I kept thinking that.

But the other players who were about to climb the mountain, like the kite, did not.

“Shit. This is so uncomfortable.

This is exactly how I want to move. "

“We've got plenty of time. Let's slow down for now. Be careful not to confuse the cognitive areas with each other. ”

“Looks like there's a path this way. ”

Players moved slowly with a steady gap to avoid bumping into each other. The blind man moves slowly as if he were walking on a trail. It wasn't until I got used to it that I was speeding up.

'If you've come to the 20th floor, you must have some training. You're so dependent on vision? Does it make sense?'

However, Yeon-woo did not easily understand such players.

I just cut out a single vision. Why is he stuttering like that? Moreover, it was ridiculous to have a loud conversation with other people.

That's how you fight someone. Or when I overcame the trials, I thought if I went blind because of the sudden situation, I would be able to handle it properly.

Especially when you put yourself away from each other, it seems like a resource to be cautious because of the confusion between your senses. It was just pathetic.

How you went through so many of them without even realizing your senses. I didn't understand.

Yeon-woo stepped on a cruiser and swiftly passed among them.

“What passed? ”

“Isn't it the wind? ”

I listened to the falling bastards and sped up the march. I could see similar sights as those who were at the entrance all the way up the mountain.

In fact, Yeon-woo was not yet aware, but it was very natural for other players to be confused as opposed to how pathetic she was.

Some of the players he saw as he passed by were mixed up with some pretty good ones, even if they weren't semi-rankers.

Visual information suffers from discomfort because the percentage of external information that people rely on is still high, even though they become self-reliant on the absolute majority of external information that people receive, even though they become players through various training and the increase in other senses.

So from the first mountain, a lot of players can't get away with it.

In fact, more than half of the players who challenged the trial on the 20th floor were also stuck on the first mountain.

However, they also had to find a way to get through the trials, and actually found their own way to the next mountain.

The method was simple.

It was adaptation.

But coming all the way to the 20th floor means that you have such great qualities, talents, and senses.

So, even if the sight is blocked, I only feel uncomfortable at first. As time passes, adapt slowly to the given situation and apply a rhythm to the ascent speed.

And in the process, you can discard the habits that have been dependent solely on vision, and you can distinguish between different senses.

At this point, the senses that are often getting stronger are hearing.

And of course, in the next mountain, deafness makes other senses differ in more detail.

Then, in the order of smell and taste, it is cut thoroughly from the outside while being closed to the touch.

Players need more adaptation time each time they draw.

Of course, it was my job to take care of the food. Conflicts have also occurred frequently in this process.

After going through all these difficult processes, I feel dizzy because of the sensation of swelling during the 20th floor.

And then you wake up. From then on, I used to be engrossed in deep joy.

You get to experience worlds you've never seen before. The precision of the senses allowed the magical power to differ more finely and the skill control to achieve high growth.

So it was about how well the 20th floor adapts. No, it was exactly how to butter it.

And the joy given to him when he grew up to endure discomfort somehow, and even exceeded the limit, was not something that could be expressed in words.

Of course, if you can't do it like the rest of the ladders, you'll be eliminated.

However, since Yeon-woo has already been through this process from the beginning, it did not come close.

He always pushed himself hard.

They tested the limits and overcame them.

And without delay, I repeated myself several times a day by pushing the next limit.

It was a constant struggle.

I'm not very aware of it. The suffering on the 20th floor has always been an extension of what's happened, so I couldn't reach it with much excitement.

So, Yeongwoo was so easy that she thought about how to increase the difficulty of this trial that only yawned.

I came to practice the Sword with great confidence, but I couldn't get enough disappointment without any other income.

So Yeon-woo decided to put chains on herself.

I put all the artifacts I was wearing into the Intranian. You return to a comfortable outfit and hold only Krashna's dagger in your hand. I even changed my mask to the normal one I used when I first entered the tower.

Then, after all the options that had been empowering the body disappeared, my body sank.

I was confined to myself by reducing the area of my senses that had been widely expanded to the outside.

As the external information disappeared, all the paintings that were naturally drawn in my head disappeared by themselves. After everything was gone, I felt frustrated by myself as if I was pressing my heart at a heavy cost.

The magical circuits were also locked. As I was flowing restlessly, the energy that was energizing my body disappeared, leaving nothing but emptiness.

Naturally, all of the skill effects that had spread naturally disappeared, and the dragon senses disappeared and became ordinary humans.

When I threw away everything that made up such a strong alliance. When he became all the barriers that protected him from the outside.

He holds Krashna's dagger tightly in his hand without even knowing it.

[The magic circuit has been randomly disabled. Warning! There may be an external threat. Operate your magic.]

[I cut myself off at random]

[You cut the skill randomly.]

The ends of my fur stand taut. It seemed to be happening strangely. I stood with my back flat and vigilant.

The cow swallowed a dry saliva. The tension flowed on my back. My chest was in a big baton.

He has always protected himself by activating his senses. So I was confident to protect myself no matter what happened on the outside.

But when it was all gone, my heart had to cool down.

Now he is only a slightly stronger human being. There were still strong physical abilities, but that was all.

Nervous about where there might be an ambush. I feel anxious that there will be an explosion. In the future, no matter what crisis came, we did not anticipate or recognize it, but we had to deal with it only with the contingency.

It feels like I've been thrown alone into a desolate place with nothing. I don't think it was like this when I first opened the gate to the tower.

It was like when I was first deployed to Africa with only basic training. Blind bullets are flying around, and terrorism, who knows when or where, has always left the crisis of death as a real thing.

That's just the way it is.

So Yeon-woo.

'That's better now.'

I was a little happy.

All I've been focusing on is gaining new powers.I 've never thought about training like this in the first place.

If you knew this, you should have tried it sooner.

But on the contrary, I felt that I could get more from trying this for the first time.

Above all, there were many allies. I had to stay nervous because I didn't know when and where those guys who held grudges against him would come running.

In a way, it seems like you're putting yourself at risk. No, that's right.

When I was very satisfied, I started climbing again.

It was never easy to block the sense of synesthesia and climb the mountain with only limited senses.

Even though I could not understand the position of the stone beak properly, I was able to fall and fall, and because I couldn't avoid small branches, I still got a lot of fresh flesh.

Even though it moved slowly with one step, one step, and a stutter, Yeon-woo was able to move relatively quickly compared to others.

Once he was awakened as a solvent, he had to be physically different from other players by constraining himself.

Health is not to be confused, but the nose and ears were also sensitive, so any danger was not a special problem.

At first, physical constraints, which were uncomfortable, became more and more familiar over time, also helped Yeon-woo move forward without difficulty.

So Yeongwoo was able to take a picture of the top of the first mountain, and from about the time she started to think about the black sword.

Of course, I haven't forgotten to pay close attention. I could have fallen down a cliff if my feet were sticky, so the sword is significantly different from the artisans. I can't dig deep unless I understand the meaning in it. '

Usually, the shameless is made up of four stages: large form, equation, seconds.

Brother means form. Hundreds of fine copper pieces required for the performance-free process fall into this order, and these roots converge to form an equation that is a meaningful flow, and then coalesce to form a superstructure that expresses the true force.

And then when the candles come together, there's a great significance that was hidden in them.

When the puzzles are divided apart, I don't know what they are, but when they come together, they become a big picture.

Understanding the true meaning of the shaman has allowed for a variety of applications and variations from then on.

But the black sword was the opposite.

The order was reversed.

Of, seconds, equations, brother. It was only by understanding the meaning first that the overall flow of the sound sword could be determined, and it was a way to dig deeper and deeper.

And then I grabbed all the end locks on the inside. Since then, you've been able to learn about the Sword.

'I usually keep practicing and gradually realize the beauty of. This is the opposite. I can't even begin to challenge it. Moreover, the content looks like a cloud of answers to monks. Is it more of a Zari myth or a Bible thing?'

- In the beginning, a giant stood up and broke everything. Upward was the light, and down was the light, and they held the world firmly together. Such stubbornness brings forth stiffness to build the world today, and has yielded many fruits by blooming flowers. • • Where is the meaning hidden here, and where is the herb contained?

I don't know the details of the transfer Edora learned, but I'm sure it won't be much different from this.

Then how on earth did Edora understand this?

Yeongwoo sighed lightly and fell back into her bowels. He was just finishing the first hike and headed for the second mountain.

[Entered Second Mountain]

[The second hurricane, the auditory block, is marching.]