Second Life Ranker

24. Mount of Agony (3)

Upon closing her ears, Yeon-woo felt like she was trapped in a locker room for a moment.

The organization that receives the most external information after the eyes of the human is the ear. Plus, I couldn't make it feel like my consciousness was completely closed because I had already closed my magic.

I hesitated for a little while.

In this situation, it was too dangerous to take a step without any help.

The first mountain could have spread its distance through the sound of wind hitting a tree or through the smell of branches and flowers.

It was because I couldn't do it at all now that my hearing was closed. It was crazy to move around relying on smell.

It was tactile and tactile, but the sentiments these two perceptions received from the outside usually did not help because they should not be in direct contact.

We've already been through the same thing in compartment A.

At that time, the most developed senses were actually vision and hearing.

I was a little nervous about it.

On the contrary, I thought it would be that fun.

Yeon-woo slowly walked again.

Perhaps we should delay worrying about the sword until we get used to it again.

As expected, it was a terrible thing to climb up the mountain relying on your sense of smell.

It is almost impossible to detect the distance, location and bristles of objects by smell.

It was because the smell could become darker depending on the direction or intensity of the wind, or because the range was widened and could not be smelled.

So Yeon lowered her upper body as far as possible and prepared for obstacles that might be there. Here, I found a solution gradually after going through a crisis that almost rolled down the ridge a few times.

It was a touch that I didn't think would be very helpful.

The wind hits every side of the mountain and brings in all sorts of smells as it bends. Sensitive olfactory sensation based on this roughly detects what is around it, the tactile sensation identifies high and precise locations through the intensity of the wind.

Of course, he had to analyze a few details and make quick judgments, but fortunately, his deeper thinking ability resulted every time quickly.

Then, when the wrong judgment was made, it rolled around and fell and settled properly.

However, the process was a little rough, so for the first time, sweetness spread from Yeongwoo's mouth.

You enter the third mountain and your nose becomes paralyzed. As the last major sensation that had been able to understand the external information disappeared, the movement became more cautious.

It was the only way for Yeongwoo to read the way.

No, there's one other thing I can't quite detect.

'The wavelength of each object.'

By the time he had come down just beyond the second mountain, he could feel another very vaguely foreign cost through the touch of grit.

It was that a lot of things mixed with the wind, in fact, contain different feelings.

At first, it was so fine that I couldn't distinguish between them. I just thought that I would feel it because there would be pollen mixed in the wind or something like that.

However, over time, the accelerated thinking ability to distinguish fine differences has allowed us to discern analysis over and over again.

Something was spreading in the shape of a shred. Some shuddered up and down, and some quickly moved narrow and to the left.

Seeing those gyros and distinguishing, I realized that each object was emitting a unique and unique wavelength.

Of course, such differences were so fine that they immediately missed if they didn't focus so much on touch as accelerating their thinking abilities.

So Yeon-woo had to continue to concentrate on the will to fight, and to feel it go on for a long time, confining consciousness in her own world.

Then, Yeon did not have a point to check how much time had passed outside.

There was no way to see the sunrise, and maintaining an accelerated consciousness avoided the outside and the outside.

["You are currently experiencing a tremendous increase in skill proficiency on combat agendas. 31, 32% • • • •

[It has been quite an hour since you retained your skill. Incident acceleration can be overwhelming. There is a risk of falling into a time gap between the mind and the body. Rest is recommended.]

[Skill has been retained for too long. Accident overload can lock you in.]

[Dangerous. Automatically contacts the knowledge of the dragon to greatly improve its accidental abilities.]

[Skill Skill Cost increased dramatically. 62 2%]

A day?


It was probably a month's work.

However, Yeon-woo felt it for a long time. I walked slowly and slowly, relying on only the unique wavelength by which things were scattered.

In fact, it felt a bit strange as a lotus.

He has quickly judged the location and movement of objects through his synesthesia of mixing senses. Then, by spreading his magical power widely, he judged the object and maximized his ball senses.

He always actively used his senses as the subject and quickly judged the changes around him based on the information he obtained.

But this time it was the exact opposite.

The senses that had always been activated were both closed, and the magical powers that had helped were only used to maintain the skill.

I only received external information unilaterally. I was in a dynamic position to understand the situation and changes around me.

Then I saw a wave field that I had never been able to detect with my magic or my senses.

The wavelength was very different from what Yeon-woo had felt in her life.

The unique wavelengths that each object sprinkled were different in shape, but there were huge differences in the century.

Some are heavy, some are legit. Some seemed fast and others were too slow to detect.

However, there were most common features.

Strong is strong, and weak is weak.

No matter how tall the tree was, the wavelength was weak if it was rotten inside, and even the small rocks were firm and heavy, the wavelength was very strong.

Yeon-woo came to one conclusion, wondering why there was such a difference.


Yeon-woo put together a concept in her head.

'People and things have a presence.

In other words, it is also called strength.

'He who has an untouchable presence makes the opponent flinch with vigor. You can lead others to dignity. Whereas those who are weak are always the ones who get eaten.'

Any creature can instinctively sense this presence.

A typical example like that was when malice mixed with the presence of the opponent and he or she felt overwhelmed or quickly judged my differences from the opponent.

That was what Yeon-woo was sensing right now.

'But usually the presence of life is clouded by other sensory information. But this is a much deeper underlying foundation.

[Through continuous training, I was able to sense the soul in part. I realized the zero pressure.]

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values are provided "

[3,000 Public Values have been obtained.]

[You have earned an additional public value of 5000.]

[Recommend higher achievements with more training. Only when you realize the unity will you get the fight.]

"This is zero pressure?" '

I've also seen Yeon-woo about zero pressure.

For example, the wavelength of the mid-way will be the base, and the wavelength of the mid-way will weigh up to 7 balls - even neurology.

It is not easy to open./Ran was the weight of Anghorn. A crucible that must be done by those who are well equipped. Then, the opponent's unpleasantness/swearing * was the highest level of employment for Hailamka.

So far, Yeon-woo has only felt such intense things while treating the player - = 0.

Especially, the dragons that the goddesses, like the King and Queen of Summer, emitted, made their backs cool.

Thanks to this, I am somewhat familiar with the understanding of high-ranking beings, but on the contrary, I have not been able to do things that are very low-ranking.

You have to feel smaller.

You'll need to be able to dig deep enough to get to the root of the opponent faster.

I found a way to inadvertently broaden the detection range.

Therefore, Yeongwoo was able to understand the interior of each object in more detail.

The wavelength allowed for an approximate analogy of the state of the object. I haven't tested it yet, but I think it's possible to infer even the most speculative judgments of the accidents of life.

to the extent that the information window or dragon horse could not identify it. We can see deeper into the outside.


Every time I was stimulated by these wavelengths, as Braille adapts, the cost price fluctuated even inside the pond as the accident accelerated.

It was a 'new' sensation that I had never felt before.

At first, it was a simple crisis that anyone in a strange situation would feel, but the crisis could be differed in detail by being able to build a detailed zero pressure.

Crisis is usually the desire to live. And because it's more like instinct, it senses quickly when there is a threat and makes the body move reflexively.

It's completely different from the five senses.

Normally, it was never an artificial arousal, but I thought I would train enough to be different if given the opportunity.

And after a long experience, it was instinctive.

If only you could handle this sensation willingly.

There will be another vision.

"Oh? You're already practicing your sixth sense? I was going to teach you when I had time, but I never thought I'd train like this.

For the first time ever, hunger has settled in a small cave near Zija, pulling food out of the Trennian and eating it lightly.

And to confirm his accomplishments, I summoned Sanon and Han Kyung-kyung to talk.

Training is more effective when someone has feedback.

Sanon and Han have excelled in martial arts. I wanted to make sure I was going the right way.

It wasn't hard to talk to two Death Knights.

They were beings who were speaking in native language, not in the flesh anyway.

Yeon-woo was simply passing on her thoughts as a connection to them.

Sanon replied with a big smile because of Yeon-woo.

Have you forgotten already? The feeling that you must realize when you need to know the herbs.

'I remember, of course. I just didn't know it was a hunch. I just thought it was a zero-pressure technique.'

Zero Pressure? "

Sanon tilts the dog, saying, "What does that mean?"

So Yeon-woo explained what she was learning. Zero pressure, wavelength of the object starting to sense at its peaks. And using the reverse zero pressure to awaken new senses.

However, the more the explanation continued, the body of the living shook. Though I didn't have to say it, my mind was shaking violently.

"What? That's ridiculous!

Only one emotion. Frightened.

I couldn't do 1 1, so I tilted my head to 0 no 0 6. If you've got a sixth sense, that's a good thing.Why does it have to be that way?

So I turned to one age.

One who had been silent all this time was building a deeper silence.

I felt like I needed to sort something out. He also seemed to have a slightly shaken mind, a serious personality.

Then Han opened his mouth quietly.

Obviously the sixth sense is using instinct and unconsciousness, so it is a gateway to spirituality. • • I think we have reversed the order.

So does that make sense?! This madness • • Yeon-woo frowned at an incomprehensible giant painting.

'Explain them both easily. What is spirituality?'

The ghost replied with a quiet voice.

"If spiritual pressure is the weight of a growing soul, spiritual power means the power derived from it. The stronger the spiritual, the higher the grade of the magical power.

The ghost continued to speak.

However, because this power is an area of thorough ignorance, it is usually deeply hidden. And then, as she goes up, she wants to open this up, and in order to do that, she opens up this sixth sense, which is called the unconscious gateway.

The sixth sense is based on instinct, at the door, at the boundary of consciousness and unconsciousness.

If you can control your sixth sense properly, you will be empowered to unconsciously change.

However, unconscious is an area that is not easily accessible because it is too deep to reach 80% of the total consciousness. I deal with it very carefully because I have a lot of self-destructive, mouth-watering concerns.

Yeon-woo seemed to be able to understand a little bit. In the end, it meant that only the unconscious can touch the soul, and from then on, the spiritual power can be slightly different.

By the way.

'I didn't even open the gate, did I use my spiritual powers to open the gate from the inside out?'

The sound of life's new screams spread.

It's not that easy to talk ^! This one, huh? That's easy for you to say. What do you do when you're in the water?

"What are we gonna do? Of course they'll come through the front door. If there's a disturber, I'll build one. '

"Yes, would you like to go through the front door or through the front door? But you, master, man.

You trembled at the touch of discussion, holding the • • • • sword breaker now.

It's like sneaking off to the rooftop and going down to the first floor of the road!

[Many gods and demons on the 98th floor are watching you with wonder.]

[Some gods laugh in vain.

[Several demons have long discussions about you. Someone gave a strong opinion.]

[Hermes glances at you with a delightful smile.]

[Urd stares at you with furious eyes.]