Second Life Ranker

25. Mount of Agony (4)

The human mind can be separated into two great ways.

A latent subconscious that hides the ceremony and many talents of the plateau in which the thinking activity takes place.

Subconsciousness is often expressed as unconscious, and is also a passageway that can reach the essence of the soul.

When struck by the sea, all players want to one day completely deal with this equation of nothing to touch the bottom of the sea. Only then will Orlot escape from the prison of the flesh by gaining his spiritual power, and he will achieve spiritual growth and complete the 'dignity'.

It is a "transcendence" of the myth line, which is commonly referred to as the near muscle, such as Nirvana, Diable, etc.

Is that so great? '

I wanted to hit Yeon-woo's back hard with the knife holding it at the same time.

It was unfair to be unable to draw because of his constraints.

'But I can only feel zero pressure, and I haven't dealt with my spirituality yet.

• • • If you'd already handled that, the owner would have had it. I think she's already jumped to 77.

Sanon sighs, saying, "Get lost."

Soon, Han added a supplementary explanation.

Energy is a force that even high rankers cannot easily distinguish. Kim Mu-Sin and Queen Summer can only be partially different. Freedom of spiritual power means that you have become a true transcendent who completes the soul and flees from the body.

It's been a while since I've been outdone.

"And such a person 0

"God, or the Devil. '

Yeongwoo's words gave a big nod.


A serious voice spread out.

It is still early in the year that the owner deals with spirituality. The soul has not yet been enough, and Lee, if it is mistreated, the soul will collapse that much. Unlike the magic power that can always be replenished from the Mana Stream, the soul cannot be replenished because it is the power that comes from the soul.

So it was often possible to open up spiritual power when the soul grew big and had an infinite amount of pressure.

Just because you can sense zero pressure, you put the first button on an area where others can't reach it easily, after that it will be easier. Practicing your sixth sense, I'd say.

Sanon folds his arms and says in a loud voice.

So, just like sensing zero pressure, think about expanding your sixth sense externally. Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes.

It was an unthinkable way of training.

Expansion, sixth sense? '

"The sixth sense is a kind of sense in the end. Not only do you stay unconscious, you have to go through consciousness and reach the outside. If so, there is a way for spiritual power to go outside by itself."

'It's about creating a channel.'


It will be time to release your spiritual power to the outside. Before that, it had to be created, which means the way of spiritual power is released, and that means the way of the sixth sense.

Yeon-woo felt slightly elevated throughout the conversation with Sanon and Han.

Spirits and spirituality. Dealing with the soul means that it begins its full work of becoming transcendent.

It also meant that in order to rise to a higher level, it reached a realm called 'real' mastery.

I remembered the 1-to-1 paths I had been on.

Personal effort, but it was a big part of the show. It wasn't hard to see that he walked the path he had paved for me.

But from now on, it was different.

There were still quite a few hidden pieces of Hidden Pieces left in his diary, but now it was only a path for Yeongwoo to build on its own strength.

Since then, growth will vary greatly depending on how Yeon-woo plans and how she treads the road.

And Yeon-woo boasted that the first button was a good one.

'However, I chewed the jerky in my mouth while organizing the idea that it would be more important in the future.

What is the taste?

'It tastes like rubber chewing.'

"Hahaha. I understand. I was really annoyed when I crossed the fourth mountain.

Living quietly following behind Yeon Woo up the fourth mountain, she smiled joyfully.

The fourth cut sensation is taste.

There was no difficulty in moving, but there was a great inconvenience in living.

I couldn't feel the taste, so it was hard enough just to put something in my mouth.

Jerky tasted like chewing gum, and when I drank water, I felt nauseous as if I was drinking water.

They are not completely cut off, but they are also manipulated to taste different.

Yeon-woo frowned.

At this time, I was annoyed because it meant that I should give up the rest of the ceremonial snack. Apparently, the trial on the 20th floor was never going to escape the theme of suffering.

However, when I shoved the leftover jerky into my mouth, Yeon-woo continued to try to practice since yesterday.

Six senses release.

As you expand your presence a little, you start to feel the wavelength and explore what's around you.

It was a completely different feeling than releasing magical power and scouring the area.

The process of crossing between wavelengths and wavelengths and checking objects gradually made me feel like I was freely gliding around the back of the world.

Moreover, based on the joints provided by Sanon and Hanoi, I felt that I could do quite well.

[You have learned some ways of dealing with spirituality.]

[You will be able to sense zero pressure in more detail. I learned how to express God's existence by releasing my sixth sense.]

[The spirit grows.]

At last, when I reached the fifth mountain, I was able to expand my sixth sense to a range that was a little less than magical discharge. I didn't hesitate to take a step.

I wonder if I can see it with my own eyes.

In fact, when the grit was closed to the touch, all the senses were actually closed.

Strangely, I felt what was around me by myself. I saw a new world as the things behind the world were conveyed in harmony.

It felt like I had a third eye.


When Yeongwoo began to diverge in one direction, she was able to achieve rapid growth.

['Significantly increases sense-enhancing skill proficiency by 82, 83% • • • • • 100%.]

96, 97%

[Congratulations! You've reached your maximum sensory enhancement skill level.]

[Improve all skill related capabilities]

[Strength increased by 10.]

[Agility has increased by 12.]

[You have gained new realizations related to your skills. Opens the parent skill.]

[Skill 'Six sense' has been created.]

['sixth sense' skill proficiency has increased dramatically to achieve rapid MaxiJ]

[Calculate your stats to explore new skills.]

[Open the parent skill 'lnspiration'.]

['Increases reception skills by • • • • • • •.]

Skills with profound sensory enhancement were mastered, followed by several higher skills being created and then repeatedly mastered and disappeared.

The system of the tower continues its search to find skills suited to the achievement of the kite.

Although it is now under compulsory seal, the skill has continued to change with the addition of the dragon's senses.


[Skill 'Hypersensitivity' has been created.]

Finally, the message came to one place.


Numbering 95 Skill. 0.0% Description. By combining the senses and the sixth sense together, it is possible to transcend the realm of the senses that could have been sensed.

* The higher the intuition proficiency, the wider the search range, and the easier it is to determine the nature of the object within the administered range. Occasionally, we have a foresight of the future, and we may also have a glimpse of Idea.

* If an Auto-Defense Mechanism burst occurs, this will be detected more quickly. In addition, in the event of a crisis in which HP falls below 10%, the enhancement can be exploded once per day to increase all stats by up to 200%.

"Supersenses"? '

I was greatly surprised to see the newly created 0 skills.

Training a given skill to achieve mastery, continuing to pioneer higher skills, and completing your signature skill is a long way for rankers to tread on it.

However, pioneering a higher skill is difficult, and even if I did, it was much harder to manage it.

Naturally, the higher skill was more difficult to master than the lower skill.

But 'cause there are steps, queek, I thought I'd have to give you a few more skills.

However, the system threw a much higher output than Yeon-woo had expected.


When it comes to sensory lineage skills, the numbering skills that are great enough to be included within five fingers are only filled with cake.

Don't even think about it.

[Skill proficiency of 'Supersenses' is increasing. 2, and even at a rapid rate.

In fact, this was a very natural thing to do.

Superior sense-enhanced five senses. Precise sensing power with magical circuitry. Wide enough to cover the foothills. Sixth perception with zero pressure. And the dragon's sense.

All this fused neatly.

Of course, I had to have an excellent skill.

Yeongwoo could feel the area of her sixth sense expanding at a faster rate as it became more detailed.

It's like, 'It feels like I'm expanding.

That wasn't how you put it. Yeongwoo felt sufficiently dizzy in the floods of all sorts of information.

It was a different feeling than when the consciousness expanded while Awakening the solvent. At that time, if it was forcing the bowl to expand, it seemed to now hold down the water in it.

And in addition, Yeon-woo could see any 'flow' in such a flood of caliber.

I saw things that were invisible.

I felt things that I couldn't feel.

I could easily figure out what it was.

Mana Stream.

Within the back of Mother Nature, one could clearly perceive Mana's enormous stream of water flowing through the atmosphere. And there, like a cup branch, you could see countless tributaries being derived.

It came to Yeon-woo with a new mystery. It felt like the third eye was wide open.

When Yeongwoo senses the surrounding ring so clearly, I even thought that all of her other senses were open.

So I figured out my physical condition, but my senses were still closed.

You trembled without even knowing it.

I can sense so many things with my supersenses. What if after the ordeal here, all your senses open up?

At that time, I had no idea how much I could feel.

❯ 01 And the living person who was watching it was dumbfounded, called him with this trembling voice, pressed the joyful u in 0 Nemo, and turned his consciousness to where Sanon was.

I think I know why that Pant guy sighed every time he looked at his owner.


Bad luck.

Wow! Can you believe this? Who's to say I won't get it for the rest of my life?

Like this! Huh? "

Sanon bursts his fury with a fist to the chest. I thought I was going to die.

I tried so hard to go up to the 50th floor for a long time, but I couldn't help but remember him.

But then Sanon sighed, saying, "The ground is frozen."

In fact, he was well aware of how fiercely he was pushing himself by the side of the pond.

Everything that I thought I had been practicing in my life was a childish prank compared to Yeon-woo in my life.

He did all his senses and abilities, going up the mountain in popularity.

In case your feet fall down a cliff just a little bit.

Several times, he broke through the dangerous situation, and if he overcame the limitations, he also delivered a new trial against himself.

In some ways, it looked close to self-abuse. You can't think you've accomplished anything crazy about this guy.

No, rather, Yeon-woo's qualities were closer to criminal ashes. However, I only overcame it with humiliation, incoming, and resourceful judgment.

It was much better than I expected, when Yeon-woo was satisfied.

Whose Qi is it? Has anyone ever had one of these?

"Really? I wouldn't know if I had one of these. Whose zero are you?

Looks like you've come here and had a new epiphany. Oh, youngest. Finally the rookie you wanted so badly. God bless you.

Hey, hey! Who are you?

Suddenly, all sorts of voices burst into my head and made me dizzy. It was the same contradiction Kim Mu-Sin had opened.

I felt like I knew who the owners of her voice were at once.

Sadhu! '

Among the 20 floors of 7//leading to various difficulties, 5 legal/cold were the most painful.

All of our senses have been put on a pedestal to help the dark side/right lungs/cargo,/good/overcome the harsh solitude//and take away the "0" Gaiden.

And that was a tough family.

No, I'm too young to tell. The more I accomplished, the higher the hardship, the more I didn't get it in the fifth round; I felt that I was carrying a bigger alcohol.

Many of the floors of FlaÖ/어울Ö/다ja that were not cleared out by the stars came from this place as well, but they were really twisted in the grammar, so even if they were stubborn, they wouldn't come back for a visit. 20Å/Good.

To the extent I would like to confess, 20 times is a cursed/lucky tune.

However, there is a peculiar law.

There were those who liked solitude, pain and no %. As you continue out of Gochon, you will get an unknown Go7/ram every day and a new freedom?

/relatives Ö/

However, they used to call Zzro afterwards. It was easy to say that 'plum of nails' was the main runza walking in the foothills, and the runners ( #) were hidden giants who were trapped in the fifth mountain and focused only on individual training.

They didn't want to be disturbed by other players, or scattered around the foothills.

Someone in a cave in the middle of a cliff. Someone's in the deep forest down there. Others were in the river.

However, the supersenses were created, and the phosphorus field expanded at a rapid rate and covered the foothills - sensing them.

Of course, they had to develop a sixth sense because of their long performance, and they sensed some 'feeling' of searching for the gods.

And so there were five bizarre reverberations.

And I can read the substance inside. Seven .


Yeongwoo clenched her fist tightly.

Each one of them had great skills.

Particularly, they were strong enough that they could even face Bajal or Domoo.

I think you're a high ranker. Who the hell are you?


The wedge- lotus was able to capture the cost price flying at a rapid rate towards this direction.

Like a flying bird, you landed on a nearby tree in a blink of an eye so that you could never be outnumbered by a marshmallow.

I wondered who had the senses to sense them.

Players who wanted to find out who they were, no matter what they said, were surprised to see Yeon-woo without their knowledge.

"Huh? You?

Yeon-woo flinches at the target with an unfamiliar supersensation and is surprised at the same branch.

It was a familiar substance.

Someone I met in the tutorial, but haven't been in touch with since speaking Reader.