Second Life Ranker

1. Five Mountains (1)

I felt like I was mistaken for something.

With his common sense, the liver could never be here. The guy who Rita Ear said he and Doyle were going to wait for the next one, it was impossible for him to show up here.

I didn't even hear that the tutorial day was new.

That's why I thought he had similar qualities.

Cain! Cain, right?

The man who ran to greet himself must have had a liver.

Hmm? What is it? Did your youngest know him?

"Uh-huh. You know what would be better? It means you can pour more.

The other voices, who were watching the two of them, burst out a light smile.

I couldn't understand what they were saying, but it didn't matter. The spirit of Yun Wu was already attracted to the liver.

It really is Cain. How did you get here? Hey, hey, hey. I'm feeling a little better.

The liver bursts with a big smile as it circles around Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo frowned slightly.

Based on his landscaping attitude, the liver was firm. It still made me crazy.

Then I thought for a moment how to talk to him.

Mechanism. There seems to be some way to convey it, but knowing the principle should not be difficult.

Extrasensory emits a built-in sixth sense to the outside. Since it was like liberating the child, it seemed possible to give up the clothes.

Yeongwoo tried to concentrate on the liver by carefully controlling the senses, and refining over.

The liver asked me not to overdo it.

Hey. Hey. Looks like you've finally come to your senses. It's a little difficult to embody this.

Is this how it's done?

• • • • • • But you did it. You used to be that guy.

The liver looked ridiculous while looking at the pond that was implementing the mechanism.

[I have learned how to communicate by focusing on my clothes. Skill 'Mechanism' has been created.]


Skill: 0.0% description • Can focus more on communicating to specific awards

Various anomalous applications are available depending on skill level.

Yeon lowers the message down, checking the liver.

A shaved head knife. Clothes that look like giants. A sword that has run out of days.

It was an overall intrigue of how long I had been on this mountain, but a sharp aura was hidden within it.

It was quite different from what it looked like in the tutorial. At that time, if immaturity had been hidden from him, he would now be able to conceal himself.

Long time no see.

The liver wrapped around Yeon Woo as a welcome face again.

I see. Khh! I thought I'd meet you someday. I didn't expect to run into you like this, bro.

Boro. The word he used to say when he was bored. Definitely hit the liver.

You've become quite famous over the years? I was in a lot of trouble at the tutorial. Huh? I came here and I was in trouble. Khh.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. There's still a lot of talk.

Yeongwoo carefully adjusted her senses in case of distraction. I thought it would only take a little more time to master breaking power.

But how did you get here? Doyle High?

I'm going to explain to you where I am with a slightly weird look on my face.

Huhu. The youngest. You want to say hello and not introduce us?

A tingling voice with a slight mix of noses. I thought she was full of love.

However, the liver frowns and raises its head as if it were an abomination.

Grandma. I don't think you should do anything to her. • • • • • • • Ugh!

Instead of talking, I suddenly got struck by lightning and screamed.

The lightning struck a few more times after that.


Th-that's enough! Enough!

"Hohoho. One more useless sound and you'll tear it apart. Do you understand?

The liver quickly straightened its waist and replied softly.

When I saw Yeon-woo's face, my eyes opened wide. A lightning bolt that fell suddenly, even though it was open to the supersenses. Though he controlled his power, the power within him was never acceptable.

'Rune magic.

It must be very tricky to use Rune, a modern rune. Few people use it so neatly even in the tower.

Anyway, bring him here.

The liver gave notice to Yeon-woo. Signal me to come with you.

Yeon-woo suddenly burst into laughter. I knew he still did.

After the hypersensation opened, I was able to quickly chase after the liver because I no longer felt any discomfort in the wobble.

In his nature, he wouldn't go if he just asked me to go. I also wondered what kind of people the Sadoons in the fifth mountain would be like.

'By the way, he's gotten pretty strong.'

The only thought I felt while looking at the back of the liver was Yeon-woo. How?

It was.

In fact, it was impossible for Yeonwoo to accomplish what she had done now.

The force curled up in a tight force was very sharp. It's quiet as if it's in a sword shop right now, but once you leave the foam bin, it seems like you'll be thrown away. I like the nickname Blood Sword.

Achievements so strong that you can't even compare them in the tutorial.

That was definitely a good thing.

The liver had just as much improvement.

But unlike the fast growing self with the advanced vantage of the blessing of polyps, the liver was actually not like that.

But what if you had accomplished something like this?

That's how hard you've worked.

Of course, it wasn't that the liver was stronger than Yeon Woo. However, it was clear that it had grown well enough to compete with the Pants. No, I thought maybe the Pants were dangerous.

He wanted to beat Panda and Edora so badly.

It was clear that he had passed the newly opened tutorial without even knowing it, and had been diligently training while attacking the tower without rest.

I was on the 20th floor before the kite, passing through the stairwell so fast, while the kite was on the 11th floor tied to its feet.

However, he seemed to know whether he was fully interested in the outside work or what Yeon-woo had been doing.

Hey, but you've become so strong because you've been eating all these years? You should be able to read something. Do you know where you ate the dragon?

As she looked at her liver and was amazed, no, more than that, she looked up and down as if she were a marvelous animal.

I was also tired of it.

Haha.I want that feeling. I know the Lord well.

Sanon smiles. He was hiding in the shadows, not the black bracelet, when the liver appeared. Because I'm curious about the Sadducees that Yeon Woo sensed.

Yeon says to Sanon, "Don't be useless."

Somewhat Easily

It's no fun! I don't know how to joke anymore.

The liver was dismayed without knowing whether what Yeon-woo said was true or not.

Meanwhile, the two of them were able to reach the top.

On the summit, there was already a mob of people who had been scattered.

Two men in an alliance. The liver included three, so half of the five people who felt Yeon-woo at first gathered together.

Yup. Mask?

"Oh, but you look so normal. Are you here to train?

One was a woman who stretched her white silver legs to her ankles. Overall, my body is very flexed and my breasts are full, so I am salty. Even though I closed the main senses and couldn't see them properly, I was attracted to the color that was strong enough to make my heart flutter.

All sorts of magic were following her around poetically.

Rune magic. The wizard who summoned the lightning that had just fallen on the liver was clearly a wizard.

The other one, on the other hand, was a very small boy. The smile in the bathroom was cute.

But Yeon-woo did not run away. Oh, for a moment I was flawed.

The two high rankers I sensed when Yeongwoo opened up her supersenses. It was one of them.

The boy looked like a villain - but it contained fiercely ferocious costs.

He was a beast.

However, if there was a difference from the king, if he was like the king of the white water that guards the field ("29560;"), then the boy was close to the beast wandering around the forest by himself, searching for food.

No, if you think about it, it's more like a demon.

I forcefully pressed into it, but the ferocity was all polished up.

invigorate Qi.

The energy that demons often deal with. It was getting lost.

If the smiling day had gone, Margie would have popped right out.

'The Red Tree and the Reverse Ear Kindred.'

Based on Yeon-woo's diary, she realized who the two men were at once.

Victoria was a wizard and shaman proficient in rune magic. Runes called God's Writing were very tricky to use.

Since the laws were composed through letters with meaning in them, if there were even a slight mistake in the stroke, the flow of magic would easily be shaken, and if the combination of runes was wrong, there were many side effects.

However, if I became proficient, I could use it in many ways.

Most of the artifact creators or Bea Fur focused on runes.

And what if we could master it differently with free materials?

I was able to do more than just ordinary wizards. That was the case with Victoria.

I had a reputation, but I was surprised to be here because I didn't have any contact with my brother.

Kindred, on the other hand, was different.

A cult of godless fanatics, the horde of horses. The LIDs were mouth-watered as nine bishops under the archdiocese who said they would surrender.

They had a way of carrying on their own.

Gandrad was a second-in-command bishop, mostly on the 29th floor. A friend of mine from the horse army said that he had something to do with the oral well 7, it's just a guess, and no one else knows the exact me/her.

However, one thing is certain.

I don't intend to eat it until I've packed it.

Until the day after we pass.

I've hit my face a little more than once in my entire life. Purification can be a coincidence.

'But it's still there. It's been over a decade since it was made known. Do you think I'll be able to find what I'm looking for after this inconvenience?'

Yeon-woo's deep thoughts go crazy for Kindred. But it did not reveal itself. It was a secret that he was the bishop of the Horse Army, and his plan could be deviated if he didn't notice the foul spies.

So he didn't look at Kindred as much as he could.

Nice to meet you, handsome brother.

In the meantime, thankfully, Victoria leaves the enemy dramatically. She winks at one eye as the kite approaches. She was also acting naturally, as though she could not see.

On the wind, I mixed a faint mint scent. It was a scent that could get a lot of men close together.

The liver frowned as if it didn't like it at all.

You're wearing a mask and you look handsome? And do you know the difference between the age of the bitch and her?

Suddenly, the liver was hit by a ball of fire and rolled along the hillside.

"Hoho. You like everything else, but you should know that the useless leader is the problem. Do you understand?

Victoria smiles, her fangs slightly raised. The remnant of the rune that disappeared after her is spreading into small particles.

Seeing that, Yeon-woo flashed again.

Again, I did not detect any magic being triggered this time.

As soon as the rune disappears, the law seems to twist and the magic appears to have hit the liver.

'Are you preparing a rune in advance and then taking it out whenever you need it?'

Yun narrows her senses and examines Victoria's right wrist bracelet. On the surface of the bracelet was a very small rune inscription.

Obviously by the time she summons the ball of fire, she scans the bracelet with her index finger. As one letter disappeared from the bracelet, magic appeared.

It seemed to be an artifact that wizards were familiar with in times of crisis and applied memory-like skills for magical manifestations.

'Obviously. Victoria is known for her runic magic and for her excellent artifacts.'

I thought I heard that polishing alone was considered a top five master, like Nova.

'Memorize it in advance, and then freely extract it whenever you need it. I think I'd be okay with that.'

After several battles, I felt that I was not only relying on the length or physical ability of the battle, but also on the physical ability.

Sometimes I felt I needed magic or spirituality.

The use of magical circuits was also too wasteful for stateless use.

But I was too busy focusing on aerospace to do magic. "

However, it seemed that if we could use the magic method in that way, it would also be very helpful for the shamanism.

'One day I had to study about Mado Engineering. Whether it's a Wise Man's Stone or a public watch, you need more knowledge to repair it.'

So I figured out how to steal a boat.

Heheh heh. handsome brother. It's good to be inquisitive, but if you keep staring at me like that, I'm ashamed. Victoria suddenly appeared smiling in front of me, and I fell furiously.

Victory stands smiling softly on the spot where Yeon Woo was just now. I even wink at one eye again, telling him not to.

Yeongwoo's spine creeps me out.

'You read me.'

I was focusing on the ritual so I could see the effects of Rune Magic. I felt like I'd noticed it.

He's spreading a clearer sixth sense than Yeonwoo. I didn't even know it was weird not to know it.

However, keeping Yeongwoo's heartbeat calmer was the fact that the opponent was too close to her than his senses had been read.

Another rune follows her, disappearing. Blink. It was a way to move narrow streets all at once.

Even if you have a supersensation open, it appears as if you cut it very easily. Magic was afraid of this. Because he directly tampered with the law, he had no idea when and how it would be expressed.

There's only one way to stop it. I had no choice but to quickly live in the wizard before the magic unfolded.

But seeing Victoria, it wasn't easy either. Different energies follow her. There must have been a defensive barrier that would be automatically expressed in dangerous situations.

The problem was that these Victorians also had the weakest power except for the liver in the five sands on the fifth mountain.

This place was clearly infested with monsters.

If I say one good thing, just one good thing.

As much as these monsters are staying.This place is a good place to train. Yeongwoo was going to stay here and practice the sword for a while.

But first, we have to show off to the tenants who are here. If I blended in with these people, it would have been a great help to say one or two words as they passed by.

"I'm sorry, I'm just surprised I've never seen Rune Magic before.

The apple of Yeongwoo attracts Victoria to smile.

"Ho-ho-ho-ho. If that's the case. But be careful in the future. Everyone here is extreme individualists, so they're very sensitive to peeping. But are you interested in Rune Magic?

Yes, a little.

Then, shall I teach you?

My eyes slightly widened because I didn't know that I would teach you so easily.

But I wonder what they're up to.

I know very well that there is no good deed without reason to treat. Victoria was suspicious of me.

Victoria laughs as if she had read the thoughts of that alliance.

Of course, not for free. There's only one condition.


There's no need to talk here, but Victoria's eyes sparkle. But it looked as intense as a snake aiming for delicious food.

Would you like to eat ramen in my house and talk slowly?