Second Life Ranker

2. Pentecost (2)

Fierce, sparkling eyes. It was the eye that seduced the man. I mean, a bunch of guys like you, they're pretty heart-warming.

'There was a ramen in this world. Yeon-woo thought it was useless. I'd like to try it, too, if you have one. Korean food was the most sought-after food in precious Africa.

0 0 Th • • •

Tsk. That hurts. Hey, Cain, don't be fooled by your sister. Maybe they'll tell you to spend a hot night together, tie you up right away, and then pour you a Mormoth.

The liver rises back up with a black face. Victoria smiles softly as she changes her words on the axe.

You didn't lie, did you? I had a hot night.

And I almost went to Hwang Cheon

The liver shakes its head.

Then I told Yeon not to be fooled by the appearance.

Yeon-woo smiled faintly.

You must have been beaten.

Hehe! After something like that, he clears his liver lightly, seducing Yeon's horse, turning his head to look at Victoria.

"Don't bother this fellow. He's also a savior to me.

Victoria slightly opens her eyes. The tempting eyes disappeared, and this time curiosity settled in.

"Oh, yeah? You're not going?

Uh, right. • That's when I said it.

The boy, Kindred, who had been sitting on the top of the tree silently watching the three people, flew towards him, beating down the branches.

Wedge- Yeon-woo retreats back to reflexes without her even knowing it.

You didn't find out who I was. '

It moves on its own thanks to the autodefense mechanisms achieved by hyper-sensitive options.

At the same time, the magical circuits that had been sealed have been activated. The 360 nasal cores were furiously rotating, releasing as much magical power as possible.

Huaiak- Magic storms cover the entire foothills as they draw concentric circles along the lotus. I dug deep into the realm of the supersenses.

A jumble of magical power and supersenses. It has deteriorated with more detailed and overwhelming forces.

And in the area that covered the fifth mountain.

Yeon-woo was able to intuit a world that was so clear that she could never compare to what she had experienced.

Everything was as clear as looking inside. Manawa was very detailed enough to feel her skin. And everything in it was read in detail.

The liver became even heavier, knowing that it was just a feeling of sweetness.

I didn't even think it would be magical.

Moreover, the heat breeze mixed in the magical power was about to boil the atmosphere.

Victoria puts on her bowling pole again and falls far away from where they are. I was prepared for the shock by wrapping five layers of the defensive barrier, whether the magical storm was surprising or what would happen next.

Kindred was a little surprised when he came to the edge of the twilight.

Then he smiled clearly as if it were fun, and flexed his five fingers lightly like cats and animals.

At first, I thought it would be a simple test. At this rate, I thought I could check my skills a bit.

The space was torn apart. A red wind blows through the five cracks and tries to blow away Yeouido's entire body.

I read all these behaviors and thoughts in my mind. I saw their spirit and their direction of action.

With all that information mixed together, what would happen after that?


By itself, it was clear that 'prediction' is the greatest effect of supersensation.

The user reads both the target and the environment at once, inferring the next situation. This, in other words.

'It means we can take the lead.'

I heard that in order to retaliate against the Hershey Hershes that are hard to predict the next attack, I have to realize my sixth sense. Supersensory excellence was the ability to calculate more finely.

This was the numbering skill that Yeon-woo acquired here.

And on the other hand, I thought,

I feel like this right now. What would it feel like if I opened up the rest of my senses?

He's just trying to test me. If so! '

The prediction is over, and the mountain count for inversion is over. Rapid judgments of combat will, and bold attacks with horsepower circuits that will follow. It was all a special time for Yeon-woo to show off.

The red tendon breeze that spread along the stream turned blue with the azrang and became the wings of fire and embraced him.

At the same time, you grip Krashna's dagger with a constant and swing it aloud to the side.

The fireworks exploded in splendor.


The attack that Kindred launched suddenly breaks apart. However, he twisted his body in the air without hesitating as if it were rather fun, and slapped Yeon-woo's head with his right hand.

Yeongwoo raises her side and plunges her dagger into the ground.

With more than 50% of the skill level of the eight poles, various couplers ("32363") were suddenly available.

- Puppet!

The rapidly swirling sword slams into Kindred's hand and explodes like an explosion.

The liver had to fall much further back because of the fiery nature of the explosion. Victoria knows one more layer of boundaries.


Then, as Kindred strikes the upper to the side, Yeon-woo's body is heavily slammed back.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. There was already a big tear in the blood. Krashna's dagger bends sharply as if it were about to shatter.

You are as distracted as you were hit by a cannonball in a row with an attack like that from Kindred. It was hard to keep my body in a backyard that was ringing the whole time.

It was obvious that it would have collapsed if it had not been for hyper-sensitively trained projection and accelerated thinking using combat will.

But that's as far as I can go. If we were to go beyond this, we would have to send out all the floors of God. And even if he did, he could not guarantee victory.

On the other hand, Kindred smiles clearly as if he were playing a fun game.

Apparently, it looked cute, but Yeongwoo had a creepy backbone for some reason. It looks as if the greedy devil is controlling the taste buds with his tongue.

The opposing Pokémon's power is too strong.

I don't think it should be at the peak of my age. Was Kinred this strong?

Sanon mutters in the shadows, watching the thunderstorm fight.

Then Kindred opens his mouth.

Not only do you stop a surprise attack, but also counterattack? Wow. You're pretty good.

The test is over.

However, Yeon-woo was strangely relieved. You feel strongly that Kindred is going to eat you up if you give yourself a little space.

It's different.

Kindred has no strings attached at all. I narrowed my eyes and asked.

By the way, what is your relationship with the Swordsman?

I never thought of that.

Just for a moment, Yeon-woo thought about the connection or contact between Kindred and the Dagger. But there was no such thing in the diary.

"What do you mean?

You can't say no. Your swordsmanship. The slightest modification was definitely the same as that of the bayonet.

Yeon-woo finally realized what Kindred was saying. He was delusional.

You are mistaken.

My master is no king.

Kindred opens his eyes wide this time. Victoria and I were looking over here, wondering if it was over. 1- Rain that is more surprising than what Yeon Woo has seen

No King? No Loneliness?


Home. That makes sense. The swordsman used to lose to the King himself. However, the one who yelled after him that he would never reap his disciple again is the new disciple.

Yeonwoo thought that "Him", which Kindred said, might be the second disciple the King had not told.

You seem to know your way around a king. What kind of relationship? Evil kite? I didn't know what the relationship was based on Kindred's attitude.

Kindred takes a short pause in his thoughts, then releases himself and loses his bearings.

Speculation sank, but the residual energy remained and floated back and forth in the atmosphere. Ordinary people were punished as hard as they were.

I was just coming to my senses and wanted to see how good I could be. Looks like you have some basic skills. It's commendable to make the youngest saliva pop.

Kindred rushed to Yeon-woo as soon as the liver said the cost price.

What has the liver been saying about Yeon-woo?

Do you want to train here on Mt. Five?

Looks like Kindred was the real leader on this fifth mountain.

Yeon-woo answered politely because she might be able to double the cost price from him.

Yes, it is.

Fine. Pass.

Kindred leaves his post with just that.

Fortunately, I'm allowed to stay with you. After experiencing Victoria and Keen Dread, I thought life here might not be so easy.

If you were fishing, you probably wouldn't have accepted Izzie. That man, if he doesn't kick himself into his castle, then he goes somewhere else, saying he'll show Yeonwoo where to stay.

Before it went down, Victoria told me to call whenever I changed my mind. You said you wanted to share a really hot night. Of course, Yeon-woo didn't answer anything.

Are Sadoons always like that? I smiled lightly knowing what Yeon-woo was going to say, much different from what I knew.

No. Perhaps the image you're thinking of is right. Personalistic, abstinent, and unwilling to connect with the outside world. Most people just focus on their training, and they don't want to get involved in other people's work. You know the other two who didn't show up?

So, what about Kindred and Victoria?

You two are the same. It's not always so spacious. They hate to be meddled with. But they're the ones who have been here too long. I'm a little bored, so if there are people who look like they're new, just pay attention for a while.

I see.

Uh, but Kindred is extremely aggressive about low-level acolytes coming near him. You're gonna be a jerk with a jerk next to you? That's why a lot of people got kicked out, which is why I'm living my last life. The liver mutters so little.

'Exactly, you don't want to be interrupted by a double floater.

Yeongwoo whispered about Kindred.

"But they're not all bad people, so don't get mad. We can be friends as long as we don't get in the way. Besides, standing advice can often help. Thanks to me, I was able to get stronger pretty fast.

Yeon-woo seemed to know why her liver was able to grow so suddenly. Obviously, if you look at the troops among them, you can't help but make progress.

When did they enter the Tower?

Well, that's too bad. About two months ago? By the time I got up here, I heard you were running around in a red dragon.

It's already time for Yeongwoo to enter the tower. As expected, during the war, a new tutorial was opened.

"Hey, but all the records you left didn't make sense. The number one records on the Hall of Fame that say it's private. That was all you, wasn't it?

Yeon-woo nods silently.

The liver shakes its head.

That's why I haven't thought about updating my memoir all the time. I just focused on getting up there. I thought I'd try to find you on the way to say hello. I thought we might meet someday.

Obviously, I met him just now.

How have you been?

Moderately. How about you?

"It's always the same to me. In fact, I thought a lot about it after the Reader at that time. I don't know how to be strong. I wanted to find a way.

When Yeon Woo rescued them from compartment F. The liver was shocked.

He realized that the world as he had known it was too small as a well. So I wanted to break that narrow well somehow.

So I climbed the tower to live to the death, and I was able to find this place by accident, pushing myself fiercely while constantly thinking about the lotus I had seen in compartment F.

The liver could be confirmed.

If Yeon-woo had turned his worldview upside down, this was a thankful cow who had refurbished the three inverted coffins.


Then Yeon-woo asked the question that she wanted to avoid. The liver had to smile bitterly.

You're probably wondering, even when Yeon-woo left, they were always sticking together like chewing gum.

Nothing. Here.

However, the liver did not want to reveal its frustration. Though the emotions were read in the supersenses of sweetness, I did not want to be as tolerant as possible.

It's been a while since I broke up with him