Second Life Ranker

3. Five Mountains (3)

The liver smiles bitterly.

『Don’t ask for more details.』

Yeonwoo nodded silently.

It was regrettable that the two men, who seemed to be more intimate than their siblings, were torn, but it was not a matter of their own involvement.

It was a personal relationship between two people.

"Well, I'm a good leader, so I'll live well somewhere.

He was definitely smart enough to be called a foxy tail. Yeonwoo thought that she might meet Doyle someday.

You can stay here in the future. We have all the basic crawfish tools in the house, so you can use them appropriately.

The liver led to a hut in the middle of a tributary that split off the mountain.

Whether there were already people who lived there first or everything needed to live.

In the small backyard, there were heaps of firewood and a smokehouse to train separately.

I liked it the most because it was in a dense forest.

In a place like this, there was very little chance of stray flair flowing in.

If you don't have any food or water, you have to get it yourself, but come by any time if you need it. Ask me if you have any questions.

The liver also offered a lot of convenience to focus on training so that Yeon-woo wouldn't be too uncomfortable.

However, the new party was asked several times to be careful.

Never interfere in the work of others. The people here urged us not to interfere, since they are all here for personal service like Yeonwoo.

If you want to have a light conversation, ask for forgiveness in advance.

But sometimes, when you get bored, people gather together to pick Norgarees. I nodded satisfactorily because I thought it wouldn't be too shabby, but Yeon-woo could concentrate on personal training.

"Then work hard. I've changed a lot around here, too. It's a frustrating life, but there's a lot you can get for it. You could take more than me. Give me a fight sometime.

The liver pounded Yeon Woo's shoulder, saying to work hard. It's been a long time, and they've talked a lot for a long time.

The one who talks the most is the liver, and Yeon only listened to her. But the two of them could still see how they had been with each other.

The liver has been blindly training. A desire to be strong. Heat that wants to go up to higher heights. I kept sharpening my sword while focusing only on all of it.

Until then, I couldn't find out how my liver was pretending to be famous because I had strong self-love.

The landscape remained the same, but there was seriousness in it.

It makes sense that there's no rumor of a blood sword entering the tower.

He hid himself thoroughly, not caring about the famous tax, but silently doing his own work.

Gando also knew what happened to Yeon-woo. I didn't tell you the details, but I was very happy to hear what happened in the war between the two giants.

Yeon-woo enjoyed such a conversation.

I feel like I've been seeing my best friend for a really long time. No, my best friend was right. Between friends and friends, we face each other on a dangerous battlefield.

By the end of the conversation, it was after a long time.

The liver says it's time to finish its training. He leaves a message to see you next time.

Yeongwoo looked around the hut for a while. I kept some food and drinking water in the Intranian, but I thought it would be better to know where to procure it in advance.

Fortunately, the former owner chose the place, considering the surrounding ring, and there was a creek just a short distance away to draw water. I felt like I didn't have to worry about food because I could find a small garden.

When the perimeter check was complete, Yeongwoo recaptured the magic power that had been sprayed widely across the foothills.

'If you want to train, you have to hide your best magical power first.'

I was confident as I fought Kindred with the sword.

The theme of the 20th floor trials is' Fight with Yourself '. The more constraints you place on yourself, the greater the achievement of returning the more you experience discomfort.

So I was about to seal the magic circuits again. Thanks to this, the three densities of the supersenses were greatly reduced. It also narrowed down the scope of the search to itself.

Then I felt a sudden feeling again. I felt like I had left Self-Strough in the dark because nothing was detected, but I felt comfortable because of that.

From now on, I was able to go blind with really intense training.

Yeon-woo lifted up the crown jewel. I wish I could move my body and learn the tonic sword, but unfortunately, the tonal sword was a shameless person who had to understand the 'of' first.

In fact, there were limits to how far we could go to physical training.

Then one thing is important to Yeon-woo right now.


[Combat Will]

Accident acceleration started. It was like I was trapped in the darkness when I walked to the supersenses. I didn't know how much time had slowed down.

The surrounding environment is immersed in the crevice of the black sword, not caring.

One of the things that I felt when Yeongwoo saw the crescent of the black sword was that I could not be freed in any way.

The seemingly simple myths and legends. But the meaning behind it was hard to fathom.

A sentence that the one-horned tribe has been running around with its arms stretched out for thousands of years, but could not even interpret.

Among the lonely tribes Yeongwoo had seen, young people were usually violent and greedy, but as they got older, they were closer to a physicist or philosopher who sought to make sense of things. The education I was losing was also great.

It was an agent who wanted Yeon-woo to overcome a problem that they couldn't solve.

"Well, then, at least use one method. '

Yeon-woo's idea of convenience was the knowledge of the dragon.

Many theories that have been studied by the Onehorn Tribe for a long time have been heard from Edoraro and remembered by their opponents.

I was going to add dragon knowledge to it and try to solve it from various angles.

"With the knowledge of the one-horned orphan and the dragon, we'll find a way." '

How loneliness can never be tried.

Probably a lot of salmon by-products during the analysis.

I didn't know that even if I gathered them together, I would still be able to get a good heart rate in the eighth pole.

However, I wanted to learn that Yeongwoo is going to the Taegeuk Ban Gum rather than such a byproduct.

I had to interpret it somehow.

Since then, Yeon-woo has been obsessed with interpreting the musical sword by adding the knowledge of the dragon based on the rhinoceros of the tribe.

I didn't care at all about the outside. Over and over again, I focused solely on analysis. It was different every time I tried it.

Is there another passphrase hidden in some kind of cipher? '

The first thing that comes to mind is whether the surface of the sphere is a real sphere and hidden in a real, sophisticated way.

So I looked at the letters in reverse order and changed the order of the chapters. Later, I tried to construct a new meaning by digging each letter.

After many of these methods did not work, he tried to break down the intestines and try to find the hidden meaning.

However, this attempt continued to burn, and all that remained was to do the sunset. However, as always interpreted, 'righteousness did not show a promise to be derived.

I dug deeper thinking that there might be a family tree related to the history of the one-horned tribe, if there is a hidden philosophical meaning.

But the more I try. And every time the result comes back as a failure.

Yeon-woo climbed up this steep cliff without any preparation, and all of that seemed to be too much. I can't see the end.

"Owner? Hey, Owner! Wake up, man!

How long have I been thinking? Yeon-woo wakes up to the sound of her calling out loud.

I sensed a life that was shaking itself up with a slight opening of the closed supersenses.

His mind was shaking tremendously. I felt a lot of stiffness behind me.

Are you awake? Huh? "

Sanon's voice was desperate.

Yeon notices her mistake late.

How long have I been doing this? '

I wonder how long it's been since I've been so obsessed with the sword at the speed of the accident while meditating. When the outside did not use the Lord Jesus, he had no idea how much time had passed.

However, considering I was hungry and feeling very thirsty, I only assumed that a long time had passed.

Was there something wrong? Is that what you call it? Master, if you'd stayed just a little longer, you might have died.

"Yes! Focusing on meditation is a day or two, how can I do that for a month? You know what's crazy?

A month? '

Yeon-woo told me to play sausage for the first time. It was an unpredictable long time. I felt like I had no sense of time.

I don't think so. After a month, you'll feel hungry and thirsty even with fluids that won't budge.

Yeongwoo quickly opened the Entrenian and took out the drinking water to fill up the lack of moisture. She frowned as she relieved her hunger with jerky.

"Oh no. I couldn't even open a lock on Henova and the Beaster. '

The time I promised Henova was about ten days. Too much time passed without saying. It was clear that Yeon Woo was in danger because of his personality.

So did the Beaster. After reviewing the Artie Facts for Communications, we've already communicated several times.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue lightly. Did they find out where Braham is?

Does it matter now? Phew. "

Yeon-woo grinned bitterly. You can contact Bister right away and ask Henova to tell Edora a good story. I had no contact with the lonely.

However, after rushing to finish, I touched the artifact.

After contacting the Beaster, I was able to convey my astonishing feelings beyond the Artie Fact.

Ka, Mr. Cain?

Something happened on the way. Any luck locating Abraham?

Yes, well, I thought you'd be back soon, so I was still figuring out where.


It was 23 floors,

23rd Floor?

I thought maybe after the 50th floor, we could work something out. Surprisingly close

23 worms is the Devil's Forest? Clearly, the 23rd floor was a stage filled with trees, demons, and demons that conceived demons. It has the most similar environment to the home of demons, the magic system, and was famous for having an ecosystem that was hard to see on other steps.

Braham, the master of refinement and alchemy, was interesting enough.

Yes, it is. Seems like it's been a long, long time since you've been there.

Then keep looking. If there's any signs of movement to the other stairwell, let me know immediately.

Ah, got it!

The Beaster immediately lost communication as soon as the issue was over in Yeongwoo.

That's how much pressure you have on Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo was relieved that she didn't have to hurry to find Abraham, and this time she contacted Edora.

Edora was surprised when she heard from Yeon-woo who had been unreachable, and asked if she was unharmed. Yeon-woo explained everything and asked you to tell Henova what's going on.

You've already been here a few times. First.

As I thought, I was worried about Yeon-woo, so I found a lonely tribe. Edora also added that Henova is staying in their village at the same time.

Yeon-woo left word that she was coming soon, and ended all contact with her. Then, after not washing for a long time, I slightly frowned as I swept up the dusty head.

A month. It was never a short time. Given that the amount of time spent accelerating accidents is tens of times the reality, it was enough to invest more than a year into a black sword with a biological clock.

Since the urgent fire seems to be extinguished, let's talk or pose. You got it?

Sanon asks with a serious tone.

Even Han Kyungwoo stared at Yeon-woo. It was important for both of them to know about the Sword. A one-horned grudge. I couldn't help but pay attention as a martial arts practitioner.

Yeongwoo shakes her head.


"What? I was so focused that Shannon was surprised. I had the same idea.

'I've tried a lot of things. I couldn't even get a clue.'

Nonsense Sa • Non knew about Yeon Woo's weapon. The results of the study of the Onehorn Tribe and the knowledge of the Dragon. And an excellent ability to think with Awakening.

You couldn't solve it even after you focused all of it on one thing? I couldn't even imagine that there would be such a thing as common sense in Sanon. It was the same idea.

That, maybe fraud is not • • • No. It's not fraud. I'm sure it's real.

Yeonwoo didn't think like Shannon did.

I tried many times, but I couldn't find any clues.

Maybe the Black Blade is just a myth. It was natural for disbelief to occur.

But over time, Yeon-woo could be confident. This was real.

As I had already guessed, there were a lot of fallen by-products by interpreting the black sword in various ways, and in the process, I was able to have a deeper understanding of the art of softening. I had a new mind set in order.

However, I did not get any clue about the sword.

It just hasn't been opened yet because no one has found a way to solve it. Once it opened, it must have spilled a lot like Pandora's Box.

Problem is, there's no way to find the key.

"No way. The elders of the one-horned tribe don't have group dementia at all. They can't have been held for that long.

Sanon kicks his tongue lightly. He also wanted to see the existence of the Sword.

'I don't know where to start.

Feels like I'm in the fog. When I first joined the ball, I didn't answer like this. I couldn't even compare it to then.

Then, Han, who had not been able to speak, said.

If you can't see the way through the mist, why don't you try stepping on it from the beginning?


Even if it is difficult, it is also a sword. Shouldn't we master swords first in order?

'That's what it means to build a solid foundation.

Sanon nods as if he was right.

"Yes, it makes sense to say something like that. There's more to it than just theoretically conscious, there are things that you have to do to actually move through the body. First of all, it's about building your training from sword to master class.

Often, martial artists used to divide master martial arts mastery into three grades.

The master who trained and completed the skill to the extreme.

beyond completion, transforming the technique into a new phase.

And again, he jumped to the edge of reason.

Yeonwoo developed the upper extremities quite differently, but it was not an accomplishment to say that she was still skillful.

'It has to start with the master class.

In martial arts, Sanon and Han were far superior. Then I needed to listen.

At your pay grade, how much do you usually charge? '

"Just make an Aura.


It was fine to call it the moon's rank, the strength to concentrate magical power at high density in Chicago and make it look like a swordsman by blowing a veil through it.

And fortunately, Yeon-woo had a clear baseline that could make an error.

The Eight Biggest Bike in the Ocean Circle.

I felt like I had to complete the impeachment of the eight poles that I had been waiting for.