Second Life Ranker

4. Five Mountains (4)

My tail was an energy that was hard to make with the root/branch; 5//

Concentrated at high concentrations, the magical force was usually trying to scatter, but it had an explosive order, and in order to maintain this, it was decided to be 'strong'.

Zero/Rani. In practice, the business is so difficult for me to understand//that it makes magic at a constant physical level//more than seven trillion/enemy energies.

However, Lee/Monhartna Balney/<UNK> 23608;/was not impossible after coming to a good fight. • • • • • • I was only making Mary Choo/e/.

In fact, Yeon-woo did not know much about the error. It was written about the basic concepts in the diary, but literally it was all over.

It was because it was the only area of error that my brother did not have access to.

Her innate nature is full pain. Because he was able to be fundamentally close to all the elements of the world, he was from Earth and handled Mana well.

So I was able to learn how to handle magic quickly, and that was not enough, and by the time I passed the tutorial, I became the best magical person within Artiya.

Later on, magic, animosity, and necrosis became so good at various fields that even one thing was hard to dig into.

The 'wings of the sky' skill, which brought the nickname Haven Wing, was also born with a combination of various techniques using magic.

It was possible because I approached magic in its purest sense and was free to handle it from the ground up.

On the contrary, we couldn't access the error because we were dealing with the root.

The error was also one of the magical applicators, but it was more like processed energy.

Moreover, he had difficulty with the concept of 'surpassing' without physical reality. It was because I couldn't get a handle on it.

So Yeon-woo began to learn skilllessness in earnest, but she didn't even think about coming.

It was because he already had enough weapons to concentrate on, even though he had already mastered the level of manlessness.

Unlike other skills that showed growth direction and proficiency, errors with none of them were sensitive to how much time to spend in order to learn properly.

No, I thought it might be more difficult to construct an error with a magical circuit that handles pure magic.

But now I felt like I had to clear all those thoughts.

I will use the concept of core with horsepower circuitry that is not already compatible with the human body. I had to do something about the error.

After everything Sanon and Han said, I had to raise my swordsmanship to the minimum level first, so I would be qualified to challenge the music again.

Fortunately, I was trained on the 20th floor where achievement could rise to elixir.

And he had two great teachers.

Sanon may not have been a ranker, but he was a master swordsman.

The same is true. The nine swordsmanship was enough to fold the swordsmanship if it was just for martial arts. Between the ranks of people and ranks of people. I had a lot to learn.

However, there is a difference between the two.

Unlike what he had walked through as a systematic martial arts map within the Red Dragon, Hangul had been an apostle who had mastered martial arts through his experience while battling the battlefield since childhood.

Degrees and apostles. It is possible to receive skills and experiences with two contradictory characteristics at the same time.

And if we use it to try and complete the equation of the eight poles,

'Maybe we can somehow create an error.'

Although he could not understand error because of the nature of all pain, his story would be different if he was fully acquainted with this American shamanism.

Yeon squeezes Krashna's dagger.

In the end, there was nothing left but training.

In fact, error is the power to acquire the sixth sense after easily explaining it.

After you get your sixth sense? '

"The sixth sense is the process of pulling the veil out of your mind, even if it was only in your subconscious mind. Orr is a phrase thrown by Sanon who transformed it into a physical entity by dissolving the base of magic, and Yeon seemed to have an open mind.

The person who released and shaped it was able to grasp the concept more easily because he had already realized the supersensation, which was a step higher than the sixth sense.

Obviously, everything within the realm of the supersenses could be clearly seen as looking inside themselves.

"But transforming the intangible into a tangible form requires proper blending with magical power. You also have to be very strong at this point.

It was an explanation added by Han.

Yeongwoo did not rate the time to compress the magical power to a high concentration. When it comes to dealing with magic, it's not compared to other people. The polyps weren't the only ones blessed by Mana for no reason.

In the end, all I had to do was solve one thing.

So, what's a cymbal? '

The problem was that the answer between the two was different.

"The will to be strong."

「Commitment to win.」

Sanon says swordsmanship is a fight with himself. It's the process of sharpening and polishing your personality like a knife.

But he left it here and said differently.

Even with a good rhyme, a sword is a weapon that harms the opponent. You have to think about beating the table in the place where the sword meets the sword, or what happens if you lose.

In the end, Han explained that winning is all about the sword.

In other words, it's the difference between improvement and fighting. There was another time difference between the degree and the apostle right here.

Since neither was wrong, Yeon-woo embraced two arguments and was deeply troubled.

Then, what is the best fit for Yeon-woo?

The conclusion was quick.

'The power to destroy everything.'

I wished that the error I made for Yeon-woo would contain the destructive power that destroys everything in this world.

To him, the sheep for his own god was not the desire to break someone and win.

If I didn't just kill someone, it would have been a survival tool for him to die.

Once she got in the right direction, Yeon-woo was able to immediately go into practice. I'm learning all the herbs in the Eighth pole anyway, so it wasn't that hard to practice.

'In the Eighth pole, there are hundreds of herbivores, composed of bean curds, and they are assembled into only eight figures.

Train faster and more agile - Yeon-woo used the training ground that only the former owner of the hut put in. As soon as I woke up, I stepped out of the hut and swung the sword first.

Faster. Faster. I practiced again and again so that all the herbs could be mixed together.

But he didn't just focus on swinging.

In Yeongwoo's view, the eight-generation Bigi was not an area that could be mastered by practice alone.

Just as we had to carefully stack bricks to build buildings, we had to arrange various herbivores in order to complete the rain.

It was a work that required a high degree of calculation.

So this time, I used my battle will to analyze the equations thoroughly, accelerating accidents, and constructed a rapid computational framework.

Whether it was due to such thorough calculations, the movements of the sword that could be seen from the outside were as elaborate as if they had been one from the beginning.

And the more time +, the more elaborate the shape became. The little seen maggots disappeared quickly.

Concentrate your mind on the edge of the sword. Practice your swordsmanship thinking you're pouring everything you've got.

Concern is the path through which spirituality should flow later. Even if it is well utilized, it allows for various and unusual attacks with errors and magical powers.

Of course, the sensation was focused on the tip of the fast-moving sword following Shannon's advice, because it should not focus on form alone.

Faster. Faster.

Slim. Slimmer.

I didn't even have a clue when and how the two separate time differences occurred.

After not stopping once, I kept swinging my sword, and the body that I had barely recovered withered again. Normally, magic would have driven away fatigue, but not now.

Blood builds up and makes the body heavier. In addition, the acceleration of the incidents within the system was not a joke. After her awakening, she felt a hot heat in her brain for the first time.

But the senses were so tight together with the end. And despite the obvious walking lock, a small amount of magic seeps into you that may have flowed from here.

Yeon-woo wondered if that was a compromise.

And then, as my mental strength started to dry up, I was about to lose my collective strength.

Suddenly, I felt that all of a sudden, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, she was drawn to the sword.

It feels like every thinking ability is converging on one point. And the ratios that had been constructed under so thorough an operation were tightly compressed. The sword flicks forward with its temples.

An enormous explosion sounds with a large trajectory.

Yeon-woo quickly regained consciousness. In front of God, there was a wide invisible path through the vast forest. The trees on the left and right bend outward.

Yeon-woo clearly felt it. I got distracted. The surplus that was compressed. And the herbs that were united into one.

What this meant was simple.

'Dancheon'. '

The first of eight. I didn't cut the sun like King showed me, but I did it in the first place, and that was quite an accomplishment.

'I caught a clue.'

I didn't get a clue about the error yet, but now I think the way to go is meaningless.

[I got a clue about the bizarre figure of the 'Ocean Circle'. I have mastered the art of handling surplus.]

[Skill proficiency in the 'Ocean Circle' has increased dramatically. 62.1%]

[I have mastered how to maintain my self in a high-society world that is completely separate from the outside world.]

[Characteristic 'Monk has been obtained.]

[For a long time, we have managed to overcome the extreme parallax of the outside world and the inside world.]

[Without a single break, persistence and hard work as a potter.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and rewards will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[As an additional reward, the Battle Chair evolves. Explore new skills by calculating your traits and abilities.]

[The attribute 'Monk' is influenced by

[Parent skill 'Parallax Distortion' has been created.]

In the blink of an eye, three months of poetry passed.

No, if Living and Ghost hadn't told me, they wouldn't have even known that Yeon-woo was three months old.

Over the years, I was willing to fight and accelerate accidents, disassembling and combining the eight poles several times, and attempting to wait for the completion of the draw.

There were times when the right time between the mind and the body was so different that it became dangerous from time to time, but every time, I overcame it with strong mental strength.


The result was the birth of a new numbering skill.


Numbering 75

Skill: 0.0%

Descriptions • Parent skill created by the characteristic 'Monk'. Excellent concentration enables judgement and reasoning through agile thinking activities in any environment.

* Allows free thinking activities to escape the time interference of the world outside the accelerated thinking. The higher the skill level, the more proportional the time scale applied to the ability to think.

* Multiple thought functions can be divided into parallel operations at the same time to allow simultaneous computational capabilities. The number of concurrent operations that can be concurrently increased depends on the skill level.

The Parallax Gorge was a new high level skill when the battle will became a Mastory skill.

As straightforward as the name suggests, time lags behind the intervention of real time while this skill is in operation, free-thinking activities were superior.

Of course, it did not give you an indefinite amount of time because you were completely indignant, but it was also true that your brain's overload was significantly more efficient than before.

However, as the effect got better, the external and internal differential spacings had to grow, so after the oil oil and penalty were due to Yeouido.

Fortunately, the dragon's flesh was not weak enough to withstand it.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo spent time comparable to the annual feeling and successfully acquired three perfect eight-point comparisons.

And in the process, the limbic system became very sophisticated, almost eliminating the distinction of each herbicide.

[Start peering into the master class of swordsmanship. Due to this, the skill name of the 'Armpit' has been changed to 'Armpit Sword'.]

[Skill level of 'Sword of Armor' increased. 71.2%]

This made me strong enough to say that I am a great swordsman, and only had 5 numbering skills in total.

Vampire Blade of the Battery. Maturation. Lightning.

Hypersensitivity and parallax.

You're not officially a ranker yet, and you've accomplished a tremendous amount.

But Yeon-woo was still thirsty.

I got a clue about the error, but I still can't get behind it. It is possible to condense the magical force and overlay it, but the shape did not continue strangely.

Sanon and Han advised me that since the sword is now somewhat trained, we should focus on making errors.


By the time it was another month.

[Congratulations! You're on top of your Masterclass. It was a great achievement. Additional rewards will be provided.]

[You have earned 3,000 Public Values.]

[Additional reward increased Strength by 10.]

[Agility has increased by 8.]

[You acquired an error. But the duck is still incomplete. Get to know the error in full with more practice.]

A long, glowing glow rises along Krashna's dagger. It trembles sharply. Even though the dream appeared to be in jeopardy, I showed good luck while maintaining the shape of soluble.

Aura Blade.

It was the most fundamental moment of Aura completion.

Sharpen Shape