Second Life Ranker

5. Five Mountains (5)

"Hoho! Finally.

"Red," as expected, fits the fireworks.

Yeongwoo looks up at the blade coming up on Krashna's dagger, and turns to Hylea Sanon and Ghost.

'There is some difference in the color of error. I shook my head with this mourning smile.

Nothing big. The color doesn't make a big difference. An error is a difference in skill.


However, you can sneak a peek at the caster's unconsciousness.

Like what?

"Red error owned by the owner. Maybe it was the result of the owner's possession of the sacredness, and the overall nature of the body went beyond the nature of the flower.

But it looks like the fire is burning. I don't think so. It looks like blood.

In Shannon's words, Yeon thought that maybe both things were right.

In fact, red was the most common color on Earth, in the towers,

Fire. Blood trails, vibrating coals everywhere. I thought that Yeon-woo would never get away from this color forever.

Yeongwoo watched Blade as he came in with supersenses. The power to go all the way. In the one-horned tribe, this is called the sword. '

Well, then let's keep going. I congratulate you on making the error, but I've only taken my first step. If you get distracted, you'll break again. We have to practice until we're fully familiar with it.

Yeon-woo nods.

However, this time, let's change the method a little.


What would that be? Practice is all that matters now.

Sanon gives Han a glance.

They take their weapons out of the subspace, as if they had already discussed them. Sanon has a sod breaker and a sack of moderately long meters.

Sanon laughed so hard at a subject without a face.

"It's a struggle."

A pack of chips! Though you've risen to the next level, you're still a long way from catching a few.

Even though the eyes of ordinary players were overwhelmingly high and mighty, it still lacked much until it was kicked in the eyes of real elites.

The power and swordsmanship of Yeon Woo were completely separate realms. Swordsmanship is a field of art. In order to master it, I had to put in that much effort.

However, Yeon-woo was not given much time. So I wanted to handle the given time most efficiently.

The training ground was still on the 20th floor. In addition, in order to make up for the rich time, we alone experienced time that would be several years at incident acceleration. It can never be done with enough mental strength. He was mad, but he couldn't tell how many times he'd lost his mind.

And Yeon-woo added one more thing to this.


I had a duel with Han, who lived only by sword. I have yet to fully familiarize myself with only the form and stand to skillfully deal with the error.

Sanon said.

I'm barely qualified for basic qualifications.

Since Yeon-woo still knows she is lacking a lot, she reads her opponent's movements with a super-sensitive sense while quickly making her predictions about the turmoil. And before that, he plunges his sword deep into the ground.

Kaga River!

Iron and iron collide hard and fire poop pops up.

"Khh! That was fun! This tastes good!

Sannon's joyful laughter echoes out loud.



The man sitting behind was bored, so he patted the ground with a meter as if to end it quickly.

"Hmmm. That's not it either.

Victoria sweeps her head up with her bare hands.

I can't feel anything, so I don't feel the need to wash, so my fingertips are a little dull, but she doesn't have to worry about it right away.

The structure of the ritual was wrong again.

Obviously, I've reviewed it several times and confirmed that there are no problems with the calculations. Unlike what he had done on his own, the magic was also blazing this time.

I don't know how many times. No, I don't know how many years.

I don't want to think about anything else, but I came to the mountain of misery, and I was able to make a new progress with a quick achievement.

Her grumbling is still far away, but she doesn't think she's getting close.

I couldn't hear the calculations. That's for sure.

Victoria has been working for a long time again, focusing on where a huge alchemical error has occurred. But the results are clear.

Then there is only one reason left.

Number of cases.

Hah. Damn right. Victoria grumbles for a moment.

Magic has always been a problem.

It can be redeemed instantly without any exception, and because it handles pure power, it is also powerful. It was an incredibly attractive academic discipline for those who wanted to be War Meiji like her.

On the contrary, rune magic has a great disadvantage.

Writing. It has a very simple structure that makes a big effect, but it is a little complicated, and if it becomes corrupted, it immediately becomes incoherent.

For example, a simple command to get up is possible. However, it is not possible to command "freeze and break." Following the two commands, the = characters collided with each other.

Victoria has supplemented these drawbacks with artifact trojans. It is engraved on the inside of a specially crafted bracelet with a rune made of polish. It is triggered by erasing one from each bracelet whenever necessary.

However, there was a limit to the number of times this was done, and a considerable amount of gems were required for each rune. The life span of the bracelet to trigger magic was very inefficient because it only took a week.

That's why Victoria wanted to provide a way to make artifacts permanent.

He wanted to restore the Durability of the artifact to Shika and have a rune combination that he could then restore. Victoria called it a 'universal combination'.

It seemed crazy, but after a long study, none of the theories could be completed.

But that's it.

Theories and their structural calculations were perfect, but every time they entered production, they ceased to be spontaneous.

Victoria is in a hurry. I strongly suspect she might not be able to complain.

Due to the limitations of the rune magic, she hadn't attempted a staircase attack for a while, and if she did, she might be stranded on the same floor until she was dead.

Fortunately, I had a rough idea why the combination failed every time.

It was because there were too many cases.

There were too many ways to damage the artifact. Each time, the combination needed was different, as well as the combination of runes that were used to recover one rune character was very large.

Since there are more than one or two letters, there is no choice but to increase the amount of joint equations.

Again, if there were overlapping situations, there were many combinations that would be needed again, so in the end, the number of cases was infinitely stretched out.

Even if it was as simple as possible, eventually a new number of cases popped up and broke the artifact, and that was the end of it.

Then there was only one way. Creating a combination that can be resiliently reconstructed for each burst situation.

And to do that,

You can plot the mindset of an active person. And if you replace it in a combination, complex theories that the same wizards couldn't easily comprehend quickly passed through my mind, but that was the only easy way to say it.

Imitate someone.

If you can melt his pattern of thinking into the artifact, you will be able to handle and repair yourself in any stonefoot situation.

However, the owners of the thought patterns needed at this time must have active, rapid learning skills.

I thought it would be good for the martial arts system to make the transition as fast as possible.

And luckily, Victoria knew one such person.


At first, I watched the liver. He was young and very motivated.

However, the liver was always immersed in meditation more than training.

He seemed to be studying cost as well as her.

Whereas Yeon-woo was different.

I fell into meditation for only the first month, and from then on, I kept moving.

I wonder if it'll break down after being so harsh.

And it evolved quickly. It was so different that even for her who was an outsider in swordsmanship, she could look like that.

It's like living on your own for months in a single day. It seemed like every day that sexual orientation could be melted only by thinking deeply and thinking for that long.

If there was a small problem, I would like you to do me a favor, it was that no son would be happy to investigate his accident pass turn.

He could have exposed every weakness he had.

The two high rankers, including Kindred, were praying for a reason not to put them in the candidates. As soon as I get my horse out, my head will start flying.

But Victoria's aspiration to achieve the grievance was enormous, and at some point, she was willing to pay the price.

Let's bump into each other.

Victoria clears her mind and slowly wakes up. She turns her senses to look for Yeon Woo.

Luckily, it was always the main side of the hut.

Clear the runes with the ball link on them.

As my body goes down, I quickly move toward the membrane.

And as she moves, Victoria is startled.

What is this? '

From the hut to the place where the lotus is supposed to be. The forest was in ruins.

It's like the Hermes, the Boa Serpent, has gone through a great distance. There is a long, long way to go, with the ground heavily pressed against something.

The grouper is completely turned upside down, and all the trees are broken and scattered.

The problem was that despite these spectacular sights, there were few traces of magical power around.

So you did all of this purely by force? '

I thought it was great from the moment I released my magic against Kindred. This was nothing compared to that.

Victoria quickly predicts the movements of the moat based on traces that remain everywhere. And I was even more convinced.

Then I reached the pond at the end of the forest.

Yeon-woo was washing up there. Yeon-woo's body revealed through the waterway was very firm. Muscles without maggots. It was a muscle that was chopped into pieces.

Victoria hardens her expression slightly, trying to smile unconsciously. There were small and large wounds above the muscles. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

What brings you here?

At that time, Yeon-woo sent the castle to Victoria without any surprises.

Victoria smiles brightly as she recovers her complexion.

A foreign woman came to peek, and you're not surprised?

You can't even see it. I still need to get dressed, so could you wait a moment?

Then can't we just be Nazis?

Yeon-woo ignores the words and goes into the opposite forest. I was going to get my clothes off.

It's not funny.

Victoria sighs, smiling and narrows her eyes again.

'The fragrance of magical power remains very fine. Dark Energy? There won't be any undead monsters on the 20th floor. Is that Cain's hidden power?'

Maybe it's not just physical abilities. I was curious, but I couldn't ask. There's a question of not interfering with each other here.

At that moment, Yeon-woo immediately returned with a rattling sound.

Speak now.

Are you saying that you want to erode my pattern of thinking?

Yeongwoo listened to Victoria's explanation of the bell. Hanchang Sa Non, I had a rest while washing my body after the battle with Han Ghost. That's when Victoria came to visit.


Victoria nods softly.

"You know how rude that is for a prosecutor.

I know that too. So I'd like to make a suggestion.

A deal.

During a long stay on the fifth mountain, Victoria and Gandhi had a friendly chat.

But that's all. I wasn't asking you to be so rude.

However, I felt that Yeon-woo's sudden visit would not be a bad deal.

'No matter what it takes, I won't be able to replicate my accident pass turn.'

Yeon-woo was more confident in mental immunity than anyone else.

Long-wearing traits Cold-blooded is as natural as psychic magic. The same is true for mental strength enhanced by Awakening Solvent. His unconsciousness was no different than the dragon's.

To dispense with the thinking power of Yeongwoo, Victoria follows the difficulty as much as interpreting the spirit of the dragon.

You're analyzing the dragon's psychic system that once rivaled God and the Devil?

It was absolutely impossible. It was clear that knowing Victoria would only fail once.

On the other hand, Yeon-woo had a lot to ask of her as long as she took off her bullshit.

Rune magic. If only I could learn that method, which is easy to use and can be used naturally.

'Bleak, Haste and horsepower. In particular, I want to get my hands on these three spells. Bull link that can suddenly change location if other magic is learned. A Haste that will feather Yeon-woo for a quick maneuver. And the magical enhancement that amplifies the power of magic.

Above all, Rune Magic will be a great help to wealth, which is still only basic magic.

If you want, I'll give you the Devil's Vow. Please.

The Devil's Oath is a spell that can summon a higher demon to make one wish. It was traded for a very expensive price. It meant that Victoria's statue was that serious.

Yeon-woo pretends to think deeply and nods.

"Very well, then I want to learn Runic instead. Would that be okay?


Victoria's eyes widen slightly.

It was too low for her to bear in mind the covenant of use that she could pour herself out to eat.

Moreover, learning Runic was not something you could use immediately. It was hard to deal with modern texts that much.

As she did not know that Yeon-woo had the knowledge of the dragon, she smiled brightly and reached out her hand thinking that she was caught by Ho Goo.

Fine. I'll do it one-on-one. Do me a favor.

Please take good care of me.

Yeon shakes her hand and smiles.

Again, it was a smile that I made when I met a real faggot.

The hand gripped each other.

And the time of day.

[Dungeon, I entered the 'Palace of the Fuhrer' for the first time.]

Kindred is standing in a cave in the middle of the fifth mountain.

A cave no one has ever found. For over a decade, he had to stay on the 20th floor for a reason that finally appeared in front of him, a lake full of water. And the door on the other side. The golden, glittering, dark cavernous interior is illuminated.

“Found it. Woman's Baton. ”

Kindred laughs loudly with his fangs wide open.