Second Life Ranker

6. Five Mountain (6)

"Ugh! Is this really happening?!" How could you do this?

Victoria screeches at her jaw as she screeches her head. There were all kinds of feelings in her eyes. Anger.

Doubt. old age. Nervous.

The hysteria keeps rising. I had to draw it. The study of Yeongwoo's pattern of thinking, which was supposed to be over soon, was still not even taking a step.

It's been twenty days. The promised time with Yeongwoo is a month. Half the time passed away without much income.

You're not betting on some kind of mental defense, are you?

So Victoria looked at Yeongwoo with a suspicious voice.

If it had been, Victoria would have noticed it long ago. Just in case I told you to take off all the clothes you're wearing just in case. On top of the Dispelled Wizards, I repeated a few complicated experiments every day. It was all Viktor Leah. But there's no such thing.

Victoria bites her nails hard. Even though it didn't feel like anything else, it was a habit that he did not even know when he was nervous.

If I didn't do this, my stuffy mind wouldn't be cleared.

In fact, what Yeon-woo said was right inside. Yeon-woo always actively cooperated, unless he had acted unfaithfully in the contract. She was the one who always demanded complicated and exaggerated things.

So Victoria seemed crazier.

I really did everything I could. I gave all kinds of reagents, and wanted to continue analyzing the spirit of the honeycomb using artifacts as a magician.

However, the result of each return is an error. The analysis was utterly impossible.

At first, it seemed that the artist's mental system was complicated. Often, martial arts practitioners became as deep as their mental strength, so they were often very difficult to contact.

So I agreed to disarm myself and investigate myself slowly.

The same method was used for Yeonwoo.

No, I used more complicated methods. I was trying to figure out all kinds of neural pathways and neuronal activity. I even anesthetized my body.

But that was it.

I couldn't figure it out No, it was obvious. But the problem was that the range was very narrow.

"A person with such a large and broad mental system. I've never heard of it. The conscious world itself is different from the passerby. It's too deep! '

Victoria considers her mental system to be very deep. With so much education, so much research.

But even that self was just a lake in front of the sea compared to the spirit system of the kite. I treated the room that much, and it was deep enough that I didn't know the end.

In order to maintain that kind of mind in the ordinary human body, it would quickly collapse and collapse. • • • • • • • Salmon always said that there was nothing wrong with everything.

'Is this child a transcendental or supreme servant? If it weren't like that, it wouldn't make any sense!'

Of course, Victoria was well aware of how absurd her reasoning was.

If he was that good, he wouldn't have allowed this. Those who would be proud to stand on the second side hated it so much that those who thought they were insignificant touched their bodies.

After all, Victoria spent twenty days without any success, and in return, only her precious runner was being taken away.

Moreover, the question of how deep the martial arts practitioner was, and the occasional blubbering throughout the class was so sharp that the liver was cooled. The progress was so fast that the fundamentals of Rune A and Rune Magic were taken away.

Victoria grips her teeth. Time remaining is ten holes. I had to figure out a way to get in there.

Huh.Are you doing well today, trickster?

" Da S" I did what I had to do. '

That deal is purely fraudulent. Khh. My master doesn't seem to be very flexible to look at. I bet you have a pretty good head for this place.

Immediately after returning to the hut, Sha was enticed by this sudden throw.

There was no need to argue. He knew it was a crazy deal and he knew it.

However, the agreement with Victoria was made with Myna, and if it was not fulfilled properly, there was a risk that her magic could be completely shut down or severely devastated. As Yeonwoo, it was a matter of returning with both hands raised.

Victoria's knowledge of rune magic has awoken the dragon's knowledge that has been hidden in Yeon Woo's head.

It's like I'm reminded of an old memory that I forgot for a moment. We were able to establish a clear knowledge system, but now we are also working on an even larger family of ÖPL applications.

The characteristics of 'the giver' and the title 'blessed with magical power' were also very large in the year.

However, Yeon did not master rune magic separately. Simply accumulating the basic knowledge due to the need, I was distracted just by completing the bipolar sword and interpreting the acoustic sword.

There was someone who needed to know Rune Magic and a way to use it.

"Did you call?

When he slammed his side of his jaw, he bowed his head.

Yeongwoo has connected with him and conveyed the knowledge of the Rune magic that was organized today.

Deliver knowledge of Rune Magic to [Boo (Rich)]. Magic knowledge is replaced by skill.]

[Door Magic skill level has increased. 12.1%]

[Door Magic skill level has increased. 14.8%]

In the meantime, Yeon-woo handed over a bunch of neat magic tricks to Lu Xiaoyu. The magic system with the knowledge of the dragon, of course, was a great help to the wealthy, and has now succeeded in generating even new skill items.

He was confident that even if he entered the field, he would never be weak.

Other skills were also enhanced by rune magic.

I bet you could put together a Blink, huh? '

Wealth doesn't say anything with its head down for a long time. Then I slowly raised my head. The blue flame that shines through the snowball burns in splendor.

Means you have ^ acquired all of Yeon Woo's Rune Magic. It seemed to have gone deeper.

Yeongwoo took off her consultation without delay and sent her back to wealth.

Immediately, the rich man's eyes blaze.

Along the back of Yeongwoo, I saw several runes that remained as small as a stigma. Every time I learned Boomerang magic, I left it to Yeong-woo.

Instead of having not mastered rune magic, Yeongwoo etched it into the human body by making the necessary magic combinations in this way.

Victoria would have been surprised. It was mimicking the way she made the rune artifact.

If this had been done, it would have been possible to trigger magic by simply enticing them towards the inscription on their backs, without having to write or inscribe them separately.

Especially for Yeon-woo, who fights hard, it is an excellent way.

There's only one difference.

It was that Victoria had replaced the magic gold she used with her body. And, of course, the flesh of Yeongwoo was exceptionally efficient, filled with dragon factors. The magical conductivity unit was different.

In fact, Yeon-woo had a lot of complaints at first. I wanted to make an artifact based on the taboo I learned from Henova. However, it was hard to engrave a few letters as long as he was a novice. Poor efficiency.

But the moment he thought about his body and tried to figure out what to do, he changed his mind 180 degrees.

Victoria's artifact was not as durable and one-off as it was inefficient.

But Yeon-woo was permanent. Not to mention my scenario. Moreover, it was reusable as long as there was a 'new method' that Yeon-woo had found after considering it deeply.

The weapon that Victoria wanted to make it so badly was made somewhere else. It wasn't because Victoria was stupid. Actually, it was because it was a way to do it without Yeon-woo.


"Possible. But, bowling k. All the magic I've been doing. Deep. Different.

Wealth hesitated briefly before entering into the full 'work'.

He had no choice but to consider the safety of Yeongwoo.

In the meantime, three magical combinations have been engraved.

Magic Enhancement. Haste. Strangers.

It was very basic magic, but even the pain was so painful that I couldn't even blink an eye.

But Blink was definitely more than that. Even on a very small street, it was magic that distorted space.

The combination that goes in here was huge. It was not enough to combine all the previous three enchantments.

If Yeon-woo fainted while carving her own runes, everything could be a mess.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo did not forget.

Just do it.

"Okay. As much as possible. Slowly, but surely.

Keep in mind I'll do it. "

Boo nodded silently.

That stubbornness.

"We're starting, too."

Sanon and Hanoi came to the left and to the right, and held her arms and legs firmly. It was to block in advance what could be wrong with the text because of the pain that Yeon-woo struggled with.

"start. I'll do it."

Wealth floats a black orb on the air with its left hand, and its right hand on the back of Yeongwoo. At that moment, the black swarm of light flashed and slowly engraved a rune on Yeon Woo's back.

Healing - The flesh is burning. The black light moves very slowly. Runic characters cannot be enchanted if they deviate by one stroke.

This was the point where Yeon-woo and wealth cared the most, so it had to take a lot of time.

Then, when one letter had finished and moved on to the next, the finished letter had a blue flame and dug deep inside the flesh. The lower layers of the skin and muscles were melted and engraved firmly on the bones as they passed through the blood vessels.

Yeon-woo's waist stood wide. Sanon and Han did their best to hold onto Yeon-woo firmly. It was so painful to tear the flesh and engrave the letters deep in the bone.

This was how Yeon-woo had a new idea.

Runic characters lose their value and disappear once triggered. How can we sustain that value?

The polyp bone is the most magical conductivity of all materials in the world. It's hard, so it doesn't have to have full durability, and the Magic Society has Magic Hall Roads all around it.

If so, rotate the Magic Circuit Circuit towards some bone to support the rune character.

If you continued to distribute magic to prevent the existence value from vanishing, it would have been permanent.

So I did a magic experiment called "The Haste," and it succeeded after a few attempts.

Whenever I had to feel the pain of tearing my body, Yeon-woo gripped her teeth and endured it.

At the same time, the reflectively trembling body comes out of the shadow and grabs hold of the kite tightly. Tension struggles have been going on for a long time.

After such a long time.

Done. Well done.Thank you very much.

Boo slowly raised his hand. The light of the black beads was fading. It meant that he consumed considerable heart power.

Sanon and Han also released from their bonds.

Yeongwoo sagged on the floor. He was soaked in cold sweat, but he looked like he was going to collapse soon.

But his eyes were shining like wildfire. The magic of the Hodon along the bone was melting into the circuit as it came into contact with the runes.

I couldn't let go because Yeon-woo had to do it all herself. It may be overwhelming, but I was overcoming it with my mental strength trained in parallax.

And when it's all done.


The skin on the back that melted was cured again. And on top of that, only traces of black letters remained fine.

From a distance, it looked like it was burned.

Yeon-woo lifted up the crown jewel. Rune Moon's settlement succeeds, but fatigue overwhelms you. I felt like I had to regain my strength first.

'Magic Armor'. '

Along with a short starter phrase, the corpse of Yeongwoo sank into a swarm of blue light. At the same time, the wings of fire spread out as the magic circuits rotated. The pot- grinding moves only with enhanced physical ability, minimizing the circulation of the magic.

Stronger muscles and much faster agility. Every time I stepped forward, I couldn't hold myself back because of the speed that was too fast. Let's mix them up here, and now they're fast enough not to be caught by the sixth sense.

Yeongwoo has already drawn Vigrid from the Intranian. Beagrid, who was cleansed up to 90% of Urd's mystical strength, was already about as long as a longsword. The blue writing engraved along the white Kim Sin revealed a brilliant light.

There was also a minimally reduced Magical Power circuit open. The enhanced horsepower rushes into the beagrid, revealing a large red aura above the blade.

A vivid crimson that shines beyond compare to when it was first made.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. My vision shifts several times, and I reach the edge of the cliff. You wiggle the beagrid to your side to rest your strength there.

Six months into the mountains of misery. I wanted to know for sure how different I had become.

I didn't use any other skills or options other than an error. The place that Beagrid scoured and passed away tore everything apart.


Above the cliff opposite you, you see a very sharp, dark blade, as if lightning had gone by.

As part of the mountain falls, the forest below decays. The dark dust clouds soared above the sky.

Oh my God! What are you doing all of a sudden?

You crazy bastard! You're the one who rented this place!

• • • • • • I wish you to be quiet Hmm. Did he just do it on purpose?

Though the other Sadducees gave a warning saying it was noisy in their heads, there were tons of surprising colors inside.

I knew I'd done it with no skill. I just had to do it with an error. If all other skills were mixed, or if you were able to output your maximum magical power, or if all other senses were awake, you would be faced with an unparalleled sight.

Everyone was surprised at the quick achievement that they couldn't even compare to half a year ago.

However, Yeon-woo was looking for a higher self. Not even the power of the dragon was revealed. If you open it all the way up, you won't be able to get hit anywhere. '

I put Vigrid back in the Trennian, thinking about making a face that she wouldn't pray if she heard pant or edora.

'That's enough.'

In fact, what had happened so far was much longer than the plan. Although the black sword hasn't caught a single second, it's been able to make as many new advances as it did.

It was my turn to leave.

'Though it may have taken Kindred a long time to figure out what he was after. I can't help it.'

In fact, I wanted to trample silently behind Kindred, who disappears at night, but I ignored him because it would be really bad if I got caught.

I don't know if there's any information on it. I didn't want to put myself at risk because I didn't want to. Yeon told me that there was no possibility of finding anything for more than a decade, so I let Yeon out her thoughts about Kindred. You will meet again when it's time to wage a fierce war with the Horsemen. I didn't have to stand there.

Rather, I needed to take care of the things that had been delayed for now.

'The new water supply is about to hatch.'

That's how Yeon-woo is going to turn around.


He guessed the idea of a alliance like that. The voice of the liver rings.

Yeon-woo nods silently.

The • • • • • • Wait a minute, the ship seemed to be talking about the cost price, but flew quickly towards the cliffs with Yeongwoo.


It's just a few kicks up a cliff with its feet, but it lands very easily. Yeon-woo notices that her liver has progressed considerably as much as her own.

However, the atmosphere of the liver was a little bad.

Tuo Yeon, who wants to say something but can't get it out of her mouth quickly, wonders if it has something to do with Doyle.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo and the liver were close enough to reach their nose when they fell, but did not face each other well.

Even though she had a poor personality, she felt that her liver was' avoiding 'her.

Yeon-woo speculated that it might be related to Doyle.

He said the liver disagreed with Doyle, but when Yeon-woo saw that they were not so easy to fall away from.

Something was definitely there.

He's been pretending not to know because he didn't have to intervene.

If you came here like this, it was obvious that you were trying to bring up the story related to it. I don't know when I'll see you again after Yeon-woo leaves today.

So what does the liver have to say?

Quiet everyone. I'm in trouble.

Suddenly, a huge contradiction covers the fifth ridge.

A voice that does not hide embarrassment.

Victoria pauses, takes a big breath and throws a shocking rumour.

Kindred just died