Second Life Ranker

7. King Fuhrer's Palace (1)


What nonsense is that?

The head of the kite and liver head toward the hillside where Victoria will be.

It wasn't just the two of them.

The other two Sadoons, who were staying on the mountain, were also looking at you.

Victoria's words were shocking, even to those who were closed enemies who had not stumbled upon her for half a year.

Sanum, full of awe, covers the foothills. The tree falters and collides.

I'll tell you the details here. First of all, come to Kindred's house. You don't have to come. but preferably.

Victoria's voice ends there.

The liver tightens its mouth. I tried to tell Yeon-woo with a big heart, but now I've completely missed the timing.

Even Yeon Woo was distracted. It was that crowded in my head.

"Dead," the bishop of the horsemen? Why? "

Hea Victoria sighed deeply, leaning against the chair. She was shocked to hear it, too.

Someone from Kindred. Though rumors have dwindled on the 20th floor for some unknown reason for more than a decade, everyone is still terrified of reversal.

A man who tears a man apart with a frogman's face and sings with blood. Everyone who had fought him trembled.

Victoria also knew about Kindred's hidden tablet. Bishop of the horsemen. The second path was horrifying and very strong.

So Victoria had to be afraid when she first met Kindred here. Just in case.

But the longer I stay here, The thought of Kindred has changed gradually.

Kindred knows his manners. Although her temper was fierce, she never forced others to hold her own, nor did she reveal any stories about religion at all.

Rather, when Victoria's kite grip was blocked and she was suffering from grunts, she often helped by her side.

I'll get you anything you need.

It was easy to talk to him as a neighbor.

He was just a reliable man, as long as he kept the right line between people.

And Victoria was afraid of him, but now she thought she was close enough to know him. And that would have been the same for Kindred.

That's why you asked me to do this before you died.

- Magic to know where I am, right?

- I didn't put that on.

- I'm not saying you did it. I'm asking if I can. Anyway, can you do it?

- Then do me a favor.

Victoria should have been greatly surprised because she had not been a neighbor for five years and Kindred had never 'asked' her.

The request was simple.

Spell to track down his whereabouts, and if the signal breaks, collect the body.

Victoria doesn't fully understand Kindred's 'putting death in her mouth,' but she nails him to make sure he doesn't ask for a posture.

Once you're dead, you'll know for sure.

'I told him I had a quest set up for him to pass to me at the bar.'

Kindred added that his quest would be either feasible or negligible because you have a very high tier. You said you'd pay me to recover his corpse.

Maybe Kindred expected him to fail.

"Death on the 20th floor. High rankers, too. Of course, there were no victims on the 20th floor at all. Crossing a mountain with all your senses closed is just as dangerous. I often targeted an ambush because I thought it was an opportunity for me to have a liver.

But Kindred was different. The man who overcame the 76th floor could not have died here so easily. What is contained in this quest? What could be the reason why this is happening?

All kinds of complicated thoughts messed with Victoria's head.

But one thing was clear.

Kindred has been looking for something for over a decade.

He found it but died while trying to get it.

And God's power alone cannot recover Kindred's corpse from such a dangerous place.

Eventually, Victoria changed her mind and decided to ask the other Sadducees for help.

Soon, I felt a mess around Kindred's house getting better.

Victoria slowly rises from her seat.

'This was Kindred's house, but Bo Yong Woo was slightly surprised by the small landscape. A small courtyard was built around a small hut.

The tree or rock back was well placed, and I could barely glimpse it with a super-sense feel.

I didn't think that the bishop of Makyo would have such a hobby.

Maybe he relieved the stress here with this.

Gando was somewhat surprised at the idea similar to Yeon-woo.

Soon after, the other two pilots flew quickly to the cabin and landed lightly. It was a disparate move.

There are some people whom Yeon-woo has not encountered in half a year.

One of them has a short hair and a very distinctive eye.

Energy was nothing compared to Kindred, but intense.

It was a high-ranker greeting that Yeongwoo first caught with Kindred.

The other was a middle-aged man. However, I was overall cool with pale skin and sharp fangs. More like a dead man than a living man.

Vampires. Some of the undead are highly intelligent and rational, so they are able to act as a player.

Rebecca and Sol Luna. '

With a boyish impression, Rebecca was an apostle serving the God of Hunting named Chernunos.

Also, Sol Luna is a well-known prosecutor known as the 'noble sword'. Just as the word "ear" was inserted, its swordsmanship based on the abilities of vampires was known to be bizarre.

There were two people who didn't go outside at any point.

Kindred's death was shocking enough to get them out.

"It's you. What disturbed my sleep Sol Luna glanced at Yeon Woo and slightly distorted her impression. The blunt tone contained a clear enemy.

Yeongwoo tries to ask you what that means, but Victoria comes out as the door of the hut opens.

Come in, Rebecca and the liver sneak inside. Sol Luna followed Yeon-woo into the room after another hostile encounter. Yeon went into the last one and closed the door.

The interior was not much different from what it had seen on the outside. I felt refreshed when it was filled with plants or trees raised with burnt wood. I couldn't find any markings that meant the Horsemen anywhere.

Sit in the right place. It's going to be a long story.

Yeongwoo and Sadoos hesitated for a moment, and immediately sat down one by one along the center table. Yeon-woo and the liver sit side by side and watch Victoria.

In the midst of everyone's loyalty to Victoria.

Rebecca opens her mouth first. The ears and liver aren't saying anything. Rebecca seems to be leading them behind her back. Yeon-woo watched quietly.

"They say Kindred is dead. What the hell is going on? Where's the man who can kill him?"

"I don't know."

Rebecca frowns.

What kind of prank now…••••

Are you kidding me? I'm the one who's most embarrassed.

Victoria says so, and begins to explain the request she received from Kindred the night before.

And as she hears the egg, Rebecca's expression hardens.

"So that means Kindred guessed the death of the sleeping god, and now you're trying to figure out whether or not to listen to his will?

Yes, and this is the quest Kindred passed on to me on his deathbed. I'll share it with you, so check the boat. "

When Victoria waved lightly,

A message came to mind in front of four other people.

['Victoria wants to play Hidden Quest. This quest will not be harmed if you reject it after checking it. Confirm?]

Yeon-woo was deep in thought. Quests left by Kindred as he died. Something was wrong with it.

However, I said yes because there was no reason not to check the quest content itself.

Then a new message opens.

[Hidden Quest (The Palace of the Minh Hwang) will be revealed.]

[Hidden Quest/The Palace of the Fuhrer]

Content: The stage on the 20th floor, 'Before torture, there was another nickname called' Mt. 'The Planet of Oh was a place sealed by the mythical past, where the future king was unhappy with the heavenly world and revolted.

Afterwards, the aftermath of Mt. However, the practitioners are completely forgetting about the fact that King Ahjussi himself broke the seal.

Let's find traces left by King Minhu and take them back. Then maybe we can inherit his legacy.


Title: Descendants of the Monkey King

2. Clue of the Woman's Wand

3. 72 lines +???

Is this, or not?

Rebecca opens her eyes wide as if she couldn't believe it. And it was the same for Yeon Woo and others.

"Wow! Crazy. Is this really happening?

Sa Non and Han were watching the quest with the eyes of Yeon Woo in the black bracelet.

A quest for the Monkey King? '

Yeon-woo fell into silence.

The power of gods and demons originally comes from very little.


It was often determined by the value of its existence, the myth or legend that was created based on John Ash's work.

In that sense, the existence of the future king was like Irregular for many spiritual beings.

More commoners, including Yeonwoo, are known by the name 'Monkey King'.

Born into the trivial beauty of the stone master, he became a god by various acts and realizations. He said, "I don't like it," and stirred the kingdom of heaven at will. Then, he was sealed again and fought the demons under the name of atonement.

And in the end, he was reborn as a true divine being.

No myth has ever seen such an achievement.

In a tower filled with those who wanted to become gods, the future King had to have a bigger reputation.

"Obviously, there was a rumor that 20 had something to do with the late king. Is that true? It takes a quest to say it's not real. Wow. This is crazy.

Yeon-woo rebelled against Sanon's soliloquy.

Tell me more, Boat.

"Huh? What?"

'The rumor that the 20th floor may be related to King Mifu.'


Oh, that? Actually, you know what? For some unknown reason, the nickname of the 20th floor is the pentagon, so rumor has it that it might have something to do with the planet Oh where future King was sealed. It's exactly what it says on the quest. And then I remember a lot of people coming at me, and I couldn't find anybody. But I didn't know it was real.

Sanon laughed hurriedly and spoke in a serious voice.

But the system of the tower cannot lie. Besides, it's a girl's club. It's a 72-second tactic. This is crazy. If word gets out, the backpack will flip. No. Now that we've all seen this, can't you remember?

There was nothing similar in the diary. After hearing the rumors, I thought it was nothing special.

The woman's staff was her prey, which she had taken from the dragon kings, and the 72 spells were a skill that made her become a divine being.


Sorcery runs on a trajectory that's different from shamanism, magic, or magic. And there was little known information in the tower.

What was known was the 'power of the righteous'.

The predecessor is a member of the congregation

He was a monk and a monk. Transgressors who have been outraged by the omnipotence of man.

But they were…/whether they really existed/20111;//the birds were in question.

Report theoretically} Mainstream/no human presence. Transverse and stubborn may have been with them. However, we were/actually sleepwalking. If I could, High Ramko would be there. Wouldn't he?

Though the existence of a saint had to fall into a maze, even so, it was as real as the art.

'Wake up because two signature skills, soil and natural anthropology, are known to be used by Allfowon.'

There are 72 different kinds of tactics. It's a trick that was written by the late king. Every one of them will be devastating. In the words of life, it was a coveted item by the people here.

And Yeon-woo had already been able to read such a trait.

Suddenly, the Sadducees were silent.

I only call for silence.

Everyone's nerves were focused solely on the quest field Victoria shared.

Especially the eyes of the liver were shining with unknown emotions.

It was certainly something I had to seduce as a person who always sought power.

In that situation.

Yeon-woo was intuitively noticed.

'This is the Devil's trap.'