Second Life Ranker

8. King Fuhrer's Palace (2)

Yeon-woo was engulfed in thoughts.

"A man who becomes the bishop of a horse and dies on a quest like this?" That's ridiculous. '

As far as Yeon-woo knows, the Bishops of the Horse Army have one nasty bastard.

He knew how to bend down for over a decade to get one thing he wanted, and there was also a house yogurt that waited for him to dig a trap and then snatched food. And above all, he was ruthless.

The same goes for Kindred. No, Tom was clearly more than just a bunch of bishops.

Due to the horseman's sequenced loyalty to the drink, being the second bishop means he has an unusual mindset.

Then what the hell is he after? Did you find it difficult to advance the quest by yourself? But it's not like that. '

Kindred's skill was unbeatable to the five here together.

Of course, he did not think to use them all because he was exhausted, and even if he lacked the strength, he would first try to bring the underlings.

Then what the hell is he after?

However, Yeon-woo had no intention of going like this. That's why I was even more doubtful.

The trap that Kindred and the horsemen are planning.

And it was the same idea for the other four, besides Yeon Woo. They didn't know that 0 Kindred was the bishop of the Horsemen, but at least they knew that there were more than one or two of them.

Rebecca also asked first. Very straightforward.

It's only fair to say, do you know if you're alive? • • Victoria crosses her arms and cuts Rebecca's waist.

No. I'm sure he's dead. If you're questioning my laws, that makes me feel bad.

What magic did you use?

"The Wind Called". It not only gives you their location, but it also gives you a biometric signal. This rune magic is usually used in pursuit. No matter how effective the display is, it can never be undone.

The wind that was called was runic magic that Rebecca knew very well. It was the magic that chasers used to use all the time. There are no other side effects, but it is possible to hide Victoria's words, but it cannot be undone.

It was true if Victoria, the caster, had done so.

"Then maybe you're lying to Kindred.

If you want, I can make a promise to Mana. What do you think?

Victoria remembers Mana's pledge in her place at all. If you tell a lie about what you're saying, you make a promise that your magic will reverse. But remembering them all didn't change anything for Victoria.

0 Uh, Rebecca wept. Others were the same.

Victoria says in a cold tone.

There's just one thing I want to ask you. Going to the quest area to collect Kindred's corpse. Truth be told, I don't make big bets, either. But this is the last will and testament I owe him, and I'm not asking you to help me.


I want to make a deal.


Perform the quest if you want to. I'll show you the location of the dungeon. Rat to take me to Kindred's corpse instead. That's how my terms of the deal were sealed by the Sadducees once again.

There was definitely no flaw in what Victoria said.

No one knows what kind of danger is lurking before Kindred goes in and dies. Victoria is looking for a Guard to protect her god.

The price is the location of the dungeon. From then on, whether you fulfill the quest or not, you will take your hands off it.

The Sadducees' minds go blank.

Quests with more than one or two dangers and suspicious dark corners. But if we eliminated all of those risks, the fruit behind it smelled so good.

I didn't have to worry about fake quests. The tower's system doesn't lie to me. What the system is hiding is what dangers are lurking in the quest 0, so the Sadducees were unable to make the sale quickly. They stayed on the 20th floor for longer, with extreme discomfort, in order to gain more power.

However, it was strange not to tempt him that he could gain King Ahjussi's spirit and power.

And these sweet fruits tempt people like this. 'You will be different.

'It's like a poisoned Holy Grail.'

Yeon woo read the robe made by the Sadducees in the middle of the smoke, and laughed nonsense.

Now I am conflicted in my mind, but the choice was made.

Everyone is a quartile to agree.

Sanon also read the atmosphere and kicked out his tongue.

'Of course, because you've been here for so long, the players won't be any different. Unless, of course, you're just in that position.

"Ha! Do you want to ask such obvious questions? Of course I should!"

He said that and laughed at what was so funny.

And that was the same idea.

'I see.'

"Woohoo. What will the owner do?

Of course I do. '

"Look at this wretched master. You always talk like you're not gonna do it.

'But the reason is a little different. I'm going to find out what trap the Horsemen set. And as much as you're planning something, you're gonna get it from there.'

"What the heck, that. You're just a charming mass, but you're just like us after all,"

'I'm a player too.'

"Uh-huh. Right?

Yeon-woo thought for a moment that she was going to fall back. Everything I had right now was going to get something new in my undigested yard, and I didn't have to jump into places that looked almost as dangerous as fireflies.

But the more I thought about it, the more I changed my mind.

What the Horsemen are trying to get from digging a trap. What better way to intercept it?

Moreover, the remaining eight generations were moving swiftly during the war between the Red Dragon and Purgatory. But I haven't seen a march like this yet.

But if this has anything to do with it, I needed to see for myself.

Though I do have to take some risks.

'Unless it's impossible to figure out what kind of painting it is, if it's already underway like gold. You'll get as much as it's dangerous.'

No, it was not right for the horseman to get the cost of such things. After all, it was a place where they would have to fight directly one day. I thought it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the power.

And most of all,

'There's something wrong with the guy who's gone.'

Ever since I first tried to talk about Doyle. The liver was in a big shock and felt like it was being chased by the cost.

I wondered why.

Similar to the timing of Yeon-woo's decision, other Sadoons began to express their opinions.

『Fine. I'll do it.』

Me too.

Rebecca and the liver agreed. Yeon-woo nodded instead of answering.

Victoria turns her dog to Sol Luna.


"Hoho. I'm out of this. That's why I became a vampire. I don't want to just walk out of here and die.

Sol Luna lifts her arms and pulls the chair back.

Victoria nods, not intending to persuade her to the end. Rebecca's sudden murder reveals itself to the great god.

Tsutz. A dark vine rises from under his feet and tightens Sol Luna's neck.

If you go somewhere and talk nonsense.

Would you work outside the eyes of the Red Tree and the Apostle Chernunos if I were crazy? I told you, my life is the most important thing!

Victoria was a famous war mage before she was a rune magician, and Rebecca was known for being cruel because she resembled God. Sol Luna never intended to be filmed at all.

Rebecca frowns as if she didn't like it, and finally unravels the vine that was wrapping around him.

Victoria looks around and says,

"Well, let's move on to this time tomorrow. If you have anything to pack by then, bring it.

That's the end of the line.

The next day.

Four people gathered as instructed. Brown, Victoria, Rebecca, liver. They look at the opposing Pokémon with suspicion of one another, but do not reveal much.

From now on, we had to trust each other firmly. Before Kindred died. I didn't know what kind of danger there was. If I thought of anything else, it was the end of the day.

They were all veterans at this point, so there was no need to mention them.

Instead, Victoria only checked the number of people and immediately provided information about the dungeon. Since horses could leak out, it was natural to stop by the Magic Wall.

The dungeon is at the top of the fifth mountain.

Peak peak? Did the cave there?

Rebecca narrows her impression.

There was

Apparently he was surrounded by an invisible barrier. Because I thought Kinred was crazy because he was crazy after he first found him.

A cleverly installed boundary that even high rankers cannot find. • • • • • • •.

There is a creature that can be called a monologue. I mean, how is that even possible?

Naturally, there was also a hierarchy of divine beings.

The gazette was the highest stature according to the grade given.

Certainly. Possibly.

Victoria travels primarily through conversations with Rebecca. Yeon-woo focused on their conversation without speaking.

However, it was hard to guess what he was thinking because the liver was stubborn. Yeon-woo thought I'd have a look at her liver later.

Right here.

Victoria's arrival was a short distance from the summit of Bongwoo Lee. It is located on the slopes, and small hills protruding out of the way are covered in bushes, making it hard to find.

Moreover, an unknown energy was hovering along the hill.

You feel trapped in an invisible glass wall.

And the power was clearly overwhelming. Even though I just shot through the veil, my back was stretched.

You're right to say it's sad, but it's heavy.

Yeongwoo recalled the Urd encounter with the 16 worms. His energy was just like that. Of course, qualitative differences could not be compared.

"Was there such a thing? '

I used to boast that there's very little I haven't noticed since I realized my supersenses. Maybe he was arrogant.

The conclusion that the divine existence was designed differently.

However, Yeon-woo tried to put the Cow in her head as much as possible while constantly sweeping through the boundaries with a super-sense.

The conclusion is a magic that can be conveniently used in many ways. Because I'm planning to learn someday, if I have the components in advance, I think I can mimic the runes by combining them together.

Victoria opens the door with a light crack in the air. It has already been released several times by the Kindred and then rebuilt, so its durability is already on the ground.

Ouch_The energy that was hovering inside the boundary scattered by this wind. It was creepy and chilly riding on my back.

All four of you stood firm on your backs.

If the result was that of the Monkey King, the power within was clearly the remnant of his fortune.

It was only different in nature, but it seemed like it would never be outdated compared to the power of the monolith.

That's all I know.

Fine. From now on, Rebecca, who is the largest powerhouse on the team, is ahead of me. I have the God of Hunting, so I can find my way around well, and I could immediately go to a skill event.

Instead, Yeongwoo and the liver were left and right, respectively, and Victoria was in the center.

Protecting wizards who are weak in defense but loyal to the role of dealers has been the most fundamental to the search for the former Dunne.

Then it moves.

As Rebecca instructs, the four climb down the hill, cutting through the bush and moving slowly.

Soon, a tiny cave entrance appeared.

It looks like a normal cave.

Rebecca finds a cave in the boundary and narrows her eyes.

I pushed my suit and senses inward, but I still felt nothing.

No. Instead, I just went into the vicinity of the entrance, and suddenly it settled down and dispersed. Like sucking up the cost price.

It was also impossible to explore the depths of Yeongwoo's supersenses.

Eventually, Rebecca slowly steps into the cave, thinking she had to hit him with her body.

Tyring -

[Dungeon, I entered 'The Palace of the Fuhrer'. Party of four.]

Players have all made a fool of themselves. Even though only one footprint was zero =, the air changed completely.

If the horror of King Ahjussi's spinning around was overwhelming. Now he boasted of the peculiarity that seemed to suck it all away. There was a disparate cost that seemed to refuse the living, and it tightened the human heart.

It was an energy that naturally evoked a frightening, frightening primitive sensation.

If I could block the external energy, I would be surprised as the four people who had to judge everything and accept everything in harmony.

'Complaints, anger, fear • • • • • - Usually when you're stuck in a place for a long time, you have to go when you can't do anything.'

Perhaps all of this was convenient for the late king to leave behind. Yeon-woo swallowed a dry saliva. Whenever negative energy threatens him, the Black Bracelet trembles.

• • This place is insane. Let's just keep moving.

The group slowly follows Rebecca into the cave.