Second Life Ranker

9. The Palace of the Fuhrer (3)

[The Monkey King intention is to alert the intruders sharply. Attempt to curse an entry party.]

['Curse: the work is done.]

[It didn't work.]

['Curse: Chaos.]

Attempted. Attempted.

[It didn't work.]

["Curse: Poison" was attempted.]

The message that continues from the moment you enter the dungeon.

The group looks together in agony. Though he was holding out somehow, the pressure of King Ahjussi's intentions was too heavy.

With no limit to the number of cursing attempts, it seemed like something really big was about to happen.

Victoria waves lightly into the air. Suddenly, the light erupts and begins to cast off the grim energy that was pressuring the group.

"It is said that the Sealed Duration of King Ahjussi is over hundreds of years. The spirit that you've been spouting must be reduced. Everyone stay awake.

The spirit of a strong being is its own will, and it tries to pollute its surroundings with its own color.

Even the top-notch Jade Emperor, who was once great enough to be humiliated, was the future King. The spirit that such a person poured out over hundreds of years was naturally intense.

And misfortune intended to prey on his own color, and to somehow infect the group of young woodland invaders, who were the infiltrators of Viceroy.

And in fact, as wide as the notion of a passageway to the conscious world was wide open, we were attempting to break through it several times.

If the people here didn't have enough spiritual power to realize this mechanism, they might have already thought they were the future king and gone mad.

Victoria has developed magic to form a protective shield to stop the intrusion of the spirit.

However, when Yeon-woo saw it, it was only temporary.

Moreover, the silk problem was not only that.

What's the road? Is this the right place?

I think you're right. For now.

Rebecca reaches out to Victoria several times, asking for directions.

In case anything pops out. There are always monsters that are affected by Sanum in these places.

Just like you couldn't find anything when you searched inside the dungeon from the outside. The inside was the same.

No matter how hard I tried, I was stuck with the idea of the widow king. Rather, it was enough to try to reverse the attack by grabbing the tip of his head.

In the end, the group moves with all their senses closed, just as they did when they first entered the fifth mountain.

Of course, you can see the immediate surroundings, so the situation is a little better, but even so, the pressure of the group is never small.

At 0 0, the reverberation rang from the depths of the dungeon. It may be just a simple wind sound, but it is conveyed vividly as if the spirit is crying. Even though my hearing was closed, I could really hear it.

Eventually, Rebecca grips her teeth.

I remembered things in my head several times.

Do you think we can keep going in like this? Where the bio-signal Garlica says Kindred last sent us still needs to go deeper.

It's already dead from the entrance.How much worse can it be inside?

I was suspicious at first, but I kept thinking it wouldn't be weird if Kinred died. Maybe this place will be their grave just like him.

Chernunos, the god she serves, always told me to make a thorough distinction between when I leave rationally and when I leave. In Rebecca's judgment, it was time for the gold to retreat.

However, my feet never fall off toward the entrance.

The legacy of King Mihu. The treasure inside is a stone monk who made a path for the Emperor and his shoulder to align. The female staff and 72 skills kept getting trampled on.

'Yes, let's do it. What could possibly happen? Kindred was a wretch, but I'm different. You can ditch them, or you can use the escape scrub.'

Moreover, Chernunos' skill, Shinji, is exceptional in times of crisis. I was willing to step back if I wanted to be in danger.

No, I convinced Ser Lo that I was willing to take it out.

And I had no idea that she or anyone else was doing the same thing.

Now they look like fireflies, knowing they're on fire.

As you slowly move behind the moat, you examine the group.

From the ongoing attacks on Nearest Queen's Ideology, Rebecca used her skills to somehow resist, and Victoria continued to build a boundary while consuming the runes.

But when Yeon-woo saw it, the two of them were making a big mistake.

'If we keep going, they'll never last long.

Rebecca's skill was consuming considerable magical power and mental strength, although she could not see it in detail. Victoria seems to be on the ground pretty quickly, too, with runes consuming too fast.

If you leave it like that, by the time you reach the middle of the dungeon, both your magic and runes will be in big trouble.

On the other hand, the liver was a little better.

I didn't use any other skill. Instead of spreading the veil widely, he was building a tight perimeter around it to prevent the intrusion of the spirit.

The liver is defending itself well because it is the strongest of the three.

Yeon-woo laughed a little.

Rebecca and Victoria, maybe they've been doing it for a long time and they've forgotten the basics.

Powerful god power and convenient rune magic.

If I studied these two carefully, I wouldn't have been able to find any danger.

even though the basics are the most important.

'But • • • • this guy, what did he want to say?'

Yeon-woo examines the liver's expression. I couldn't read any angles of life on this strict expression. I tried to speak but there was no answer. It's as if they're concentrating heavily on the cost.

Finally, I took my eyes off Yeon-woo's liver. I'll tell you when it's time. I didn't think it was time to listen yet.

Instead, you enlarge the area of the supersenses bit by bit, illuminating the outlying areas, rather than the group.

He is relatively relaxed as the rest of the party resist King Xerxes' ideals.

[The mind of King Minhu attempts to curse for infection.]

['Curse: Mental Contamination' has been attempted.]

['Curse: Negative Infection' attempted.]

["Curse: suicidal impulse" was attempted.]


[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' trait.]

[Stun status has been canceled. There is a resistance to "mental contamination."]

[I have developed resistance to 'negative infections'.]

[There is a resistance to suicidal impulses.]]

[The 'Cold Blood' characteristic has resulted in excellent cotton power from the curse and attack of the psychic system.]

[A solid mental barrier has been established. I'm being seduced by the King Ahjussi's spirit.]

[King Minhu's ambition is somewhat embarrassing.]

Characteristics, cold blood.

The power to keep calm and reason in any situation.

This characteristic that was gained when Yeon-woo was Awakened as a player, has helped Yeon-woo in many ways.

It gives you the power to rain in all sorts of emergencies, so you will have excellent resistance and immunity every time.

Among the mental homes that were the mothers of paralysis, it was from this. Physical immunity and cold-blooded skills were obtained from this far away.

And as Yeon-woo's skills improved every day, that power did not appear for a while, but this time it worked again.

Thanks to this, I was delighted to be able to train my specialty unintentionally.

At first, it was awkward because I couldn't tell the difference between one and the other, but I was able to behave calmly, being a little freed from my thoughts.

Since then, Yeon-woo has tried a number of ways to expand its readability with hypersenses.

Right now, Cloth and Sixth Range can only be explored within 5 meters and outside. We needed to widen this.

I carefully examined King Minho's intentions, triggering the paralysis.

King Mihu's ambition seemed to be the sunset in some way. A stormy tide rises from the inside.

Then, if there was some kind of hard shield, it was my brother who spread out from side to side.

Yeon-woo noticed this characteristic.

'You can't suppress or get rid of your mind right now. If so, we'll have to expand our territory very little by little.'

Yeongwoo begins to tighten his clothing, which was widespread.

He then stabbed King Minhu's mind with a sharp, thorny tip.

At first, it was hard as a rock and there was no gap at all, but as I tried several times, I was able to dig deep into the gap.

King Minhu's intention was to climb back on his heels, but the cold blood trait was also applied here, and he was able to bounce back easily. Milk was tightly pushed in and then expanded at once.


[I have learned how to fine-tune my tune. We learned how to protect our minds from outside intrusions, how to break the curse.]

[Skill proficiency of 'Supersenses' has increased dramatically. 12.8%]

At that moment, Yeon felt a bright light in her head, as if I had a light in the dark room.

It was because the approximate shape and information of the dungeon came into my head as I passed by and reached the ceiling and walls of the cave. The supersenses made the flowers glorious.

And as the lotus continued to move further and further, the realm of the supersenses began to expand, little by little, pushing the mind of the late king.


0 Us7


And the other three people who were able to take a breath in the spirit pressure were furious.

Then their gaze shifts toward Yeon Woo. I realized that the source of my spirit was from Yeonwoo.

Their faces were filled with awe.

Especially Rebecca's eyes were filled with disbelief as if she couldn't believe it.

You, a high ranker, were able to accomplish even the most unpleasant situations by the players on one level.

There are just outstanding skills in these places. It's hard for me too. "

The three of them listened to the nonsense excuses of Yeouido, but rose their heat to speed. It was more important to explore the dungeon sooner than to question it.

Thanks to the breeze, Rebecca and Victoria were able to move quickly as they needed to.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo expanded the area of the supersenses to the parts they could not detect, putting the structure of the dungeon inside her head.

'Dungeons are complex mazes. It's hard to find an exit because it's tangled like a spider web. Even if I go back like this, I can't see the • • • • entrance anymore.'

The dungeon was as complex as an ant's den and connected deeply underground. It would take me a while to find my way.

It was still invisible, but there were traps everywhere and monsters of the phantom lineage that were conceived in the mind.

Yeon opened her collection and sent all the monsters outside. The phantom lineage is a delicious nutrient for the geeks, so it was meant to be set free in advance while enjoying snacks.

I didn't know what kind of danger it would pose, but I could trust the geeks if they were within my reach.

I didn't want to get in the way of anything else.

[Guy 'Gani Lee has defeated Daemon 98. Unique Skill' Predatory has been used to swallow souls.]

[The Guy has defeated Kaga Reynolds' 3. Unique skill 'Sorption' was used to absorb souls.]

[Ghost 71 has been killed.]

[Disarm the trap at high speed. 45 percent of the maze. Take control of the dungeon at high speed.]


From the inside, the gothic echoes become echoes, but the party de 0 still passes by quietly, saying, "It must be the spirit of the late king."

Without realizing that the troubles are being quickly eliminated on their behalf.

As I was quickly exploring King Minhu's palace, I noticed something strange about Yeon-woo.

At some point, strange marks along the walls and ceilings began to appear.

Traces you'll never know unless you look closely. For a long time, it appeared to be ordinary succulent and limestone due to fading from the weathering, but it was because it was a soft wheat millet with a keen sensation.

Deep, long remnants all over the place. and the spirit that is firmly embedded in it.

This is much different from the depressing notion that constantly plagued the group. He had many strong and pleasant qualities.

However, it was fragmented and scattered everywhere, so no one could find it.

[I found a 'very old knife print'.]

[I found an intestinal scar created a little later.]]

['I found a disturbing footprint.]

What is this? '

Yeongwoo was surprised to discover another future king's idea.

King Minhu is not even a twin, how can there be so many contradictions? And what do these traces mean?

I wondered about Yeong-woo, but it was different from living with Yeon-woo's eyes looking at the wall.

Wow, this is a genuine • • • • • volume and!

...I can not believe it. I mean, it's amazing. How can you think of this?''

As the two reactions were conveyed in time, Yeon-woo asked.

Do you think you know where you're going? '

Sanon lets out a rattling sound.

Do you still not know that the owner has been promoted to the master class? You want to keep your sword and your eyes open? Take a good look. "


Yeon-woo was a little annoyed, but she focused again on her supersenses at the door when the discussion had never been wrong.

Fragmented marks and clothing glow. There were some layers that were difficult to distinguish from each other, and some that were very long and could not tell the end.

Yeon-woo wants to do something about it, but suddenly she is firm and the cost price is intense in her head.

[I was strongly inspired.]

[The 'supersenses' are connected to the 'dragon eyes' and chase after the dizzy marks. Begin reading the grain.]

It was the first time that hypersensation and Dragon Eye had been separated so differently. Suddenly, Yeon-woo was surprised, but soon she was able to adapt.

Things that could not be seen even in dragon horses were different because they looked new when supersenses were added.

And it was easy to see what the cavernous traces were like.

"Unsullied" or "trained"? '

I saw a flow when I divided the pile of traces into time phases and connected the ones near me in turn.

At first, the traces that had been scattered to the middle heat were gradually getting elaborate and cleared over time.

There were a series of such courses.

One master, over hundreds of years, has been engraved with every step of the way into a larger master.

And I was able to glimpse the many sights that were here in the barrel.

It's like sitting here and watching King Minhu turn.

- King Mihu has vomited since it was sealed here. And I cursed her. You break through the wall in a burst of frenzy, but the seal never breaks. I was so mad that I was seduced for a hundred years.

Then I suddenly thought about it.

If you're so crazy, who's to lose? It is I. Then what should I do? We have to get stronger somehow and break this damn seal. From then on, King Mi Hoo worked diligently to gain the destructive power of Mt.

I've cleared my mind. I'm starting to put together what I know. I gathered the scattered things in the heat of the Middle East and worked hard to build them up higher.

It was too complicated. After all, there are some things that Mi-Hu has learned that are worth going to the world for.

There was only time for King Mihu, and he did not rush to organize it quietly. And every time I realized the cost, I tested the wall and filled out the missing parts.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Bee Seungwoo, who didn't think the world was scary, learned to calm down.

He was a man who could bend at any time if he had a goal to achieve.

That was the advantage of Empathy, and it was the world's greatest fear.


By the time it was almost 500 years old, I was able to complete it. The power to break your seal.

Yeon-woo's mind was dazed as if we had spent that long time together. If I wasn't accustomed to accidental lag, I might have lost in a different way.

"Yes, this was a sign of rehearsal and a ritual for Sanaan's voice. Yeon-woo asked me to stand up when he recovered his mind.

'Then go?'

This is a 72-second procedure.

"What? 72 techniques?''

Sanon shouts as if he has no teeth.

"You madman, this is something you can't do with rain!