Second Life Ranker

10. The Palace of the Fuhrer (4)

Sanon continues to shout as if it were frustrating.

72 Tactics are just one of the many techniques that King Ahjussi learned. This is a new summary of the fact that it's called a gun net!

Yeon-woo only realized what she was looking at. Beyond the trail of retribution, I was confronting what could be called King Ahjussi's "everything."

Then I remembered what nickname I had received after King Miu broke the seal.

'Emperor's Castle.

Noble enough to be placed alongside the heavens.

The power that made King Mihu into the heavenly host was set free because he breathed right in front of his eyes.

If there were only a simple sentence or movement, it would not have come to your attention at all.

However, what remained here were traces of what the Monkey King had been struggling with for a long time, and the process was detailed, so it was easy to follow.

Is it really possible?

"The more I look at it, the more I wonder. I think I know why the future king had a match with the gods and demons.

How could there be such a thing?

Sanon and Ghost were lost in their senses because they were obsessed with the trail of King Ahjussi.

For them, it was a place like no other. With respect for the old elders who disappeared a long time ago, they made every effort to sneak a peek at how hard it was to keep up.

Even at this moment, they were relentless in pursuit of King Miu.

The information conveyed by the combination of aura and dragon's eye was about the room, and I was celebrating a performance that I had never heard before in my life.

However, Yeon was not as fascinated as they were.

As far as I know, it seemed so trivial to have just reached the moon's rank.

I could see it was amazing. The level was too high, and I was amazed at what I could understand. He had a lot to bring.

However, just as the kindergarten student couldn't understand the theoretical book of physics, there was such a huge gap between Yeongwoo and his legacy that it was hard to keep up with.

'Still, it is better than a black sword.

If there is anything better, the answer sheet and the problem solving are laid together. If you accumulate more fundamentals, you will catch up with them someday.

So Yeon-woo did not try to understand the legacy of the late king. Instead, I wanted to remember them all. To improve and then learn a little bit.

However, while memorizing in turn, Yeon-woo was able to grow again more quickly because there was a natural part of the dragon's knowledge being activated.

'It knows no art, no magic, no magic. Is this a trick? Even so. It's definitely magical, but it feels like a lot of open air in your head that can't be tied up in those different frames.

Something that can't be tied down by any of those things, that can surpass them completely. He was the one who saw the new horizon.

Yeon-woo was so dazed for a long time.

Then I went crazy thinking.

'Don't tell me • • • • - Do you have a black sword?'

Another fork in the road.

Rebecca looks at the three forks in front of her eyes and makes an annoying voice.

I've been fascinated for hours since I entered the dungeon. And in the meantime, they have faced many forks. As long as it wasn't an idiot, the dungeon was entangled like a maze.

It's hard to find a way like this. I don't know where it is.

If I could spread it widely, I wouldn't be able to do it, because the future king's intentions ran like lightning.

Moreover, no one said anything, but the group feels like they've been circling the same location for some time now.

I'm not answering it, I'm telling you.

I'm so lost. '

Unlike those who had limitations on extending their surplus, Yeon-woo had already had a sense of the approximate phrase of the dungeon.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

Should I take the lead? '

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was reluctant to step forward.

I couldn't figure out what Kindred and the Horsemen were up to, so I had to refrain from noticeable behavior and memorize the Late King's legacy, so I didn't have much time to worry about anything else.

However, if the situation continues to be blessed, the story changes.

Even if we try to figure out what the Horsemen are planning, nothing will happen if the group is trapped in the maze.

Moreover, the old Maze Joe has been changing gradually since before.

That's why the group winds the same way.

'I don't even know how to stand that guy back there.'

Yeongwoo turns her clothes to the back. There are a group of bats slowly moving along the back, melting into the darkness that the group doesn't even care about.

Sol Luna. The one who wanted to live and wanted out was following behind them using the Vampire Clan Skill to dismantle bats.

Rebecca and Victoria have no idea who he is. Since the nerves were focusing only on the front and the back, Sol Luna was taking advantage of it thoroughly.

He's going to steal the 72nd straight away. If you do all this, you can be free from the future king's family without any danger.

Yeon-woo left him alone because he wasn't a threat.

I immediately thought of using my hands.

Eventually, Yeon-woo had to decide.

So as soon as Yeon-woo tries to say something to the group.



Suddenly, the screams of the beasts echo through the black bracelet. With a strong repulsive force, the gangsters bounce back inside the bracelet at some point.

It meant that the geeks had been knocked down by a strong cost.


Yeongwoo suddenly cooled down for an unknown reason. My footsteps stopped.

At that moment.

What are you trying to say • • • • • • •!

Rebecca turns to the brow, her voice still irritated, and suddenly she grabs her wrist and tugs it inward.

Rebecca shakes her head, unbalanced. I tried to yell at Yeon-woo, saying, "What are you doing?"

Soon, however, I felt the thorny cost rising suddenly and my back cooled.

Hard, sharp shadow thorns.

I felt a strange feeling.

Yeon-woo heavily wields a swarm of Kra Shuna's daggers.

The error exploded and the thorns exploded together.

It seems that the King Ahjussi's spirit is moving towards us in earnest.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. You've been attacking the psychic system all this time. Now was even attempting a physical event. Seems to be getting closer to the source, so there are a variety of attacks that can be tried.

Meanwhile, Rebecca's eyelids tremble.

This attack, I couldn't even read it myself. An apostle of the Hunting God himself. The signature skill, Shinji, did not work at all.

It's been like this ever since I entered the dungeon. The restraint of the fifth mountain became more intense because of King Minhu's ambition. I can hardly move my body like a barricade wrapped in chains. I was also in a bad mood.

But the flair in the lower section reads it. He was the one who saved me when I was cursed by the spirit of the future king.

Rebecca grips her teeth in the living room that she is no more useful than the player in the lower section. This is why I've been training to die for years.

Of course, I knew Yeon-woo was different from other players.

I haven't heard the details, but every player who climbed the stairs was often surprised to see the lotus, and he was also the biggest grower I've seen in the last half year.

Even so, I face myself as a high ranker. It was hard to convince her that she couldn't do it alone. My ego is failing me.

Rebecca, however, tends to pursue Celia rather than build up her useless ego. When I organized my thoughts, I opened up my contradiction.



From now on, the road is yours in heat

The liver and Victoria turn to her. But Rebecca insisted.

Cain is much better than me now. So you're in charge.

I understand.

Yeongwoo reads Rebecca's intense robe and nods. I was glad to hear you say that.

"He's cynical, but he's okay. '

Evaluations for Rebecca also changed.

Very few high rankers humbly accept their limitations. These people can progress greatly in the future. The more people like this, the more they needed to live.

Since then.

Yeon-woo switches locations with Rebecca and starts making way.

There was no grief. Unlike Rebecca, who had been thinking a lot about every fork in the road, she never hesitated to make a choice.

Hey, you!

Victoria freaked out and tried to shoot a message to a brother-in-law like that.

Don't move. Trust me. (Heather's head in the dungeon raid) is absolute.

Rebecca has to keep her mouth shut while holding on to the lotus. The liver says nothing.

Rebecca stares at Yeongwoo's rear guard in an intense fashion.

All of Shinji's senses were reserved for Yeon-woo. It meant trust your judgment.

And Yeon never let down Rebecca's solid trust.

Boom! Nose} Whenever the intention of King Minho suddenly popped out, he noticed it like a ghost and blew the error in advance.

I dug deep into the dungeon as if Yeon-woo had known about this dungeon beforehand.

The road seemed to be cut off too. The speed that Rebecca was able to compare to when she was in charge of Heather.

'If we move in such a hurry, they will be embarrassed too. You're about to have some kind of a breakthrough.'

On the side that was watching the horse's response, you turned your head towards the direction you wanted to induce the response. I wanted them to take the bait somehow.

Then Yeon-woo and the group can finally reach the end of the maze.

This is it, I think.

Yes, the signal is happening over here

It's big. Very.

About the time you reach the edge of the maze, the group enters an enormously wide cavity. And at the end of it was an iron gate about 30 meters in size.

The iron gate had all kinds of symbols on it. Unknown letters and drawings. After a long time, I lost myself and couldn't catch my eye.

But Yeon-woo was different. Because you figured out exactly what it was.

It was the last part of the future king's legacy. I memorized it with the knowledge of the Dragon at once.

[Successfully acquired the complete 'Late King's Legacy'. Chu Ga Public Values are provided.]

[3,000 Public Values have been obtained.]

[Stock value has been earned as high as 10000.]

Yeongwoo named the legacy of King Mihu 'Jecheon Boo' and kept it on one side.

In the meantime, the group focuses on the right letters on the iron gate.

An unknown letter written on the left and right side of an iron door.

Victoria, this • • Rebecca asked Victoria for an interpretation, and Victoria, who was immersed in many modern texts, including Runic script, slowly interpreted the meaning while squeezing her brains out.

Cheonhae Jeongseo Shinjin Cheol Woman's Vault Seal Door

That's right. This is a female staff.

Never thought it would happen • • Rebecca sighed for a long time.

The Vigilante is the symbol of the future king. It is said to extend its length to an infinite extent, and its power is great. I'm surprised to find God's armor like this.

It was surprising that this iron gate itself was the female staff.

Particularly, the eyelids of the liver were trembling with their hands on the door. Very good. My lips are parched.

However, this door seems to be only part of the female staff. Where did the rest of the wealth go?

Victoria soon returned to her academic posture and became enthusiastic. Rebecca cuts her feelings so cold.

Do your damn research later. Now let's start with Kindred's body. How do you think we're gonna open this door?

I've been looking all over for you.

Victoria tries various magic, including locks, but each time the runes are scattered from the air.

The fine glabella frowned by itself.

Are you Shin Jin-cheol? • • The precious iron of God. Shin Jin-chul was iron with a legend that seals God and the Devil as well. That's how powerful the anti-magic was, and, of course, Victoria's rune magic continued to fail.

Nevertheless, we cannot open something this enormous with power.

I pushed as hard as I could with my liver, but it didn't budge. I couldn't believe how Kindred got through.

Yeon-woo walks past the group and stands at the iron gate.

I searched the iron gate without rest. I searched the dragon's belly for grain.

I could not find out what the material was.

Perfection. Could there be such an object in the world?

Moreover, there was one catch.

'Shin Jin-cheol • • • Yeon-woo stroked the black bracelet with her left hand without even knowing it.

When I showed this bracelet to Edora a long time ago, She looked at the black bracelet to the shore and said, 'Maybe Shin Jin-cheol.

I left it to chance at the time. Seeing it like this made me feel something strange.

At that moment, the black bracelet trembled as if it had read Yeon-woo's thoughts. Yeon-woo took her palm to the iron door just in case.

At that moment.

The iron door, which seemed not to budge, suddenly opened wide with a strange sound.

The group looked at Yeon-woo as surprised to see what they had done.

Yeon-woo simply shrugged her shoulders instead of answering.

Then I threw the gauntlet inward.

The interior was in the form of a spectacular hall, like the name "palace." Like a king welcoming his attendants.

Numerous statues were carved under the throne of a magnificent statue on 99 high steps. Each one was a monkey statue decorated with a detailed expression.

And along the walls of the left and right were large statues, about 20 meters in size, lined up like escort knights to create a sense of intimidation.

King Mihu was originally known to be the King of Monster Monarchs. It seemed to mimic the image of him when he ruled the land of the volcano.

Despite its simple sculpture, the group dances for a moment, as if the power of the king and his men is steadily rising. I couldn't get my thumb into it.

Especially, the power of the giant statues was so great that each individual already surpassed the lotus and liver. Nothing compared to Rebecca.

Above all.

King Mihu's spirit suddenly vanished. '

I don't see Sanum, depressed, trying to eat them.

Yeongwoo and the group feel threatened.

There! There's Kindred!

However, the moment Victoria found Kindred's location following the magic trail, her cautious journey with Rebecca changed slightly.

Kindred's body lies to the left of the center of the hall. In front of it, there was a very high stone stone statue that seemed to be 30 meters.

The very small words engraved on the surface shook the two of you.

Seventy-two tricks. The power that created the future king was there.


At that time, I came forward with a trembling voice. Unlike Rebecca Ka, who was still wary of the widow king's intentions, the spirit of the liver was already consumed by stone stones.

With that, Doyle • • • • • • •!

The moment I stepped forward like a man possessed by the cost of the liver,

"Kuhaha! I'll take the 72nd Shamanship!

Sol Luna, who has been waiting for time in the rear, suddenly pops out of the air.

Rebecca and Victoria have no way of using their hands, and he flies through the iron gate with a big zero.


Who is the one who wants to awaken the king?

Suddenly, the black wind tore me apart, along with the contradiction that the cavity was ringing loudly. How to 2 • 'Ew' - without birds.

After seeing the sights, the liver quickly stopped walking, but the air already filled the hall changed greatly.

Queek - Hundreds of statues, which seemed to be fixed forever, turn their heads back together.

All eyes were fixed this way.

The statues are filled with spirit and mixed together.

Along the hall, an enormous force surges like a storm.

The dungeon shakes violently up and down.