Second Life Ranker

11. The Palace of the Fuhrer (5)

[There was a Sudden Quest.]

[Sudden Quest/King's Horse Gang]

Content: After 500 years of sealing, King Mi Hui dedicated himself to leaving Mt. Pentecost, and after a long ordeal, he was finally able to clear his guilt and become a god.

But after a very long wait, the monsters of the volcano, who met the king, mourned the fact that they had to wait a long time again.

So they built an underground palace on Mt. Five, where the king's transgressions remained, in honor of his return.

And in order not to be stolen from the king's transgressions, they installed and protected a bottle of horse that breathed their own robes.

From now on, rob the king of his transgressions safely from the threat of the Horseman. And prove yourself to be the successor of the late king.

Qualification to participate: Hidden Quest The Grand Palace of the Underworld 'Reward: Eligibility for 72 Slashes

[The first exam begins.]

All of a sudden, he hits me in front of the group.


The liver only realized its mistake. In the dungeon, where there may be traps, the 72-selection technique blinds me completely and makes me miss my job.

It was Sol Luna who woke Zad, but if he hadn't shown up, he would have ended up dead because of him.

The liver quickly leans back.

Fortunately, the main prey of the stone statue fell to the place where he disappeared. As the ground broke, stone fragments bounced upward.

But that was just the beginning.

With the exception of the Guardian Blader statue, the tribute statues rush towards the entrance with a peculiar sound.

Shhh! Shhh!

"He who would hinder the king, must pay with death!

Hundreds of different tunes screamed out in one voice. The acoustics spread shady along the cavity.

Guaco} Boom!

Monkey statues were all dressed up in uncomfortable costumes but moved very quickly. Every time I walked how much I weighed, I saw footprints on the ground.

It means that each one of them has an enormous weight and speed. Even with a swung fist, the head of the flare layer was strong enough to be smashed.

Rebecca and Victoria move in a reflexive fashion.

Don't let them out the door! Victoria!


Rebecca protrudes forward, holding two sacks of 'each sword' in both hands, the reliquary that Chernunos had cut off his horn.

Despite the seemingly insignificant appearance, the power contained within was intense enough to tear the space apart. Swinging hard, the air pressure rose and hit the monkey statue that was chasing the liver.

The monk bounces back, his upper abdomen cracking wide. But three of them protruded up behind him and fell on Rebecca.

At that moment, Victoria slaps her hands down as she sprinkles the runes. A huge flame exploded in the air and blew up three monkey statues.

The most confronted foe broke the statue, but the other two landed lightly, twisting in the air, just a slight scorching. Then you move back to where Rebecca and Victoria are.

Boom, boom!

Rebecca steps forward and swings her sword at her feet. With every swing, the air pressure adds to the chasing of the monkey statues, and you protect her by spreading successive runes of magic behind Victory's knowledge.

The two of them never intended to let the Monkey Statue pass through the Iron Gate.

I can surround you back and forth. Then Victoria could no longer have time to work her magic. We had to hit them from the cavities inside the gate.

The liver also read the thoughts of two people, and again, it took a deep breath and turned. He holds the sword tightly in his right hand and suddenly draws it with his left hand on the blade.

Blood splashes into the blade.

The sword quickly turned dull red.


Jiaying- And the sword, along with the starter of the liver, cries out vigorously.

Blood Enchantment. A skill that harnesses the power and durability of an object by feeding it with the blood of a caster. It was also a skill that gave me the nickname Stardom in the past.

In addition, after a long series of rows on the 20th floor, the explosive properties were added as his skills improved.

Waving the sword vigorously, the bloodshot waves blocked monkey statues from approaching. The liver slits its throat when it goes back behind the monkey statue.

There's only one goal he wants. It was a place with a stone stone stone far away. His eyes were speeding toward his heart.


Yeongwoo was swiping her head with her hands, restlessly turning her supersenses and her dragon's eyes.

Using a parallel operation of the sigil, I was trying to figure out what was happening as soon as possible by breaking the ritual into several pieces.

It was worth shooting at the Monkey statues one by one while flying the error.

Fortunately, the Escort Prize winners have not moved yet. We had to get rid of them before the strongest ones stepped up.

But even with them, the group is too threatening to take care of everything. I had to unlock the power of the dragon, but I thought about it a few times.

'These monkey statues, they're all moving in spirit. I've been wrong all along. All this time, it was not the King Ahjussi's, it was the Lord's.'

I had only interpreted Mt. Omega as the seal of the future king, so I only knew that the intention of torturing them belonged to the future king.

But what King Minhu had left behind was only a single soul that remained throughout the dungeon.

Threatening them, in fact, belonged to the attendants to prevent intruders from disturbing the king's sleep.

I had to pay attention to the name of the dungeon in the beginning.

King Mihu's palace.

A palace, not a seal. Of course, there can't be a mixed spirit of the Lord's evil. No, I shouldn't have thought a future king would have such a low opinion.

I can't believe I haven't realized something as simple as this.


As soon as I learned what Sanum was, I lowered the transition. If the idea was a single entity, if it was a league dog chase, it would have been just that.

Yeongwoo blew her robe even louder. I drew lots of grains all over the monkey statue, with my supersenses and dragon eyes becoming clearer.

And there was a place where the grains coalesced.


It was a place where the seeds of virtue were planted by monstrous monkeys.

The honeycomb exploded an error that condensed the magical force while quickly calculating its position by determining its parallax, as well as its expected travel path.


Fragments of error pour down like rain. It is because of its low skill level, the debris hit a hundred nuclei precisely, but it was only a slight distortion, and it didn't hit much.

But that was enough.

Just pick and attack the spot I just flagged. It's where the four of them come together.

Yeon-woo sent me three other people's eyes flashed. It was hard to deal with because of its hard hardness and strength. However, the story is different if you point out the weaknesses correctly.

Rebecca takes a firm grip on the Horn Sword and turns around. Arrow Rain. With her signature skill, this spectacular effect exploded from both of her slashes.

With each swing of the sword, the effect became an invisible arrow, striking the nucleus in succession, and the accumulated damage caused the nucleus to crack and the monk collapsed along with the statue. Victoria used double casting to simultaneously develop two enchantments.

'Targeting' that captures the target accurately and 'God's Hammer' that strikes hard.

The runes that were cast were only two enchantments, but they were so much that they had to consume two-thirds of what was engraved in the artifact.


After the detected mark was flooded with water, dozens of rice paddies were suddenly struck from the air, and the nuclei erupted in a row.

Of course, the monkey awards were not so weak that they could all be defeated, and Rebecca and Victoria had to pour out their vast skills and magic for a long time.

Yeongwoo and the liver were shocked and moved between the paused monkey statues to clear out the less broken nuclei.

After a long time wasted, the last monkey statue collapsed.

[You have successfully passed the first test. Prepare for the second exam in the remaining time.]

[0: 05: 0

[0: 04: 59-99]

[0: 04: 59_98]

"Heave-ho. Heave-ho."

Victoria sits at the bar with a pale face. After consuming all the runes on the way, I hurriedly used the runes on the ball and ran out of magic.

If we'd gone a little bit farther, the machine would have been damaged. Fortunately, that risk was avoided. The more time like this, the greater the desire for a universal combination.

And my heart became heavy because I didn't know the origin of the second test that came up with the message. If we stay like this, we're going to be in real trouble.

Even though I have good stamina, I feel like I have to fill up my strength somehow.

Rebecca and Gando look exhausted. Especially Rebecca, who didn't put much effort into the apostle's power, asked.

The battle in the dungeon, which reflects the characteristics of the fifth mountain, was disadvantageous to her in many ways. I couldn't fight properly because all my senses were closed, other than my negligence.

I've lost half my stamina without a good half of my strength. I couldn't say anything even if my tears burst. The liver was the same.

Yeon-woo was still okay because she had a relatively low stamina stomach.

However, I couldn't help but feel exhausted.

It was complicated with thoughts of speed. Kindred and the Underworld. Palace. 72 Tactics. Number of liver prey. Second test.

There was too much to organize.

We only had five minutes. In the meantime, there's nothing you can do but sigh without trying to find another way to retaliate.

"Huh-huh-huh. You have some amazing friends.

At that moment, the voices of the people, including Yeongwoo, directed their minds toward you.

In the middle of a place where the stone pieces are scattered. The black mist suddenly rises and becomes Sol Luna's head. He laughed at what was so funny.

The group looks stiff.

Rebecca gives you the impression.

What is it, you? Were you alive?

Do you know why the Undead is the Undead? He's undead because he doesn't die well. Well done, everyone. Soluna quickly scattered into the mist in case she got caught.

Rebecca bursts into tears. If I had a little more energy, I could tear that son of a bitch apart.

It's going to take a long time to recover, because it's going to be a lot of damage. I won't be doing any more tricks, so let's shut Lord Shin down.

Fortunately, Victoria was able to calm down a bit by her side. Rebecca commits to go after Sol Luna as soon as she leaves the dungeon.

However, unlike them, Yeon-woo had already taken care of Soluna separately.

"Ho. Yes. Leave it to me.I don't like that kind of cheapskate either. He wants to harass me somehow.

Sanon is separated from the black bracelet and melts into the shadows. The monk destroyed all the statues, but the crisis is not over yet.

Yeon-woo was going to control everything up to the last variable.

And I thought,

It's been going on like this, but why doesn't the Horseman still show up? Maybe the bar you're after isn't over yet.

Or else.

'Are we waiting outside to finish cleaning up the interior?'

Yeon-woo guessed that it might be the latter. I've been scouring the dungeon with a wide range of supersenses, but I still haven't found any Horseman's soul enemies.

No one entered the dungeon but them. That means one.

The horse meant he had no intention of interfering in the dungeon.

Rather, the dungeon raid requires considerable damage, so they may have decided it is much better to send in the Sadoons to bring clues and 72 tactics of the Woman's Club and wait outside and then go home.

'Then it's the same when you're in the dungeon or when you're out there.

Yeon-woo didn't think the Dungeon Trap would end here. If it were this simple, the horsemen wouldn't have tried to be so vigilant.

'There's more. Cost. More.'

Victoria slowly rises from her seat with Kindred's corpse, recovering some of her health due to deep concern over the pond. The liver followed Yeongwoo's gaze toward the stone stone. But Yeon knew the corpse was fake.

'I have to stop thinking about the Horsemen. Let's just focus on the second test. A second trial. Second test. Victoria was looking at the body of Kindred, after all. His head was cracked in half, but it wasn't hard to recognize.

And as soon as I examined the body, her expression became stiff. I realized that the corpse was a doll made to fit the law. A red flag appeared in her head.

Meanwhile, the liver was approaching the stone monument. I stroked the stone with my face. The black bar party had a consonant letter shining in blue. 72 lines.

I tried to imprint each letter in my head.

Peeking through the veil. Yeon Woo's thoughts continued.

'The final part of the quest was to plunder the king's vanity. Wrongful? What's Wrongful? How am I supposed to qualify for succession?'


That one word continued to dominate Yeon's mind. Even though both eyes remained fixed on Victoria and the liver, the Seeker Goose was relentlessly circling and trying to solve the clues the quest had thrown.

A flaw is a metaphorical expression that the future king had before he became God.

My eyes slightly widened.

Seventy-two! For the late king who created the new essence, the 72nd technique would be nothing but a blunder. '

Several puzzles have come together in Yeongwoo's head. And it's what the Horsemen want after all.

The blue light of the stone that the liver was touching seemed to shine even more brightly.

The last thing I need to prove is that I need to master the 72nd technique! And the horse was trying to brainwash him by flirting with or kidnapping him! '

After thinking about it, Yeon-woo looks back at Victoria and her liver.

How do I prove my credentials?

If the first test was to test basic skills, then the second test was clear to quickly identify the contents of the stone and use it during the rest period.

And the test subject was right in front of him. Escort Blader Award.

If the giant statues are overseers.

And I had one more thought. If the body is a fake, why is it lying on its teeth up there? I quickly came to the conclusion that there must be a reason for a trap set by the horseman.

'Pin Points!'

[0: 00: 00 0 period

[0: 00: 00 01]

[0: 00: 00-00]

[All preparation time is over. Begin your second test.]

At that moment, the enormous statue, which had been stuck to the wall, rolled its eyes down.

A man was caught in his sights. A confused human woman holding a strange corpse. Victoria.

The giant statue stabs the spear in both hands where Victoria is.


Yeongwoo, Le Vega and the liver both notice the anomaly and rush toward Victoria.