Second Life Ranker

12. King Fuhrer's Palace (6)

Too late!

Yeongwoo threw herself with all her might, but she instinctively realized that she was one step behind. There was a considerable distance from where Kindred's body was to where he was.

I stepped on a march, but the speed at which the giant statue struck the spear was much faster.


Dust is said to be a after-storm along with a devastating shockwave. You swing the dagger of Krashna, which was in your hands, to the side, sharply, to raise the wind.

Between the cluttered clothes. You can see something bouncing off the ground with blood on it. It wasn't Victoria. It was Rebecca.

Rebecca, who was relatively close, hugs Victoria and pushes her out, and instead she bumps into the future.

But I didn't seem to be able to stop the spear properly. One of the two swords snapped and splattered upward, piercing Rebecca's body without a scratch.

I didn't have enough time to suddenly get up and get things going, and I couldn't easily bounce back because I lost too much power in the first test.

And above all, the aftermath of stage sensory control was enormous. The higher the hardness, the more pressure you're under, the 20th floor. Due to the control of the stage, Rebecca has not used her powers much.


Victoria yells at Rebecca, who is reborn on her behalf. Meanwhile, the liver grips her teeth and rescues her, quickly escaping the great statue's realm.

After arriving late, Yeon turned her magic as far as she could. You collect Krashna's dagger and swing it forward, instead of at. The blade protrudes long and collides against the giant statue's window.

Yeon-woo took a big breath without even knowing it.

A devastating shock wave that rocks the entire body.

Suddenly, I was stunned, and I felt like my arms were going to fall off. I was also shuddered for a long time.

On the can. "

I knew that the giant statue in the beginning was so strong that I couldn't compare it to the monkey statues, but the crisis was different when it hit me face-to-face.

I can feel the giant statue swinging its arm back and slapping the window down.

Fast and heavy. If you hit them head-on this time, you will die. I was just lucky to have stopped the attack just now.

[Parallax cracking]

Accidents accelerated. In an infinitely slower world. Yeon-woo quickly learned of the situation around her.

Victoria's liver is safe. Rebecca only hears a shallow breath, and it seems to be going away soon. It was dangerous.

In addition to the giant statue he was dealing with, 11 other statues seemed to be moving slightly.

If all 12 statues move. None of the people here survived.

So what should we do?

'You have to think. Somehow.'

The way to pass the second test is to master the 72 lines. But the road tactics were not cheap enough to be shipshape for five minutes.

Nevertheless, there must be a reason why I gave you such a short time.

Or maybe there's a way to buy us some time.

Then I went crazy thinking about one thing. In order to succeed the future king, there must be more important than proving your credentials. Respect. Perhaps fear of the king.

The acceleration of the accident was over. Just before the enormous window blades flew into the head of Yeon Woo.

Everybody down!

Yeon-woo burst into a huge breach. Then I got down on the ground.

It was a gamble. You can buy yourself some time if you want to, but if you don't, you'll just die. But it was the same without gambling, so there was no other way.

On the signal from Yeongwoo, I could feel the liver and Victoria sticking their heads to the ground in clutter.

A very short 7 days. Yeongwoo had to taste the rough tension flowing through her spine.

And I was sure when there was nothing wrong with me. The giant statue that had successfully gambled and attacked Yeon-woo, and the giant statue that was about to leave, stopped moving. As if time had stopped.

I raised my head slightly to understand the situation. Then the giant statue showed a movement, and he had to bow his head again.

This made it clear.

Have some respect, since there is a king there, or something? Crazy.

The liver changed its teeth. Then I felt relieved that I could breathe somehow.

Rebecca • • • • • Lump!

And Victoria mentioned Rebecca many times for herself. Rebecca's breath is shallow.

I wanted to do a healing spell somehow, but I couldn't operate at all because my magic ran out. Then the breath of a Levi 1 car was completely cut off. Victoria cries out.

Yeongwoo and the liver felt clumsy.

The liver bit his lower lip tightly.

Even Yeon-woo, who didn't have much interaction with Rebecca, was in a bad mood.

The group bites back at the pressure of heavy weighing. The heavy silence settles.

Cain. What do you know?

The first one to break the silence and open his mouth was the liver.


Can you share it?

Yeon-woo did not answer for a moment.

In fact, I wanted to ask the liver a lot. He seemed to know the cost price of the 72nd technique. It seemed to have something to do with Doyle.

So I wanted to ask, but based on his attitude, I never thought I would. Even if I told him to die, he seemed to die.

So I didn't ask any more questions.

We can settle this after this is over. Survival comes first now.

No, it's not.

I changed my mind a little.

'It's better this way. I'll take King Mihu's legacy.

There is no law that says this is the end of the qualifying exam. There could be a third and fourth time, and I didn't like the fact that I would have to be positive to survive every time.

I also knew what Kindred and the Horsemen wanted. Then, as you can see from them, it seemed that the castle would only be freed if we snatched King Ahjussi's inheritance in the middle.

Above all.

'Because heritage is not the only 72 techniques.'

It is said that King Mihu gathered a great deal of treasure as he traveled endlessly through the heavens and the Summer. Maybe we could get our hands on some of those treasures.

Especially the female staff was very coveted by Yeon-woo. I didn't just want to buy it. If there was a novelty made of Shin Jin-cheol, I could learn more about the Black Bracelet.

That's why Yeon-woo thought about how to get the quest exclusive while the silence was going down.

And I came to one conclusion. That there should be no distractions.

The quest was too dangerous for me to unleash all of my skills.

Then I didn't want any witnesses.

You speak calmly, and don't think Victoria, who is exhausted from all her strength and runes, will be of any help.

We had to get them out of there first. Fortunately, I searched every inch of the hall through the supersensory and dragon horses, and I could find a very small side door next to the iron gate.

The way through which only kings can walk. Next to him was a separate 0 from the attendees.

Yeon-woo slowly opened his mind while organizing his thoughts.

It seems the purpose of this dungeon is to hide the successor of the late king.


Due to the liver's rumours, Yeon-woo solves roughly what she knows.

The king's successor. The meaning of flaws. and what my dragon is that I have to prove my credentials.

I heard something that made sense and nodded heavily. I thought Yeon-woo's guess would be the right answer.

Victoria, who had recovered to some extent, nodded as if agreeing.

In fact, if two people thought about it, they could guess as much as they wanted, but the rapidly changing conditions above prevented them from recovering their coolness.

However, Yeon-woo calmly understood the quest contents clearly. I felt a tremendous amount of mental strength.

『And in my opinion, it is difficult for us to prove credentials.』

It goes on and on.

Again, the liver and Victoria nod. In fact, it didn't make sense for them to learn 72 techniques in this situation.

Even though he was lying flat on the ground, he could memorize the contents of the stone stone using a veil. And in fact, Victoria and her liver had memorized everything about the stone stone with excellent memorization.

But that's it.

The field of witchcraft is so unfamiliar to them. It takes a lot of research and time to learn that and use it in practice.

In the beginning, this place would have been for other people.

Other people?

I don't think this is the only place related to King Minhu. Maybe there are other places.


Victoria recognizes the meaning of Yeon Woo and lightly bursts her elasticity. Then, even in her head, the mouth was snapped back and forth. The liver remained silent.

Usually, important quests are made in pairs.

Z, the quest that was originally related to the late king began elsewhere, and the last place it would reach was this dungeon.

In other words, they basically went on to acquire more than basic skills and omit all of these unfamiliar courses, and they just went straight to the last place.

If that were the case, there was one thing that was certain. Victoria bites her lower lip.

What about • • • • • • Kindred?

It was a trap from the beginning. You don't see anything that you can solve, so you want to experiment with us. Is there any other way?

Damn it. Damn it!

Victoria screams.

I felt it from the moment I saw Kindred's fake body, but I was furious to learn that I was only exploited like this. Rebecca's going to die because of this.

At the same time, I also thought about it.

Apparently, he can't trick Kindred with long magic any other way. What the hell did he do?

But the question is,

In a situation like this that I think might be an agent getting out of right now. Is there anything we can do?

Let's get out of here first. We have to take Kindred and kill him or save him somehow.


Is there a way?

Liver and Victoria became surprised.

By the front door, there is a side door. I think we can get out there.

Liver and Victoria quickly fire their guns in the direction that the moats are covering, and soon they can find the side doors.

However, the hard impression of the liver did not yet unfold.

But there are only 12 statues. It's hard to avoid them all.

"It's okay. There's bait.

Time is of the essence.

You and Victoria clap your mouths as you run toward the side door when the signal goes off. I didn't know what Yeon-woo was thinking. However, even as a tutor, Yeon-woo always showed a solution in a direction she had never imagined.

And it will be the same this time. So the liver was in conflict. I should have told Yeon-woo about Doyle a long time ago and asked for help. Maybe it's not too late now.

But before the thought deepened, he was already throwing a signal.

On three, run. One, two, and the liver turned. I thought I should think about it after I got out of here. First, I memorized all the contents of the stone stone as I wanted. It is not too late to ask Yeon Woo for help outside the dungeon.


Liver and Victoria start leaping toward the side door. Both of them squeeze their missing magic and move at the fastest speed possible. Victoria Blink.

The eyes of the twelve giant statues move towards you on their own.

Just then, Yeon-woo moved.


"Uh-huh. I was waiting.

Yeon-woo pushes her hand into her shadow. My fingertips cost money. He throws the contents up into the air without delivering them clearly.

Aah! Let go! Guys! Sol Luna bounces up high into the air to let go. The one who was already firmly held captive by Sanon came back in the form of a faint man.

Of course, the eyes of the statues were drawn towards the noisy Sol Luna. He realized his mistake late and quickly covered his mouth with both hands, but many spears were already chopping him up.


I couldn't wish for John to be as lucky as the first time. The panels of the giant statue were more persistent and sharp than those of the monkey statues. As the hole was drilled, the figure quickly collapsed.

And just before my last breath. Shannon appears in the shadows, choking his breath, and he digs his soul out and hides in the shadows again.

In addition, Yeon-woo began to move.

'Magic weapon.'

The runes, which were engraved firmly in your bones, activate as one. The reinforced horsepower caused the magical circuit and 360 cores to rotate together as the body fluctuated. In addition to the four previously imprinted enchantments, up to two additional engraved horsepowers exerted a total of six enchantments and exerted power in the body.

At the same time, I stabbed the Forward Armor Sword forcefully. As soon as Sol Luna turns the target toward the kite, Luna flies away, bending the direction.

The sword and spear collided violently.

Gua 'ang!

This time, my body didn't bounce. I was only a few meters away.

The massive statue stands firmly against the swords of the arena, causing the bars to tremble.

Yeon-woo realized that the magical armament that had been envisioned in his head so far was really effective, and glowed his eyes.

I even managed to prevent the shock of a broken arm. However, I couldn't help but stab myself.

But if it worked, it worked.

With that thought, Yeon-woo began pushing the giant statue's daylight back slightly, empowering his arms.

A sword and a spear. Both of them tremble at each other's throats. The strength of the neutered fellowship with the Strange Magic was never great.

Yeon-woo, who was confronted for a while, suddenly disappeared from her seat.

Light! The giant statue's window crashes into the place where the lotus used to be, instead of popping up behind the giant statue of lotus.

Blinks allow quick movement by folding up short distances. It consumed that much magical power, but there was not much horsepower for Yeonwoo who accepted the inner parts of the four gods.


Above the air, Yeon stretches the wings of fire as far as she can. And as I turned around, I slapped him on the neck with a sword that condensed all the rage.

A violent explosion erupts from the back of the giant statue. The recesses in his neck were trembling, but he got closer and tried to counterattack again.

In the meantime, I can feel the liver and Victoria safely opening the door and completely out of the cavity.

Yeon no longer feels the need to hide her strength, she once again triggers the ball-link and falls far from the attack range.

The place where the rainbow reappeared was right outside the front door. The liver and Victoria make a gesture, asking her to come over.

Go out first.

Yeon-woo just said that and closed the door. Heave-ho. You hear a lock or a door lock. Much obliged.

Bang, bang. Behind the door, the liver and victorian grumble, but Yeon ignores and turns her head to the statues.

The twelve statues were rushing towards the scene with a loud noise. The ground is buzzing.

Looking at them.

Yeongwoo opened her mouth.

Declare a Realm.

The dragon's blood revolves fiercely along its body.

The Dragon Factor has awakened.