Second Life Ranker

13. The Palace of the Fuhrer (7)

Cain! Cain!

Liver and Victoria pound on the door. However, the side door was firmly closed and never opened. The same goes for the front door. It was completely shut down there, so I didn't move.

I even tried to use my skills and magic to break down the door, but there were no small marks left.

It was just a message floating.

[You have left the specified location.]

[You cannot enter because you are unqualified from the quest.]


The liver is thrown down hard with a fist. I know that it doesn't solve anything, but if I don't do this, the depression will burst.

It was like this every time.

Even in mother's time. Even in dodo. And so far.

I studied diligently in thinking that I should no longer be a burden. And they got the 72 drinks, just like they asked. By the way, where did I go wrong? Why do I always have to walk this miserable path?

All sorts of thoughts passed through my mind. I even came up with an extreme idea. I'd rather die here than go through this again.

However, the liver is roughly shaken. You don't have to put your emotions aside. Now God had to get up somehow.

And first, I thought I should trust Yeon-woo. He's always figured it out.

Then there's only one thing left. It was their comfort.


The liver clears its mind and turns to Victoria A.

She was already exhausted. Rebecca, then Kindred, then Yeon Woo. Everything that's happened today has bothered her a lot.

The liver knew her well. Usually you pretend to be the yo-yo, Izzie. In fact, he was a very fragile person. Even though he teased me that I had a lot of teeth every time, he was just annoyed and never really angry.

There should be a Kindred outside.

Izzie is young for the first time in Victoria's dazed eyes. I realized what the liver was trying to say like a smart girl.

A trap. Then, of course, Kindred awaits them outside the dungeon. Maybe I wasn't alone. It was dangerous.

Of course, behind her was a large clan of wizards called the 'Tower'. But here, it was clear that it would not be a great cause.

It's rush hour.

At that moment, the eyes of the liver changed.

I have an idea. Would you like to hold this baby?

[Dragon Realm, 'Vida has been declared. We've been able to exercise our powers across a certain domain.]

[Tier 1 power will be revealed.]

[Power. Dragonic Blood.]

[All stats increase by a certain number over a certain period of time.]

[Increases Physical Defense Power by a certain number over a set period of time.]

[Attribute Defense Power is increased by a certain figure over a certain period of time] [The Dragon Energy has been Awakened.]

The blue magic circle that lies beneath your feet spreads to all sides. And the area of the Gulf of Yeon was installed over a certain area.

And the control of the fifth mountain, which had been confining Yeongwoo, disappeared as if it had been washed with water.

Although the stage is heavily bound, the area currently temporarily installed by Yeonwoo is home to the Great polyps.

I was able to pull out the best I could while I was here.

As the restraints subsided, the senses returned alive, creating synesthesia became even more detailed than the widespread hypersenses.

It was a new world that Yeon-woo had never tasted.

Happiness. Peak. It was okay to say that. Yeonwoo was confident that her training had never been in vain for the past half year. He became so strong that he couldn't even compare with before. In the meantime, it was rewarding to have performed everything from the 20th floor to the magical power.

There was nothing I couldn't feel across the region. Each object showed both its wavelength and Mana's flow, and it could have interfered with some of it. Overwhelmed became such a passageway.

While tasting the climax of such a rise. Blue scales emerged from the chest to the nape of the neck, following the awakening of the dragon.

Glug glug. Glug glug.

The scales slammed into each other happily. The eyes of Yeongwoo opened a longitudinal pupil resembling the dragon and revealed a strange feeling.


Phaya- Three pairs of fire-bladed wings soared high enough to reach the ceiling of the cavity.

It's like showing off different powers. Yeongwoo also revealed her strength without concealing her restraint.

And I voted for Vigri in the Intranian. Beagrid was clearly different from before. The sword is as long as a regular longsword, and all the rune characters on the sword are shaped and illuminated.

Vigrid, who has always been filled with a red curse, has returned to the frenzy of Saehaan, holding Urd's power in his hands for the past hour.


Classification: One-Handed Longsword Deg • 777 0 • Description: This was a distant time of forgotten silver, and there was a sword that anyone who was a great hero had coveted. However, Seongjin put his hands on many heroes and got so much blood, that he ended up being killed by a sword with a notoriety of hurting the owner.

However, we are gradually returning to the past by washing off most curses with the power brought by some unknown master.

However, the source of the curse has not yet completely disappeared for any reason. If it can be purified to its source, it will reveal the true identity of the hidden beagrid and invoke the admiration and greed of many spirits.

* Heroes holding the sword's purifying beagrid have always lived the life of a violent struggle. And in it was their blood and sweat and tears. Heroes' dark ambition always shines the greatest light in the battlefield.

The more enemies you encounter, the more likely it is to absorb some of their kill and enhance the ability of the poetry electron. Conversely, the stronger the enemy, the more proportionately amplified the Qi. Increases the chance of dealing a critical attack by the same.

* When the last blow to a Blessing Spread enemy, simultaneously curses all nearby enemies.

Cursed persons become 'infected', significantly decreasing their Defense Power and Movement Speed.

* If the determination and hatred of the life of the struggle caster exceeds a certain amount, it may attract some of the heroes who were sleeping in the sword for a substantial amount of magical power. In this case, attack speed is increased by up to 30%, attack power by up to 1500%, and maximum damage is only increased by 35-40%. Reduces defense and speed by up to 50%.

* 222 is disabled. (Sealed) The fact is' unique '. There is only one tower, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Impossible to move or transfer to another person.

* * You have lifted the curse to 90% at this time. You must have a new qualification or case to turn off remaining features.

Vigrid was already in the hands of Yeouido beyond compare.

Gradually recovering my function reveals hidden options. Every one of them was what Yeon-woo needed.

Sword Purification

Depending on the nature of the option, the lotus designated the 12 giant statues in front of the eye as enemies.

The power of Yeon-woo's possession was amplified by extortion as much as their number. And since they have so much power, speculation has become even more violent.

As the dragon ran red, I found more hidden grain among the statues.

And Aegis came up high into the air. There are 7 total. Awakening the knowledge of the dragon has significantly increased the number of shields you can control.

Besides, that's not where Iggis' effect comes from.

Goddess's Spear

Ouch - Aegis' master, Athena, is the goddess of war. Following her blessing, the blue scale has now turned dark blue. It meant that the combat strength of Yeon-woo had risen to its maximum.

And then, like escorting such a fellowship, the shadows stood up high and looked strange.

A living spirit appeared, grasping the sword, and the wealth formed in the air and lifted the bead high. The Black Hole opens, and the Summoners appear.

The dragon's speculation and the energy of death were mixed together and floated back and forth. They fill the hall.

This is the ultimate power that Yeon-woo can see.

It was a force in a different dimension than the one that had been hidden and released.


The giant statue also read a different picture of that pond, and paused for a moment. And I slowly rolled my eyes and darkened the lotus. I tried to find something, but I stuck with it persistently.

Then I slowly opened my mind and echoed the cavity.

Be qualified. As the furious beast roars as if he were the king's successor, the giant statue paints a large trajectory as he vomits. A massive wind pressure swept through the area like the Tidal Wave.

That was the flare in the wedge.

Do you have to deal with this ignorance? Khh! I knew I'd never get bored if I followed my master.

It still didn't work out well. There's some testing to be done.


The army is scattered everywhere.

Shannon and Hangul shredded to their left and to their right, facing the statues one by one. They were so excited.

Traces of the late king as he passed through the dungeon. Named after Yeongwoo Jecheon. I wanted to test what I learned there, but I finally found a good target.

Of course, he did not expect them to be able to unravel what he had realized in the last year. But just looking at one section was a big help to them.

In particular, Sanon seemed to have gained some clues. Perhaps it would reach the rank of three in a heartbeat if Orloth knew it.

That's why Shannon and Han have been running wild over the dragon realm of Yeongwoo.

I was able to show off my skills while I was alive, just as I was here.

The void raises the black crystal sphere high. Likewise, the creature who had grown so far through the rune magic delivered by Yeon-woo Ahn Dong, sometimes protected them by dropping fireballs and hail, empowering them with enormous strength.


The joint quickly became a mess.

A place where all kinds of monsters and undead roam and the power of the dragon rises.

I couldn't even dream of the king. I was shaking so hard that I thought my dream might collapse.

Do not disturb the king's vision, and they realized that the culprit who worked this month was Yeong-woo, and three statues pierced a spear into him at the same time.

Yeon tried to blink again and left. The spear pierces the floor simultaneously with where he was.

But they rolled their eyes and followed her to the end, as if they would never miss her.

The wind pressure was intense enough to make my body tremble just hearing it.

That's how mad they were. And the power in the window continued to grow.

Declare your realm and use magical weapons, Dragonic Blood, and other beef effects to maximize your combat strength. It was dangerous to hit them in person.

By the way, they killed Rebecca, who was a high ranker. Even though Rebecca's statue was so messed up that I couldn't reveal my skills in many ways, they were still strong.

So she quickly avoided their attacks by using short-range movements on the ball link and proper alternating flight capabilities on the wings of fire.

It was not difficult to predict their projections because there are parallel operations of hypersensation, dragon eyes, and differential distortion.

Instead, I tried to fight back, aiming for the gap between the allies.

If they turn their heads to the right, they appear from the left to try to attack, and if they stab their spear upward, they appear from the bottom and swept their ankles wide.

Boom, boom!

Every time you swing the beagrid, there is a violent explosion with a single spectacle. Due to a mixture of errors and outbursts, the power is doubled.

The flame rises violently. The floor is scorched and the wall is broken. The rocks and powder splashed everywhere.

Yeon-woo was fast and persistent.

I can't get far from the giant statues, even if I try to outrun the attacks.

You chose a way to quickly damage the giant statue by clinging to it like a vice.

Overwham- Then every time the lightning strikes, they dig deeper into their flesh with the lightning falling from the ceiling.

The power of Yeon-woo to swoop around like that was extraordinary. The skill level of the Sword of Armor was deeply embedded in the sword.

But that did not create a giant statue that stopped functioning.

They were merely statues that moved by their thoughts, and they had no stamina whatsoever.

Rather, as time went on, the spirit became more intense and the movement of the spear became more powerful.

We were fighting at some point, but the disadvantage over time was Yeon-woo.


It was not that Yeon-woo didn't know either.

No, I knew better. I've rolled my head many times to get exactly what the quest requires.

He awakened the power of the dragon only because he wanted the power to be strong enough not to die easily, even when he was struck by a giant diet.

Now, after some familiarity with the giant statues, I had to start what I thought.

Quests, they keep saying.

Prove your succession to the king.

There was no telling how to defeat the statues in it.

That meant you'd have to learn some 72 skills right here and prove it in front of them.

It was unclear, but it seemed to me that once I had mastered the art, I could also see a way to bite them.

Fight and learn the cost? Normally, it was never possible for players, but Yeon-woo already had a skill called poetry car obstruction.

Incident acceleration and parallel operations. With these two, everything was possible.

And most of all,

Yeon-woo had the legacy of the late king.

The abortion outperforms the 72 sensations. Although the heritage has yet to be 'a little bit' comprehensive, the 72 descriptions alone did not feel that difficult.

Moreover, the movements of the giant statues were an example.

They were focusing on six different behaviors, 12 distinct behaviors. A total of 72 moves were those that solved the 72 statements.

Since Yeongwoo had already been reading their behavior patterns with supersenses, she interpreted the 72 teachings based on them, and if there was anything she didn't know, she brought the legacy of the late king and reinterpreted it.

It was a very hard job. It was such a frustrating moment that I thought it would explode.

After all that time.

The first of the 72 lines was opened.

Yeongwoo pulls the beagrid down hard.

As the space was cut, lightning fell into it. Natural connection between skills and skills.


Victim - One arm of the giant statue rises up above where Vigrid drew the trajectory.