Second Life Ranker

14. The Palace of the Fuhrer (8)

[I successfully solved the first statement, the 'verse'.]

[King Mihu's transgression, '72 Tactics', has been publicly acquired.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and rewards will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]


The 72nd Statement was created. [72nd Statement]

Skill: 1.2% Description: Skill that future King Monkey learned from examining barley shrines when he was young. Based on this, Monkey King was able to sit on the last seat of the King of the monsters, the 'King of the East and West'.

It consists of 72 different techniques. Each one has its own characteristics, making it very difficult to learn everything. After mastering this, it is said that it can become a 'good man' or 'great monster.'

* Wind clouds and wind make up the world. The force that can vary these elements requires a high degree of understanding of space. It allows you to enact laws in specific spaces where power is attained.

* It connects the law of harmony with the casting instrument. The natural link between skills and skills is based on this Maximizes rate and effectiveness.

* * Current acquired state-of-the-art: the art of setting a cross-section over a certain range of spaces and breaking it down into you. It requires a tremendous amount of mental strength and concentration, and if it fails, it will become 'Confused' for more than 3 seconds. Requires a sword that is faster and more nimble than the moon. The higher the difficulty of the sword, the higher the chance of success.

-797 copies! '

Yeongwoo's eyes opened wide. I tried to interpret it several times based on the fabric flow, but it was never that easy to analyze the 72 lines.

Either way, 72 is the power that made the Hand Monkey King. If you can get something like that easily, you won't be called 'King Ahjussi's fault' for nothing.

But the kite was able to capture one flow based on the movements of the giant statues, and it was successful in solving the first statement based on it.

In Yeonwoo's view, what was called witchcraft was much different from what I had imagined.

I thought it might be like magic, spells, and spirituality, but it was a higher skill.

Tactics were dealing with the law.

No, actually, I was working on the space. By projecting the robe of the caster into a specified space, we treat the law as we like.

"The power to control space.

Yeon-woo's first art realized, 'Sal said.

Willingness to cut.

The willingness to hang up was projected, and the horsepower set the space accordingly. And all her abilities and skills were naturally combined and implemented in more than one form, demonstrating this extreme result.

Of course, since this was the first technique, a huge amount of magical power was consumed more than necessary, causing exhaustion and fatigue to weigh the body.

On the other hand, I came with a spiritual upbringing.


It was a sense of achievement that the cost was achieved.

It's just hard to get in for the first time.

Now that I have a way, it didn't take long for me to learn the second verse. Then, once you've mastered all the 72 skills, you'll be able to challenge the Legacy of the future King.


Yeongwoo opened her dry mouth and vomited for a long time. As the dragon's blood rotated greatly, it repelled the fatigue and revived him.

Even the parched magic circuit was gradually full of magical power.

The power of the dragon was very good. I gave him back his condition in a very short time.

Of course, I didn't drive out all the fatigue, but this was enough.

Yeongwoo wanted to cut down the remaining giant statues as she recalled her senses when she released the temple.

Giant statues have learning abilities. It was clear that a little longer would create a way to respond to the verse.

So I'm moving again.

You've qualified the king for obstruction of justice. Our work is done now.

The giant statues spoke in one voice.


Fast - stops moving and begins to disintegrate as the crack spreads along the body.

The rocks were scattered to all sides before they even hit the ground.

Only fine sand remained in place of the 12 giant statues.

Yeongwoo was stunned for a moment in a sudden situation, but soon she could understand what the giant statues had said.

The second trial demonstrated a 72-style statecraft, so it was already qualified. So I thought I was done with my work and gone.

[You have successfully passed the second test. Prepare to take the third test for the remaining time "

[0: 01.00]

[0: 00: 59-99]

[0: 00: 59 98]

One minute? '

Ridiculously short wait time. I frowned. At this point, I couldn't even think of anything.

At that moment}.

It starts to ring again. The great god was shaken this time by a splendid throne on the stairs.

As the throne split to the left and to the right, the wall behind it opened as well. With a thumping sound, the open place was hard to recognize because of the darkness.

[0: 00: 00 01]

[0: 00: 00 0

[Start the third exam.]

I don't know what else is gonna happen.

She swallowed the dry saliva and moved on. The restraints on the fifth mountain were again heavily pressed as the zone was naturally recovered. But the supersenses were sharper and shinier than ever.

I've expanded my supersenses and projected them inward, but I can't find anything. It feels like everything is being sucked into the dark. I felt like I was faced with a Zero Gang. It was similar to when I entered the dungeon, but slightly different.

At that time, if it was close to creepy, the gold was just nothing. I just felt like my complaint was off.

Eventually, I lifted my foot inward thinking that I had to hit my body.

Whew -- and when I stepped inside.

Yeongwoo, who thought she would have to defeat the Darkness, was slightly surprised by the new sights.

It was three completely different statues.

An open field. Fluttering flowers and grass. Silent breeze. Sweet fruit aroma mixed in. And the dense forests and mountains that you can see far away.

I think it would be if there was a paradise I often talk about. What kind of test am I supposed to take in a place like this?

Yeon-woo couldn't hide her embarrassment. I've been going through moments of life-threatening threats, and I thought it might be the same thing this time. I had no idea which test I was going to take.

About time I frowned about where to go from here.

Suddenly, I looked up at the strange energy that was emanating along the sky. And completely overwhelmed.

Beyond the clouds, a massive dragon is sliding along the vast expanse and is approaching this way.

The blue scales and red eyes stood out.

The dragon that appeared seemed to be a different species from the dragon that could often be seen in the tower. He had a very long, deer-like horn, like an Eastern dragon. Moreover, one hand was carrying clouds and rain, often called a mistress.

A creature full of holiness and grace. It seemed to be much more fierce than the Legendary Beast Phoenix or Blu-ray Dragon that Yeongwoo had ever seen.

'Maybe it's a match for Urd.'

Yeongwoo's eyelids slightly trembled.

When I met Urd, I was overwhelmed by a huge disparity.

I thought that dragon was worse than that.

I wonder if he'll forgive me.

However, God only needs sanctuary in order to descend. And the conditions for the sanctuary to be established would be very demanding.

Is that even possible on the 20th floor? If possible, Mt. Five is the future king's domain. Is it a god related to him?

I had a lot on my mind.

Yeonwoo wondered what answers her acolytes might have to offer, but they still didn't think to wake up.

Eventually, the dragon pierced the cloud and slowly came down to the bottom and stood in front of the pond while he was still struggling.

I felt it when I saw it from afar, but when I got to Zero, John's feeling was too big. Especially the body that runs from the sky to here was too long and large to predict the end.

Yongsin asked while holding him in a much larger red pupil than Yeongwoo.

Are you a new fragment?


I narrowed my eyes slightly to a question that I did not know the meaning of Yeon-woo.

"No, I don't think it's right to call it a successor here. By the way, are you the new heir?

Yeon-woo nods.


Then rise above me.

Where are they going? Yeongwoo lightly leaped over Yongsin's head thinking it might be the place to take the third test.

Then Yongsin turned his head in reverse and waved his body again. I was passing through the clouds as if the space were folding over.

I will release you from your restraints.

Yongsin's mistress shone a light. Then Yeon could regain her senses again. Then I opened my eyes slightly wide after hitting my face lightly.


I thought of that first.

It was definitely flying at a fast speed, but it was neither warm nor cold. Rather, the cool wind inside seemed to pierce my insides.

Plus, the landscape below was so beautiful. It was a lotus that was so dry that I didn't forget one thing, but I couldn't help but burst the monotony.

Yongsin burst a smile lightly, whether the reaction of such a pond was ashes or ashes.

While Yeon-woo was so distracted by the landscape downstairs for so long. The dragon god has plowed upon the foothills that lay at the end of the field.

The mountain was covered with pine and all kinds of fruits and radishes. Especially the fruity aroma that felt lively along the field started here, and the sweet aroma was intense. However, my head did not hurt. Rather, I felt like my head was getting better.

And on top of that.

A man sits on a rock with a joyful smile. White hair from Saehaan coming down to the ankle. Golden eyes that sparkle like jewels. Compared to the ridiculed vote, his presence seemed weak. When we looked closely, we could see that it was never the case.

Because all the laws that make up this world were going around men.

Especially the calm, but intense, spirit of him. Above all, I was not unfamiliar to Yeon-woo.

Traces of training I've seen all along the dungeon. The intense spirit that remained within was also emanating from that man.

King Mi-Hu.

The mythical creature, who had just begun from the well and had become strong enough to sit alongside the Jade Emperor, was sitting there, looking over here and grabbing a cow.

“Oh, Seong-goo, hold the weight for a second. ”

• • • • • • I left the fragments here. Yongsin put Yeon Wu to the top and quietly disappeared into the sky.

King Mi-Hu smiled as he looked at such excellence.

“When I was a kid, I still had a taste of teasing. It's puberty these days. I'm not talking back.

Yeongwoo's mind was complicated when she saw the King who smiled like that.

In the beginning, I thought of taking over everything in the palace of King Minho, but I never really thought I'd meet King Minho.

“Why? My heart is pounding and my head is spinning when I meet Idol Stars? ”

“Hoho. You don't have to say no.

I understand your heart. Oh, my goodness. That's what everyone here says. He's having trouble breathing, having a heart attack. Whenever I draw, I always overdo it. Bitch is better, though. I like it. ”

Yeon-woo thought as she watched King Mi-hyun immersed in narcissism.

I think it's a little different from what I thought it would be.