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15. The Palace of the Fuhrer (9)

“Do you see the respectable stare of the moon? ”

An endless narcissistic narcissism. It's too strong for self-love. And there's so much to say.

At the moment of refinement, I thought that I was looking at the king.

'No. I think it's worse than you.

Talking a lot is like looking at the liver. It was the most awkward style for Yeongwoo.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo has been dealing with the King for a long time and has found a good way to deal with him. It was convenient to change the subject without making a fuss.

“What I want to ask is:


However, he reached out before Yeon-woo could ask any questions and shut her up for a moment.

“Tell me your precautions before you ask.

“There are only three things I can answer for you. I want to tell you everything I know, but it's the damn causality. I can't help it. ”


“Besides, this isn't the right place for you right now. From now on, you must organize your thoughts frequently, so if you want to ask a question, you will. ”

Yeon-woo is momentarily troubled.

In fact, maybe he was after the dungeon because he wanted to meet the late king from the beginning.

While training with the Sadoons, I tried hard to find a place where I came in. So I didn't know what quests Kindred and the Horsemen had been up to and what information they had.

The scope of the question is limited.

Eventually, Yeon-woo slowly organized her thoughts and asked.

“What is Fragment? ”

When Yongsin first met Yeon-woo, he pointed to him and said, "Fragment." I know that's the word for "heir," but I think there's a good reason.

King Mi-Hu grinned. Maybe our Seong-ah made a mistake. No comment on that. I can't tell you. It's a bit delicate. ”

Yeon-woo clammed her mouth shut. However, if the comment was an answer, it was a waste of opportunity.

So I turned the question around.

“Why did you create this place? ”

I thought it would not be simply to create a succession.

There was something in his unknown expression that he was after.

“As expected, no comment. ”

Yeongwoo frowns. If two of the three questions were put out like that, he would still be smiling. 'If you don't tell me, what will you do? The more I looked at it, the more I felt like I was seeing the king.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to rethink her thoughts.

He seemed to be unable to answer any 'good' for some reason. Is it causality or wishfulness? Then maybe we should change the intention of the question.

At the same time, I thought that.

This is the third test. However, he simply asked him to ask him a question, and did not give him a test to say this.

Then maybe this is some kind of test. Thinking that way, I felt like I could see some glasses.

I needed a comprehensive question. in a fine line that doesn't cross the line.

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeper.

“Who are you?"

A question I never thought of.

His eyes widened slightly and he immediately burst into laughter. Hit your knees hard with your hands.

“Hahaha! I didn't even think of that. The last question you can ask is, how do you do it so fast? But here's the question. Very good.”

Then he stopped laughing. Then the fresh wind that was circling the foothills did not blow.

At that moment, Yeongwoo felt that her surrounding presence was beyond compare with Yongsin.

Urdzoza, who met in the temple of the past on the 16th floor, felt even smaller than him. It felt like I was facing an endlessly high mountain.

There is a word, Buddha, "En palm." Yeon-woo felt just like that. Even though he was clearly in front of his eyes, 'Khora seemed to be trapped in the world.

And I was sure. I had my doubts before I asked the question, but this world was part of the future king.

King Mihu said in a sinking voice.


[You have successfully passed the third test.]

[You have successfully passed all exams.]

[You have successfully completed Sudden Quests (King's Horse Gang) and Hidden Quests (King Mihu's Palace).]

[You won the skill '72 Slash' and the title 'Minhua's successor' as a reward.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and rewards will be provided.]

[You have gained 10,000 Public Values.]

[You have scored an additional public value of 15,000.]

[Title: Heir to the future King]

Immediately before leaving behind the seals, King Mihu decided to leave his legacy on Mt. Now it was an abomination because it was a place that sealed God, but it was a door when there was still some hatred left for almost 500 years. In addition, he had to keep the teachings of the teacher who wished to leave martial arts in the future.

While having this title, you will have excellent concentration and mental strength when engaged in combat. At that time, 'Hwaseongjeong' can be triggered to bring down the power of the future king.

[A clue to Woman's Club, which is an additional reward, should be asked directly from the King Ahjussi's faults.]

After seeing the title, I opened my eyes slightly. My dragon that can bring down the power of the future king. I had no idea what this meant.

Meanwhile, the man who looks like the widow king, or rather, the widow king, spoke in a heavy tone. Yeon-woo focused on his words, thinking he should try it later.

“My intention is to • • • • • • • the Monkey King.

The real one, the shell he left here before he disappeared somewhere.

Well, let's just say that the kind of fault that King Miu mentioned in the quest was not just a 72-style technique, but it seemed to have led to this being right in front of us.

And on the other hand, I was surprised.

I can't believe the power to show such a flaw. It makes even Urd look small, so how much power does the body have?

“And this world is like a mind-set world where such a notion is embodied. You're in it. ”

Yeon-woo nods, thinking she was right.

It was also shown in the title. Before leaving Mt. Wukong, King Mihu left 72 spells here in accordance with his master Yu's teachings.

Then it was clear why the officials and the people who followed him built a palace here after King Mihu left.

It was not only the residence of King Mihu, but also the place where he left his legacy, so it was enough to be considered a holy place.

“You have no idea where the real one went."

His spirit shrugs.

“I get it. I think he's more liberal than the rest of us. The only thing I have left here is to see the heir and evaluate him. I'm sick of being tied up in here.”

King Mihu's spirit kicked his tongue as if it really annoyed him. Even if everything is as sincere as he wants it to be, if he can't get out there, he's gonna be frustrated.

“At least I'm glad I found him. It's worth the wait."

Yeongwoo's eyes lit up slightly.

“What do you mean, you've been here for a while? ”

“What are you so quick to notice? Where do you hear all that nasty talk? All right, take this. ”

King Minhu's Sanum grabbed something and threw it at Yeon-woo.

A golden piece of iron the size of a palm of your hand. Yeon-woo looks at what she got on ice, then slightly opens her eyes wide. The material was familiar. It was Shin Jin-chul.

[Woman's Wand Fragment]

Classification: 292

Rating: 727

Description: The Late King's Religion, one of the dozens of pieces that make up the female staff. Current ashes have no function, and it looks like we need to find scattered pieces and put them together to reclaim their original shape.

Is the staff a piece?

I thought this might be a clue to the female staff that Yeon-woo was given as an additional reward.

It's different.

Tyring -

[There is an Association Quest. Do you want to proceed with the quest?]

Yeongwoo looked at King Mihu's intentions with a piece of the Woman's staff for a moment.

He smiles, not answering, and points at the piece with his jaw.

The choice is yours.

'Maybe the quest I've been taking so far was just the beginning.'

[Hidden Quest Created

[Hidden Quest/Lady's Rod Owner]

Content: Monkey King Wukong was worried that his reputation would be tarnished by his teacher's upkeep, but on the other hand, too many successors.

So he decided that he needed to have a real successor, and he devised a trick, and he divided the female staff into hundreds of pieces and scattered them throughout the tower.

From now on, collect all the pieces that have been scattered and complete the Festival. You must possess the last secret contained in the female staff before you can connect the names of Emperor Castle.

Eligibility: entitled 'After the King'. "A player who owns at least 1 piece of the Woman's Wand.

Time Limit: None Reward •

1. Title 'Jechon Daesung'

2. Woman's Club Completed

3. Currency +??

As expected, the quest that had been done so far was just a prelude to getting to the point.

The title Jecheon Daesung and the female staff.

You need these two to be the new future king.

And to get that title, there must have been a lot of busy flair running around at this very moment.

The price of the name "King Ahjussi" was just as great.

I didn't even know it was one of the most clever ways to ascend to God.

And Yeon-woo realized that she was on that race.

“My main man. He never gives me anything easy. Since he was rotten inside, he laughed as if his mind seemed to resemble the nature of the body after seeing others suffer.

“The female staff is scattered to 0 0 ⁰ 0 places. The last thing I had was what you just took. No one knows how many were scattered in this tower, where, and how many. Other than the main body. Some of them probably haven't been found yet, and some of them are still sleeping, and some of them are hard to find and collect. Some might accidentally find the treasure blind. ”

“This could be a big fight. There are a lot of people who would covet my reputation as King Ahjussi. In arctic mythology, the heavenly host was not just a title. It was also a title and a title.

I had no right to do this, but I was high enough to be alongside the Jade Emperor. Of course, there was no need to say the additives.

'Then, do Kindred and the horsemen have jousts too?'

How much would I have if I had it? And when did they start collecting?

I thought I'd roughly know if the horsemen were after us. Place the Emperor Castle into your hands. It was poetic enough for them.

“Is there no other way to find it? ”

King Mihu's intention was to shake his hand.

“My job is to give the new heirs one last test, and if they want it, they don't." The way you find the pieces, the clues, that's all you have to do. That's what the main body demands. ”

Power. Reasoning. Judgment. It meant having to have everything.

“Well, if you don't like it, you can give it back and give it up. I just have to wait for a new heir to arise. ”

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes flashed sharply.

“But if you give up, won't you kill me right away?"

“Oh, that's clever. ”

King Mihu's spirit curls up. At that moment, the cruel flesh circles slightly behind him and disappears.

“I don't deserve the name of the man who wears a tail because he can't even challenge me properly." So what do you say? "

I looked down at the fragments of Yeongwoo's staff for a moment. I thought of all sorts of things, but the answer was already fixed.

Even if King Minhu's intentions were not forced, Yeon-woo would have tried this quest somehow.

Why did I think I should jump into this dungeon and take King Ahjussi's legacy all by myself? It was when it was clear that the horse army had intervened. Stealing what they want and taking it. That was the biggest goal.

No, I didn't want to share with anyone anything related to the weeping future King.

I wanted to be independent.

to compete with others to win, to take from them. He knew very well the joy of a beast who reads everything and only enjoys himself. I learned it from the King, and I learned it by fighting against the Summer Queen and the Swordsman.

Unless your brother comes back. He was not someone to share the delicious food in front of his eyes. That was no exception to Pandora and Edora.

Of course, I knew it wouldn't be easy.

If he had been a successor before Yeonwoo, he would have surely possessed much more power and intelligence than that. Some may have a giant clan behind them.


Hahn, what does it matter? If you get stronger and break it, that's it.

Ever since I first entered the tower in the beginning, the path of Yeongwoo has been a continuous path through the fields. The goal I was trying to make was never easy. If there's one more in there, what difference does it make?

Rather, if that's how you get the real power of the future king. I had to do whatever it took to inherit the heavenly host city.

His enthusiasm to become stronger was also the driving force that kept him moving.

Above all.

Yeon-woo was favorable if she had the advantage, but did not think it would be disadvantageous.

Emperor Shenzhen. Everyone else must have 72 skills. However, Yeon-woo had a much higher heritage, which meant that she was closer to being the owner of the female staff.

There's a dagger and a Tae-sang Hye anti-Goo sword. '

Yeongwoo clenches the piece of the female staff with her fist. Then I opened the intrenian and threw it inside.

“I will. I don't want to avoid it. ”


Yeon-woo stood up after just saying that.

“Hey, you're good with rookies. ”

King Mihu's intention was to look at that alliance and think. Though his personality was much different from that of the Chinese Gin Body, he was a beast because it seemed to be the same in nature.

[You accepted the Hidden Quest (Lady's Rod Owner).]