Second Life Ranker

16. The Palace of the Fuhrer (10)

“Thank you for telling me. ”

Yeongwoo bowed her head to the spirit of the future king. He didn't do you any favors, but it was true that he got a new meeting.

Moreover, I realized by looking at Yeon-woo's face, which was slightly visible.

That he still has a long way to go. If I studied 72 skills and zebras diligently, I could also gain the assurance that I would reach that level one day.

“King Ahjussi's intention to say something he doesn't like is to smile and put his hands slightly into the air.

The red portal opens as the room rains.

“That's all for now. If we go out this way, we can go back to where we came from. ”

Yeon-woo steps on the portal, thanking her once again, thinking about the cost price and turning her head for a moment.

“Me, too. ”

“Didn't you hear me? The question you can ask is over. • • •

“The question was not specific to this quest? ”

“Hmm? Wasn't that the quest question? ”

King Mihu's spirit tilts his head. Like you have something to ask yourself.

Yeon steps out of the portal for a moment, approaching him and extending her right arm.

“Do you know anything about this bracelet? ”

King Mihu looked at the bracelet worn by Yeon-woo, thinking that he would feed him at least one honey night if it wasn't too much trouble.

No, I don't know if I can call this a bracelet. Maybe the expression "handcuffs" is right. A black chain from the wrist to the forearm was noticeable. It was as if I had moved the dark night sky.

King Mihu's intention was to strike the strange-looking bracelet with his hands, and immediately his face hardened.

“You, this? ”

“It appears to be the same material as the Woman's Rod. Is that correct?”

“Where did you get this? ”

Yeon-woo might have told the truth, but she was the one who asked the question. So he only mentioned the important part, and he said that all of a sudden he was trying to get Zeus' astrope from Ulmphos report.

Then his expression changed strangely.

“Feeling 9"

0 1- •

“It seems to be related to the soul. ”

“Deal with the dead? ”

“What is your level of ability? ”

Yeon-woo waves her hand lightly to summon the ogre. The shadows continue to cast an odd-looking monster.

King Mihu's mind now narrows his eyes and deep thoughts. It was a little awkward for me to look solemn and calm.

However, Yeon-woo hoped that this secret that no one had ever solved would be solved. That way there's a way to turn off the rest of the options.

“Even a commander wouldn't do that. If it was an artifact with this many options, it would have been hard to find a skilled person who could make a difference among the dead. • • • There were many players in the tower. The boundaries between the living and the dead were clear, and there were limits to what could be different.

However, when King Minhu saw King Xerxes' despair, he realized. This was an artifact that went beyond such common sense.

An object that ate Astrafe. He had heard rumors about the spear that he was relentlessly scattering lightning. Maybe this bracelet was a fancy item for the girl's staff.

But it was the material that was making the bracelet that caught my most attention. Shin Jin-cheol. I can't believe I used this precious material to make a Woman's Wand. It was real, too.

“First of all, Shin Jin-cheol is right. ”

As expected, Yeon-woo nods. Until now, there were only two objects that were invisible to the dragon horse. Sculptures of the Vigilante and the despair of the King of the Seulks.

“But I don't know what I want to do with cancer. There are a few similarities that come to mind, but they look completely different. Crabs are even higher than that. God's armor, this. It must be.”

Yeon-woo was slightly disappointed that she couldn't figure it out this time, but she glanced at the words that followed.

God's armor.

He had been using a metaphor since he swallowed Astrafe, but it was confirmed by King Mihu's over four years ago.

King Jehovah's despair was something that had no relationship with Aegis, no, maybe more.

Then, who the hell is the King of the Hummingbirds?

“I thought you said there were two more parts? ”

“I don't know who made the inference, but I'm sure. Neck and feet. More parts. It's got to be some kind of shape that's similar to this. ”

King Mihu's intentions crossed his arms.

“Can I teach you something a little fun? ”

“What is it?”

“You know Shin Jin-chul is so rare that even gods and demons can't use his tribe, right? ”

“But you know what the opposite is? ”

“It's not a fancy thing because God and demons are so good at using their tribes, it's actually a fancy thing because they're afraid. ”

Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened after not thinking at all.

King Mihu's intention was to continue talking, whether the change in his expression was fun or not.

“It's the only thing that can bind or seal iron, gods and demons. ”

“In fact, Shin Jin-chul used to stand among the gods and sin a lot, or to control the gods that were too powerful to fear.

Or get rid of it. Likewise, Yeon-woo escaped Mt. Omega and recalled the legend of the late King Son Wukong who accompanied the Three Musketeers to the heavens. Many of the Demon Kings who stood in their way fell down.

And what was written down was the western part.

“And so is yours. ”

King Mihu's intention was to stroke his chin with his hands.

“Looks like it'll fill up the prisoners in shape. It seems that after a long time, the spirit has moved on to the prisoner's attributes. If we're dealing with a dead man, I think he's connected to death somehow.

That's all we can find out. ”

Yeon-woo nods. In fact, this was enough income.

The King of Questions was strong enough to frighten even the gods, and I was assured that his status was definitely related to death.

If so, the scope of the investigation is also limited. If we narrowed it down a little bit, we might be able to figure out who it is.

Yeon-woo said thank you again. King Mihu lightly stroked his hand as if it were nothing.

“I just saw something interesting. I never thought there'd be another guy like him. Oh, and if you run into the main body, don't ever see it. He's got a passion for treasure. He's got a great house."

“I'll keep that in mind.”

Yongwoo's horse ends, riding the red portal and disappears.

That's it.

In the underworld, silence settled down again.

“Haha. Funny guy I just met. ”

His mind flashed as if it were funny.

In fact, he had been watching all the sights he had seen, from when Yeongwoo entered the dungeon until here.

“He awakened the power of the dragon. It reminds me of someone. Not at all. King Minhu's intentions were to raise his head. Yongsin approaches suddenly while floating in the sky, the castle looks down at him and nods.

His old master used to fight like that in the past. I felt a strange déjà vu.

So, although it did not color, Yongsin secretly benefited Yeon-woo a lot. From easing fatigue with women, to allowing them to enjoy the wind as much as they want.

King Mihu's mind suddenly turned around, smiling bitterly, looking at the man who had fallen into an old memory.

Then I suddenly remembered.

A black bracelet with a view of Yeon Woo. In fact, he said he didn't know, but in fact, he knew what it was. I didn't notice it all at once.

However, there was only one person who could easily deduce the shape and material.

“By the way, Harmesh, you're going to have to work really hard for a while, muttering those unknown words while smiling.

His intention turned his head to the sudden thumping of the brain.

The room was about to open.

King Mihu's intention was to go back to Yeon-woo with the cost price. Soon, however, I realized that the wavelength felt strange beyond the space and solidified my face.

Yongsin heavily twisted his body and pushed the prostheses forward. His face sank calmly.

This is the meditative world created by the mind of the future king. It was his domain and a shrine.

A great body that has already gained one personality by itself, even if it is a transgression. It was impossible to give the 98th floor's highest status to enter the realm he created.

Nevertheless, there is only one meaning that it is so easy to open and enter.

It meant that the spirit of the future king, his body was a woven piece, or something related to it, was moving in. No one will be allowed to come into their home.


Shoot - the red portal opens as space divides.

King Mihu's ambition was beyond that to meet the strange but ripe energy of the day.

Sharp, stingy, heavy machi. The shape was different, but the origin was the same.

And thanks to that power, a little boy climbed into the portal and into the underworld.

A sinister smile. A small chi. Kindred clasps his head on one knee.

At this moment, he threw away everything he had ever seen. It's as if Moshi welcomes God. I opened my mouth with a devout tone and gesture.

“Another face of the Great Heavenly Horse. I've come to get you. ”

When I came out, I regained the restraint of my senses as all the benefits that Yongsin had given me disappeared.

However, the world was no longer very uncomfortable with the realm of the supersenses.

Yeon sweeps her head up with her hands, clearing her mind and turning her head.

Is everyone gone? '

You spread your supersenses widely throughout the dungeon.

Fortunately, I couldn't feel the vitality of the liver or Victoria. Seeing that there are no bodies, you seem to have escaped from the horsemen safely.

You can't have known that Kindred's back was moving.

Victoria's ability to conceal her tracks is subtle, too, if she moves after replenishing her magic.

So I explored beyond the dungeon by expanding the scope of the supersenses a bit more. I was wondering if there were any Kindred or Horsemen left.

However, the only thing that remains is that Marxism tells us that they stayed.

I couldn't find any other traces.

Then where did they go?

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes slightly, but soon she shakes her head. If not, good. It was not hard to hide religion from them.

If only the liver and Victoria made it out alive, that was enough.

You sigh in relief, and approach Rebecca's corpse lying in one corner.

It was hard to recognize even the figure that was hit by the giant statue and turned into blood.

Yeongwoo became a little more mischievous.

Even though there was not much to do with her, the practice she showed through the dungeon was a person who knew how to take responsibility and be self-conscious.

I could tell just by the crippling, reflexively crisis of Victoria's body.

First of all, Kernunos is attracted to the fact that he is an apostle of a god.

God of Hunting and Abundance. Although his name is not well known, he knew that it was still the latest.

So Yeon-woo was a little silly to her.

"Is there any way I can reap this man's soul? '

However, the Black Bracelet can only be harvested by those who are killed by the owner. It wasn't her.

Moreover, there were no souls left nearby. Is it too humble to return to the arms of Ger Noonos?

Yeongwoo ponders for a moment, then thinks of a way to open the intre nian and push all of her corpses inside.

There was a way to try.

She's not gonna like it.

If I refused, I could return it to its original state.

After finishing all the arrangements, she began to return to the way she had come.

And the blue flame rose roughly to where he walked and began to swallow everything up.

I ate all the corners of the giant statue and the monkey statue, and I couldn't read the 72 teachings written on the stone stone stone.

And all the thoughts that remained were clarified. After five hundred years of training, there were no exceptions to the traces left on the walls and ceilings.

'There's no need to leave.

From here, Yeonwoo was going to erase everything she had seen and destroy all the passageways leading to Sanum's place.

King Mihu's intention was to say: There are pieces of Woman's staff scattered all over the tower, and there are many successors who are trying to find them.

If so, they were enough. I didn't need any other rivals.

Above all, it was never acceptable for someone else to take the Jeffries by chance.

Especially when the horsemen touch it.

It had to be about being alone.

That day.

The dungeon, which was located on one corner of the fifth mountain, collapsed completely.


The beeswax reaches the portal to the base.