Second Life Ranker

17.00. Set (1)

[This is the stratospheric tube.]

'A new landscape appeared as the blue waves of the stamp of shadow split, perhaps because of the senses that came back as the spurts on the 20th floor disappeared. The air outside seemed to cool the lungs.

In front of Yeongwoo is an enormous building that runs endlessly along the plains.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in a tribe of loneliness. Yeongwoo became slightly surprised.

I saw a stage on the 21st floor in the diary, but it was much larger when I saw it in practice.

"It's been a long time, here too.

The black bracelet trembles slightly, and the voice of the discussion is conveyed.

Did you have fun? '

I had no place like this.

'Well, that, too.'

Yeongwoo recalled the contents of the 21st floor in the diary.

If there is a 20 + 0/self-organizing interval, the 27th floor has a chance to properly check/give/try your own determination.

Moving the Naneu7 trillion/compartment in turn to 337//and beating the Shadows in each compartment or passing through the gods for a limited amount of time. I checked my skills and there was no improvement worse than that.

Moreover, only the shadows are seven. Given that they were/about 0/acres//Jurokdon/talented people, it was also a good opportunity/to check their specialties/skills accordingly.

The theme of the floor stage was simply "breaking the seal."

Like the name of the stage, it was often the stamp of people who trained bamboo shooters.

The seal was largely divided into the interior and exterior.

On the outside of the stamp, a wide range of training arenas and basic weapons were provided so that there could be an annual sparring contest between players.

At times, there were scarecrow dolls on one side, so it was also possible to master basic martial arts.

However, all of these were only places where they were trained to pass the test compartment installed inside the paint.

A total of five doors were installed inside the seal from the entrance to the first to the fifth. The higher the number, the higher the difficulty. As you passed through each door, you had to go straight through 33 sections of the East Sea.

What to do in each compartment was very simple.

Defeat or endure each Shadow Self-Defense in a compartment within a given time limit.

And the shadow was all a welcome based on their skills, skills, and accomplishments recorded in the Hall of Fame, from 1st to 165th place.

Since the creation of the tower, many rivers have appeared and repeated their fall for many long years.

And among them, the Hall of Fame is only recorded by talented people who are worthy of being called the Tower.

Players were all eager to be named right at the end of this Hall of Fame, and only a few had access to it.

Of course, it seemed to be quite difficult for the Flat Yi to clear the stage.

Even if it was the lowest difficulty corridor 5, players had visions ranging from 133 to 165th place in history. And naturally, they were mostly those who later acted as the monarch or apostle-like high rankers.

Fortunately, Beatty's deception has allowed him to pass through the compartment from the onslaught of the visions for a limited time. It was also possible to identify weaknesses and target them and defeat them several times, thanks to the fact that it was possible to recover from the wounded and then try again from the compartment.

Some of the advantages were that we could look at the children of those who might become rivals in the future, and study the attack laws against them, as they were listed in the diary.

Of course, the friends of those who left the self-immolation had no choice but to train again to compensate for their weaknesses, so they were able to bring many good benefits after Lear.

However, all of these cases, which usually apply to players, were as exceptional as those of Yun Woo.

In all stages, except for the 10th floor, Yeongwoo had placed "Private Journal 1." It was not an exaggeration to say that there was no difference between the 10th floor and Edora, who was virtually an unparalleled pedestrian since the tower was erected.

So those who knew him predicted the stage very easily again by Yeon-woo the dog.


2nd place. 3rd place at Nayu.

I couldn't easily accept that it was going to be Clea.

"The self-immolation of the players. '

Yeongwoo stood a short distance away, lost in thought, and recalled a message window with the Hall of Fame recorded.

[Base Ranking]

1st place. Bivasvat Yeon slowly scrolls down with her trembling fingers.

4th place. Cha Jungwoo Yeon-woo did not immediately enter the trial.

After being on the 20th floor for so long, there was a lot to clean up.

I had someone to say hello to.

Riding on the red portal to an area outside the tower, he heads first for a village in the one-horned region.

“Ugh? Who is this? Isn't it my brother who said seeing one day is harder than staring at the sky? ”

As soon as Pant heard that Yeon Woo was coming, he stopped what he was doing and ran to the town entrance. Narrowed his narrow eyes, he rubs his hands together.

I wonder if they've been farming.

You put on a straw hat and put a fork on one shoulder. The skin that was sunburned was still as if it were black.

Yeon-woo stared at the pant like that, ignored it, and asked Janu next to him.

Edora screams out loud.

“Gosh, I'm telling you, you did too much! ”

“Okay, okay. What happened to Legendary Beast? You said it was time to hatch the last time. ”

Pant sighed, knowing that if he grumbled in front of this brother, he would not accept it. I've been feeling it lately, but I felt like I was growing cold inside the town.

“Freshman, I woke up. ”

However, the complaint didn't go away, so he looked a little puffy.

Of course, it didn't work for Yeon-woo again.

“Where is it?”

“Follow me."

Yeongwoo follows the Pant to the outskirts of the town.

Every time I crossed the road, people met her and lightly greeted her. Some people remembered, some people didn't remember, but mostly they were low-ripe.

Then I arrived at a prison.

But Morocco was already teeming with villagers. As the elders burst into laughter, I saw them running busy.

Rrrrgh, even as it hatched.

He was also curious about the birth of a Legendary Beast.

I was squeezing through the waves with the help of Yeon-woo Pan, and I'll bump into someone's eyes.

He opened his eyes slightly and frowned. Then I laughed coldly.

“Oh, and by the way, that apprentice has a lot to do with you? He seemed kind of stupid to me. He was big. He had a good reason. ”

He left the crowd, revealing a lot of hostility, as if he didn't see it.

A lot of people followed me or a lot of people escaped at one time.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to enter more easily than before.

“Strange fellow.

“Heh heh. Strange. The look on your face has completely changed. I heard you've been through a lot since then, so you must have a lot of grudges against Brother Ma. ”

Yeon-woo laughed.

“Hmm? Was it someone I knew? Who was it?”

Pant stared at Yeon-woo, wanting to make a joke, and when he saw the mystery in her eyes, he burst out a big smile.

“Hahaha! I guess it's true. If he finds out, he'll get all foamy.

Uh-huh.But you don't even have to remember the guy who got beat up once. I like your unmanned surname very much.


It was only after I heard Yeon-woo's name that I could remember who it was.

When I first joined the one-horned tribe.

He was the one who broke up with him in one fell swoop. It was originally discussed as the next king's timber with Pants, but then the evaluation was suddenly dropped. I even remembered that I was the son of a white sailor.

Since then, I've been staying in town all the time, and I haven't seen him, so I forgot about him half the time.

However, I don't forget the face of the person I once saw because Yeon-woo has a good memory.

I haven't seen an old cave in a long time.

“Well, I don't think it's hard to not recognize. I was surprised when I first saw him. I don't know why he's been taking drugs all of a sudden.

Pant seemed to know that he was getting weirder, but all he cared about was shrugging.

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes, looking at the direction in which the intestine disappeared.

I wonder if I feel cloudy because I've done it before. I used to be arrogant, but I was cheerful.

Yeon-woo wanted to talk about this, but he didn't really point out that the King or the Elders would dispose of the bowel on their own.

Instead, I took an interest and went into the building with Pants.

Inside, the elders were more busy running than they had ever seen outside.

“Hahaha! Our chorong just started covering his feces! Mutiny!”

“Hey, youngest! You'll get hungry when you wake up! Hurry up and bring the rice.

“The records! Where are the records? There's been a change in color. I have to record this fast. Where is he? ”

“Whatever the record, the record! Can't you use the parenting diary?"

The elders each had their mouths hanging in their ears. How noisy. I felt like I was in the market.

But the moment I saw the Longevity Monk, I thought it might be the first thing.

There, two young Griffins leaned against each other and fell into a deep slumber.

The head and wings of a falcon, the torso of a lion and the tail of a serpent. One was red and the other was blue, so it was easy to tell. Overall, the impression of being solemn and sacred was strong.

Griffin is one of the best transporters in the world. Here, the various energies that Yeon-woo gifted seemed to absorb or have great potential.

[You have successfully completed the Hidden Quest (Abister's Trial).]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and rewards will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[You received a 'Head Turtle Shell Fragment x30' and 'Tail Snake Wreck' as a reward.]

[The 'Blue Spirit's Blessing (Temporary)' skill was changed to the 'Blue Spirit's Blessing' skill as a stock price reward.]

[From now on, I can handle the Blue Spirit.]

[I still don't understand much about animosity. Learn Necromancy to evolve the Blue Spirit into a higher spirit.]

The last of the quests I received from the new recruits was solved.

Yeon-woo checked what was given as a reward.

[Turtle Head Shell Fragment]

Classification Material Miscellaneous Goods 0

Count: 30 description.

On the 11th floor, Abyss Turrel was a nephew whose water and water were interwoven together. The shell that Miri had, which is a double transfer.

It is known to be hard to crack Amandathium. However, since you can't do anything with a piece of Shell, it would be much better to take it to a skilled blacksmith and make it into armor.

* * This artifact is unique. There is only one tower, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Impossible to move or transfer to another person.

[Tail Serpent's Fault]

Classification: Material Miscellaneous Grade: A Description • The fault that the tail, the horse's head of the Abyss turtle, was stripped of its last strip as it became Legendary.

It has a strong and sturdy trait and contains the poison that the tail snake had before it evolved. But I can't do anything with this alone, so let's take it to a skilled blacksmith and make it into weapons.

* * This artifact is unique. There is only one tower, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Impossible to move or transfer to another person.

Shell sculptures and faults seemed to be a great help to Yeon-woo in many ways, like things that were better from the Demibeast.

'Otherwise, I was feeling a little limited by the chamber and the weapons. That's great.'

In fact, Yeon-woo's weapons were usually great enough for rankers to not be rich right away.

But it was true that Vigrid, Aegis, and the Black Bracelet were lacking in many ways.

Especially when it was purchased as a tutor, Krashna's dagger had to be rained because its days were almost over and its durability was almost exhausted.

So Yeon-woo was considering raising the stats of art facts overall, except for the emerging spheres.

There's some stink left behind by the Hellfire Dragon. I thought a good artifact would come out if I could use it together.

I'd love to meet Abraham on 423, though. We can't just ignore a staircase attack. '

Just like he did on the 20th floor, Yeon-woo was going to do everything in his power.

In particular, it was not an easy opportunity to meet the talented people listed in the Hall of Fame.

Yeonwoo was willing to challenge everyone from the last 165th to the first place.

Among them were the remnants of the forgotten tribes now, or the Vampire Monarch, who was the original master of the Vampire Sword of Battery. In addition, there were nine kings in the old days, so it was an opportunity I could not miss as a living pond to deal with them.

Above all.

It was just a shadow, but even the fact that I could meet someone I can't now makes his heart flutter.