Second Life Ranker

18. Set (2)

Is that the Demibeast who will replace the Abyss poster this time?

The voice of the dragon groans in Yeon Woo's head.

For over half a year, I have slept in the stone of the sage. Are we done here, or are we awake with a similar energy?

Heehee. My Lord, I'm awake, too

At that time, his voice was heard as well. It seemed like the seagull of energy was over. I didn't know the gods would make the job go faster.

Whatever the reason was, I wanted to do it.

In fact, when I was on the 20th floor, I was fine because I focused on my training, I lived with my parents. However, it was true that the two who were still sleeping were upgraded.

However, now I woke up and the thoughts conveyed through the connections seemed very pleasant. I didn't check it with my own eyes yet, but they both seemed satisfied.

How's it going? '

Oh, my goodness. I want to fly, me!

'I'll do it later, so wait a while.'

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh9

Don't call me that! You haven't decided yet after all that time?

'I can't think of a good name.'

Ridiculous groan, crying out if your insides are boiling. It seemed really frustrating.

Yeon-woo burst out a small smile without even knowing it. It seemed to have a similar personality to Nova in case it broke.

No, it turns out my brother gets angry like this when he just sits there and scratches his insides. Maybe everyone had the same personality as his brother.

You're laughing now!

Yeon-woo held back her smile as she looked back at the furious groan. I felt like I was going to throw up really big if I made fun of it. Moreover, he was not yet formally contracted with him.


What's your name? '

Grrrrrrr, you've been silent for a while.

It was a voice that was deeply troubled. Then I said slowly.

The name of God.

Nemesis is John Zay, who is responsible for vengeance and law among the gods of Olympus. Although he was not as famous as Zeus and the other twelve, he was not as strong.

God in shining shoes, though. Borrowing such a name also meant borrowing the power of God, but on the contrary, it was an act that profaned the name of God.

So the players tend to avoid their names, or change what they had, usually because of their fear of God.

However, Yeon-woo did not seem to mind that at all.

[There are many gods and demons on the 98th floor, each discussing their own.]

[Some gods are offended.]

[Hermes persuades them.]

[Some demons look at it with interesting eyes.]

I remembered another message about gods and demons.

However, Yeon-woo ignored it again. If he had paid for this message, he would not have said it immediately.

Above all, there was another thing that Yeon-woo was after.

The name of God has a home. Prior to the sun, their stature, stature, and their//annihilation 0/foreclosure/sign 21128; Ö,/was.

So if you use his name before, you will receive his blessing.

However, 5//partial Ö/often ended in disappearance/frequent or devastation. Oh, tell the herd they can't go down to the lower floors.

But if it captivates the original owner of the name. And if you run the state party that's going to spread the name, I used to be a big PO.

This is what Yeon-woo wanted to borrow the name of God to give their blessings to the recipients.

"I'm a little different. '

She had already shown outstanding accomplishments to attract the attention of the gods and demons many times.

And I was confident that I would continue to show that.

Especially if you play your part in a line that does not stray from God's blasphemy.

And if you show the definition of setting up a god called Nemesis right. There was nothing I could do.

Yeon gives them greater power, and they bless the bringer.

It's a kind of deal.


Grrrrrrr, you still can't answer if it's too late to borrow God's name.

However, after realizing Yeon-woo's thoughts, I did not feel bad.

No, it was good.

Because the name doesn't match what she and Yeon-woo are trying to do. However, the fact that it might be against God's criticism kept me in mind.

"If you don't like it, we'll keep going."

I think you're just being extreme. Did You Know?

'I know. So, what's the answer?'

I'll take that.

At that moment.

Tyring- [The name of the dragon 'grunt' has been changed to Nemesh Iron. New changes are made to the concept of designated redemption based on this new name.]

[Nemesis (the dragon) acknowledges you as the owner.]

[We gave birth to a new gift that had never existed in the world.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and rewards will be provided.]

[5,000 Public Values Obtained]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[Additional reward will be given.]

[Gain 5 HP.]

[Magic Power +7.]

[Attention! I borrowed the name of God. Nemesis decided to stay neutral on this issue. The eyes of the god Nemesis will follow you forward. Be careful not to profane the name of God.]

[Hermes looks at you with strange eyes.]

Ouch_Though I couldn't fold it directly because it was in the Wise Man's Stone, I could see that the matrix of the kite's rings had changed a lot, grunt, or four meshes.

It was a little heavier, darker, and darker. It looked like it was holding a dark, dark color.

Nemesis disdainfully 'grumbled' to see if he liked his new look.

That's why I called it Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yeon-woo thought about it for a little while, but she didn't put it in her mouth.

But I felt so lucky.

I've been thinking about what to call myself for a long time because I don't have the sense of naming.

Then I suddenly thought about meeting apostles like Hepburn and Rebecca. If you're going to change your name, you'd better do better.

And Nemesis must have worked hard not to be hated by God that much.

The guy who peeked in the diary was so proud that he was afraid of the second group.


Then I! Me, me? Huh?

At that time, he suddenly flapped his wings in front of Yun Dynasty.

Even though it's a little bigger than it used to be and showing off its graceful appearance, it still looks as naive as two glaring eyes with anticipation.

Trick or treat. '


It was the name for the goddess of victory.

After a very difficult naming time for Yeon Woo.

He sneaks out of the basket and moves to the vacant lot near the phosphorus.

I didn't want to be disturbed by others, so I spread out my supersenses to make sure it wasn't too popular. Then I climbed onto a nearby tree and summoned Nemesis.

Ouch - The black mist spreads through the air and Nemesis slowly reveals itself.

An elongated body resembling the snake of Akasa. But a face that resembles Huanglongs as a whole. He was much bigger than he had ever grown.

Previously, 5 meters boasted more than a sniff path, but now it seems to be close to 7 meters.

I don't know who hatched him in less than a year.

'Well, it's only a long way from being a saint.'

Thinking of the dragon I saw in King Mihu's palace, Yeon-woo met Nemesis's eyes.

rLooks like you've changed a lot since you faced me like this, master.

Nemesis was no longer hesitant to put the word 'master' in his mouth.

“As much as you guys are training, I have to grow up that much. ”

Good idea. I don't know anything else, but as much as I feel that way, I'm in the field.

Yeon-woo was seduced by a bleeding smile.

Nemesis narrows his eyes slightly.

So, what did you call me for?

“You know better."

“I haven't spoken in years. How he was reincarnated. How the dinosaur calatus lives. But I didn't ask. ”

Yeon-woo thought Nemesis was less done with his mind, and he waited while giving it time.

But now he seemed to have cleared his mind.

You seem to have embraced life as a dragon Nemesis, not as a phantom preview.

“I want you to tell me now.

Nemesis slowly opens his mouth after a long silence.

Why I was born • • • • - In fact, I don't know if I can call this reincarnation. I have all the memories. But once he's dead, he comes back to this world with his egg.

I'm sure it's reincarnation. The method sank deeper into Nemesis' eyes, not unlike the way the other gods used it.

I've been wandering around the void. There one day, Jungwoo, his friend, waited and waited for me to find him.


It is known to flow along worlds, worlds, dimensions and dimensional boundaries.

The soul and the quality of water that flowed into it disappeared without leaving a trace.

And you've been keeping track of consciousness there?

“How did you come to think of waiting? ”

"Because Calatus told me to.

What a surprise.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

Isn't it strange? As I'm sure you know, Calatus gave it all to Jungwoo and closed his eyes. He even gave me his precious dragon heart. We guarded his death and saw him return to Mana's arms.

Return to Mana's arms. It was usually said when the polyp was killed.

Born and blessed, the polyp was his own soul and wanted to return to the Mana stream.

The dragon calatus means he's dead for sure.

But when I was surrounded by cleansers who could not avenge Jungwoo and had to close my eyes like this, I heard Calatus's voice. Wait, Nemesis still remembers what the Arctic Calatus said back then.

- Wait. He's coming back.

He's coming back.

Nemesis waited, believing only that. And for a very long time, I wandered the void alone.

How many times was the time of unbelievable patience so painful that I felt the urge to disappear into the void, but every time I thought of the voice of Carla Tooth.

Then I was called by a soul like Jungwoo and appeared again in the world.

When he came out of the egg, he thought he was really seeing Jungwoo.

But it wasn't.

“That's right. ”

Yeon-woo is momentarily troubled.

In the end, Nemesis was resurrected, meaning "the dragon calatus." Yeon-woo was also aware that he was still alive somewhere, because she heard his voice while Awakening the Solvent.


There was one more point.

Maybe Calatus sent Jungwoo back to Earth. '

The reason why Yeon Woo came back from Africa to Korea. It was because my brother was found. The wallet had an identifiable ID and a pocket containing a photograph and an antique watch.

After entering the tower, I occasionally threw a door like that.

Who the hell sent your brother to Earth?

The place where my brother closed his eyes was a clan house in the old Arthya, set up in his chambers. It was never Earth.

That meant that there was a family that had repaired him.

But I didn't know who it was.

There were no suspects in the diary, and people like Henova and Galilee Reid didn't know where Clan House was.

But what if it's a dinosaur calatus?

The mouth of many questions that I had so far was right.

First and foremost, Calatus said:

I'll be waiting.

Until you find yourself.

Yeongwoo looked at Nemesis and asked.

“Where would Calatus be? ”

Then it must be where he died.

“Where is it? ”

Nemesis speaks in a sinking voice.

50th Floor. the Temple of the Dragon.

“Also • • • •