Second Life Ranker

19. Set (3)

50th floor, Dragon Temple.

The horse's land that separates rankers and semi-rankers. Or a stage called the Wall.

But for Yeon-woo, it had a different meaning.

The last place my brother closed his eyes. The portal to the old Clan House of Artiya was the only place installed.

So Yeongwoo had to go all the way to the 50th floor, and she was working very hard to do that.

But there might be traces of the dinosaur calatus?

'Obviously. At the end of Jungwoo, he missed Color Tooth and set Clan House's location to 50 floors.

Of course, it was known that the clan houses of Artiya had fallen during Sectionals. In fact, it was long before he died, when he separated into subspace.

“The problem is, I don't have time to draw right now. ”

Yeonwoo was doing everything he could to climb the tower as effectively as possible

Trials can only be done once. And the rewards you get from the achievements you see there vary greatly. The evidence was that you obtained two numbering skills on the 20th floor.

Of course, if there was anything you needed, you could go back to the stairwell and enjoy the stage. Like a sandal on the fifth mountain on the 20th floor. But it was a personal service, and there was no reward.

What she needed was an enormous public tooth and a corresponding reward.

'I also need to fill the Hall of Fame in my name.'

I was as thirsty as the novice section to the 10th floor, so I wanted to keep up the pace if I didn't do a quick jump.

But if the dinosaur calatus is desperately waiting for himself,

If you move slowly and even the only trace of it disappears.

Then something bad happens.


"No, you won't have to worry about that.

Nemesis shakes his big head to the left and to the right, saying, "Don't flatter me."

No matter how he is, he's probably sleeping right now. It's close to hibernation to conserve your strength, but you can still wait long enough for the owner to arrive.

“How do you know that? ”

Have you forgotten?

Nemesis said with a light snort.

That I am a traitor to Calatus, and a saint?

Ultimately, according to four Messiah's words that Calatus' life was well known, Yeon-woo decided to continue to lose her current target speed for the time being.

If you make a mistake in the rush. At that time, there could have been an unbeatable turn of events.

The first step was to become stronger on your own and quickly acquire 8 levels of solvent Awakening.

After solving questions about Calatus and putting together a plan, Yeon found the unsung King.

“Tighten Qi"? Migration. Now I have to make amends. ”

The king was the same as before and now.

I only looked at Yeonwoo once and realized that his language had changed at once.

Sword. This is the term for the one-horned tribe, meaning the error blade.

Pant and Edorah, who had followed Yeongwoo, also had strange eyes. Awakening the error means that the sword has risen to its master level.

Since they were very young, they had just acquired the error, so I was surprised and interested.

Pant sighed and glittered at Edo with the look of 'Torya'.

“And, um..."

The king glances up and down at the ledge, smiling.

“Did you get another gig? ”

Yeon-woo has lost her words.

Go! Isn't this really a shaman? King, King, I just listened to him, I never thought it would be this bad, really "

The teacher who made the sword statue was impressed with Xanon. In addition, there was a little bit of respect in his voice. It seemed that Yeon Woo could not see in the eyes of the two Dando Gaynes.

'Did he really have a ghost on him?'

Yeon-woo could no longer think of deceiving. So I sighed a little, but on the one hand I thought it was better.

I was going to discuss what happened this time.

I thought I knew what the Horseman was trying to collect pieces of the Woman's Wand for, but there were some questions that still remained unsolved.

When he left the dungeon, why wasn't the Horseman there? If the Piece of the Woman's Wand was intended, we'd have to seal off the entrance tightly.

I didn't even snore until Yeongwoo destroyed the dungeon.

One more thing. What did Kindred get out of this? The difficulty before Dunne was clearly difficult.

But it was done only by Yeon and others, and it was possible enough for Kindred. However, he only gave out quests and did not show up after that.

No matter what the Horsemen do, there is no normal way of thinking about it.

No matter how I rolled my head, I couldn't think of anything to do.

But wouldn't the King have a better idea?

Although he could not explain the palace of the future king and everything involved, he might not know something if he was spying on the godfather's work in the tower through a zebra hawk.

Moreover, Kindred had a nuance that seemed to be very familiar with the King.

So I tried to get some advice.

“Don't. ”

The king held up his hands before Yeon-woo could say anything.

And I smiled.

“Your job is you. I do my job. It is important to have a foundation of trust among the teachers, but if you are still small on independence, do it properly. Come see me if you really don't know anything. ”

It's a ghost.

However, I nodded my head as if I could see the consideration of Yeon-woo's master.

At the same time, I also thought about it. Indeed, there were many similarities to King Minhu. Speech, personality.

In the end, I put the matter of the horseman on the other side of my head. If we wander around to get pieces of the Woman's Club, we'll have no choice but to collide with the Horsemen someday, and then we'll know why.

The King folded his arms and turned to talk.

“More than that, the floor? ”

Pant and Edora's gaze returned to Yeonwoo. The floors. Those who have barely finished the 11th floor trials are too far away to catch up with Yeongwoo.

But there was a crazy vibe with it. I remembered what the crucible of the foundation was like.

The King smiles.

“Then you'll meet me, too? ”

“Yes, he was in second place.

Yeongwoo reminded me of the Hall of Fame I saw on the floor. The name that was written on the second of them. It was the real name of Nawi the King.

I've been focusing on meeting my brother's alter ego in fourth place. Going up there, there were "monsters" who set a higher record than there ever was.

And of course, Yeon-woo never thought of losing.

A young king at the time of his ascension. I couldn't imagine it going wrong.

“Are you confident? ”

“What can you be sure of?"

“What the hell?

“Of course I'll win. ”

“What? Look at this guy. ”

The King pranklessly asked a question and then dreamed of a single eyebrow in his own answer.

“Don't you know you're pretending to be a snob and you're going in the same room? ”

“You know what? I don't do jokes. I'm talking about an objective tactical strategy.

“You have to get beaten to death by the self-immolation. Huh?”

“I wanted to ask you if it wasn't. I was going to beat your self-immolation to death. Do you mind? Even though it was a trial, it was hard to wait for the teacher's hand because he was still heavenly. ”

“This bastard? ”

“Or should I just overwhelmingly press it? I think it's possible. ”

The King had a tense fight with Yeon Woo for a while.

Fant said, "Is there a legal way to kill my father? 'While working, I felt a fever of new discomfort and clenched my fist, and Edora pressed her temples as if she was in trouble, tempting her new lips.

“Stop it, both of you are not children. And, Dad, didn't you say you had something to see? ”

“That's what you can do later • • •

“The Elder was looking for your father earlier, what should I do? ”

“Okay, okay. You can go.

Do you know how much you've been nagging me lately? Don't do that to yourself, man.

The king sighs lightly and turns toward the village again, whether the elder appears to be chasing him.

Instead, I did not forget to say one last word to Yeon-woo before leaving.

“Beat it, if you're king, even number one. ”

“Yes. You have to lose that much to be my disciple. By the way, where did I say I was going? ”

The king frowned at Yeong-woo, then left to harass her until the end.

Seeing Yeong-woo's back like that, he chewed up his words as a bear.

Win first place at this rate. It means that no king at the time was beaten first.

Vivasvat. He's more famous for his other aliases.

'All Powon'

who has remained a barrier to many players since sitting on the 77th floor.

I felt strongly that I wanted to beat him away from another reason he had left so long ago. He wanted to know how far his current skills worked.

Yeon-woo clenched her fist without even knowing it.


Edora sighs deeply and returns. He was also scratching his insides without iron or pressing his temples with his index finger.

Then, I still looked at the puffed pan with the axe's eyes, looking forward to going up to the 21st floor someday, and sighed deeply.

“Please, my brother, please don't look like those two. I feel like you keep getting a little bit like me these days. • • • I really don't think I can live on my command.

However, Yeon-woo replied by smiling lightly. I can't see very well because it's hidden in the mask, but I have two eyes on the arc.

Edora sighs again. I felt really old every day.


“I heard you'll be climbing the tower again from tonight. ”

Yeon-woo flinches. Edora glances at you slightly, as though she hates such a pitiful pond. Then she nods. I haven't seen a bird in a long time, so I can talk about things like that, but I started talking about the tower.

I felt so tender.

“First, we take Griffin to the area where Abyss Tuttle was. With the recognition of this American system, the process behind it should end with little difficulty. Well, then we should be working, too. because I've been here for too long, trying to be aesthetic. ”

“Then let's meet on the 23rd floor. ”


“Do you think you'll be staying there for a while?"

Edora seemed to know what she was talking about without saying anything behind her back. It means to play together as in the beginner's section. He smiled without knowing it.

“Yes, I'll see you there.

Yeonwoo escorts Pant and Edora up to the tower and moves to a station outside the tower.

They asked me why I didn't go with them, but when Yeon-woo shakes her head, I cut her right off.

- I have something to prepare.

In the stratosphere are the hallucinations of many monsters.

This is where it remains. It was also a place where Olfowon and his opponents' past had to be broken in the future.

Of course, I had to do everything in my power as Yeonwoo, and I was going to refurbish my power while I got a new fee.

'You should apologize.'

Of course, Yeon-woo found the forge at Heno Bar.

The blacksmith who could handle the shells and faults of Abyss Tuttle actually thought of no one but Henova. Moreover, I had to find Sanon and a weapon I had left with him half a year ago.

But how can I apologize? '

As soon as Yeon-woo sees her, she thinks she'll screw it up.

He missed the deadline he had promised, and Edora told me that he didn't come anymore, so he even went to visit the one-horned tribe. It was reasonable to say that it seemed to have been greatly rated. From Henova's point of view, it was a dive ride with no words left.

I did something terrible to him, knowing the pain of losing someone close to me.

So Yeon-woo was worried about how to keep his horse 0 0. I don't think we should joke around or play around like we used to.

But I couldn't think of a better idea. It was too awkward for me to be good at relationships.

When I arrived in front of the forge thinking like that.

“From now on, stock products and trenches will be sold. 9 Sword Breakers and 9 Knives! I'll show you one by one. Name your price, you bastards! ”

“Ahh! Another crazy thing for Henova.

50,000 Poidy.

“You're crazy! You want me to call Henova's stuff for that price? 100,000 points! Give that to me! ”


Hanova climbs up to the top of the statue with a short arm and holds the blade high.

Whether there was an instant auction or not, people were bargaining with the lights on their eyes and crowded like clouds.

However, for some reason, the sword with Henova ripened into Yeongwoo's eyes.

Sa-non notices first and yells loudly.

Hey! Go and stop him! That's my knife!