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Yeon-woo realizes Henova's insides and smiles bitterly.

'I think you were going to sell it.'

If you keep holding on to his stubborn goods, you'll only get upset. And I don't know how I heard it, but I thought I'd put it away when I heard I was here.

Henova's personality was strong enough.

'You have no right to be so fiery.'

He smiles a little, but he hears a frustrating voice.

Master! Stop laughing and stop that! Dwiph! That's one of the five masters who makes weird stuff for sale! Aaaah! I'm going to sell it! Run! "

In fact, it was Sanon who was most hopeful that Henova would make me a sword.

An unmanned man would have to covet good armor, and of course, a master crafted item would have no use for his clan.

In particular, Henova is one of the top five masters in the tower. Even though Arthya and I didn't get along so well, I knew that many people still used their hands to get his things.

And it was the same with Han. Even though all the nine reports I had in my life were as great as the names of gods and demons as the names of my daughters, I knew I could make water cases that weren't so bad if I just gave Hanova enough ingredients and time.

That's why I wanted to see the nine knives Henova was going to make. Seeing you trying to clean it up like that, a scream came out of your mouth.

Even if there is delicious food, I don't know if I haven't seen tea. Nothing drives people as crazy as throwing them in front of you and stealing them away.

Ultimately, Yeonwoo was forced to step on the pavement in front of the forge because of Sanon and Ghost's continued roots.

The instant auction was overheating.



“Damn bastards. 300,000! ”

The fifth master's sword, which is usually hard to see, reminds me of it. Players were eager to go there, even if they robbed the entire property they had.

In fact, it was impossible for such a thing to come from outside the tower that was full of stragglers. If I could have that, I would have a much better margin if I sold it elsewhere.

That's why I'm raising the amount.


Suddenly, the confused atmosphere sank cold as if it had been splashed with cold water.

Everyone's gaze was drawn back.

For half a million points, the small and medium-sized clan's operating expenses are enough to be slapped twice. A madman turns his head to let go of the distraction.

Then I was surprised by Yeon-woo's mask.

“Don't, dictator! ”

“Why would he go to a place like this

“Have you forgotten that? He's the only one who knows Henova. ”

“W-what if a snake shows up at the playground of a caterpillar? ”

Players felt embarrassed to call this anomaly or faint backwards.

Thanks to this, Henova's face is filled with annoyance.

He glances at Yeon-woo openly, and smiles slightly instead of Yeon-woo.

It was a smirk that had always turned his insides upside down.

“That son of a bitch! ”

As Henova makes his move, a player raises his hand and shouts in a trembling voice.

“Six, 600,000! ”

“Hiic! Here, you have that kind of money.

“How to cope with that? • • • The person with the hand lifted his eyes brightly. It looked like he was the one who shouted the seal to come to the gambling board. I also felt confident that I could not call more than this.


“One million."

Hrrrgh! ”

He listened to the number that Yeon-woo spit out without hesitation.

The rest of the crowd is speechless, surprised no more.

Yeon-woo folds her arms and proudly looks around at others and asks, “Nothing more? Then I guess you won the auction. ”

Henova looks at Yeongwoo once more, and pulls out a knife. It was the narrowest of the knives that Han demanded.

“So this • • •

“One million.

• • • The dog called out another million points before the end of Henova's words.

The inside of the players who opened their mouths turned pale.

After that, Yeon-woo continued to call the high amount without hesitation, and did something crazy.

Of course, there were only voices among the players asking if it made sense.

However, she pretended to search the inside pocket and smuggled several gems out of the Intranian.

As the Red Dragon's few favorite magical warehouse, there were only precious gems and goods in it.

Of course, even if there was a lot of money in the Intranian, it was not an easy amount to pay.

which is, in fact, about two-thirds of the total wealth that is currently in Intranian.

But Yeon-woo knew.

Henova must return what he gave me, no, much more valuable than that.

No, I didn't have to give it back.

Yeon-woo's sweet potatoes to Hanova were not worth the price.

A friend and father to my brother. Even if he asked for all of the intrenians, he was able to give it to me enough so that I could give it to him without sparing him, and Henova, who was willing to fuck with Yeon-woo, looked at him and changed his mind.

“Damn you. ”

“Thank you for the compliment. ”

“Take it, you son of a bitch! ”

Hanova picks up the sod breaker and the nine sacks of sidewalks and throws them hard to Yeongwoo.

I mean, you get hit by this, you mess around, or you bother picking it up.

Yeon-woo smashes the winds of Henova once more.

Yeong-woo reaches out and fires her magic to name the swords. Suddenly, the sod breakers and the covers slowly move and fall into Yeongwoo's lap.

After realizing the clothes, I was able to easily lift something light.


When Henova returned to the wasteland until the last trick, he kicked a couple of land bar tables and went nuclear and turned to the forge.

The crowds stared at Yeon-woo, returning their mouths as if they were a waste.

However, whether or not, Yeon-woo ignored their eyes and pulled only Sword Breaker from the Kim Boat.

I felt a good feeling in my fingertips.

A day that sparkles white as if it had been carried away by snow. In addition, the tiny cogs on one side are sharp like the fangs of an animal.

“How the people who were watching that stuff burst into elasticity all of a sudden.

Even those who remained naive could not keep their mouths shut, even those who were wet with greed. I erased all other thoughts and was impressed.

It was never unusual even to see Yeongwoo just starting to awaken her sword.

I looked closely into the dragon horse, but there was almost no grain.

"No matter how crazy a bar • p, dwipf • • • can that be? You made that thing in one day? I can see you're way past Class S.

Life was beyond awe and screamed at all. It was an intriguing habit, as if I had met an incredible miracle.

[Straight Twisted Sword of Henova]

Classification: Two-Handed Longsword

Grade: S&SS

Description: Dwarf Hanova tapped against the dew of the balcony night. The dragonability of both blades was made differently because it was made for the purpose of the sword breaker.

The right side of the blade is sharp and sharp, allowing the target to swing quickly, while the left side of the blade with the rain line is full of weight on the serrated blade, allowing it to tear apart even the armor worn by the enemy.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, but if the deviation in the weight balance is severe and skill level is not reached, the owner is more worried about getting hurt. It contains the blessings and curses of the wind.

According to the blessing of the straightening wind, the more you swing the right blade, the more acceleration will stick. It is greatly influenced by the owner's agility. The faster the attack speed, the greater the attack power is increased, allowing the enemy to be trapped in a tightly knife-like spider web.

Enemies trapped in a spider silk knife become confused, which greatly reduces their Attack Power.

* A heavy wind draws a stone breeze when you swing the left blade, according to the twisting wind curse. Up to 12 bursts can be created in a row. Enemies trapped in this blast have a high chance of deteriorating their Defense Gear Durability, which increases the chance of being damaged.

Depending on your skill level, you can use two alternating options. Depending on your skill level, your attack power varies by a thousand degrees, reaching a maximum power of 300%.

"Ahhhh! My poor master! What have you been doing? You haven't come for this!

Sanon reads the description of the Sword Breaker and is about to go mad. I sighed deeply as if I agree with him. • • • At this rate, you'll be able to do tricks.

1- Tricks? What a masterpiece! A masterpiece! A masterpiece and a masterpiece! Since Yeon-woo also learned metallurgy, she knew what the two names meant.

Just as martial artists are masters, masters, and Jean Masters, crafts and masterpieces were only the highest level of craftsmanship that could be created.

Since you can't make this in one day, it seems that you have gradually changed the dog's stool in half the year the state hasn't shown up.

Yeon-woo clammed her mouth shut. The word "reproduction" echoed my heart.

It was originally a gift for Yeon-woo, so I made it for him like this.

And other reports were comparable, or slightly less, to Sod V Lakers and masterpieces.

It would have taken that much time.

I never would have made it in half a year.

Maybe he's been pounding all night.

How much do you think you owe Hanova?

"By the way, those bastards. 600,000? Did you open your eyes or did you try to eat your back? Those bastards, of course, live outside your tower! You sons of bitches!

Life ran out at once and I was ready to dance with my sword. Yeongwoo did not brake quickly, but the dark flesh was abundant outside the lime.

Players had a pale complexion. Those who were weak in courage even sat down in their seats while praising the pants. They quickly lined up in fear of seeing Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo stood there for a long time.

Then he asked with a slightly trembling voice after a deep silence.

Can't I check mine • • •?

He also seemed eager to check out the reports quickly.

Go in and check.

Yun smiles bitterly and opens the entry and throws away all the sod breakers and walkways.

As the shadow continued to grow in two lengths, it entered beyond the sub-space together.

It was clear that both of them had been busy for a while checking the goods inside and identifying useful birds.

Yeongwoo shakes her head and opens the gate of the forge and goes inside.

Thump! Thump! Kick!

Henova suddenly lights up the brazier and taps the casting.

The sound of the hammer is deeply annoyed.

“What are you doing here? ”

“This is the big hand that bought you 10 million gold pieces of scraps. You seem a little presumptuous. ”

“This bastard again? ”

Henova seems to throw the hammer in her hand.

Yeon-woo grinned bitterly. He ridiculed me with his reflexes. I suddenly became like a passive skill. Now's not the time to draw.

Finally, Yeon-woo bows her head.

“I'm sorry."

Henova's grip on the hammer stops. I frowned a little.


“I'm sorry I couldn't reach you. It was my mistake to be able to get in touch with someone close to me. ”

It's hard to throw a hammer when you're out like this.

Henova puts her hammer on the bar table and picks up the bear stand she left next to her and asks.

After smoking like that for a long time, the annoyance that came up gradually sank down.

There was a brief silence between the two.

“I'm a horse. ”

It was Henova who broke the silence.

“I don't want to lose anyone else."

“I don't want to be swayed by it anymore, and I don't want to feel overwhelmed and sick inside. ”

Yeon-woo clammed her mouth shut.

“That's all you need to know. ”

Hanova says so, and turns to the brazier and picks up the hammer again.

The land, the land, the soil -- she looked at it for a moment.

You squat side-by-side in front of a small brazier built next to Henova, and similarly, you open the fire and raise the hammer. The iron is boiling.

After a while.

The forge is filled with the sound of hammers two men clapping side by side.

Land, land, what--