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Yeongwoo pulls out Krashna's dagger.

Since the tutorial, I bought it from a mystery merchant and used it as a very useful dagger.

In fact, it would not have been used if it had not been an option to be an Acolyte's chair.

It's only rated D +, and it's been so rough for so long that it almost runs out of blade strength and almost runs out of durability.

But my hands are so ripe, I've been trying to use them constantly.

No matter how hard the training on the 20th floor was, there was barely any durability left.

If it was a common ally, he would have thrown it all away and gotten another dagger.

There was a better dagger than this in the Intranian, and he was confident of making a higher grade dagger even if he made it himself.

However, Yeon did not dispose of Krashna's dagger easily.

It would be correct to say that there is still naivety. I felt so deep that I couldn't discard it easily. Perhaps the meaning was more special because it was a dagger we had struggled with since the rhetoric.

So Yeon-woo tried to do a little heavy lifting and remodeling of Krashna's dagger.

There were just fine materials. In particular, the faults of the tail snake were noticeable.

A description that says it's strong, durable, and poisonous and makes it a good weapon.

Somehow, Krashna's dagger overexpression seemed to fit perfectly.


Yun opened a new pupil wide and observed a longitudinal grain along Krashna's dagger.

Then, I separated the blade from the handle and placed it on the floor, and took a thick one that was only one long forearm and put the tip together. After securing the blade with the tool, the hammer strikes hard.

Ka 'ang!

Repeating it a few times, the days were divided into 5. Then he put them into the furnace separately, causing a fever.

Yeongwoo watches it quietly, and this time, she pulls out the tail snake's fault and spreads it flat on the small table and pounds it gently with a club. It was to make the flaws look better and stronger with tanning.

Since then, I've picked up a few more items from the breeding intransian. Ore obtained mainly by climbing each staircase with Hidden Piece. Some of them were small amounts of duck halcones that were hard to find on the 19th floor.

Orihalcon boasts a magical conductivity equivalent to that of a misreel, which is much more durable and traded for a very expensive price.

Yeongwoo cut it in half and threw it into a furnace that was heating up on my side.

And I waited for the duckling to melt.

Of course, I did not forget to print the maximum power with the ignition, considering it will not melt at any temperature.

This was a good way to do it, as some of the energy of the fireworks was also embedded in OryHalcon.

When the situation became like this, I couldn't help but pay attention to Henova, who had been pretending not to see Yeon-woo and was only focusing on her work.

He was disappointed with Yeon-woo, but not very angry.

Even the annoyance that remained of gold was solved when Yeon-woo apologized.

I just couldn't find an opportunity to talk to him because of his pride.

As Yeongwoo continued to pull out unusual materials, I had no choice but to look back.

As a blacksmith, I wondered if I would do such precious materials, but I also wondered if I would do anything nonsense.

Yeongwoo smiles small, looking at Henova peering. You could just ask him a few questions. I thought he was very inflexible.

Yeah, so every time he teases, it's easy to get over.

Yeon-woo decided to bend over and enter because she had committed a sin.

“I, Henova. ”

“Hmph! What's going on? ”

Henova quickly turns her head toward her casting and smirks. But I didn't miss the squeaking of my ears.

Yeon-woo forcefully endured the idea of smiling on her own.

“I'd like to modify a dagger. Do you think I could ask for some help? ”

“Is the man who learned metallurgy from me still not making the right stuff? ”

“It's a gift I have, isn't it? It's okay to make very simple objects, or to keep the edges in check. Since the modification was a completely separate area, Yeon-woo empowered her voice a little.

“But isn't Henova my master in metallurgy? He's also a brilliant list.Of course, he desperately needs Henova's help. ”

Squeak, squeak. Hannova's ears continue to rattle. My ears were slightly red. It was embarrassing.

Although it was good to hear the words' master 'and' excellent master, 'Henova said while pretending to be solemn.

“Phew! I can't help it if you say so. Yeah, what do you want to know? ”

“Actually, I got quite a lot of good stuff this time. ”

“Hmm? Ingredients? ”

Yeonwoo realizes that Henova is coming, and is ready to throw bait.

“Would you like to take a look?”

“Take out the boat."

Yeongwoo quickly opened the Intranian and took out several ore together, including the shell of the head turtle and the stink of the empty dragon inside. At that moment, Henova's eyes changed.

“This and this are the Abyss Tuttle.

from a fearless dragon as a reward. And these ore Henova knew a great deal about what happened to Yeouido in 11 cases from the Fant brothers and sisters before and after.

However, I didn't think it would really bring the Legendary Beasts to the area, and my wrinkled eyes were wide open.

In fact, Ore like OryHalcon didn't come into his eyes very much.

It was expensive, but he could get as much as he wanted.

But the shell and the disgust were different.

These were things that were hard to obtain even if they were given thousands of gold.

It was something that no one could think of easily enough to get drunk as long as the Legendary Beast had to die.

But I put it right in front of my eyes. Of course, Henova's eyes turned. For a while, my desire as a blacksmith arose. My fingertips were tickling.

“Oops! What are you going to do with these? ”

Henova asked as earnestly as possible to avoid surprises. But I couldn't help but feel a slight tremor in my voice.

Yeon-woo finally smiles slightly at the thought that Hanova took the bait. At this time, I was thankful that I was wearing a mask.

“I would like to reorganize the equipment as a whole."

Henova's eyes sink deeply.


“Yes. I've had a lot of time, and I've changed a lot since then. ”

“Not really. It was time for a double check. ”

It was before Yeonwoo first met Hanova that she had the iron edges, the blacksmith's sword, and the eyes of Keith.

In fact, it was very late.

For example, the equipment that the player would wear was closer to the consumables, such as the tyres or brake pads of the car.

No matter how well they managed, the durability had to continue to decline, and as options were different, they often did not fit the styles of players who changed time and time.

So players would usually double check their equipment based on five flights of stairs.

Unneeded equipment is to dispose of it separately, find attributes, abilities, and options for the skill tree and set up new equipment. In that way, Yeon-woo never changed her equipment, so it was too late.

Of course, this was also a solid share of the best equipment that Yeon-woo had that wasn't suited to the player on the lower level.

Vigrid, Aegis, and King Bull's despair were inevitable. The Great Sword and the Stable Face were a good match for the middle-class players, and the Eye of Gyes was designed to find rankers as well.

At least the eyes of Krashna's dagger, a monster gem of five colors, and the Goblin King, which were obtained in the tutorial, were now somewhat meaningless, but even Yeon still used to be useful.

'For now, I have a variety of combat options available to me. I used to hit the skill tree in that direction.'

And this was all the direction Yeon-woo had planned from the beginning.

Yeongwoo had in mind that she would one day awaken the solvent. So I focused on the expansion of the magic circuits, and then I focused on agility, mobility, and senses, the fighting styles that are best for me. Thanks to the many crossings in Africa, he was objectively aware of his advantages.

Of course, King Jell-O's despair was a treasure he could not have imagined.

Moreover, rather than relying on artifacts and options, Yeon-woo was also strongly trained in the direction of improving her skills.

Anyway, for a number of reasons, I haven't been very fond of equipment.

Now I was desperately feeling the need to change it once.

I learned the error on the 20th floor and grew beyond my physical skills by mastering the art. I feel like my soul grew big one by one.

Of course, we needed tools to help us do this. In fact, there was still a feeling that the different body and equipment did not fit well.

Of course, I wanted to be perfect before I challenged the floor. In reality, my desire to change myself was the greatest.

• • • That's what happened. "

Yeon told Henova in detail about her changes.

He thought he could give me enough answers.


Henova takes a serious look and bites the bear squad in the mouth.

There was an alcoholic drink beating, but it was cold. The flames of the brazier didn't even burn, so they slowly dissipated.

Yeonwoo watches as Henova clears her mind. A few hours later, Henova slowly stops talking at the bear stand.

“So you want to change everything from head to toe since you have so much money, right? ”

“Quite frankly. ”

“And how many do you want to touch yourself? ”

“I know it's greed, but I think the product I made would suit me best. ”

Henova bursts into laughter.

“That's a good idea. Whatever it is, it suits its owner best. ”

Yeonwoo's decision to reform Krashna's dagger was never just to turn Hihenova's mind.

Now I have a desire to make the right artifact with my own hands.

It was one of the best wishes for any metallurgical player.

Moreover, now that he had begun to embrace magic, he needed to master the art of metallurgy even before he met Abraham.

“This is why you gave me so much money. ”

Henova looks at Yeon-woo with a slightly absurd look.

“I can't say no. ”

“Son of a bitch. ”

Henova sneered at Yeon-woo's bold answer, but he glanced at the base to see if it was not bad.

The fact that Yeon-woo reveals herself like this means that she trusts herself enough. I never felt bad.

Then I narrowed my eyes.

“Anyway, you want me to do all the replacing? ”


“By the way, do you know what that means?"

“Yes, I know. ”

Yeon-woo nods heavily. Henova shakes her head.

No, I have no idea. How important is health? "

Making the right equipment for you. It may seem like a very natural and efficient act on the outside, but it was completely absurd.

It meant that the player would give out all the information that he had.

Stats, attributes, skill tree, combat style, size, body type, grade of magical power, and future growth plans • • The vast and complex system must be quantified and provided to the blacksmith.

It also meant exposing both your strengths and weaknesses.

If a blacksmith had a bad heart, or accidentally leaked information, it could have been a painful blow.

That's exactly what Hanova pointed out.

If you were to ask me to tell you about the most-noted creature in the Tower, I could tell you that I still pay less attention after the 50th floor, but I can still hear his name at least once.

However, unlike that, there was very little public information.

It is only known that martial arts is a well-trained and maneuverable battle. Things related to the skill tree were not as known as I thought.

Of course, there were many places that demanded such information.

Hanova pointed out that and tried to tell Yeon-woo to think more deeply. He still didn't know how much attention he was getting.


“No, I know. ”

Yeon said decisively.

No matter what happens, I want to leave it to you. No, there was no one I could trust but you.

And in that look, Henova remembers someone again.

The boy who saw himself with absolute trust.

• • • Good. I'll help you. But I'm the main man. You're loyal to the auxiliary. If you play hard to get, the light smile of Yeongwoo flows down when you know how to break the chimney with a hammer.

“I'll take good care of it. ”


From that day on, the forge in Henova has not been extinguished all night.