Second Life Ranker

22. Set (6)

For hours, Hanova was still pounding the casting without rest.

Nearly decommissioned on one side was the eyes of Keith and the shell of a tortoise that had been split apart several times before.

The first thing Hanova chose to modify was the breastplate.

It was the most important and central of all the armor. It was also a place with a lot of forearms because the weight and material of the breastplate changed a lot.

Concentrating on these areas of erythema, Henova intended to unite the shoulders with a gauntlet, belt, trousers, boots, and a mask all in one set.

The additive effects of set artifacts were also very good.

There was a decent set just in time.

The horse market series. I felt like I could put it all together.

"The arena."

Hanova smiles unknowingly at the thought of tapping the hammer.

The horse market series. I didn't think the day would come when I would complete it myself.

The first item, the Great Sword, was supposed to go to another owner.

However, the swordsman never made it to the original owner. But now it seemed that it was being used as a new owner.

Henova suddenly still thought that way.

I wonder if the Horseman's Blade was originally destined to go to the original owner.

Maybe it was a destiny to find someone else to move on and adapt to it.

Henova has been touching iron for a long time and firmly believes that iron has its own destiny.

When I was just an ore, I thought I was just an inanimate creature, but I felt a little bit of willingness in the hands of a man, as Zanum infiltrated, as time grew.

And when Henova saw it, the Forge Blacksword was happy at the new owner's side, though it could not leave its hand and go to the Plains Owner.

Though the road was a thorny road, it was not hard to walk on it.

That's why Hanova wanted to make more friends for the swordsman.

Co-workers who will walk along the Thorn Field for the rest of their lives.

“This is no mere modification or renovation, it's no less than a reconstruction. This is how you treat an old man. ”

After a while, Henova takes a break and straightens her lower back, grumbling lightly. However, a slight smile did not leave your mouth, unlike what you said.

In fact, Henova was not sure how to modify, or re-engineer, the eyes of Keith.

At first, I wanted to add what I needed around the barding I had just made, but that didn't seem enough.

All the time I was biting my bearbearbearbearbearbears, my cheeks slightly narrowed.

Then Henova raises a hologram window in the air.

[Player Information]

* Physical Information


From planet:???

Tendency: Neutral (Evil 61%)

Group: 1.82m

Weight: 89kg

Characteristics: Cold-blooded,???,??, Monk

Title: Monster Hunter, Pioneer, Magic Power

Successor of the Legendary Beast, blessed by,

Heir to King Mihu, who leads death.

* Physical ability

Power: 812 (+90)

Agility: 851 (+101)

Health: 778 (+88)

Magic Power: 1,052 (+125)

* Skills

·?? (51.2%), hypersensitivity (15.9%), hr

Liver Forecast (2.0%), Physical Resistance

(70.9%), Parallax (8.9), Battery

Aspiration of blood (42.8%), maturation (10.8%)

cruise (68.9%), magical circuit (70.1%),

Pneumatic pores (48.6%), quartz (80.2%),

Blue Spirit 7.28525; (18.0%), Firewall

Rock (5.5%), Mechanistic (15.6%),

Prediction (1.2%)


- The zero.

Tel: 102 (+201)

Water: 35 (+30)

Cancer: 88 (+65)

Evil: 90 (+100)


It was her Status spear, which Yeon-woo handed over for reference.

In the beginning, Henova tried to measure the height, weight and extent of muscle development of the cow in several ways, but she handed over all the information related to her.

It's either healthy to trust people too easily or smart to trust yourself that much, so I'm as close to the latter as I am. I was dumbfounded because I didn't think to hand over the entire Status information.

Of course, anything that seems very important '??? It was blinded in the form'.

However, it was not difficult to make some analogies because the approximate content was made available.

But after receiving this,

While analyzing the information, Henova was able to quickly figure out which direction was most appropriate and needed for Yeouido.

It was much easier to get an accurate reading from the tower's system than it was measured by itself.

However, there were some areas where it was more difficult to make equipment.

It was not difficult to obtain materials or parts.

It was a lot of things that Yeonwoo handed over, and it was not enough to buy as much money as it needed.

The question was, what form would it be made in?

Status was overall focused on magical power, others with a high coefficient of agility.

That means you can go to the gloves as you always have.

Maybe it's better to lose weight.

However, if you hold the weight too low, you will lose your defense indefinitely.

Moreover, the shell of Abyss Tuttle weighed considerably. Even though the lightening magic was imprinted on each one to eliminate the drawbacks, since the material was too thin, many people had to go through the motions.

However, it cannot be made of cloth.

“Hmph. I really don't know who's going to be the player in the lower levels with this. ”

I think I can chew through a ranker. It also meant that it was likely to grow even bigger until it reached the next 50 worms.

At least there's a name called Hanova. Until then, I had to make something that wouldn't be embarrassed even if I wore it.

Henova's troubles get deeper.


Hannova's eyes are firmly fixed in one poisonous place. The name indicated by the question mark and the location of the origin planet.

Every time I lightly unwind, I hear the sound of bony joints clashing.

Yeongwoo could only hide deeply after feeling a little warmer.

Unlike Hanova, who's used to working in the forge, he's not in the habit of sitting still, except meditating, so he has to come out from time to time and let himself go.

But after being so obsessed with something so deep, it felt so good.

The night breeze was also very refreshing.

Yeongwoo broadens the area of her supersenses to make sure that no one is around.

Outside the answer, it is classified as the best outskirts. It was also a place where Yeon-woo personally trained a long time ago.

Fortunately, there was no popularity. But I didn't know who was on the way, so I gave orders to the rich with a black bracelet.

, Checkout '

I will follow. "."

Along with the answer to wealth, a bluish ripple spread along the region of the supersenses, and a solid seal was established.

Conclusion magic requires a fairly high level of comprehension. However, wealth has already shown such rapid progress that it is not difficult to digest.

Or should I say Rich, who specializes in magic? Or maybe the rune magic is better suited to wealth than I thought.

Yeon-woo opened her mouth thinking like that.

“Nemesis. Nice. ”

As I called, I could feel it slipping away from the sage's stone placed inside my chest.

And as the space in front opened widely, Nemesis, which boasted an enormous body, and Niche, the upper half of the pond, appeared.

'I still can't get used to it. Yeon-woo still has two unfamiliar names. I like the feeling of groaning and chirping.

However, seeing the two who gained a new name and became confident, I couldn't say it.

You'd better not even think about changing your name. If you do, I'll really break the contract. "

Then why did you call, Master?

Nemesis in the gutter and Nike in the cute crouch. Obviously, they were the same priests and the opposite personality.

“You guys seem to have changed quite a bit. I want to check it out."

Power check? You have a good heart.

Master, you'll be very surprised how different I am.

Niche flinches, covering his beak with wings. What was so funny was that the snowman drew a hose.

“Let's take a look at Nike first. ”

No, look at Nemesis first. He said it was supposed to be the last thing he showed me!

Where the hell did he learn to talk like that? Yeongwoo glanced at Nemesis with a slight smile.

Nemesis stepped forward without a second thought. He felt like a big brother who still cared for Nike a lot.

“The Wise Man's Stone has been a great help, as Nemesis gives a big nod to his head.

Helpful. No, it wasn't to help, it was to make a difference.

Yeongwoo's eyes changed.

“That much? ”

"Yes, if it weren't for that, you wouldn't know how much time it would take to crave power. It could have taken years, lost a lot in the process.

Nemesis seemed to have slept on the stone of the sage, but in fact, he was unable to move because he was thirsty for power.

I spent a lot of time in eggs, but that was not enough.

But it was inevitable.

In my previous life, I had some power when I was a Huanglongbing, and I had the attributes of staying in the void for a long time, and also the power of the four great gods that Yeon-woo had given me.

It was a difficult task to accommodate this many things.

Nevertheless, Nemesis worked diligently to quickly grow to the position he had achieved in his previous life.

And here, the Wise Man's Stone was quite helpful.

The Wise Man's Stone was not just a cozy nest.

It also serves as a back-up to keep the force from leaking out, and also as a guide for each energy to melt into one. Plus, we've reached the growth of guests.

And nevertheless, I couldn't get a full sense of what the stone of the sage had to do.

Nemesis never thought that progress would stop as long as he continued to stay on the Wise Man's Stone.

Where did you get such a mysterious stone?

And Nemesis, who had never seen such materials, had no choice but to question it naturally. Without Dragonheart, there wouldn't have been a magical force like this.

However, Yeon-woo only smiled bitterly and did not give a proper answer.

In the nature of Nemesis, if you heard about the birth of the Wise Man's Stone, you would feel devastated by yourself.

And so was Nike.

So during that time, Yeon-woo had been randomly blocking information related to the Sage Stone. It was a good thing they were able to read the limits of superficial consciousness.

“Let's check first. ”


Nemesis raises his head and looks up at the sky.

Do you know what kind of unique skill I used to have?

“Somewhat. ”

When Nemesis had the name "Meereen," there were two distinct skills.

“'Hallucinations' and 'Dragon Atmosphere'. The Legendary Dragons were naturally characterized by their excellent magical resistance, so they could void the shock from external magic, but in contrast, they also made them mainly physical attacks because they could not use magical skill.

Preliminarily, it was based on this characteristic.

The hallucinations boasted an effect that greatly lowered the power of magic across a vast area, and the dragon pillar had the characteristics of artificially causing a gust to sweep through the surroundings.

At one time, in the tower, I even heard that there was no place for the wizard to put his feet where the Haven Wing came from.

I wonder if they even earned the title of "Magic Slayer."

Nemesis seemed to take pride in that past.

Yes, and what I got this time is not so different from the two. If things were a little different, it would be easier to see with your own eyes.

Nemisis suddenly closes his eyes with the words.

Dream • • • low.

The moment I put the starter in my mouth.

Huaiac -

The space surrounding Nemesis becomes as black as if it had been sprayed with a pile of food. Then Nemisis fades like a watercolor and melts away, spreading darkness to all sides.

It's like coming to a mountain of misery on the 20th floor. Colors, sounds, smells, all melted into darkness. The world darkens, and a deep silence settles.

I've found the vacancy.

I've been wandering the void for years, and I wonder if I have the power to do so.

I felt like everyone would have to go through chaos if I was trapped in this. I could see Nemesis shrugging behind the dark tent for some reason.

Leaving him like that, Yeon-woo raised her head and asked.