Second Life Ranker

23.Set (7)

The middle two! What are you talking about! Skill, look at yourself! And Nemesis needed more words to make sure that the image of "GO GO" was empty. In a sentence thrown by Yeongwoo, Nemesis added more excuses to the verse while shouting.

'You have a habit of explaining things.'

Yun recalls Nemexis' annoyance, screaming louder, and checks for skill information in front of her eyes.


Grade: AA +

Skill: 0.0%

Description: Dreams are a world where the fantasy world and the real world are jumbled. It embodies such dreams over a certain area for a certain period of time, trapping the enemies in them.

While they are trapped in a dream, they will wander many times, knowing whether it is a dream or a nightmare.

* Artificially unleash an empty space over a dazzling hallucination area and trap enemies in it. Enemies who are trapped in the void are completely delusional and fall into a state of "confusion" and "horror". If the two values cross a certain baseline, they are locked into a state of "panic" and cannot distinguish between them.

And in proportion to the confusion of the enemies, it buffs allies for morale promotion and health recovery.

* A world in a scary nightmare can bend all the laws of the real world, greatly reducing the magic and magic effects. Up to a 20% chance to unlock the skill of the enchanted and enchanted barrels, and a significant penalty has been applied to the deployed Spurs Path.

However, fixing the law is not common in the 'power' class.

* * Because it artificially summons the world in a dream, a huge amount of magical power is consumed. The slowdown of the magical force and the range of areas, the time limit, varies in proportion to skill level.

* * During the skill deployment, Nemesis (the Dragon) is unarmed. If you find the body hiding in the air and hit the counter, the skill will automatically break down.

The eyes of the moat slightly widened after checking its skill.

I had nightmares about a lot of wizards and shamans. A much more effective skill was born.

It still had a profound effect on the skills of the magical and magical system.

And in addition to this, the option 'Fantastic Fan Bong' seemed to be helpful in many ways.

'This should match your realm settings as well.'

The power of the polyp, 'If it develops along with the regional line, it was the same as the hand-foot was looped as the enemy trapped in it.

Moreover, if you administer the effects of chaos and fear to weigh down the psychological attacks, the effects will shine more brightly.

It was like giving Yeongwoo wings.

'He also called the void and said it would stir up dreams. That means that when you unlock a higher level of skills, you will be able to implement the physical world.'

The 'power' that can only be acquired by very few of the high muscle relaxers directly interferes with the law and turns it to my taste. And it exerts enormous power by realizing the images that it holds in its imagination.

In the sense that Yeongwoo uses a medium called "dream," I thought that I might be able to do it in the future.

Of course, even at only six of the eight stages of the solution Awakening, power could be exercised.

'But if you increase the efficiency that much, it will also be more effective.'

Yeon-woo strokes her chin with her hands.

It was still a distant thing, but it was an inspiration that needed to be put together in my head.

Immediately, Yeon-woo confidently showed the next skill.

[roaring roar]

Grade: A

Skill: 0.0%

Description: Wind can produce 'Wind' effect. Enemies exposed to wind effects have a 10% reduction in their movement speed. It also creates a massive vortex that periodically shears off the stamina and mobility of enemies trapped in it.

Each time Skill Level increases by 5%, the number of Rising Storms that can be summoned also increases by 1 to create a maximum of 15.

So is this.

It was a delightful skill for sweetness.

'This will allow the wealthy corps and goons to focus a little more on dealing with the corps.'

Although he had declared his territory, he was actually wealthy to command the undead army because he was the Lord of the Charge.

So the wealth was quite difficult to spread alternately through the blood mist, summon a command, and adsorption of corpses.

There were many inefficient aspects.

But with more ferocious Rising Storms, there's less to worry about.

At least Nemesis will be in charge of stirring up the territory, so Boo needs to focus on controlling the army and undead forces. You can do magic whenever you need it.

Nemesis appeared, disappearing as if the darkness had been washed away with water, whether the satisfied heart had been conveyed.

He pushed his chest forward as far as he could.

Do you know the greatness of this body at last, my lord?

“Yeah. It's worth remembering the middle class starter. ”

So, I said a few times that it is not so • • • Yeon ignored the renegade Nemesis again, and turned to Niche.

“Can you show me yours, too? ”

Yuck! You'll be amazed!

Niche shouts confidently, spreading his wings as wide as he can.

A total of 5 skills can be found by Yeon Woo. There were two distinct S roads.

One of them is sexual harassment.

Overall, it was similar to Yeon-woo's. In fact, Yeongwoo also received it from Phoenix, so I had to hear the same.

However, if there were a few differences, there were a variety of anomalous effects.

Hail and the Sea of Fire.

The two options were pouring out numerous fire paths from the sky in their names, and the power to ignite wild flames on the earth and burn every part of it.

However, both were effective, whereas we seemed to have to pay attention to using magic to match the ferocious boiling weather.

Friends can't be born together.

It was definitely a powerful skill, but this was what stood out to Yeon Woo.

[Fire crackling]

Grade: Skill: 0.0% Description • Phoenix dies in the fire. That's why every fire in the world is a home and a realm for Phoenix to live in.

Thanks to this, it is possible to enter the fire freely and to "possess" and "reimagine" several times.

* Fire Regeneration

Once a day, when HP falls below 20%, it can infiltrate into the fire and heal as much as possible. All other skill effects stop while attempting to play.

* Possessed by Fire

Melted in the fire, it can be changed to its own will. When the firepower is rougher, the wider the range, the limit of control is proportionately greater. However, all control is impossible only for fire routes made for attacking enemies. Instead, it is only possible to reduce power or interfere with directions.

It may not look much different from the sacred flower on the outside, but it was completely different from that when it was torn in detail one by one. In the beginning, this was like a skill made for a lotus.

You can melt into the fire all you want. And it can be different for me. Using this feature, what if Nike were to be melted into the lotus flower?

'More firepower. Much more.'

Yeon-woo was already dealing with the fire, so she did not feel uncomfortable. No, I was even used to handling my hands and feet.

The wings of fire were naturally released when the aphrodisiac was activated, and twisting the sword when the error was drawn.

But if this is where Nicky's gonna be.

Currently, Yeon-woo will exceed the limit of firepower that can be output. Wings of Fire, Era, Fury.

Everything will be different from now on. I did not think that Niger and his hands and feet would not fit well. He and himself had already been able to not talk to each other, but to think with their eyes.

Gike. ”

Ugh. Similarly, Nike realizes what Yeon-woo wants without saying anything else. She nods her head wide and spreads her wings.

Then, it was divided into dozens of fireworks and heard from Yeon-woo. At the same time, I turned the magic circuit to the limit.

Whoa. Now I won't forget the heat. Even such a mildew was surprisingly heated in the body and expanded to the outside.

The flame gradually ran past the red to blue, and from blue to yellow.

The flames that spread like a ripple scorched all the trees and timber on the main shore. No, I'm not treating it, but the moisture that was left over had crumbled into the ground. The ground quickly cracked, and the atmosphere was boiling, so that the azirang filled up the interior of the barrier.

Kukuku-- and the expanded air pushed through a bunch of seals. The heat that was mixed in it shook the seal like it was about to break.

Incredible power, despite the mere release of power.

In addition, the wings of the original three pairs of fire grew into four pairs. I thought it might be too much, but I had no choice but to keep my firepower up.

Yeon-woo did not stop there.

First, I lowered my firepower to suppress the uninterrupted line, then flew up high above the sky, spreading the wings of fire as far as I could.

Wedge- I have often used the ability to fly with the wings of fire, but there are still limits to the speed and direction of flight.

But now it seemed like that limit had been bought.

Yeongwoo slowly acquired the ability to fly while finely adjusting the dog's movements according to the flow of the atmosphere, and then increased the speed to some extent.

How fast, the sound of the tearing of the atmosphere would resonate in the ears of Yeongwoo.

'If you add breaking news, hashtags, and blinks to it • • • • • • • •!'

Yeonwoo activated all skills and magic at the same time. The target point, which I caught far away, appeared right before my eyes in the blink of an eye.



After shaking the dagger slightly, a violent explosion blew up the entire forest in the surrounding area, including the seal.


'Now I understand why ratings were measured like this.'

Yeongwoo quickly left her seat after seeing the Devastated Forest.

The forest was still generating large and small explosions in succession. Above where it was pushed out in the first place, the crust was turned upside down and the dust and boiling atmosphere were mixed, and the remaining fires were added, leading to a secondary and tertiary chain explosion.

In the end, the forest had almost lost its shape, and only the sea of fire remained where the azrang and Tannat vibrated.

I beat the fire with your crab before it caused more damage, but I wasn't able to restore it to the site.

After making such a big commotion, even for sure, people soon had to come.

Yeonwoo seemed to know now why the ranking of the prisoners was not fixed as one.

With its use, it was able to inflict any amount of power and quantitative attacks.

The problem was that even Yeon-woo was not the best power.

What if there was an error here?

What if there was a lightning bolt?

What if we woke him up with a hemolytic awakening?

"If I woke you up, what is that? Oh, it's crazy in a crowd.

Even if it was me before I died, I would have felt threatened enough.

Somehow, after finishing the weapons inspection, a member of the family threw a review of their appreciation. They seemed indescribable.

Yeon-woo asked Han.

“What if I met you in the prime of my life? ”

You will still be a threat. An explosion with extra error, extra nickel, and extremely compressed lightning. • • • • • • • Even if I hit you in the face at the time, you'd have to have at least one arm and leg.

Powerful enough to be acknowledged by God.

That was satisfactory.

But I don't think you're afraid of bumping into them.


I will take great care not to get caught in the explosion. Or they won't give you a poetry liver.

“I knew it.”

Yeon-woo nods, agreeing.

If you don't give me the time to develop that kind of technology, that's enough.

Moreover, it is too risky to cover less. Just by looking at the current explosion. Explosives are great, but I don't think a caster can do anything without control.

I nodded my head here as well. It was definitely dangerous. If not only yourself, but also the gangs flew to the army and undead groups at once, then it would be nothing but a suicide bombing.

So why don't we focus on compression, not explosion? '

So I turned Yeon-woo's perspective to another room.

If only we could concentrate fire and error on the sword. Of course, the sword must be durable enough to withstand such pressure, but Beagrid seems to be able to handle it.

Then the power will be greater.

No, power is not the only thing that ends. Extremely hot and explosive. How many of you can take a sword mixed with these two?

In fact, I have already experienced a similar situation with Yeon-woo.

Tactics, temples.

A force strong enough to cut off space. I wanted to experience my senses again. And I wanted to put more stuff in there.

'I still have a lot more to practice.'

Yeon-woo pulls on the flavor gradually.

However, I thought that I would never use it in practice unless I practiced the concepts that I had in mind until I had a feeling that I could fully organize and have complete control over them.

All we needed was the power to handle ourselves, not just an explosion that was ignorant.

"Then is it only the Spirit that will confirm it? '

Yeonwoo does not forget the message she saw while completing her quest for Abyss Terre.

A message that you can now learn spirituality.

I have now identified the skill for which the word 'temporary' disappeared.

[Blue Spirit's House