Second Life Ranker

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[Blue Spirit's House Rank • 997 Skill Level: 18.2%

Description: Abyss Tuttle asked one of his family members to thank him for fulfilling his contract with him.

The Blue Spirit is a living being in a deep abyss. It does not have the self to say this, but it can play various roles in supporting its owner.

Basically, it has the ability to prevent confusion between the blessing of the Legendary Beasts and the attributes of various skills, and sometimes it can be mirrored in various ways by giving them compassion to learn various skills and attributes.

The direction and personality of the spirit's growth will vary greatly depending on the influence of the owner.

* * This skill is unique. Only those approved by Abby Tuttle can possess it and grow with skill.

* * You don't have a self yet. You only need to create a self to grow quickly, so please set one up first.

* * The deeper you understand 'Aesthetics', the faster your spirit will grow.

In fact, Yeon-woo received a Blue Spirit from the Abyss, but it was impossible to summon it separately, just by keeping it inside her body.

But now that you've completed quests and received additional rewards, you can finally use them.

It seemed that the Blue Spirit was a different concept in many ways than the spirit that Yeon-woo knew.

Jungang is a creature made of natural materials, and usually the chieftain of a bicycle is very difficult to handle because of his/her ability to change.

However, according to the rank of "55182;" and "the rank of the Emperor's step is divided into 7 ranks." The taste of the publicly traded car is thick.

Most famous spirits were able to name the Lesser Spirit of Fire lyrics and the Lesser Spirit of Wind Sylph.

They themselves were weak, but they had a self, and they were strongly tied to their attributes, so their direction of growth was roughly determined.

Lyrics were salamanders, and salamanders became salalists.

But the blue spirit seemed a little different.

There was no self in the beginning, and the attributes were 4 (free). '

Since we started at the blank page, Orlot was the part of the pond that wanted to give it some properties and how to grow it.

Maybe it can have a much better potential than a normal spirit, but on the contrary, if you make even the slightest mistake, it is likely to be a mess.

'Should I say it was good or should I say it was difficult.'

Yeongwoo smiles bitterly, looking at the blue water sieve floating on her palm.

Looks like a dandelion hole to me.

It was a little difficult to understand how to grow this.

But in the meantime, the blessings of the four great lords have served to prevent conflict with each other. Obviously, the potential was never small.

'The deeper I study animosity, the better I can tilt. But I don't have time to spend as much time as Rune Magic.'

I'm pretty busy digging up 72 tactics, celestial bodies, and tonic swords right now. I thought about studying magic and spirituality one day, but I was forced to fall into swordsmanship at the top of my list.

'It's the only way.

Yeon-woo suddenly had an idea.


What if we planted a complete personality in the Blue Spirit so that we could naturally grow on our own? Of course, at this point, the personality had to be an exceptional object.

Fortunately, there were many personalities that could be planted by the Blue Spirit of Yeon.

The ghost in the collection alone surpassed 1,000 miles, and some of them were highly rated.

'Hepburn and Sol Luna are excellent, but Yeon shakes her head.

Hepburn was an apostle of Urd.

It was a pity for the spirit of the Ziggua, but its loyalty to the Urds was too high. Keeping such a person by your side is only a distraction.

So is Sol Luna.

Vampire traits and swordsmanship are good enough to be called the Sword Ear, but they're good candidates.

'It wasn't something I wanted to get too close to.

There's only one person left.

'I like Rebecca just fine.

If she is an apostle of Chernunos and has an outstanding judgment and upright mind. The problem was that she was charming enough to want to have it, because her ego was strong, and she wanted to try to get under someone else's skin.

It was also a problem that Yeon-woo didn't have a soul.

'Without a soul, it doesn't matter. There's a way to replace it. But it breaks my heart that Chernunos should buy an enemy of God.'

I need to see if I can have Rebecca.

But buying an adversary against Chernunos was inevitable.

Yeon-woo tried very hard to understand if it was worth going up against God for something he couldn't be sure about.

'I pretended to be with Urd anyway, and became a strange symbiotic relationship with Nemesis and Nike. If we already have to work together with the gods, let's try it.'

Yeon-woo organized her thoughts and summoned wealth.

As soon as he saw the kite, he bowed his head. He already knew what Yeon-woo was up to. I knew how dangerous Yeon-woo was trying to do, but I didn't stop her.

To wealth, God was only Yeon.

“Let's get started.


Yeongwoo opened the Intranian and took out Rebecca's body, which she had recovered from King Mihu's palace.

The addict raises the black orb high and mutters an unknown word. Then, standing along Rebecca's corpse, a black light flashed.

[Gernunos realizes what you're trying to do and is furious.

[The demons are glad to see you. Some of the demons have declared a cost price on you.]

[Demons' preferences have increased. Praise be to you, brave man.]

[Evil attributes have increased by 15.]

[Evil attributes have increased by 20.]

[The tendency to be 'neutral' is more than 70% towards the evil tendency to be 'evil.']

[Depending on your preference, various benefits and penalties may apply. Be careful.]

Rebecca's body has been recovered at a rapid rate. The exploded flesh and bone fragments returned to normal, and the muscles and blood vessels were connected again.

On his pale face, he returned to his red face and looked as if a living person had fallen asleep.

Yeongwoo felt the air surrounding her become heavy. Moist and dreary air. There was a mixture of flesh and blood. Chernoños' will must be conveyed.

But then God and the Devil can't get through the 98th floor.

I was going to go to the end to get my grudge anyway. The ceremony or event to appease him was not too late.

Yeongwoo transformed the ghosts in the collection and breathed them into Rebecca's corpse.

The more Black Age is administered, the more Rebecca's corpse fluctuates up and down. Just like someone who's about to wake up.

Language. Country.

And then, according to the order of wealth, a corpse began to arise. No, something else happened when I was a kid on a corpse.

It was Rebecca's vision of solidification during the Black Age.

"Here • • • • - Where?

Rebecca's vision sits dazed for a moment, then gradually looks around with clearer eyes to see if Izzie had returned.

“This is an area outside the tower, Rebecca. ”

Cain • • • • • • •? What do you mean, "beyond the tower"?

Rebecca's visions seem confused. Her time was still fixed when she was fighting giant statues in the palace of the late king.

Then I opened my eyes and the place and environment changed. My fifth mountain language, which had imprisoned her for many years, had also disappeared.

It was strange not to be confused. Crab's recent awakening has clouded her judgment with her cold izzie.

Where did the liver and Victoria go? What about the future King?

Then the voice of Rebecca's visions suddenly subsides.

Then, I stared at Yeongwoo with my sunken eyes.

You. What have you done to me?

The dismembered memories returned one by one. Her passive skills cleared her mind as she returned.

At the same time, I thought that. Clearly, he's dead. After this long poem, the soul should have dynamically returned to Chernunos' arms. Why would he be here?

The thought bites the tail, reminding me of many possibilities. And now I've come up with a way to follow the spirit of death.

Her complexion has turned pale again.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

“I think you're right. ”

"Crazy! How can I wake up my bag?

The human soul was able to split into two large groups.

Soul and bag.

The double soul was meant to flow into the afterlife when it died as a real soul, while the bag was different.

The bag was a remnant of the dead body, a sign of mental activity. The Sanum of King Mihu, whom Yeon-woo met at King Mi-Hu's palace, was right here.

Usually, the body rots and is scattered like a hundred degrees, but Salty Rebecca's corpse is taken and tied up, and she pours her will into it to get up.

[Summon Command]

Rating: BBB +

Skill Level: 21.5%

Description: You can use corpses and souls as mediators to extract summons from the afterlife. Sometimes it is possible to make an undead.

Unique Wealth Skill, Summon Command.

Originally, it was specialized in crafting summons or undead.

Softening raised the skill's orientation. He was able to extract the monument almost perfectly by sacrificing nearly a thousand spirits.

[You learned how to extract a bag from a dead body.]

[Congratulations! You have found a new way to serve death. You will have a much wider realm where you can dominate the forces of darkness.]

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3000 Additional Prudential Points Earned]

[Subordinate the extracted bag (Sanum) into the book. More rewards will be made.]

Yeongwoo glanced at the message that came to her retina, and her greed flashed along the edge of her eyes.

'Obviously, the apostle is different. Usually, a waking bag goes crazy without a sense of self. Le Vega has a clear mind.'

Probably because they have a different personality than normal life.

What are you going to do on an alternate day?

“I'd like to borrow your power. ”

Is that what you're saying now?

Rebecca stares at Yeon Woo with dark eyes of flesh. For those who walk the path to God, it is only an insult that wakes them up as a monument, not as a soul.

Even though the soul has gone back to the side of God, you don't want to live as a shell.


“What's wrong?"

Yeon-woo responded that there was nothing.



“I'm proposing we sign a contract. Wouldn't life be better than death? And I'm sure there are a couple of things that aren't there yet. I'll help you get there. In return, you can help me do my job."

Don't you know that this is alive • •

“But aren't emotions, rationalities, and memories all that's left of us? I think if you can think of an accident, you're as good as alive. Or let's call it rebirth. because I think it's okay.

Rebecca grips her teeth. The verse was not wrong. Even if it was a samuram that was much more violent than the soul, it didn't mean that Rebecca had disappeared.

Above all.

It bothers the poison to say that I will let you unravel the rest of your stubbornness.

It's stupid.

Idiot. There's no way that could have happened in life.

No, I had abandoned that stupidity in the first place and was able to become a monk by returning to God and become an apostle after many years of female life. But even after it became so strong, the Soviet Union still stuck together like a chain and did not fall off its ankle.

When I was a child, I saw an animal at a distance. It felt sacred, but on the contrary, it was something that made me think 'I am 4'. He trampled the town. He ate my family.

In fact, when I think about it now, I don't even remember what it looked like.

But Rebecca managed to get to her altar with one thought.

When both of them slept with their tongues, they told me not to use a woman's body, but only with their eyes, they learned how to use a sword and how to use a palace. Experience has allowed me to gradually master my hunting skills and eventually become an apostle.

But she thought she still lacked strength. The power he exuded at the time was still sealed in his head.

The trauma exaggerated her memory, but Rebecca wanted more power. So I came to this dungeon, and I thought maybe I could finally afford it.

I never thought I'd end up like this. I haven't even figured out what he is yet.

Rebecca tightens.

I had all these thoughts in my mind.

I knew I shouldn't have made this choice as a monk.

It's an insult to God, an insult to his honor.

However, I also wanted to seize a new opportunity, according to Yeon-woo. The feeling of wanting to live was the purest desire that a monk could not get rid of easily.

Eventually, Rebecca was unable to speak for a long time. It was hard to answer.

“If you still don't like it, I'll regain consciousness."

Yeon-woo had no intention of forcing Rebecca into submission. If they were just a couple or a mole, they could be broken if they were holding back a monument that was just a simple collection of information.

He would cheat God's wrath and have no other income, but that was not a lack of success.

Now that I know how to extract the sarinum, I can choose people like her in the future. Water Ron, it's limited to the recently deceased remains of a dark mind.

Eventually, Rebecca frowned and swallowed her impression of the last plaint.

"Son of a bitch.

Yeon-woo answered with a glance.

“I know. But what I want is a seven-point commitment.

"Okay, I'll follow you.

Yeongwoo's eyes changed.

"There are conditions instead"

“Tell me.”

To empower my behavior and physician

“Don't you already feel it? ”

As the shadow stretched out to the back of Yeongwoo, I felt like living.

"Heheh. Obviously, my owner is a bit of an asshole.

Lord. It's okay to bring Rebecca in, but I still think we need to keep an example between the shareholders.

After the meeting, I looked at the two of them and asked Rebecca.

“Don't these two doctors seem to have autonomy? ”

Teeth Wolves, Tombstone • •

"Oh, does the Red Bride know me? That would be an honor.

Life burst out this cheerful smile. Although a semi-ranker, he was also well-known among the Hankers for his outstanding swordsmanship.

Rebecca is already deeply depressed, knowing that the two of them are with Yeon Woo.

Even the presence of Domsin meant that his honor wouldn't be harmed even if he pledged. It could have been nothing, but it was a sensitive matter for her.

"Okay, I don't know what you mean. But that's not what I'm talking about.


They're still in the shadows, right? But I want to go beyond that. I want to go out there autonomously.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes slightly.

Of course, I will not be far away because of the connection with you. But at least I want to walk on my feet and see the world with my own eyes "

Maybe that's the last thing she had to be proud of. Being free.

"So create a new body

“I'm not a god."

I don't even want that kind of body. Homeunculus. That's good enough.

Yeon-woo nods. Homunkle Luce is an extraordinary artificial being called the head of alchemy. I couldn't guarantee anything.

'But someday you'll have to build that much knowledge. You'll need the knowledge of the Wise Man's Stone, the Graceful Clock, and at least the purity of it.'

Moreover, Rebecca knew that her demands were difficult.

So I did not have to keep the terms until.

“Very well. Why don't you stay as a spirit before then?" ”


Yeon stretches out her right hand and pulls out the Blue Spirit.

“It's in the book that Legendary Father Abyss Tur used to play. As you can see, there's no ego whatsoever, so you just have to blend in. And...”

Yeon opened her left hand this time.

A white and dark black ghost appeared at the same time.

“I'll give you these two too. You may be able to recover some of your powers, if not completely. ”

Rebecca's eyes widen. The soul of Hepburn and the soul of Sol Luna.

Soluna says it's close to high elves and blood. If you absorb two souls, you can quickly recover the damage you've lost.

Sanon grumbles from behind, but Han strikes his side and urges him to be quiet.

In fact, you two have already established

I was satisfied enough just to get my hands on the 'mathematics' masterpiece.

All right, I'll do it. What do we do now?

Rebecca nods with determined eyes.

Yeongwoo smiles and moves the blue spirit in front of her.

“Just swallow. And then I'll take care of it. ”

Rebecca looks a little grumpy, but I thought it would make a difference if I died as a dead body again, so I caught the Blue Spirit and shoved it in my mouth.

Whoa - When Rebecca's sadness fades, it becomes a blue wave. At that moment, the magic team that wealth had installed was activated.